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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

FAQ, part the first

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

"Hey wait a minute... That's not even a real update."

It's a FAQ... An easy-to-link-to FAQ... Containing a big part of all the answers and information we have been giving in the comments section.

There have been many questions about stats and skills and weapons as well, but we'd like to dedicate an update to that, instead of having one very long answer in this one :)

Will this have DRM?

No. The box version will not have DRM. The version and the version of will not have DRM. The Steam version will not have keys to fill in or forms to fill out.

What is the status on Mac and Linux?

Linix and Mac is something that was planned from the start. This is our engine, so we can do with it what we want. It had build targets for OpenGL (the graphics renderer on Mac and Linux) that actually worked at some point, but along the way we decided to postpone that support and focus on gameplay.

We are still going to do this, but probably after the Windows version is finished.

All the owners of Divinity: Original Sin, however, will receive these versions for free.

Will this be on consoles?

We are focusing on the PC version first. This also means that we are creating the game and the user interfaces for optimal use on a PC. If we do make a console version, we will do this after releasing the PC version. If we do a console version, we will re-write the UI to tailor it to the console.

Can I back this with PayPal?

We are working on this. It's not difficult to do, but we want to wait a bit because the pledges through PayPal do not count in our Kickstarter total. And we need to figure out the more logistic way of handling the rewards done through PayPal.

Shipping outside US? I thought you were from Belgium? That's Europe!

Yes, but we're on the US Kickstarter, and the only options we have, are "No Shipping", "US Shipping", and "Non-US Shipping". We are looking into a solution for this. If we can organize shipping within Europe, and the costs are lowered, we will change that.

Why is this not available in [language here]?

We are localizing in English, French, German, Polish and Russian, because we have distributors there. If we had a distribution deal in Italy for instance, we would localize in Italian.

Can I play co-op over LAN?

Yes, you can.

If my friend has the Steam version, and I have the GOG version, can we still play together?

Yes, but obviously not over Steamworks.

I'm going to play this in single player. Do I still have to walk around with both characters?

Yes. And you'll probably be walking around with 4 to 6 characters, not just two :)

Think of this as a party based game. It is not an action RPG. You can solo if you want to (just tell party members to "stop following"), but combat will be hard as nails if you try to take enemies on single-handedly. You will need a well-balanced party.

Do monsters level up or become stronger the bigger your party is?

No. Monsters do not scale to your level. If you are level 1 and you see a level 10 monster: run. If you are trying to take on 10 monsters all by yourself while the rest of your party is somewhere else: good luck. Combat is balanced against a party.

If you want to try it with one party member, and succeed, you'll get all the XP. (Total XP is shared over the party.)

I'm going to play this in single player. Isn't the co-op design going to be in my way?

No. You won't even notice it. It doesn't limit or change the game.

I'm going to play this in single player. Isn't the co-op dialogue system going to be a bit weird? It's like talking to myself!

What's wrong with talking to yourself?! You can roleplay both characters!

Or you can choose dialogue AI personalities. For instance, you can have a loyal friend (who always does what you want), a liberal (who’ll always take the liberal point of view), a mad dog (interesting stuff) and so forth. You haven’t played something like this before, but it’s fun.

Do the henchmen join this co-op dialogue system?

No, it is always a dialogue between the two heroes.

(But modders can use this system for entire party discussions.)

What about character development?

Character development is classless. You define your starting stats freely yourself at character creation, and you choose your own starting skills. From then on, you can freely develop your character and pick skills from any of the several schools.

Of those schools, 4 are magic (earth, wind, fire, water) but there are also other schools dedicated to combat/warrior skills and ranger/survivor skills. The exact amount of schools and skills is dependent on the success of our Kickstarter campaign.

You get one skillpoint and one stat point per level up. We currently guess the level cap is around 20.

Can I re-spec my character?

You will be able to re-spec your character by training, but it will cost you. A lot.

It also depends on the difficulty level – at some levels, you can’t.

Do I control everyone in combat? Can I let AI take over in combat?

You control everyone in combat. Well, not the enemies, obviously, but turn by turn, you have to tell your party members what to do. That includes both heroes, your henchmen and your summons. You cannot let AI control your party members in combat. In multiplayer, each player controls his hero, his personal henchman, and his summoned creature. (Each hero can hire one henchman, and can summon one creature.)

How do I control my party outside of combat?

Outside of combat, everything is realtime. You select the party leader with shortcut keys or by clicking his portrait. When you walk around with the leader, the other party members follow him. However, you can tell party members to stop following ("wait here").

How do I control my party outside of combat when I'm in multiplayer?

Each hero can have one henchman and one summon. In multiplayer, your personal henchman and summon follow you around (unless you tell them to "wait here"). Your henchman and summon can not be controlled (or dismissed) by the other player character.

