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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Stretchgoals, Music Preview

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

Higher And Higher

We are very proud to announce stretchgoals this early in our campaign. We have 82% of our target pledged, and that wouldn't have been possible without our pledgers. So even if this starts sounding like a broken record: thank you!

We have listened to the community in setting up these stretchgoals. We hope you recognize some of your influence ;-) 

In this update:

- Stretchgoals Explained
- A Nice Graphic For Those Stretchgoals
- A Preview of One of Kirill's Songs

Stretchgoals Explained

500K - New Area: Your Homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time.
We'll implement a new area to which you can travel at all times. An accidental gift by the Imp Historian (you know, the slightly bizarre time traveler that also gives you the Teleporter Pyramids)...

The Shelter Plane At The End Of Time is a barren place at first, and not without its issues, but with the proper care, we're sure you can turn it into a cozy, homely place. You can then recruit NPCs who will perform special services for you, provided they can overcome their initial fear...

Don't forget, this plane exists at the end of time only, and changes according to significant choices you make in the present. Beware the Imp Historian though, he still pays you visits and he's very interested in everything you have and he has his own ideas about interior decoration.

(Well, we told you it would look barren. But really, all it needs is an extreme makeover.)

650K - Talents and Personality Traits
We'll introduce talents that further define your character. These talents help you in combat, in dialogues with NPCs, and in all kinds of other interactions. You get to choose some at character creation, by exploring the world, and occasionally through leveling up.

For instance, Animal Empathy allows you to talk to animals. Slippery Eel allows you to evade attacks of opportunity. Interdimensional Touch lets you send items to far away party members but also to your Homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time.

Personality traits reflect the choices that you make and may shift during the game, depending on your decisions. These personality traits give your characters benefits and penalties. For instance, a Ruthless character gains certain bonuses in combat but becomes more infamous. A Loyal character receives bonuses when fighting back to back, but gets a penalty when trying to flee.

Not all talents and traits have already been designed and we'll be looking at our backers for input!

(The talent Necromantic Prodigy gives you better control over the undead.)

800K - Henchmen Become Companions.
Companions will have a background, their own story to tell, their own goals and their own personality. The world and its inhabitants will react to them. The companions have their own dynamic story arc and quests. Their fate will change depending on the party's decisions.

Companions will have their own talents and personal traits, and will affect the party's spirit. A high party spirit means that in combat the party is more efficient.

Companions will be able to stay at the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time. Because it's handy to be able to switch sometimes if the situation calls for another approach...

(A companion whose fate seemed to be sealed. Until you came along.)

1M - NPC Schedules, Day/Night Cycles, Weather Systems.
As the ground warms to the rays of the morning sun, NPCs wake up, and start going about their day. When evening falls, they go to their houses, light their candles and fireplaces, then get ready for bed.

The day and night cycles and the moons of Rivellon have an impact on magic and on monsters. The weather changes, and has an impact on the environment and affects magic as well.

(Let's go for a walk, they said. It'll be fun, they said.)

A Nice Graphic For Those Stretchgoals

A Preview of One of Kirill's Songs

As promised, here is an early sketch Kirill came up with for Divinity: Original Sin. (A sketch is a piece of music he recorded all by himself, an idea. This is in no way recorded as it should, unmixed, unmastered and unproduced.)

(Out of respect for Kirill's music, we will not end this update with a silly video. I'm serious.)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sina on

      It would indeed be a pity if the 800k strech goal is not reached. Would you make the strech goals as 600k-talents, 750k-NPCS pretty please :( I dont have much experience in kickstarters (only few) but seems like this will stuck somewhere between 650k-750k. It is a pitty that some companies gets millions of funding in few weeks with just a famous title, fuzzy strech goals and not even a full design of the product while this half finished great looking game with really cool strech goals is so slow to get funding. ps: I am a big fun of divine divinity 1

    2. Missing avatar

      Bartek on

      @AstralWanderer Baldur's Gate did in fact have NPC schedule and day/night system. In BG2 and IWD some quest where to obtain only at night.

