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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Shortest Review Meeting Ever (And Underwear)

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

"Ooooh, we're half way theeee-eeere, wooo-oo..."

Thank you! You’ve helped us reach 50% of our funding goal in less than 72 hours. Your show of support is very rewarding to all the developers in our team and we’re really happy about the feedback you’ve been giving us. You cannot imagine how important it is to a developer like us to be able to interact directly with our players and we look forward to having many more discussions with you in the comments sections.

As promised, here’s our second update.

Early bird reward

As a token of appreciation to all our fans who pledged already (and the ones we hope are going to pledge in the very near future) we’re giving away Zandalor’s trunks of epic intelligence to the first 5000 backers! Wear these and you’ll be able to discover an easter egg in the final version of the game – but beware, these trunks are rumored to have an opinon about things! (Item does not unbalance the game.)

This piece of concept art shows these trunks off. As to Sir John himself, I don't know if he, or his utility-belt-system, is still in.

Review meeting video

A snapshot of a small review meeting between David & Swen in which we play through a section of the game and comment on what still needs to be done. This is quite relevant to this Kickstarter campaign. We came to Kickstarter to be able to make all these changes that we're talking about. You’ll see quite a few game systems in action that haven’t been shown yet, and which we’ll re-address in more detail in future updates. Included are our thoughts on animal empathy, gender recognition, consistency of the game world and… teleporter pyramids!

Let us know if you agree with their comments!

Blog update

Swen wrote a new blog update in which he comments on the impression that the Kickstarter is not going fast enough. The general gist is that 1 in 5 people who see the Kickstarter video back our campaign (which is an amazingly high number), but that the number of views is relatively low. So obviously we’re looking for ways to increase the amount of RPG players that come to our page, because we’re convinced that this is a game all RPG players want to play. He also included an overview of how people are arriving on our Kickstarter page.


We’re going to be changing the reward structure and type of rewards a bit in the coming days, so stay tuned for more info. We'll also make a matrix so it's easier to see what is in what, and update the graphics on the main page.

Next update

Expect a new update by Tuesday, and thank you once again!!!

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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    1. Guegue on

      Hi Larian,
      When we select a reward tier with 2 Digital Copy of Divinity Original Sin will the Zandalor’s trunks be available for both copy? Same question for the Kickstarter Potion? If not, is it possible to put them as add-ons? Thanks in advance!

    2. Chris Subagio on

      Wow. That is one HUNKY piece of concept art.

      More please.

    3. Stabbey on

      @Larian - After the woman with the bath thing, when the guards come in, one asks why you're in her house during bath time. Even the other guards noted how odd it was for guard 1 to say that. I think it would be neat if the player could take advantage of that, and one of the player dialogue options could be like: "[Bluff] Let me go and I won't tell Esmeralda that you spy on her during bath time.", then there's a dice roll for success.

    4. Arhu on

      Animals: If you can talk to them, they should have more "animal personality" IMHO. Maybe don't let them talk perfect English, but animal-speech instead, with accents. Like, sssnakesss ssspeak differently than squirrels. Let their fabled animal personalities shine through. Or get inspiration from Madagascar or other animal movies. Give them different personalities. Sheep could stay utterly dumb and speak only one word (baah) while cats talk in husky tones and intelligently. (yeah, cats are masters of the world!)

      Gender differences & NPC reactions: Yes, please. OK, NPCs don't have to react differently all the time, but isn't it possible to have at least common phrases changed dynamically in dialoges based on the PC's gender? Sir / milady, he / she, handsome / gorgeous ... I'd consider well measured reaction differences essential to the role playing experience, especially in this game where hopefully lots of couples will play CoOp.

    5. Stabbey on

      @Larian - About the woman in the bath when you teleport in - will her dialogue change if the second player follows the first and teleports into the bathroom as well? Hmmm... probably not, that seems like it would be too hard to predict.

    6. Missing avatar

      toltox on

      @Larian Schedules, even only rudimentary or at least a day/night cycle as a stretchgoal would be very nice.

      I really appreciate your video and showing us your thoughts on what to improve from a developer perspective, that honest insight into a creative process is 1000x more convincing than some marketing blabla.

    7. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Tom: Yes - I'm not sure how we'll know but I've seen David say that we can.

    8. Tom the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Launcelot on

      How about Kelly's second question? If we up our pledge at a later point, will we still be considered in the first 5000?

    9. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Daniel: Honestly, we didn't think about that part. I guess so.
      @Robert: Of course - we're Ultima VII experts ;) But we need a succesful KS to put those in.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      When talking about the looping guard behavior, have you ever thought about implementing schedules for people like in the Ultima games, which were quite realistic?

    11. Daniel Tebbutt on

      I love seeing the design process and self analysis that goes into making games. Hope you guys get enough money to do some of the things you want!
      Also, will the digital duo pack come with trunks in both copies of the game?

    12. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      It will be a "unisex" item. Hair and belt not included :)

      Peter : met zo'n naam ben je ofwel Nederlander ofwel Belg. Bedankt voor je steun!