Is there friendly fire in combat?

Yes, of course. Even out of combat. We want you to wince and flinch when your partner shouts "FIREBALL"!

But loot is shared?

No it is not. It drops on the ground. First come, first serve.

Do NPCs have schedules?

We focused on reactivity instead of simulation. We are hoping that the Kickstarter campaign will be successful so we can actually add schedules via a stretch goal.

How long will it take me to play through Divinity: Original Sin?

This is always a tough question. We think we are making a 40 hour game. But people have different playing styles. If you're good at combat, and you don't want to do everything there is to do (you don't bother to lift every stone, talk to everyone, explore every square inch), you may finish it faster. If you want to see and do everything, you may not have finished it after 60 hours.

As a reference: when we made the original Divine Divinity, we thought we had a 20 hour game, but it can be finished quite fast once you know how to. On the other hand, we have reports of people spending over a hundred hours in the game. So I repeat: tough question.

How big is the world?

The world currently consists of four big zones. There is a short loading screen in between zones, but you can play around in one zone for hours without ever seeing a loading screen, so one zone is actually pretty large. It’s possible that more zones are added as a result of the Kickstarter campaign.

OMG I hope I'll be able to save anywhere then!

Of course you can. It's a Divinity game.

When is alpha? When is beta?

We expect alpha this Summer. Beta should be September or earlier.

Do you have lockpicking? Sneaking? Pickpocketing?


How will crafting work?

You simply drag one item unto another. (In your inventory or in the world.) You can experiment with combinations, but there will be tips and books lying around to push you in the right direction. At the moment, you don't need a special skill to create an item combination.

Can I customize the henchmen?

Henchmen start out as a certain "build" and with equipment, but once you hire them, you can totally change their equipment, and manage their inventories. And if they level, you choose their statpoint distribution and their skill upgrades.

Do the henchmen have personalities?

No, they don't. You can talk to them, but only to hire them or dismiss them. Giving them personalities (so that they are more involved, have a story) will be one of our stretchgoals.

Will I be able to sheathe my weapons?

Yes. Just like in Divine Divinity, you are be able to toggle between "peace" and "combat" mode, and items and NPCs will react accordingly.

For instance, if you click on a friendly NPC with your sword drawn, he will ask you to put your weapon away before addressing him. You can then either apologize, or call him out.

Are there exclamation marks above NPC's heads if they have a quest for you?

No, there are not. You have to explore, talk to people, find items, read books, interpret and think to "find quests".

If you did see exclamation marks in the video or in screenshots, those are the ones currently indicating that the 2 main heroes want to talk to eachother. The way we indicate this, will change. The party member will simply say "I want to talk to you", inviting you to start a dialogue with them. (Inviting. Not forcing.)

Will this have full voice over?

We cannot do full voice with the budget we have. At the moment, we only plan to do "important characters" with unique lines.

Also, NPCs can draw lines from a database with information and lore, and we don't want NPCs sharing the same voice, or NPCs that change their voice in the middle of a dialogue.

What happens if one of your party members dies?

If both heroes die in battle, it's game over. If one hero dies in battle, and the other hero survives, the dead one can be revived (at a cost).

If a henchman dies, you can also resurrect him (at a cost), or leave him for dead and hire another one. (However, the more henchmen you leave behind, the more the other ones will start asking for their services.) If a summon dies, you have to summon him again.

In your second video update, the enemies' corpses disappeared

Yes, because they don't have a dying animation yet and no corpse model. This is a game still in development, so you'll still see plenty of stub and work in progress elements in the screenshots and videos we post.


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    1. Kristian Aasgård on

      Troik: Full voice over equals less dialog and less depth. It's also pretty expensive. I'm very satisfied there is noe full voice over in this game, as it allows them to give us a much richer experience.

    2. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      Guys, i really feel the packages you've selected work against you. You are giving too much and too little at the same time. Too much of stuff ppl don't want, and too little of the stuff that matters

      Like writing a dialog for a high tier .. thats work, and you know you wont publish any darned thing, so its kind of pointless. Naming a pet? come on

      Give more to the user, give him a certain pet, give him a certain skin (diamond) something unique,that he can see in the game.. a name is hardly worth mentioning.

      I have the most confidence for you guys, and I only want you to gather as much money as possible to do the things you like. Just study a little, ask for help from other designers

      take care

    3. ekster

      If you guys can make split-screen part of the game, that would be great! Even if it's a stretch goal...
      I'd be able to get my wife to play this with me then! :D

    4. JackDandy on

      Hmmm, yeah- the DC trailer was great but I guess it's also very pricey to produce, what with the VA and all.
      What I was thinking about was maybe something simply a bit more focused, instead of talking about a bunch of different things.

