Divinity: Original Sin

by Larian Studios LLC

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    1. Ikalios

      Wow, can't believe how awesome you are guys. When will be your next project so I can jump in with a few more dollars for this???

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      Kirill on

      Wow! That is so amazing! As others have said, if you guys are ever back on Kickstarter with a new project, I will back it again for sure, and I don't even need to know any details on it. You guys are the best!!!

    3. cimerians on

      Local co-op on PS4?? My wife thanks you!! Really sick and tired of Diablo......

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      AstralWanderer on

      "From the very first day of production, we designed the Enhanced Edition to be optimized for DirectX 11 graphics. For our Windows players, this means that Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will require a 64-bit system..."

      Given that D:OS:EE will need to use OpenGL for Mac/Linux, why not offer OpenGL for Windows also - providing XP/32-bit compatibility?

    5. Ropya on

      Hot shit.

      This is awesome.
      Thank you very much for being so kind to your fans.

      Please do us a favor though?
      When you launch your next KS, let us know so we can all support you there too.
      You deserve it thru and thru.

    6. janju on

      Can i be in the BETA please?

    7. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      There is a public beta ?

    8. Questor Thorn on

      First: Woohoo!! you guys do it right! Larian and Inexile have both displayed alot of class with how they treat their fans. Really appreiciated and can't wait for the Enhanced Edition.

      Question: Any chance of getting the some of the new features (controller support/split screen co-op) on the current, vanilla D:OS?

      Thanks again!!

    9. M.Stein on

      Good news, but just to confirm : the local coop with split screen feature will also be available on the PC version or is it just for the console version?

    10. Carole on

      Awww... you are the best!! Truly! Looking forward to this!
      What about your next game? So, you know, I can actually give you guys money for all your good work. ;)

    11. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      SWEEEEEET!!!!! :D

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      Matthew Brown on

      How will the free PS4/XBone copies work? Digital download code?

    13. Sinclair on

      Very role model like. My appreciation!

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      Pablo Rodríguez on

      So... quick question. I was a bit broke and couldn't pledge to get the game when the KS was live (I pledge a bit to support but I couldn't spare much) but after that things changed and I buyed the game on steam. I guess no free update for me. Am I wrong?

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      VkBest on

      Will you translate de new edition to other languages such as spanish, italian, etc?

    16. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @Matthew Brown the free version is only for people who bought the game on PC/Mac/Linux, If you redeemed the code for GOG, you will get this game on GOG, if you redeemed the code on Steam you will get the game on Steam.

      if you want play on PS4 or ONE you will have to buy the game again.

    17. Questor Thorn on

      @Pablo Rodriguez....I think that everyone who already owns the game on Steam or GOG will get the Enhanced Edition (a separate game, not a patch) for free. Quote from the update above....

      In appreciation of all the fans who helped make Divinity: Original Sin the success that it was, the Enhanced Edition will be completely free to everyone who owns Original Sin.

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      Pauli Pekonen on

      This is great news! My first concern was whether you'd make us buy the game on PC again, but of course I should have known you guys are fair enough not to do that. Larian in starting to be my favourite game studio, just because you guys are honest and clearly your goal is not only to make money, but to make a great game as well, which seems to be starting to get rare these days. And also because you can deliver to us PC gamers as well! Therefore you have my blessing on your venture to the consoles!

    19. Imban

      Larian Studios: Our Games Are Better The Second Time Around ;)

      Just teasing about Divinity 2 and now this, though. I'm ... most of the way through Divinity: Original Sin in multiplayer, which I consider a minor achievement since that's like 55 hours of multiplayer gameplay so far with about 1/4 of the game left to go. I plan on finishing it, though, even with this news. :P

    20. SillySausage

      This is great news. Many many thanks Larian :D

      I have but one minor question if poss [don't think its been asked] but for those (probably just me) that haven't been able to get around to even playing the existing game, is there any point playing through the existing game or better to just hold off and wait for the extended edition?

