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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Zandalor's perspective on recent events, SP video, reward updates, more undies

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

In this update

It’s not even been a week and we are now two thirds funded. A big mega-thank you everybody for helping us out!!! And a special thank you to the order of the Weresheep of Original Sin for assisting in spreading the word!

If you want to join this grand order, we suggest you check their Codex in the Larian Forums. They are a great gang and well on their way to earning something special from us!

In this update:

- Extended Offer On Undies: legendary talking undies now available to all backers!
- Video feature: Single player gameplay demonstration
- Story feature: "The One Future" (Zandalor's perspective on recent events in Rivellon)
- Reward updates and clarifications to existing tiers
- New rewards for existing tiers
- New reward tier $175: Name the Summon
- New reward tier $550: More Divinity Fans

Extended Offer On Undies

There was quite a lot of demand for this so we convinced Zandalor to spend some overtime and he's now ready to donate his Trunks of Epic Intelligence to all our  backers. He's even included a gender bender component to the spell that holds the Trunks together! 

About the Trunks of Epic Intelligence

Few people who are now acquainted with the wise and benign wizard Zandalor, know that in his early years he was given to indulge in the vagaries of youth, and was quite famous for his pranks and practical jokes among all who attended the Wizard Academy.

His most celebrated stunt was to successfully enchant the favourite pair of nether garments of a certain headmaster who had had the audacity of questioning Zandalor's demon-enslavement abilities. Late one night the entire academy was roused by such a scream, many thought a rift to the seven hells had been opened. In fact it was but the unfortunate headmaster who had put on his demon-infested briefs after a reinvigorating bath.

The next morning he walked - or rather stumbled - into the classroom with a rather dark countenance about his face and threw the bewitched item of clothing unto Zandalor's desk. The apprentice was to wear them for the remainder of the year: such would be his punishment.

Of course everyone thought the young wizard would soon take to stumbling too, and lose the deep timbre of his voice to boot, but such mishaps luckily never materialized. Quite on the contrary, he proclaimed his demon trunks gave him both excellent support and no end of pleasant conversation during the otherwise lonely moments when nature calls.

These trunks – properly laundered – can now become yours! For let's face it: who doesn't want talking briefs, especially of the demonic variety? Oh, the stories they could tell! Oh, the places they have been!

Video feature: Single player gameplay demonstration

Story feature: The One Future (Zandalor's perspective on recent events in Rivellon)

The following is an excerpt from the diary of Zandalor the Wizard (here depicted), written in the year of the Divines 945. 

As I dip my quill in ink as black as my thoughts, the sun is casting its last fading rays upon this troubled realm of Rivellon, and I'm quite certain I shall need to light a candle before I can set to paper all of the day's most important happenings.

It was late in the afternoon as I arrived on the island.I have always hated sea travel, and these storms are playing toss-ball with my stomach. I headed for the remains of Blackrock Citadel, but just when I observed its toppled towers in the distance, I stumbled rather ungracefully over some obstacle in my path. I cast an angry glance back at what I assumed would be the impudent branch that caused a wizard to lose his balance, but to my surprise I beheld not a log, but a lizard - a dead one as a matter of fact. By a mark upon his person (if one knows where to look) I immediately perceived him to be a Source Hunter. My guess is he died as he sought to escape the recent onslaught that befell his headquarters.

Next to him I spied a bag that upon inspection turned out to contain a missive written by none other than the Grandmaster himself. The light it shed upon the matter - if any – led me to deduce that he was in no way aware of any imminent attack on Blackrock Citadel. Here are the contents of the letter, which I shall copy in full.


My name is Thorgal Bloodfurst. I know you know who I am...

First of all, let me express my deepest condolences for the death of your father. His passing is a loss to us all, but if his dark demise has a silver lining, surely it must be your ascendancy to the throne, wherefore I congratulate you heartily. I express the fond hope that your first endeavour as king will be to expose and execute the lowly assassins that killed our late ruler. Whereas I usually abstain from mingling in the intricate and often brutal political affairs of the Civilised Races, I am deeply shocked by this savage murder nonetheless.

But now, my lord, to business. I need hardly call to memory the blood-oath you have sworn afore the Council, and I should like to remind you of its solemn vows of secrecy. The information I am about to share with you must be yours alone to keep, and may death catch up swiftly with those who wrongfully learn of the confidences I am about to impart.

Until this letter reaches you, my king, you will have been blissfully unaware there exists a sordid, secret form of malignant magic that gives its wielders power and access to the very fabric of reality... and beyond. This devilish sorcery is in essence the unification of all that is magic and as such can be considered to be the source of all wizardry. This is the magic the gods wield; magic that creates and destroys; magic that has no like. Those few who partake in its precarious splendours call it The Source.