      Show off a cool battle that makes full use of the game's combat system in one update (ie large group of enemies going against a 4-member party) , show off the game's interactivity in the other.. something like that. I guess.

      Maybe I'm being too vague. orz

    5. Troik on

      I hope Full Voice Over might come as a strech goal, would love to have that. Don't get me wrong, I love reading a book, but in a game I need characters to "talk to me" to feel immersed.

    6. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Goha: French version will be available
      @Jackdandy: You want more of a trailer like this ?…

    7. Missing avatar

      goha on

      Yop je suis de liège et je suis backer de votre projet et j'aurais voulu savoir pouquoi y a pas un moyen d'avoir un sous titre fr ou quoi pour vos "update" je pense que y a pas mal de fr dans vos backers aussi.......

    8. Tom Vanassche on

      Still, a boxed copy with 2 digital copies would be interesting (at least to me :) )

    9. Tom Vanassche on

      Well, I must be blind, just noticed there are the other tiers with 2 copies.

    10. Tom Vanassche on

      I was wondering why there's only one tier with 2 copies in? I'm interested in the boxed version, but at the moment opted for the Digital Duo Pack because it's the only one with 2 copies.

    11. JackDandy on

      Hey, about my video request from the last update-
      Well, I meant something that I could show around to people, you know? A little something that can make them excited. It's kinda hard to explain, I hope I won't sound mean or anything. I just want more people to know and get excited for this KS.

      I'll be blunt so please forgive me- but I don't think having 2 guys playing the game and talking about things with a funny accent is enough. It is great for updates, but not so much for drawing more people in. And I understand from Sven's blog that's a pretty big priority atm..

    12. LordCrash on

      @ Larian
      But I hope the engine will also be able to satisfy the needs of graphic and tech whores like me..... :D
      I want the best looking Divinity world you are able to create on my PC! :)

    13. Robcat on

      This update was fantastic. I wish more kickstarters would do this.

    14. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Patrick: No - that's why we're trying to make the min specs as low as we can so that people can also play on their laptops. Perhaps splitscreen might make it as a stretch goal.
      @samseng813: The focus is very heavily on role playing, but that doesn't mean you can avoid every single combat.

    15. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      I concurr on the voice acting..It is fun in surroundings or very short dialogues (if done right) but I adored the witty remarks of DD, and that amount of text in voice..blergh no..i read so much faster ergo i would skip it all the time

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Judging from the videos and interface I am guessing "No", but let me ask this anyway:

      Can we play OS with local splitscreen co-op?

      Sitting next to the person you are cooping with is a blast, as you did in your videos. But we don't all have two computers side by side with two hdtvs :)

    17. Helena on

      A very comprehensive FAQ - thanks! Interesting point about loot not being shared; does this mean the two main characters will have separate inventories? I assume there'll be a way to swap items between them?

    18. Mihail A.

      Thanks for the update. Very useful, so many info in one place. :)

    19. samseng813 on

      Can we know the amount of combat in this game?
      Is the combat as much as Avadon/Avernum ?
      Or the game more focus on role playing like Torment? (Most combat can be avoided by right dialogue choice, party member, or item in inventory)

      I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

    20. Raze_Larian on

      The minimum specs have not been finalized yet, but the goal is to allow the game to run on as many laptops as possible, since that is likely how many people will play co-op (LAN parties, households with only 1 gaming desktop, etc).

      I had actually been meaning to update the wiki, but wanted to wait for a couple of the articles from the recent press tour to start showing up, and then the kickstarter started early. I'll have to make some time to do that, though...

    21. Federico on

      Thank you, a very useful update!

    22. Jenda&Kathy| on

      So, has there been any estimate regarding hardware requirements?
      (Wondering whether we'll be able to play the coop with my wife, having only one computer spec'd for games - the other would have to be a HP ProBook 4520s, unless we get something better by then)

    23. Pavel Stangel on

      Very hype inducing FAQ. Sounds like the game will be awesome in both single and multi.

    24. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      @Larian: very informative Q&A, guys, but now you HAVE to add "NPC scheduling" as your first stretch goal!
      You wanna bring back the Ultima VII vibe? So you NEED NPC scheduling...

    25. Bumvelcrow on

      Great answers. I really hope henchmen personalities stretch goal is reached as having a genuine party rather than mute followers would make things much more interesting.

    26. Yuri on

      Very nice answers. That's how I'd really love it to be.

    27. Phlegmish on

      I would also suggest Larian work on expanding the Wikipedia article for Divinity: Original Sin (, which is pretty bare-bones right now. At the very least there should be some information about the Kickstarter on there.

    28. Hiver on

      Great little update.