      Sounds stupid I know but not sure I've the time to play both through [given I cant even get around to playing anything at the moment hehe].

      Hope that make sense and many thanks once again - you folks truly are stars :D :D

    21. Saturnian on

      Question: will we be able to continue in-progress games and still take advantage of the new content? or will we need to start over? Also, AWESOME, THANKS! This is honestly one of my favorite games ever, and being able to co-op with my partner is part of that awesomeness!

    22. dal on

      Thanks Larian! It's realy great news. Wow!

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      Shatterbrain on

      I'm not against controller support completely, but a CRPG that works with a controller (esp. from a couch) and a CRPG that works with mouse and keyboard (as all CRPGs should) have completely different interface demands.

      You didn't ruin the interface for M&K users by accomodating controller users, did you?

    24. Missing avatar

      Shatterbrain on

      Nevermind, I see that Larian has already answered my question. :)
      "Q: Please do not force controller UI to PC users.
      A: Not happening!"

    25. Raze_Larian on

      @Neapolitan Pizza Enthusiast
      No, saves will not be compatible (due to changes/additions to quests, new skills/abilities, etc)

      The intent is to update all the existing officially released localizations for the Enhanced Edition.

    26. CeeKay on

      Awesome news! Sadly Original Sin has been part of my backlog for a while, and now it looks like I'll wait a bit longer for the Enhanced Edition.

      This has to be one of the best Kickstarters I have participated in. 10/10, would Kickstart again.

    27. Saturnian on

      @Raze thanks, and yeah I guess if I'd read more thoroughly I'd have seen that. I was excited.

      Hmm... I wonder if it's worth dumping my current game and restarting with the enhanced. I don't think my co-op partner will necessarily want to play through twice unless it's VERY different.

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      EZ Aquarii on

      Another update and still no timeline for the first linux release in flagrant violation of Kicstarter term of use:

      " If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

      * they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;
      * they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers; "

      It has been 1 year and half since the planned release date, 10 months from the Windows release date and Larian Studios have still never communicated a tentative release date for the Linux version. Not even once.

      I don't mind backing failing projects. I don't mind Linux being treated as a second class citizen.
      I don't mind (that much) having to wait for a release due to unforeseen difficulty on the linux porting.

      I do mind being left completely in the dark. I do mind when a highly successful project does not deliver its promise and even worse fails refuse to aknowledge its failure. I do mind when the unforeseen difficulties are "we never thought about the linux port up to the release date and it did not happen by magic at this point".

      A linux user embittered by Larian Studios communication failure.

    29. Luca on

      YOU ROCK!

      LOVE U 4 EVER!

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      This is just pure awesomeness on Larian's part. I kowtow to you 10 times over :)
      Haven't seen anyone ask this yet. Will the backer credits from the original DOS make their triumphant return for the Enhanced version as well, or is that pushing it now? ;)

    31. Stephen P. Suelzle on

      Wow. Thanks so much. I really look forward to seeing the new enhanced game. Every time I think Larian has been more than generous, accommodating and hard working, you come up with something new!!!

    32. Chet on

      Please do not dumb down the interface to cater to console users. This was supposed to be an old school type RPG, not some type of button mashing hybrid.
      By all means make it prettier and add new content, but please don't turn it into another Xbox port

    33. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Sounds great, I can hardly wait to play this amazing game a second time. Thanks Swen, David and the rest of the bros at Larian! :D

      BTW, I know you are true bros who despise consolitis and would therefore never consolize the PC version of the UI. Right? :3

    34. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      WE LOVE LARIAN! Keep on rocking! :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Christopher M. Carter on

      Thank you for including the backers in receiving the enhanced edition. Much appreciated!

    36. Raze_Larian on

      Of course.

      There are separate UIs for controller and keyboard+mouse.

      @EZ Aquarii
      The Linux version will be released with the Enhanced Edition.
      see the topic 'So where is that Linux version anyway?'