      Great music guys!!

    3. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'm keen on the NPC schedule stretch goal too - Ultima V (released in the '80s) was one of the first games to have this and it did add noticeably to the realism of the gameworld. Aside from the Ultima series, The Witcher is the only other game I have come across to have implemented this.
      Until you experience a world where NPCs do their own thing, it is difficult to appreciate the depth it adds (and it is doubtless a lot of extra work for the developers too!) but it does then put other games with their "stand-in-the-same-place-come-rain-or-shine" NPCs in the shade.
      One thing I would ask to be left out though is ability cooldown timers (used in Divinity 2). This is the one feature that really damaged gameplay since it forced you (if playing a mage relying on fireball, say) to spend a significant portion of the game ducking and dodging, waiting for that ability to recharge (yes I know magic missile had a faster recharge, but also abysmal damage unless you put a lot of points in). Mana limits alone (as with the original Divine Divinity) should suffice, with *maybe* extra mana cost for "frequent" reuse of a skill.

    4. Jhonrock on

      These stretch goals are AWESOME and the last two ones are the best of them all. It's so more immersive when you have companions with their own motivations (and quests), and when you feel like you are playing in a living world (day and night cycles, with people behaving different with the flow of the time).
      I'm already imagining watching this scenes, hearing the fantastic soundtrack that is common in Divinity series. Divine Divinity main theme, Jesus, that music is superb. To be honest, i don't know which is better, the DV1 main theme or the DV2 main theme, both are E.P.I.C.
      One thing i know for sure, Larian Studios KNOWS how to make a game soundtrack.

    5. Ovi Adrian on

      Awesome stretch goals, if not a bit too wide spaced for your current total.
      Like Laker, I cannot understand how you haven't been funded yet..This game should raise millions, and to think it should come THIS YEAR!!
      Good luck with the Kickstarter...btw, no pet companions?

    6. ekster

      About the Paypal being open for the stretch goals after the kickstater ends, I agree!
      I've already put more into this game than I did with any other kickstarters... but I would be willing to add even more next month! I already had quite a few spending sprees this month, but those stretch goals are a must! :)

    7. Phlegmish on

      @ Larian
      I think it's true that you're being too modest. Don't be afraid to hype a little when giving interviews and the like (while not promising anything you can't deliver, of course). Just keep up the pressure publicity-wise, 20K/day is not that bad at all.

    8. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Laker: we are grateful people are pledging. It's not an act :) We are genuinely amazed we got over 300K in such a short time. Maybe we are too pessimistic or too realistic, or maybe it's something typically Belgian, and we're too modest. You are helping already by pledging and by showing this project to your friends :) We are working on trying to get more exposure.

    9. Robcat on

      I feel the need to comment on the stretch goals again... I want all of these... rather a lot...

    10. Robcat on

      @ Duskwind

      Very good point.

      I'm not suggesting that this is the case for LC at all (I have no idea, could just be the way s/he expressed it), but it is worth mentioning that people often feel the need to clarify that they are 'not homo' or whatever, when expressing affection for someone.

    11. JonNik on

      Love the stretch goals.

      1 mil huh ? Doable but I have a feeling it will be close...

    12. Watser on

      I fully agree on the paypal option

    13. Duskwind on

      @LC - why restrict the seduction skill to opposite sex NPCs? Some NPCs might not appreciate the attention from a character of your gender, of course...

    14. Duskwind on

      @Laker Doktor - yeah, games would be sooooo much better if they didn't bother with any of that useless preproduction nonsense and just started coding them right away.

      Larian should keep the PayPal option open for a couple of weeks after the end of the Kickstarter to allow stretch goals to be met; I suspect that will be a popular option, compared to pledging on Kickstarter in the same month (and same credit card bill) as Torment.

