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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

The Short of it, Downloads, Reward Matrix, Articles, 6666, GOG

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

"Ooooh, we're three fourths theeee-eeere, wooo-oo..."

75% funded!!!! Wow! Who would’ve thought we’d hit 75% that fast? Several days ago, we were making contingency plans on how we’d deal with a failed Kickstarter campaign, but you really are a fantastic crowd! A warm thank you from all of us to all of you!

To celebrate the occasion, there will be two updates today. This is the first :)

In this update:

- The Short Of It: Kickstarter Presentation Compressed To 1 minute 30 seconds
- Downloadable Downloadity: Avatars. Wallpapers.
- Reward Matrix: For Spreadsheet Fans
- Campaign Propaganda: The Media About This Kickstarter
- 6666
- Confirmed For Original Sin And Dragon Commander

The Short Of It

A lot of people told us that our Kickstarter movie was too long and that a shorter version would help in spreading the word. We listen to what you say, so here it is: the 1:30 minute version of our Kickstarter movie.

Spread it please. As much as you can. We’ll reward you with a great RPG.

Downloadable Downloadity

You want it, you got it: we posted some avatar icons which you can use to customize your portrait here on Kickstarter or on other forums. We also posted two cool wall-papers. Click the links to have a look, and we hope you find at least something to your liking. Look, here's one of them. Completely totally randomly picked. (Well, no, it's my personal favourite really.)

Reward Matrix

After updating the rewards and the tiers, we decided to make a visual representation so that we would know at least what to pop in everyone's virtual or physical box. Then we realized this may also be handy for you guys ;-)

Note: image sizes here are constrained. Bigger JPG files available here (digital) and here (physical).

Campaign Propaganda

Here are some interesting opinions on this Kickstarter campaign.

In English

In French

In Polish
Gry Online:

In Russian

In German


Speaking of interesting, Swen wrote a blog post containing some of the statistics behind our campaign. confirmed for Divinity: Original Sin,DRM-free digital purveyor of all that's good in gaming, has announced that they will be partnering up with us for Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin. That means that if you want, you will be able to get your digital version of Divinity: Original Sin via

They also announced that they’ll be participating in the pre-order campaign for Divinity:Dragon Commander (part of the 65$ tier here on Kickstarter) and to promote it, they will host a live Google+ Hangout On Air Q&A session on Wednesday, 10 April 2013 at 2:00 GMT (10:00 AM EDT), which will reveal new gameplay footage from Divinity: Dragon Commander.

For more information on Divinity:Dragon Commander, head over to

And In Closing

Now that you can visually tell what rewards you get for what tier, maybe some of you are going to make the jump to a physical tier? In that case, sing along to this! If not: sing along anyway!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Field on

      @Larian Studios LLC - Oops...sorry about that! Just checked the homepage and there is indeed a list of add-ons at the very bottom of the page.

    2. Iskhiaro on

      I've upgraded from the $40 tier to the $65 tier after confirmation that we get 2x OS and 1x dragon commander.

    3. Matter on

      I don't think I understand the "we're waiting for GOG pre-orders before adding Dragon Commander as an add-on" logic. The only reason to wait would be if something was not definite about that option, otherwise just put it in now and sort it out later (right?). Maybe I haven't had enough caffeine yet to see... I'm not saying necessarily that I'd upgrade, but I'd definitely be more interested if I could get that at a higher tier (currently at 65).

    4. ekster

      @Dan Yup, David confirmed it below... we get 2 copies of Original Sin plus 1 copy of Dragon Commander.

    5. Dan. L. on

      In the digital chart where is there a "2x" in "The game" reward row for pledges 40 and up? I am currently pleding for 65. Does that mean I'll get 2 copies of the main game?

    6. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on

      Let's get physical physical!

    7. Stabbey on

      @Edgardo - That will happen after GoG starts taking pre-orders for Dragon Commander in about a week.

    8. LordCrash on

      Hm, I can't listeing to Olivia Newton-John because the German gema wants to cash up for it.... :(

    9. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      I'm @ the $65 Dragon Commander Tier, and I really want to move up to the $95 boxed version, but there is no Dragon Commander there. Any chance you guys will add Dragon Commander as an add-on? Then I'd move to the $95 tier and add Dragon Commander as an add-on. That would make me very happy. :-D

    10. Tom Vanassche on

      @Helena, thank you for the tip, much appreciated! Hadn't read that update yet.

    11. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @All: We actually already included add-ons (on the main page), but I guess we need to make them more prominently visible.

    12. Helena on

      @Tom: you can add an extra digital copy of the game by adding $20 to your pledge (see update no. 1).

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Field on

      To encourage some people to give you more money have you thought about having certain items as separate add-ons, e.g. a copy of Dragon Commander?