Know though, your majesty, that The Source is incredibly volatile and ultimately dangerous. Never should it be used by us mere mortals!

Indeed, so strong are the powers manipulated by Source wielders that they risk to be consumed completely by those same powers they foolishly believe they exert control over. The results of such consumptions could well spell catastrophe, and perhaps – if the soul of the devoured wielder is powerful enough – could possibly even lead to the unravelling of nature itself! For if one fools around light-heartedly with that which binds all existence, one risks the unbinding of existence as well.

You may think I am giving in to hyperbole, sire, because after all, does not demon magic also abound? And are there not hosts of necromancers that wield it just the same without succumbing to its infernal influences? A strong mind may resist corruption, yes, but in the case of the Source things are quite different. Many prophecies foretell that from the Source, Chaos will spawn: Chaos, the herald of the End Times!

Prophecies, as we know, predict many possible futures, but only one from the tens of thousands that have flown in dread whispers from the Temple of Prophets, anticipates that Chaos will not spell the universe's end. I am not a gambling man, sire, but these are odds I do not like.

Only one prophecy among so very many...

One that requires unseen heroics to realise...

It is a gamble I would not take!

And yet... And yet the citadel I administer - proud Blackrock! - forms part of the Council of Seven's attempt to ensure the One Prophecy will be our future! Within its walls you will find battle mages; warriors; farseers; riftrunners, and I do not exaggerate when I say it is they who stand between oblivion and the continued survival of the Seven Races.
These brave men and women scour the realm in search of accursed Source practitioners. When they are found, they are never seen again. Our enemies call us Source Hunters, and well they should! They whisper of us with quivering voices and when they look into our eyes they know they are as helpless as a deer surrounded by wolves. And yet even you, one of the royal family, have never heard of these relentless hunters, which attests to how well-trained, efficient and always lethal they are.

But now that you are king, your path and that of a Source Hunter may sometimes cross, which is why I am informing you of their existence. Even at court, surreptitious Source users can sometimes be found - only to be removed.

So remember your blood-oath, sire, and take to heart full well the following rules:

 - As decreed by the Council of Seven, we are NEVER to be interfered with.
 - We are to be given ANY assistance we ask for.
 - We are to be OBEYED without questioning; without faltering.

I am told you are an intelligent man, my lord. I trust my message is clear, and I furthermore wish you a fruitful reign. If you follow our rules, I don't see why you shouldn't do better - or at least last a little bit longer - than your unfortunate father...

Yours kindly and sincerely,

Signed: Thorgal Bloodfurst, Grandmaster of Blackrock Citadel"

It took me the better part of a well-stuffed pipe to finish reading Bloodfurst's laboured and frankly unpleasant letter, composed in that dreadful handwriting of his. Many of the things he spoke of I knew, but never had I read about them in such plain, yet menacing terms.
The epistle wasn't addressed to anyone in particular, but clearly the unfortunate lizard messenger was to deliver it to Edwin Stormfist, our new king (and prime suspect in the affair of his father's murder). This communication - obviously meant for his eyes only – may have been signed by the Grandmaster alone, but its royal recipient would have known very well that if a letter is signed by Bloodfurst and closed with thick scarlet wax bearing his seal, the implication is clear: the entire Council of Seven is behind the message it postulates. Not many would dare to break the Grandmaster's seal I should note, but curiosity got the better of me. Let us hope, unlike the poor proverbial cat, curiosity does not kill me.

I finished my pipe and continued onward to the ruins of Blackrock Citadel, which I intended to explore. If ever it was as black as its name implied, the citadel certainly lives up to its epithet now, for fire has devastated it wholly and left but a barren, charcoaled waste behind. Nothing could have survived the siege that took place here - or so I thought - and I shuddered to think what forces could have brought low a castle filled to the brim with hunters held in such high regard by the Council.

Amid the mass of blackened stone though, I suddenly saw a set of stairs spiralling downward into shadowed depths. I descended them step by nervous step and in gloomy, corpse-strewn dungeons found two Source Hunters - a young man and a young woman - who still drew the breath of life, if ever so feebly.

I brought them up into the light and made them swallow one of my famed red tonics that can cure disease and even deep flesh wounds like a draught of water quenches thirst. After they came to, and I waved away their kindly words of thanks, I found myself asking them to seek out Source users as is their want, but - and this is crucial - not liquidate them, but instead to enlist their help! They were quite puzzled by my request, but I venture to guess they felt they owed me and even though the girl informed me she and her companion are but apprentices, they swore I'd find in them allies. Alas the pair seems rather weak and they may not live to see my request fulfilled, but what other choice did I have?

Thorgal Bloodfurst would have my head if he knew, but so dire is the situation... so hopeless, that I must learn more about The Source, so that I can remedy, yes, unbind if necessary, the evil that has befallen us...

