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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator ☆ dlux ☆ on March 27, 2013

      $80 until we hit 50k

      (this KS needs number games ^^)

    2. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on March 27, 2013

      @ Larian
      I don't know.... :)
      But I have the same name on PC Games.....

    3. Creator gandalf.nho on March 27, 2013

      @Larian I guess all creators starting their first crowdfunding campaign probably will be a bit nervous, but this campaign is doing well, even being started before time and we backers will do all we can to help you guys to fund this.

    4. Creator Cutter on March 27, 2013

      Love your work fella's so this backed like a baby got back on some backribs! LOVE that you're shipping an editor with it! Every CRPG should come standard with one. When's the ship date - ETA - btw? Please tell me it's before Xmas this year! This game has been top of my list for this year so I'm anxious as hell to get my grubby little paws on it! Hope this KS succeeds with flying colours! :P

    5. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @Keving: Thx for that

    6. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      LC- Are you who I think you are ?

    7. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      If you want to track our stance (well, at least mine) on piracy, here's an old blog post: - it didn't make me very popular in certain circles, but it does give some insight into what I think on DRM since that seems to be a topic. I do want to add that I was talking about an idealized version of streaming, not what we have today/will have tomorrow /Swen

    8. Creator Koovan on March 27, 2013

      @Larian - the potential of this game is so great, the quality of your previous games so high and your commitment to gamers (particularly with DKS) so obvious, that this community will find some way to get this project to your goal. We can rely on you to provide an excellent gaming experience and you can rely on us to provide you with the funding you need. So worry not, it may take a while, and you may need to be patient, but this KS will succeed.

    9. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on March 27, 2013

      I already wrote an article about D: OS on kickstarter for PC Games (Germany) which will hopefully be greenlighted tomorrow. :)

    10. Creator Hobz on March 27, 2013

      In before Jaesun - The Divine Serpent of Torment.

    11. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on March 27, 2013

      It's just awesome how open-minded you are in respect of suggestions from the community! :)

    12. Creator Jason Gallagher on March 27, 2013

      Sorry guys, I tried to be subtle in what I said. I am a huge fan of Divine Divinity, probably the closest game to Ultima 7 I ever played. And I can remember how excited I was when I got the game. Beyond Divinity was always unplayable to me, so I just wanted to show the other side to DRM. It has rarely ever effected me besides Starforce. And I was on the forums trying to get Beyond Divinity working, so heard all sides.

      I'm an old time PC gamer, and Kickstarter seems like a bright new dawn. A new Torment, an adventure from Ron Gilbert, Tex Murphy coming back, maybe a new Gabriel Knight game, Chris Roberts coming back, Wasteland 2, the possibilities are endless. Maybe even a new Gothic game, lets face it they have been rubbish since consoles have been involved.

    13. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @gandalf.nho: As you can tell by now, we are indeed noobs on Kickstarter but we're learning fast. Once we find a certain Thomas back (in 8 hours or so) we'll get started on add-ons. And kicking it forward sounds like a decent thing to do. /Swen

    14. Creator Jaesun on March 27, 2013

      Now we will get the bestest BESTEST Divinity game! :D

    15. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @pid - Actually, one of the reasons we came to Kickstarter was to prevent what happened to the previous Divinities - too many compromises at the end of the production because of time/cost pressure. I'm well aware of the warts our previous creations had in one or the other incarnation ;) /swen

    16. Creator Brys on March 27, 2013

      Definitely agree about a Dragon Commander add-on. I'm personally really torn between that and the boxed tier that I'm currently at.

    17. Creator pid on March 27, 2013

      To put things straight: I still like Larian and am a true fan, because DD was so great that it was almost obvious the follow-ups wouldn't stand the comparison. I still bought the games 'cause I'm a true fan as I said before but truth is true :D So, no bad feelings maybe my previous comment sounded a bit too harsh while it wasn't meant to be.

    18. Creator gandalf.nho on March 27, 2013

      A Dragon Commander add-on is a good idea, only the $65 tier has the option, even the higher tiers doesn't have it. And a extra add-on for the soundtrack for him.

    19. Creator David Ngo on March 27, 2013

      I own all the Divinity games and I've been aware of this game for many months, but I had no idea a Kickstarter was planned. I only found out about this after it was already launched. Maybe it is the same for other people? Regardless, reaching 12% of the goal within just a few hours (8 hours?) doesn't seem like a bad start.

    20. Creator pid on March 27, 2013

      On piracy: I have here right behind me in the shelf the original DD package and can't play it because the first CD is damaged. So I bought it again, but it doesn't run well enough on my PC I had huge problems with the monitor resolution and finally decided not to "waste" my sight on replaying it. Then I bought Beyond Divinity and it was a great disappointment and finally as much as I loved the Divinity II's intro music I couldn't stand the linearity of it and being forced into dragon form. DD was not linear at all and that contributed a lot to the game. I hope this will be taken into account, because linear console games are on the opposite spectrum of what "old-school" is.

    21. Creator Indira Obsidian Apex Weresheepcat of Sin on March 27, 2013

      One project that breaks the mould is the turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos. Their KS stats are almost consistently high for days on end. I think and hope this may apply to this promising project/game as well! :)

    22. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on March 27, 2013

      @ Hobz
      I think Colin has some complaints about the womens' dresses..... :D

    23. Creator João Carlos Bastos on March 27, 2013

      You should consider adding a playable "sample" of the game to your campaign.
      Unlike most projects on Kickstarter, you're on the envious position of already having something built and playable (as already shown on several game expos), so you should really consider "exploiting" that a bit by adding something playable to the campaign (for example, a combat demo, or something that shows some of the gameplay mechanics).
      Not that I personally needed it to pledge, your past works are reason enough for me to support you, and you already had my money for Divinity:Original Sin and Dragon Commander anyway... ;)

    24. Creator meganothing dread hamster of torment on March 27, 2013

      @pid: Don't get me wrong, I actually liked Fallout 3, I played it as a first-person-shooter-with-Pause, and I did like the story and immersion it offered. But in contrast I never really got into Morrowind or Gothic because of the combat being just too actiony.