      You could then have an add-on page as a separate update which includes all the items people might want. Then get them to stick to their desired reward level, but up their pledge amount and after the Kickstarter ends you could set up a website for people to redeem their add-ons. This way, you get more money and people have more control over what they get...everybody wins!

      Check out Kickstarters like Project Eternity for an idea as to how to implement this.

    14. Jalister on

      @Larian - Since you are in communication with GOG, can you see if they will also carry the Linux versions if they become available. I know GOG does not officially support Linux right now, but maybe they would still be able to unofficially host them also. I'd rather not use Steam for my DRM free titles.

      Project Eternity, Torment, and Divinity have Linux versions now. All three will be hosted by GOG. They really need to support Linux, even if only on a basic level.

    15. Brian Young on

      Great update, that newly condensed video will help a lot, I think. (Also, secret new Avatar test!)

    16. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      Actually, someone already uploaded the new trailer as well:

      Upvote this too.

    17. Tom Vanassche on

      Is it possible to combine two tiers? For example the $150 tier and a $25/$35 tier?

      I'm very interested in the $150 tier (to complete my Larian "limited edition box" collection, Belgian pride!), but then I'd lose one of the 2 digital downloads of the $40 tier pledge I already made.

      I'm guessing this isn't possible without making 2 kickstarter accounts, or am I wrong?

    18. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      I've put up the Eurogamer article on Reddit:

      Upvote for more visibility, guys.

    19. Robert Baratheon on

      LOL @ that video. Congratulations Larian, you've convinced me to upgrade to the $65 tier.

    20. Roq on

      Great short video. And I Just love that theme music.

      + Everyone should go to you tube and press the like button, of course.

    21. Olauron on

      @ Larian
      Hi! In your previous update you have said the following: "If you pledge $75 and up, you will receive the digital artbook and a digital version of the map along with your rewards". But in the matrix the digital artbook is available to $75 reward only. What is correct?

    22. Skyl--- on

      Well it does make sense. The only difference between $50 and $65 tier digital, is basically you get DC added for $15. But I'll add some beer money for you guys since this is a really great deal ;)

    23. ekster

      Awesome, thanks for confirming. I imagine a lot of people will be increasing to this tier then... that deal is too awesome! :)

    24. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Official: the $65 digital reward tier is 2x DOS + 1x Dragon Commander.

    25. JonNik on

      Very good video. This should definitely work as KS teaser. Nice job!

    26. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Ekster: I need to double-check this with Swen... Maybe I answered too fast.

    27. Lord Panda on

      I'll be upgrading to the $65 tier.

      2 x DO:S + 1 x DC = no-brainer.

    28. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      ok, so in celebration of this wonderful event (and after checking the $ to € exchange rate) i have upped my pledge to get a boxed copy of the game, w00t!!
      (it would be great though if you could send the box from europe, first because of postage, second because of delivery time and third, very important: because of import taxes and customs... i don't want the package to sit at customs for several weeks) - anyway, congrats on hitting the 300k mark :)!

    29. ekster

      Ah, just noticed your answer below. Awesome, I will be moving up to that tier then! :)

      You guys should change this image though, or people might get confused:…

    30. ekster

      Just to make sure, the $65 Dragon Commander actually contains two Original Sin and the Dragon Commander game?

      Looking at the main page, the graphic on the main page, it says only one Original Sin and 1 Dragon Commander....

      If its' really 2 Original Sin and 1 DC, then I will be definitely moving up to that tier!

    31. Dablue

      You guys got a sence of humor thats for sure!.. lets get physical! (which i did with my tier ;p)

    32. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Galaad : we will add Dragon Commander as an add-on as soon as Dragon Commander pre-sales go live.

      @ Vincent : yes.

      @ Twinchenzo : thanks, I'll see if I can still change it :)


    33. Korgh on

      Just thought I'd mention, but I would like to up my pledge without losing Dragon Commander. I think it'd be great if some of the higher tiers also had Dragon Commander in them!... (Well higher than 65 but lower than 500)


    34. Midou on

      I'm glad it seems to be going at a nice pace. Would love to see just how awesome it can turn out.

    35. twinchenzo - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Considering the link for a Russian article - it's not about the campaign, it's a preview of the game from May 2012. More recent news were here:
      And that is where I leart about the Kickstarter campaign from.

    36. Del137 on

      Just one point - reward matrix dont incluse UPD1 pledges (for example, add 50$ to get alpha test etc), maybe make another additional table?

    37. Skyl--- on

      So at $65 (digital) you get 2x DOS and 1x DC ?

    38. Darklord on

      Nah this won't fail!

    39. Del137 on

      Grand job, good video and music theme choosed, going to share