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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition!!!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)
Hello Everyone!  

Today we are very excited to announce Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition for PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC, Mac, SteamOS and Linux. This isn't just some patch or minor content update to the game you all know and (hopefully) love; it's a whole new experience! With controller support, local co-op with split screen, fully voiced characters, a totally reworked story (with a brand new ending), and much more, we're very proud to finally be able to share what we've crafted here at Larian. 

In the update video below, Swen reveals a little more about the fantastic new features you can look forward to in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

We've also included controller support on PC, so now you can kick back and explore Rivellon from the comfort of your sofa with Steam's Big Picture. We've put a lot of effort into streamlining the experience and have designed a slick, new UI that makes playing with a controller just as intuitive and fun as playing with mouse and keyboard.

As well as local co-op, split screen and controller support, the Enhanced Edition also features:

  • All characters are now fully voiced by AAA-voice actors
  • New quests, new characters, and new content
  • Entirely new gameplay modes and character builds
  • A heavily rewritten story with a brand new ending
  • Massively reworked visuals and sound effects 
  • And much more to be announced in the coming months!

A Gift For Our Fans  

In appreciation of all the fans who helped make Divinity: Original Sin the success that it was, the Enhanced Edition will be completely free to everyone who owns Original Sin. This is a reflection of our immense gratitude to all of you. We deeply appreciate your support, and the feedback we received from you helped us create and polish this game into something that we're extremely proud of.

A Whole New Game  

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is a completely separate game: not an update to Divinity: Original Sin. Both games will remain available on PC and Mac, and it is important to note that they are totally different entities, so if you've already bought Original Sin you'll see separate listings for Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition in your Steam Library. This means that saved games can't be transferred from Divinity: Original Sin to the Enhanced Edition. This is largely because of the technical changes we've made to how the game looks and feels, but the story has also been rewritten so heavily that most saved games would no longer be compatible with the plot. (After all, it wouldn't make sense to load a game in which you're halfway through a quest line that's been replaced with something different.)

 From the very first day of production, we designed the Enhanced Edition to be optimized for DirectX 11 graphics. For our Windows players, this means that Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will require a 64-bit system and a graphics card with DirectX 11 hardware support. However, both editions of the game will remain available to everyone on Steam, so Windows players with 32-bit systems and DirectX 9 will always be able to play Divinity: Original Sin.

When Can We Play?  

As Swen says: "When? When it's ready!" We are committed to giving you the best possible experience and we will not compromise on quality, so it's going to take as long as it'll take. But watch this space, the release date is coming soon!

Are You Ready For E3?  

We are! At E3 we'll be sharing much more about Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition's features and gameplay, including the much-anticipated new modes of play. 

More background?

Then check out Swen’s blog. He talks about how we came to make the Enhanced Edition and why it’s such an important part of our future plans. In the mean time, if you want more about what we're up to, check out our forums, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.  

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    1. Logan on

      This is such awesome news! I already shared it with everyone I know that has the game or wants D:OS. I am glad ot hear I can get this new version on GOG even though my first copy (from KS) was accidentally picked up on Steam (my bad for clicking links wrong).
      Almost done with D:OS as it is now (new baby, so less time) so now I will have an extra reason to play D:OS all over again with the Enhanced Editon.

      FYI: Based on everything from the KS until now, if you guys ever want to KS a game again I am sure almost everyone and then some would be willing to back a Project for you guys again (to help avoid any entanglements with Publishers).

    2. José Augusto on

      Please translate to pt/br...

    3. Raze_Larian on

      @Mikhail Aristov
      There will be an update for the editor.

    4. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Some questions posted so far:

      Q: Linux version
      A: We are working on it - it is happening! We will be announcing more details soon.

      Q: Please do not force controller UI to PC users.
      A: Not happening!