    25. Creator Cgemici on March 27, 2013

      ugh I was supposed to delete that first also

    26. Creator Jaesun on March 27, 2013

      @Larian You might want to consider (A share of the profits from your game to other Kickstarter projects). It is purely voluntary. :) Just a suggestion.

    27. Creator gandalf.nho on March 27, 2013

      @Hobz, at least Brian Fargo tweeted about, but if will good if they can do a shoot-out in a update

    28. Creator Cgemici on March 27, 2013

      Also about tiers, more options is always nice. People will be more likely to quickly grab a tier they might want if it's the early bird and if it runs out it'll be more expensive. (Even if the amount is something like 3$) So it might be a good idea to add slightly more expensive tiers for all digitals.

      Also if you think making a lot of tiers with various mixes may make people too confused it might be a good idea to make it possible to add Dragon Commander/Extra digital game add-ons for those pledging over a certain amount.

    29. Creator gandalf.nho on March 27, 2013

      @Larian and I hope you guys are prepared, we RPG backers love to throw a lot of questions about a game especially when the devs appears in the comments area (but I guess you already noted this)

    30. Creator Hobz on March 27, 2013

      Have you though about asking inXile and Obsidian to mention Divinity in their next update ?

    31. Creator J. "Tech" Priest on March 27, 2013

      Glad to see the awesome work done so far.

    32. Creator meganothing dread hamster of torment on March 27, 2013

      @Larain: Don't think you had no promo. Shortly after you were up the news spread to the torment and battle Worlds forums. Don't underestimate the cross-pollination. We are the bees of the internet ;-)

    33. Creator Silver on March 27, 2013

      Just wandered over from the Torment: Tides of Numenera campaign ( I've got all the previous Divinity games and I believe in Larian's ability to deliver, so I've backed OS for 35$.

    34. Creator ☆ dlux ☆ on March 27, 2013

      lol, nice tweet. ^^

    35. Creator pid on March 27, 2013

      @meganothing: hi! I didn't mean you, in fact I didn't understand what you were talking about until I scrolled down to check your comment :)
      I also prefer strategy, rolling dice is better aligned to RPG-statting than twitch-based clickfests, but still DD was excellent in many departments :) and yes, you're right, FO3 had not much to do with its predecessors.

    36. Creator Jaesun on March 27, 2013

      haha! Thanks Larian! TWEET! :D

    37. Creator ☆ dlux ☆ on March 27, 2013

      MS-DOS, DR-DOS and Larian DOS

    38. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @Jason: I remember that crack - we had to abuse a graphics DLL to be able to patch our own game. We couldn't even change data. We HATED Starforce, absolutely HATED it :) /Swen

    39. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @Jason: Did we accuse our fan base of piracy ? I'd be surprised and I definitely don't remember. Starforce wasn't our choice at the time but publisher inspired and we removed it as fast as we could via a patch. It caused no end of misery on our side too. In any case , DOS will be DRM free on platforms that are DRM free, rest assured.

    40. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @Jason - The Starforce joke was forced on us. Arms were twisted. Then we had similar "huge problems" with doing support! And basically having to crack Starforce to be able to update the games. Never again if I have anything to say about it.

    41. Creator Jason Gallagher on March 27, 2013

      Hope the kickstarter is a huge success, and I really hope you guys do well. Almost tempted to add my Shroud of the Avatar pledge. Would just like say one thing, as a old time gamer who buys all his games and still has most of the original covers, I did have huge problems on my PC as a result of Starforce. Have a look at the amount of games I've backed here, I really believe there is a future for PC gaming, but accusing your fan base of piracy when the problems was thanks to the DRM didn't help. Loved Divine Divinity, and really look forward to original sin.

    42. Creator N.A.Jones on March 27, 2013

      Maybe when all of you folks on the right hand side of the Atlantic wake up in about 7 hours we'll see an uptick?

    43. Creator Jaesun on March 27, 2013

      Also Larian, you need to Tweet more. :)

    44. Creator Jaesun on March 27, 2013

      While most KS do follow the U shape, I think once media coverage for this comes in we will see a fancy U. :)

    45. Creator Indira Obsidian Apex Weresheepcat of Sin on March 27, 2013

      @Larian: Swen, even if the unthinkable worst would happen, think of all the backers who would preorder your game immediately at a site of your choice instead! I would rush over there!! :)

    46. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @JM: We don't know ;) Everybody keeps on telling us that the Kickstarter pledge curve follows a U shape, that people are out of money because of Torment & Veronica etc... so by that reasoning we shouldn't make it, but otoh, we see over a 1000 backers in 7 hours without any real promo yet, so it feels as if we can do much more. If we can manage 9x7=63 more hours like this we already made it! I think tomorrow is going to be crucial. /Swen

    47. Creator ☆ dlux ☆ on March 27, 2013

      dlux is also happy, because the game looks awesome. :)

    48. Creator Larian Studios LLC on March 27, 2013

      @JM: David is happy, because he's usually the pessimistic one. Dunno about Swen.


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