    15. Robcat on

      @ Laker

      I think they are genuinely gratified and it is only natural to be a little disappointed, everyone comes to kickstarter with the restrained hope of exceeding their expectations. I believe we are actually doing really well, all things considered. It was just that the timing of the launch couldn't have been worse really, there were soo many distractions (Torment, SotA, PAX, GDC, Easter etc). Yet with how Larian had their publicity tour all set up before they even knew Torment would be announced, and with the RPG Watch misunderstanding, the fates were not kind to the launch.

      But fear not! The potential of this game is immense. As the publicity is finally released and after it has time to percolate (and other distraction fade away, people's wallets recharge etc) this campaign could pick up a lot of steam. The final surge might well be much more significant than the initial launch.

      The best thing us fans can do is just continue to spread the word in gaming forums, social media and amongst our friends. We have every reason to feel very positive about the campaign :-)

    16. Dmitry Kozlovtsev on

      ok, guys open your coffers - we need those stretch goals!

    17. Antioch on

      You guys should repost the original DOS preview video from 10 months ago!…

      I love the music from that one, too.

    18. Stabbey on

      That music sounds so familiar. I can't think of where I heard it. It must have been from one of the other Original Sin Kickstarter videos. Without even me noticing, that music crept into my head and made a little nest. That's art.

    19. Autoduel76 on

      NPC schedules...get there

    20. Antioch on

      Wow, I really want the 1M and 800K stretch goals - the game just won't be complete without them - but I'm worried that we won't get there! I wish I could fund it all myself but, of course, that's impossible.

      Sven et al., please get out there and get some hardcore marketing efforts going, we've only got 20 days remaining and we must get the day/night weather system!

      Also, loved the music! :)

    21. Avarchillion on

      wow, those are really well thought out stretchgoals. I hope we get them all. :-)

    22. Anthony on

      OMG that weather and day/night system looks awesome :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Naww, no splitscreen :(

      Nice goals otherwise.

    24. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      I really hope we get to 800K, having actual companions will add a lot to the game.

    25. Frederik Hugger on

      That is some very nice stretch goals.

      Especially the traits and talents. If we get close to 650k I'll have to up my pledge.

    26. Laker Doktor on

      Sorry but could you guys stop saying how great it is how much money people pledged? It's getting really annoying, and everyone knows it's not true and you are not sincere. I know you are disappointed and you should be. When I posted your video to my friend, he watched it and immediately asked if we are going to pledge. He never pledged before, he never wanted to.

      I really don't understand why you are doing so wrong. You have working game (which should be huge plus), it looks amazing, you have editor for us which looks amazing, you guys are really pleasing, you showed us a lot from the game.

      I really don't understand why this doesn't work. You should be over two millions by now, but you won't even get to the first stretch goal. I don't understand people. They are pledging Torment from Fargo even thou he still didn't deliver the first kickstartered game (I really don't care about preproduction, nobody should) and he got Chris Avellone only after 3.5 kk stretch goal. And yet, everybody is pledging there, and nobody here.

      I'm so sad. I don't know how to help you. I didn't give you much, coz I don't have it. If I could I definitely would.
      Please ask TotalBiscuit to make video with you, ask Yogscast and whoever, do something, please.

      Good luck, fuck life:(

    27. Missing avatar

      John Glassmyer on

      So I guess we should get Day and Night Cycles in Original Sin's sequel, even if the stretch goal here isn't met, right? : )

    28. Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman on

      If we have a chrono trigger music cameo for the shelter plane at the end of time, my life will be complete :-).

    29. Shawn Chesak on

      Argh, why did you have to make the most expensive stretch goal the one that I would most want. Looks like this will be my first kickstarter where I up my pledge.

    30. Bumvelcrow on

      @Helena - I know the feeling. Damn, I am addicted to cloth maps!