      Q:Physical copies of the game?
      A: Consoles for sure - not decided with PC yet

      Q: Will we be able to choose the platform for the free copy of the new version, or will it only be available on PC?
      A: No, it is linked to the platform that you have purchased the game in the first place (Steam, GOG etc)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ronald K on

      OMG this is so awesome!!!! Really, this totally changes my mind on the game, and my BIGGEST wish ever for it was to have full voice over, and now I have it. I can't believe it's happening, and on my PS4 is so GREAT. I can't wait to see and hear this new story. THANK YOU!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      ArturoJPC on

      I'm Still waiting the Linux version. There's always a betray with Linux. Sorry, I don't believe you. :'(

    7. Missing avatar

      Rui Mendes: Herald of the Ever Tormented on

      Good to see that the future of RPGs (and eventually other games) is in good hands. Looking forward to the other announcements also - consider it pre-backed in case you come back to KS.

    8. lokiracer on

      I'm proud to have been a backer of this campaign.

      Other campaigns, take note, this is how you treat your investors.

    9. Simeon Gavalas on

      Excellent news! I am very happy to see you grow and do it in a way that is considerate to your existing supporters.

      Only one note: Please do not force controller UI to PC users. Make it great for anyone who uses controllers, but let us Ms+Kb people have an equally good UI and control scheme.

      I used to say that you guys are my second favorite gaming company. Not any more. Welcome to the first place (though you will have to share with CD Project Red).

    10. ekster

      I was not expecting this and did not think this game can become any more awesome... Keep up the amazing work, Larian!

    11. Mr. Horseshoe on

      I found Pillars of Eternity to be a dry and humorless. Literally everything about D:OS was superior. No, I'm not biased since I pledged $150 for each project (I also pledged $100 to Broken Age but that game ended up being a disaster). Thanks to Larian for the best Kickstarter game ever made!

    12. Missing avatar

      TheGreesh on

      this game just keeps on giving. Great work, I hope your whole team is proud

    13. Missing avatar

      Sumerisle on

      New Music? Come on! Make Kirill add some tracks! I will back again just to hear new songs!!!!

    14. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      You are a bunch of crazy people, and that's amazing. The video game world needs more studios like you. It's really refreshing to see news like that popping amongst all the commercial bullshit that's spitted on our faces everyday.
      I can't wait to play this EE with my friend, and I'm eager to see what secret projects you are crafting :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Vasyl Kashuba on

      HI, nice to hear that. I have a question, I want to support GOG and not Steam this time around, can I receive your gift only for GOG as I would like, or if I want that present I have to stick to steam? I'm interested.

    16. Missing avatar

      Edward Dunn on

      While I appreciate that the enhanced edition is free for owners of the original, I have one concern:
      "From the very first day of production, we designed the Enhanced Edition to be optimized for DirectX 11 graphics."
      Is this really a good idea considering that of all the platforms you claim to support, only Windows and Xbox One has DirectX 11? If the game is optimized for DirectX, will it be a second rate experience on platforms that don't support it? Wouldn't optimizing the game for OpenGL be a much better idea, since OpenGL runs on ALL platforms?

    17. Andreas "Zansarus" Bengtsson on

      ...the Enhanced Edition will be completely free to everyone who owns Original Sin.

      My hat's off to you, Larian Studios. Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      You are RPG-gods! Its wonderful news, especially free of charge for those PC-users, who already owners this game. I spent more than 80 hours playing Original Sin. My favourite RPG of the last year and it's time to get back once again 8-)

    19. Alf on

      One little question, guys: Is there a possibility to buy a physical copy of this new game jewel? I loooove physical stuff :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Yay! Finally the linux, still no linux version. And, while I'm happy about the improved content, it's sad I will never know the difference, since, as a linux player, I am still waiting to play ANY version of this game. I'm sorry, but I'm so dissappointed. Back at Pillars of Eternity then. Still, thank you, I guess...

    21. Ard van Breemen on

      @Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      It's not really for free. It will be the first release of D:OS for us linux users... No problem with that, I am patient. I still have to decide who is worthy of my second key.
      And they are still on target for my personal prediction of the first beta version.