    29. Raze_Larian on

      You can always restrict yourself to only saving in town, etc. Given the 'save anywhere' style the previous Divinity games, I'm not sure how much interest there would be in save spots.... I'm not sure how hard it would be to add a difficulty level to the game where you could only save in towns (presumably there are location based music transitions, so saving could be enable/disable based on that), or a timer used each time you save so that you can not save again for X minutes, etc.

    30. Phlegmish on

      I agree with the people arguing against full voice acting, it's expensive and it restricts the number of dialog options. A good compromise might be to voice a select number of lines to add atmosphere, like in the old cRPGs. Most of the voice acting in Dragon Knight Saga (though not all of it) was fantastic and emphatic, so I'm not too worried about the quality. Is Larian going to be working with the same people in that department?

    31. Foot Soldier on

      Personally, I plan to play without henchmen unless the stretch goal for Henchmen personality is implemented. (at the very least, they should grumble if u decide against their morals, and same moral-set faction will cost more or more salary to hire them)

    32. Ryan on

      I definitely support henchmen with personalities. Anything to make them more than a cardboard cut-out aids immersion and connection to the game a *lot*.

      Great update though, and it only makes this game sound a lot cooler.

    33. OIS on

      After finally getting around to viewing all the videos, and reading this FAQ: I'm convinced. Backed.

      Game is sounding rather amazing.

    34. Scott - Ascendant Bard of the Unknown on

      It's like you're making this game just for me. Every one of those questions, your answer was what I was hoping for.
      Thank you for bringing this awesome game to life, keep up the great work!

    35. Nick J. on

      Excellent write-up Swen/'David This really should hopefully answer the questions people seem to keep repeating.

      Can't wait to play this thing!

    36. The Old Farmer on

      Good info on the FAQ. Thanks! You have my vote for text over voice acting too, I play all the voiced games with subtitles and the limits that voicing everything puts on the game are not worth the need to have every thing read out loud. Good to see that loot will be easy to trade too.

      Keep the info coming!

    37. Daz23 on

      Good job with the detailed FAQ. It answered a number of questions that I had.

    38. JackDandy on

      Hey, I have a question too. It's basicalyl an opposite of the "save anywhere" question.

      Will there be an option to save at "save spots"?
      Will the game at least be balanced so you can only save in towns and still feel the game doesn't "cheat" you by killing both your guys by surprise?

      I like having some tension in games, and I find that when a game depends on my saving every few mintues, it ruins that.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      I also agree with Shawn and Reed. I prefer text any day over voice acting because RPGs not using Voice Acting allow much more freedom in the paths the player can take. Beside that with in RPGs that have text and voice acting I usualy have finished the reading long bevore the voice acting is finished.
      Beside that in my personal opinion voice acting not add to the atmosphere of a game in oposit if done badly it hurts the game.

    40. Missing avatar

      Reed on

      @Shawn Chesak

      I 100% agree, and have had several arguments with people about this. I actually prefer not to have voice acting most of the time. Voice acting just seems to be one more component in the homogenization of games. I find myself being less interested in AAA titles these days; thank god for games like Divinity.

    41. Raze_Larian on

      You will be able to use different types of armour. Also, the armour in game isn't necessarily going to match the concept art. I remember one of the early screenshots for Beyond Divinity had a character carrying a giant sword; there were a couple large two handed swords in the release version, but nothing anime style.

    42. Shawn Chesak on

      I agree with Barac Baker Wiley. IMO, the main thing that full voice acting has brought to the RPG genre of video games is a reduction in the length and variety of conversation paths. Not a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ankur Narayan on

      A question about the lead character models in-game. Are their clothes fixed, or will we be able to dress them accordingly (my wife would appreciate not having to look at a scantily clad female lead character while we play together).

    44. LordCrash on

      @ Larian
      Ok nice, sounds pretty easy and comfortable. :)

    45. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      LC : Of course you can share your loot. If you pick it up, you can drop it on the floor again so someone else can pick it up, or drag it unto another party member's portrait (in the UI) so it ends up in their inventory.

    46. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      The more I hear from you guys, the more I like the project.

    47. Barac Baker Wiley

      Frankly, I'd stick to not using full voice even if the Kickstarter were to hit a point where it was financially viable. It's simply too confining and although theoretically immersive, the actual impact varies dramatically based on the quality of the delivery and of course consistency between lines, etc.

    48. LordCrash on

      Thanks, nice FAQ.

      But I have one additional question concerning the loot syste:
      I haven't played many coop games yet but the few I have played (e.g. Dead Island) offered some kind of trading/bartering opportunity directly between the coop players. That is quite useful imo because sometimes you have things your partner could use better and it is very useful to minimize quarrels between the players about loot.
      Is a system like that also planned for DOS?

    49. Koovan on

      Great update! Thanks very much.