    37. Mark Bisignano on

      *picks chin up from floor*
      Just awesome!

    38. Missing avatar

      Louis on

      I'm curious to test the controller support! (It was already possible with appropriate tool... but I guess it will be better with your own new interface.)
      As well as the intringuing "slipt-screen" mode.

      Well done Larian! It's nice you continued to improve the game. It's great that it's free for DOS owners. (On the other hands, some people could be upset if it wasn't free for early buyers. ;-) ) And I wish you success with PS4 and XboxOne!

      PS: Really, I wish I could play this enhanced edition... but to be honest, the game is so long, it will be hard to find enough free time to play it again! :D

    39. John GT

      Do we need to do anything special to get OS:EE if we got it somewhere other than Steam? Will I need to request a GOG Code?

    40. Raze_Larian on

      @John GT
      Upon release the Enhanced Edition will show up in your GOG library.

    41. Missing avatar

      Pablo Rodríguez on

      @Questor Thorn Thanks! I hope you are right about that :)

    42. Faelen on

      I'm looking forward to this! Besides D:OS there are really no good co-op games out there atm.

    43. Timothy Lose on

      Any possible way to get a Steam key deactivated and get a PS4 key?

    44. Stabbey on


      No, it's a separate thing. The Kickstarter campaign never suggested it would be available for consoles at all, and in fact Larian wasn't able to confirm that it would be until now.


    45. Missing avatar

      Avvy on

      This is awesome. Love this company and game.

    46. G. Marc Dwarfen - Weresheep of Sin on

      Wow more free stuff this is great. :) tho my conscience is starting to bug me. whats the next game you are planning (so i can buy it) i was wondering if i can give something back while enjoying your stuff :P

    47. Raze_Larian on

      Two more games have been started using the same engine and gameplay mechanics (with updates), but it will be awhile before anything is announced.

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Jacobo on

      Query: if we originally backed this project for two copies of the game, does that mean that the other person, to whom we gifted the other copy, will have access to the Enhanced Edition?

    49. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      "Q: Linux version
      A: We are working on it - it is happening! We will be announcing more details soon."

      I don't want to rant, but maybe you can understand that this is the usual thing a linux user gets told.
      First, tell them there will be Linux and then let them starve. Then, eventually, if you have served all your big markets first, then there might be a linux version. Or not. The linux users are then expected to be grateful for waiting so long and receiving a linux version at all. "Hey, we could have skipped them, they own no market share anyways..."
      Been there, heard that, thank you very much. :(

      From your updates (I still need to read Swens blog) I can clearly read that you are monetizing all other channels first and in order to do so, you needed a rewrite. You could have finished the linux version first, but you have chosen not do so.

      Please excuse me that I'm not that grateful about the extended version, because, for me, there is nothing free. I will be receiving the game I have backed, eventually - I still don't take it for granted. It might have more content, but what's the difference for me? I don't know the "original game" and I will never ever receive it, because that means you'd need to port all your changes back or dumb down the extended version and that won't happen for sure. There is only the extended version you can release for linux, so, what's exactly my benefit? Not that I'm expecting one, but I want to put things into perspective here for all people shouting out "Yay! For Free! I luv U!".

      In the end, I can't blame you. The world is all about money and I don't want you to run out of money. But, be told, you really lost a fanboy that you had just created with your campaign. Next time I'll wait for your retail version.

      "When there's no emotion left when listening to "Updaaaaate for Kickstaaaarter", you know love's gone."

    50. Raze_Larian on

      Once the Linux engine was done, it would simply not have been practical to update it twice, once for (the already outdated at the time) D:OS, and then again for the EE (with an extra delay due to the first update). The Kickstarter was clear that progress on the Mac version had been halted, and only resumed and officially confirmed once the goal had been met, and that the Linux version would be started after the Mac version was done. The problem was that the amount of extra work required for that was much more than anticipated.

      @Paul Jacobo