    22. Alf on

      @Creators: Shut up and take my mon... wait, what? For Free? You are totally nuts, guys - but this is why I love you! For me the same - just let me know about your next KS project, and I am with you - as I was in the last years (have all of your earlier games in different versions - gog, disc, Larian collectors box and more :) for the future... thx Larian!

    23. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      Nice. I'd like to know what 'streamlining the experience' means in this case exactly.

    24. tarasis on

      Woohoo! Thank you Larian for continuing to be awesome.

      Must finish my current run through so I've finished the original story before the EE version appears :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      Crazy good. Pure awesomeness.

      We were waiting for a new patch to continue our co-op session, but with this news we have no issues with waiting a bit longer and starting over with the enhanced edition. In fact, I'm looking forward to it!

      A great Kickstarter just got even better!

    26. Mikhail Aristov on

      Will you be releasing a new version of the level editor with EE or will the old one be compatible with it?

    27. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Woah and there's the hat-trick for backed kickstarter RPG's.
      This, Wasteland 2 and Dead State all announcing and coming out with enhanced editions within about a week of each other.
      All for fee.
      Crazy coincidence :D

    28. James Ogilvie Ellis on

      Yea, I can't imagine its the case but would like to get some clarification on the free version. I'd take that for PS4 over PC :)

    29. Eric Rich on

      Will we be able to choose the platform for the free copy of the new version, or will it only be available on PC? Personally I would prefer it on Xbox One.

    30. Elfwyn on

      This sort of update makes me want to throw money at the screen.
      Also I'm getting teary eyed.

    31. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      You sure you are also running a business? Giving all that away for free? That's simply not done if you're a business (take a look at Dark Souls II) ...

      Joking aside ... this is one of the best news I've heard in a long time and a truly magnificent gesture towards your fans. I hope you sell lots of copies on the consoles.
      Very happy ... just tell me when your next Kickstarter is ... the whole experience and the updates are almost worth the money alone ... getting a great game is an additional benefit ;)

    32. Helena on

      Wow, that sounds really generous. Thanks, Larian.

    33. Patrick on

      You guys are bloody heroes

    34. Jimmy Van Hecke on

      Controller support on PC? You have no idea how happy that makes me :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Peredur on

      Will it include the missing strechgoals and backer rewards?

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthia on

      Hi Swen, please share your 'new' project to Italian Translation Project, so we get 'new' Divinity Enhanced Edition already (italian) translated :)

    37. Coastal Pete

      One of the best KS experiences I've had. A noble jesture to your first backers.

      I wish "The Delta Six Controller" (GUN) would see how to run a campaign & treat their backers.

    38. Saodhar

      AAA! And I've just started a new game run! Better postpone it until Enhanced Edition then. :D

    39. Gabriel Rotar

      Holly flying spaghetti monster :O.
      This is absolutely brilliant, Larian is constantly outdoing it's self.
      Also I missed Swen's infectious excitement, so thank you for the update video too ^_^.

    40. Missing avatar

      João Batista on

      That's so cool! Thank you :)

    41. Nimue on

      Oh wow... that's amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it, it sounds great. Thank you, Larian, you're awesome :-)

    42. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      You guys are friggin' awesome. Just had to say it.

    43. Michael David on

      This is just.......AMAZING! Thank you so much Larian. You guys are so considerate to your fans and backers. I'm so glad I backed this fantastic game. Looking forward to experiencing the Enhanced Edition! WOOT!

    44. Richard Stuckey on

      Awesome news, full VO and controller support sound great!

      I shall be buying it on PS4 to support you guys despite owning the steam backer edition... as long as its not ridiculously priced on the PSN store of course (physical is so 2012)!

      Thanks and good luck!

    45. Nian on

      Will there be a physical box copy with disc for the PS4?

    46. The Arrow on

      So when can we get the *original* D:OS on Linux? ;)