    13. Kelly Costanza, OOoE's Faceless Lord on

      Hmm. Will these trunks be male only...?

      And if I decide to up my pledge, will my position in the first 5,000 still be protected...?

      And will only men be able to wear these trunks, and have the groovy hair...?

    14. Peter Hoogeveen on

      @Larian and Brys:
      Thanks for those comments. I seemed to be missing the real point indeed.
      Hope you guys make enough money to anounce (and reach) some cool stretch goals.
      Go neighbors! (I'm Dutch :p )

    15. Brys on

      @Peter You still seem to be missing the point of the video. This particular video wasn't meant as a pitch to show you the game, it was the devs speaking their own personal wishlist for what THEY want in the game and want to do with the money. They were basically nitpicking.

      Every project you work on, whether it be games or otherwise, there's always an idealized version in your mind that turns out to not be possible for various reasons. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's time - whatever the case, you end up scaling things back to a more realistic level. It doesn't mean the project is terrible or a waste of your time as a result. It's just not as grand as you wished it to be with an ideal budget/time frame.

      Honestly ask yourself this: if they hadn't talked about wanting to add a specific gender based reaction and additional follow up/behavior to the NPC in the bath tub, would you have noticed what was already there as lacking in some way? What about the behavior of the guards or the bandit?

      There's a big difference between wanting to add more of something and not having enough, especially when we're talking about a 10 minute video where the former is the main topic.

    16. Stabbey on

      @ Phlegmish - I've already made a brand new thread on Something Awful for Original Sin:…

    17. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @2Ben: Our goal is to make it run on as much laptops as possible because we realize that's how most families/friends will use the coop option, but we haven't finalized min specs yet.

    18. Roq on

      P.S. Gratz on passing the half way mark!

    19. Roq on

      One of the things I can't stand in RPG/MMOs, but is incredibly common is canned NPC responses: "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY!" etc., which they reel out on every meeting, even when you've just saved their sons/daughters from fates worse than death. Can't imagine you will do this, but just in case, thought I'd mention it :).

    20. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      By the way, it's probably early to ask, but do you roughly think this could run on a laptop with an intel HD3000 ? Will there be some kind of "netbook mode" a la Torchlight ?

    21. Over on

      @Larian: yes, please. Do a strech goal that adds NPCs schedules. It would be a great feature. It would atract more attention from RPG gamers. And I would certainly raise my pledge. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      zkicker on

      I think what you have so far looks very good. I wouldn't expect everything to have that finished feel at this point in the development and would expect that final polish to come as you go forward. If we can get some additional content or cool features as a result of this kickstarter then it will be icing on the cake.

      I'm not worried much about npcs, including animals, having too much to say if they're not relevant to a quest or plot line. I wouldn't expect guards who are drilling to acknowledge random strangers walking by. In fact, I'd expect their captain to give them a swift kick for not paying attention to their duties. I'd rather have another cool quest than have each animal having something interesting, but irrelevant, to say.

      I think that the amount of great kickstarters going on at the moment is affecting this one. Unfortunately, people only have a limited amount of money to throw at things. I know that after Torment, Shroud, Kronos, Consortium, and this I'm tapped out. With this coming in as the latest it's getting less than I'd give if I hadn't already spent so much on the others. Hopefully, as the others finish up, this will get kicked up a notch as well.

      Anyway, keep up the good work and I'm glad you guys are doing this.

    23. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      JackDandy : any requests? :D

    24. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Peter, I think what was the hardest to explain when we started creating the texts and video for this Kickstarter was indeed that. "How far are you, what do you have, and why do you need more? And if KS is not successful, then what?"

      It's the difference between an 80% game and a 90% game. We know what we can do with this game in the next six months, with the team we have, and we know it'll be good. But we also know that, with the power of this engine, and with all its possibilities, we could make a better game given extra manpower.

      There are things in the movie that are "unfinished" on one hand because the game is still in development, and that will be dealt with, with or without a successful Kickstarter; and there are things in the movie that we can probably only do with a successful Kickstarter...

    25. JackDandy on

      Can you make the video updates a bit more interesting?I don't always understand what you're saying during the playthroughs, and watching you play just isn't that captivating

    26. Peter Hoogeveen on

      This is true. To be able to see a playable version of the game with so many mechanics in place and working IS somewhat unique here on KS.
      I think the point I am trying to make is the following. They said the game was somewhat close to being finished and it would be their best RPG yet. In this movie they talk about people not being reactive enough, some things not making a lot of sense (or just not enough sense) etc etc it made me think... if they are happy with the game so far and these things are not there yet, because they first need to get some more funds via this KS, are they going to deliver a game that I want to play? Is this going to be immersive and responsive enough? Is there going to be enough lore / background information / funny/cool/intreaging etc things to see/hear/do for me to be donating my hard earned $s?

      @ Larian
      Ok 'wrong' might not be the correct term to use here, I agree. 'Could use improvement' sounds a lot better.
      See the above text for more of what I was thinking with my previous comment.

    27. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      Excellent !