    31. Helena on

      @Bumvelcrowe: I would guess many of the Torment people will come over here (I first found this KS through their comments section), but I imagine it will take a little while for their bank accounts to refill. ;-)

    32. Bumvelcrow on

      A bit disappointing that the day night cycle and henchmen with stories aren't the first goals as they're the ones I was really looking forward to. $1 million just seems too optimistic unless we can shift everyone from the Torment comments section over here while they've still got the taste for pledging ridiculous sums in their mouths!

    33. Missing avatar

      Teeshy on

      Oh my gosh! All of those stretch goals sound amazing - but the one that honestly excites me more than any is the 500k one - in every/any game I play I always love having that chance to customise, and make homely a little piece of the game =) I keep searching for *any* game that will let me make a home as customisable as Ultima Online does - but not sure that there is *any* out there.
      No idea why, but building a house, farming, and fishing are always the three things that *grab* me in a game =)

    34. Azghouls on

      That weather system that affects magic is a great idea.

    35. Hulker69 on

      "The Shelter Plane At The End Of Time" what a top name!

    36. geekoo on

      All the stretch goals indeed look amazing :)
      but saddly would have like the day and night cycle around the 650 000 goal.
      1 M seems a little optimistic. But who knows.
      Great music preview :)!

    37. Raze_Larian on

      @Terry Mock
      I assume the plan is to hire a larger secondary design team. Larian said previously if any of the stretch goals were too big to implement on time, the game would still be released as planned and the extra content delivered when it was done.

      @Sean Eber
      There is 4 player co-op, though only the players controlling the 2 main characters will be able to participate in conversations in the main game. The editor supports dialog for the henchmen, so there will likely be mods designed for 4 players.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nochal on

      All the stretch goals are amazing :)
      But i thing that the order of the stretch goal should be reverse ;)

      I think i will manage my pledge... the month will be hard :D

    39. Robcat on

      These stretch goals must simply be met.

      That music... is wonderful. I don't know how...or why...but it speaks to me of Original Sin very loudly.

    40. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      Great music and amazing stretch goals, guys! But honestly, as long as I'm concerned, NPC scheduling should be the first on your list, even if only for the sake of the Ultima VII flavor.

    41. ctiti60 on

      I wonder something : if you reach 800k or more, I hope but it's lot of money, how can you develop and test all these addons for november ? What is the strategic : more people and pizza :)

      I think too the strechgoals are very high. It's just my opinion.

    42. Joshua Johnson

      Wow, all those stretch goals sound awesome, I think we need to at least reach the 650k one, love more character customization

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    44. The Old Farmer on

      Great stretch goals and the music is very nice too.
      Since you are only 70K short at this point it is very likely you will meet your initial target and possibly many of the stretch targets too, how will this effect your release times? If you have the extra man power to do the larger and more reactive world at the 400K level how will you be able to meet up to the 1M requirements in the same time frame?
      One thing I have noticed in very successful KS campaigns is the projected release date has to slip because what they promise at the end when many stretch goals are met just has to take longer to get done, in the case of this KS the 1M level is 2.5 X the base how will you deal with this?

    45. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      I feel the strech goals should be tighter. Or I am not udnerstanding the complexity
      I would go for 400 450 500 525

      Many smaller goals spread in between, and more detailed !! please much more details

    46. Sean Eber on

      If it has 4 player coop I'm content lol wish there was a way to confirm. All gameplay shows only two players and only 2 on cover art.

    47. Raze_Larian on

      I don't know about weather, but there is currently no day/night cycle in the game.

      @Emilia Marchetti
      Only the difference between the previous stretch goal and the last goal would be used for creating schedules and weather systems, and all the changes and balancing that would require (extra dialog, more NPCs to cover the night shift in larger towns, etc).

    48. LordCrash on

      @ Sean
      I don't know exactly but I think 4 player co-op could already be possible....

    49. LordCrash on

      @ kristen
      Right you are..... :)

    50. Missing avatar

      kristen maksuta on

      No, 800k isn't a must. 1m is a must. Because we must catch them all! (sorry, different game :( ... )