The Council of Seven too, would most probably brand me a traitor, but where is the Council now? Lost! Undone! Only I am left. What I say goes, and I say: if there is hope, the answer lies in The Source.

A moonless night is now upon me like a shadowy serpent ready to strike. The candle I lit is about to fail. Darkness is drawing near.

Come the dawn I will try to find the Patriarch and beg him to share what knowledge he has to offer. In times so utterly bereft of light, I fear only a dragon's wisdom may illuminate the path to salvation...

The boat tosses upon the waves like a rider atop an untamed stallion, and once more my stomach lurches in counter-natural ways.

Reward Tiers: Updates and Clarifications

You gave us a lot of feedback on the reward tiers and so we made a few changes. Unfortunately, we cannot update the descriptions anymore, but we'll try to clarify as much as we can here, and on the main page. Of course changes to existing reward tiers apply even if you pledged already.

Digital Artbook and Digital Map ($75 and up)
If you pledge $75 and up, you will receive the digital artbook and a digital version of the map along with your rewards.

Physical Artbook ($95 and up)
If you pledge $95 or up, and your reward tier contains the physical Collector's Edition Kickstarter Box with printed manual, soundtrack CD and cloth map, this box will also contain a physical artbook!

Name the undead ($125 and up)
The "Name the undead" reward, which is available from $125 onward, will no longer simply be an undead in your personal copy. We will gather names from all supporters that pledged $125 and more, and put them in one big pool. Several undead creatures in the final game (ghosts, skeletons, zombies in all their glorious variations) will pick a random name from this pool. 

Design a henchman ($250 and up)
The "Design a henchman" reward, available from $250 onward, has also been upgraded to being included in the final game, and not just your personal copy. That means everybody who plays the game might encounter your henchman.

We will gather names, stats and looks from all supporters that pledged $250 and more, and put them in one big pool of Kickstarter-created henchmen. Everybody will be able to hire these henchmen via representatives of the inter-dimensional mercenaries guild. Depending on your personal preferences (Do you need a healer, a priest, a ranger, a rogue...) the agent will make a recommendation and you will then be able to hire them.

Combo designer ($500 and up)
Concerning the combo designer that starts at $500, here is a clarification. Your item combo will be available to everyone. You will come up with two items combining into one item. You define the use of that item. If we don't have any of these items, we will create them. You will be able to name the items and write its description (lore or history).

Create an item ($1000 and up)
The item you create (starting at $1000) will be a unique item (i.e. it will be a reward for exploring or a quest). There will be some constraints (balancing/type) but we are open minded. If you want a specific flower pot, we'll do that. If you want to create a unique weapon, you can. You will name it, tell us what it should look like, what its stats and special properties are, and you can give it a description (for instance a history).

One of the four statues ($2500 only)
Pledge $2500 and you will become one of the four statues of Prophecy. Yeah, yeah, but we forgot to mention: the statue in the game will be custom modeled so that the 3D model in the game actually looks like you! Oh, we forgot to mention - they are related to the genesis of the mighty Bellegar!

New rewards to existing tiers

$200 and up: Listen to Kirill's "Early Works"
Anyone pledging $200 and more, will receive a digital download of Kirill's early work. This includes over 300 sketches of ideas he had for Divinity 2 songs. These were never heard outside of this office! (Sketches are rough ideas, sometimes only a piano, sometimes fully orchestrated musical pieces, but seldom well mixed or produced.) A must have for Kirill's fans!

$5000 and up: you receive 2 actual real-life Teleporter Pyramids
If you pledge $5000 or higher, you will receive 2 very limited hand-sculpted Teleporter Pyramids. They look awesome, are inscribed with Raanaar runes and contain a secret message!

$5000 "The Committee" only: you now also get to name "The Bumbling Adventurers"
If you choose "The Committee" tier, you will be invited to name and visually co-design one the four "Bumbling Adventurers". These adventurers are part of a chain quest where rivaling adventurers cross your path at the most inconvenient junctures.

New reward tier: $175 Name the Summon

We have created a new reward tier at $175. This introduces the following reward:
Name the Summon

When an creature is summoned, from the fiery depths, from the watery abyss, from the howling skies, or from the darkest cores of the earth, its name shall be drawn by the hands of the gods, and proclaimed to all that lay eyes on these awe-inspiring abominations of nature.

Backers that pledge this new $175 tier, or above, will be invited to guide the hands of the gods, by providing them with a pool of names and descriptions (backgrounds) to randomly draw from. Your creative endeavor will be in the final game for everyone to see.