    28. Kristian Mattila on

      I'm not sure if the timing is such an issue with Shroud and Torment going on at the same time. The backer base for all three overlaps significantly, and a reasonable portion of that base shouldn't have that much issues stretching their wallet for a three-way.

      If I hadn't backed SoTA and Torment, I most likely would have missed this.

    29. Kevin B. on

      @Peter Hoogeveen

      So you're thinking about pulling your pledge because a game currently in development and trying to raise extra funds for polishing and fine tuning, isn't finished and polished yet ... Yea, that makes sense ...

    30. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      2Ben : yes.

    31. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Peter : the game we have can stand on its own. This meeting just shows what we would add or change if this KS were successful. We were just wandering around, wondering what we found missing.

      If, for instance, the guards would do their marching thing there, and you could talk to them about the town and such, and nothing else, that would be okay. They would be part of the world and they would introduce lore. The captain is involved in a quest already, but you only learn later on or by talking to the correct character.

      About the animals: there *are* quests in the game that involve animals, and that take advantage of you being able to talk to animals. We would just like to see more.

      Most of the dialogues at the moment don't care if you're male or female. I don't think most of them should. This one in particular (woman in bath tub) probably should. There are actually dialogues in the game that do a gender check. But we have highlighted this one particular issue, which does not mean we should re-do every dialogue :)

      I don't think these are things that are "wrong", these would just add to the game.

      If you did see things that are "wrong" (sheep without death animation, bandit without death animation, barking cat model, temp henchmen models, temp bandit animation...) that is because it is still a work in progress.

    32. janju on

      lease no talking to ANYONE in combat. When i click someone in combat i want to have information over his movment/attack range or his stats or vulnerabilities. Please no stupid conversations in battle on every missclick.

    33. Kristian Mattila on

      @Peter, out of all game projects on KS, this has much more to show than most. Seeing that it's unfinished shouldn't hurt it, if it was perfect then there would be no need for the KS.

    34. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      Can you please pretty please put keyboard shortcuts for the dialogs ? If only 1,2,.3... to select the answer ? Well actually can you put keyboard shortcuts for pretty much anything that can reasonably have one ?

      Thanks in advance ! (I'm backing you anyway ;) )

    35. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      Nice on the trunks and I love all the extra details you want to add to characters, animals and such. Makes the world more interesting and worth exploring!

    36. Peter Hoogeveen on

      This video makes it look like A. you are the only ones making the game and B. You quite quickly sum up a rather large amount of things wrong with this game (and I agree, it still needs (a lot) of work). I think it (this video) actually hurts you instead of help you, because I am seriously thinking of pulling my $25 pledge :/

    37. Phlegmish on

      I think the write-up of the game is good, and the videos are fine as well. The previews all seem to be positive, too. The only thing you guys really need to work on is your viral marketing. You need to be generating more of a buzz. I like the idea that was put forward of going to Something Awful or somewhere like that and directly interacting with potential backers. There is an Obsidian dev on there as well, which really helped the Project Eternity Kickstarter. It's also where I found out about this Kickstarter. Of course I immediately backed it, especially since it's my patriotic duty as a Fleming.

    38. M D on

      Oh, it is cute, certainly.

    39. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      I personally thought that was quite cute...

    40. M D on

      Those are some highly acrobatic sheep (doing 360 flips/rotations is pretty impressive). What have they been feeding them?

    41. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Over : no they don't. They have behaviour, and reactions, but there is no day/night cycle, so no schedules. Could become a stretchgoal though ;-)

    42. Over on

      Also, shouldn't corpses remain in the ground for some time, before disapearing eventualy? Maybe NPCs could react when they see a corpse, specially if it's someone they know?

    43. Archon on

      "Obviously there’s also GDC/PAX/Easter/Torment/End of month so that doesn’t help"

      But you're doing well ! There's only few projects which managed to gather million(s) bucks in hours. Most of KS projects never reach those numbers in months.So $200K in less than 3 days is already great.
      You'll still have 3 weeks to go after the end of Torment and Shroud of the Avatar. That's when you'll have to work harder with PR IMO.

    44. Over on

      Will NPCs have schedules, like in Ultima VII, for example?

    45. Barry Pitcher on

      I will kick ass in just trunks!

    46. Mbaya on

      The news of the Trunks was a nice surprise, thank you!

      Enjoyed the video too, the attention to detail you're taking is wonderful, I was very impressed with how events are reacted to by NPC's. Also interested in communicating with the animals, a nice touch. I'd love to be able to bribe them for information (or to become my eyes and ears for future gossip) by tempting them with nice food or something.

      Also, you should totally keep the barking cat! :)

      Thanks for the update and the hard work you've already put into the game, g'luck with the continued development and the Kickstarter!

    47. Ronnie Viklund

      Very good update, gives us a nice insight into the creative process and all the ideas you have, my main take away from watching is that you want most things in this game to have a sense of purpose and awareness that would feel natural for the player which I think can do a lot for immersion.

    48. Shawn Chesak on

      Very nice; All heroes need a good pair of boxer shorts.

    49. Del137 on

      Rotating sheep is cool lol =)

    50. Eireks on

      Manly trunks for me.