This new $175 reward tier also includes: Kickstarter Potion + Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Box Copy with Printed Manual, Soundtrack CD and Cloth Map + Divinity Original Sin Digital Copy + Soundtrack Digital Download + Developer's Cut Digital (Documents and Videos) + Message in a Bottle + Beta Access + Listed in the Credits at Council level + Name the Undead + Alpha Access + Name a Pet

New reward tier: $550 More Divinity Fans

The original $500 tier was limited to 20 backers, and these early birds were well rewarded. However, there is high demand for this tier, and we have decided to re-introduce it at $550.

Stating the obvious

As a disclaimer, for any "creative reward" that lets you name or describe items or NPCs, the following should be taken into account: we have to approve of the names and things you come up with. The names and descriptions given to characters or objects, has to correspond with the spirit of our fantasy world. We will, for instance, not accept brand names or URLs or curse words, or words or sentences that may offend. We will also not allow items such as guns or motorcycles because they wouldn't fit in the world of Rivellon. (And the technology from the era of Dragon Commander is long lost.)

And in closing...

Support your local shepherd. May come in handy one day.


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    1. JackDandy on

      And another question, will there be keyboard movement key options?

    2. Missing avatar

      John Glassmyer on

      I couldn't discern from your post, but, will the real-life teleporter pyramids actually... teleport?

    3. Missing avatar

      psb on

      Does the Divinity Dragon Commander Digital Copy Pledge include the soundtrack or not ?
      On the right side the soundtrack is included, but in the pictures of the pledge level it is not.

    4. Arhu on

      Did you experiment with a grid overlay during fight scenes? If feels a bit wrong having turn-based combat without a visible grid allowing you to judge distances at a glance, given that players seem to be using movement points. The "feet overlay" looks nice, although I'm not sure it's enough visual feedback for tactical gameplay.

    5. Willem on

      Very nice update. Good quality writing (in my opinion) and the presentation video just reinforced my faith in Larian creating an awesome fun and deep RPG with DOS.

    6. krist2 - Weresheepherder of Original Sin on

      "Also you haven't said anything specific about what this money is for. Like the specific NPCs Mobs Quests and such"

      yes they have. One thing they will do is flesh out the henchmen, talking to animals and much more

    7. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      I'm not a fan of the writing and sense of humor, so if you keep it optional, like 1 dialog branch, and possibly lose it on the way if you continued ignoring those branches in the start.

      Yes, please evolve the dialog tree, each response you take limits the ones from the future, there is a way back of course, I think you know what I mean.

      Also you haven't said anything specific about what this money is for. Like the specific NPCs Mobs Quests and such

    8. Arhu on

      Robert Silesius wrote: "Please add to the conversation system to that you can actually see who is saying what, and not have to guess based on portraits which may not be immediately clear who it belongs to."

      Yes, please. How about colored text for all characters / NPCs? At least for the two protagonists ... Could be based on hair color or average portrait colors: male PC talks in blue, female one in reddish color, for example.

    9. JonNik on

      Heh that post came out weird. Don't you just love the lack of an edit button :)

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      Great video.

      It seems you guys have set out to break several molds between this and Dragon Commander.
      I love the "inner party" roleplaying capabilities, so refreshingly novel!

      I am hoping all those gamers complaining about the general lack of innovation and the profusion of
      cookie cutter games that the big publishers fund these days, will come along and give you guys a chance
      to build the game you have envisioned...

      I hope at least you will see a significant influx after the Torment campaign ends and people's paydays come again (I'll try to up my pledge towards the end myself ) ;)

      So hang in there and keep up the great updates and communication.I am confident this will get funded and beyond.

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      Sorry if duplicate: any zooming capability? Loved the vid!

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      Awsome update and vid :)

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      I just watched the gameplay demo and you mentioned that the UI is still very placeholder. Can you confirm if the UI will scale up for high resolutions? I often run into cases where a game's UI is built for 720p or 1080i resolution and it's wayyyyy too small at my native resolution.

      Divinity 2 was pretty good in this regard but I can't tell if the UI scales in Original Sin.

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      So just to clarify, pledging $75 and up regardless of tier gets you the digital art book and map? Or only if you select the $75 tier or higher?

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      This new video looks awesome even if it is a work in progress. I'm increasing my pledge because this looks so amazing and I really want to help support you guys!

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      Please add to the conversation system to that you can actually see who is saying what, and not have to guess based on portraits which may not be immediately clear who it belongs to.

    18. James Moss

      Still no dragon commander to any of the higher levels. It seems like the perfect way to raise additional funds from backers.

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      I love it! Thanks for the extensive update.

      Didn't realize the game will have that kind of detail (Falling on ice part). Also, can you explain again what those little +1 stats like "Compassion, contempt" will affect?

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      Awesome stuff. I like how the Larian writers/designers don't take high fantasy too seriously, and seem to be influenced more by Pratchett than Tolkien (thank God)

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      Thanks again!

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      I am positively surprised by the underpants design.

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      good followup. There is still tweaking to be done to the pledges
      Spread the word ppl

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