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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Joel Fox on

      I realize you've said you're not going to crowdfund again, but whenever you (finally) announce your next game, I hope you'll keep the update videos--it's impossible to overstate just how much Kirill's update song builds up the Larian hype.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      I ask again the devs. Is this the 'Projekt Gustav' mentioned long ago in an update video or not?

    3. Missing avatar

      Six on

      Looks like more great fun and looking forward to finding out more.

    4. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Shut up and take our money once more.

    5. Glen Bodor on

      You guys have been great to us, I'm absolutely in yet again again.
      So I read it's co-op?? Can I buy two?

    6. dal on

      New Dragon Commander? I'm very skeptical about that idea. Sorry.

    7. Lars Hoffmann

      This is promising. Will there be undead dragons with jetpacks?

    8. Missing avatar

      014 on

      The reason I backed DoS II was because the first game came to Linux. The second one still hasn't. Until that happens, I won't be interested in any games from Larian Studios. I have my doubts that Logic Artists will take the engine and support Linux when Larian didn't.

      It's hard to be cheerful when I'm disappointed. Every time I get an email out of this Kickstarter, I hope for some word on Linux support. Every time it's lacking, the thought of this game and campaign gets a little more sour.

    9. Marek Milczarek on

      New Divinity game? I'm in. Balls deep.

    10. Bahasa Inggeris

      GOG please

    11. Missing avatar

      Cacaopotiron on

      Also : Fallen Heroes Free for Divinity OS2 owners ? :)
      Or at least free for kickstarters DOS2 owners ?
      Or for all Divinity series (including Divinity 1 & 2)owners ?
      Idk just asking lol

    12. Missing avatar

      Cacaopotiron on

      So is this Divinity OS 2 with lot of combats and less blahblah and exploration ? I played Lands of Lore years ago, Might & Magic series and nowadays Lords of Xulima and it fits me better cause it focusing in leveling your party more than wandering. Less freedom and more narrow corridor, sometimes it's good. Not H&S but not Point&click neither. Gates-Monsters-Treasures is what i found really like when i played D:OS2.

    13. Melvin Co on

      This is AWESOME!!!
      But wait!
      You just recently dropped a Character Customization update which I foresee to spend 10hrs in creating one Godwoken.
      and then, this!?!
      Anyone knows Conjuring skill? I'd like a clone for myself to play both games.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jamie Green on

      Awesome I can't wait and just like most other comments please don't go with the epic store exclusively.

    15. LordCrash on

      As long as it won't be an Epic Games store exclusive I'm fully on board with this one. Excitement! :)

    16. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      All great except following the campaign on facebook. I'll be happy to do that through a newsletter, a kickstarter campaign, but there is no way I'm going to follow anything through facebook, sorry! :P

    17. Helena on

      A collaboration between Larian and the makers of the 'Expeditions' games? Nice. Will definitely consider this one if it comes to GOG.

    18. David Long

      Will this be a kickstarter??????

    19. Tue

      I might recall wrong, but didn´t you have that in Emperor: Battle for Dune? As in your decisions had an impact on future missions. I know you had it in Sacrifice at least. But I do hope you get something interesting from it.

    20. Sir Chaox on

      Looks really cool! Getting a managerial vibe to this once, which could be really fun.
      Will this game have multiplayer as well?

    21. Flamerion on

      Fantastic news
      Make some bard choices!

    22. Dunan on

      Love you guys but I was an original owner for Dragon Commander and the support for that hame was dropped very quickly after release.

      It is going to happen to this title too?

    23. Sterben on

      Will this be made as a kickstarter program? :)

    24. Drake on

      Wonderful news!! Thanks much!!

    25. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Greeaat news, instant buy! But I bet, Larian themself are working on an even greater surprise! ;-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      So I presume this is 'Projekt Gustav' mentioned long ago? Hmmm, looks interesting. I just expected a game with a new background and not again in the Divinity universe for some fresh wind. But well, I can live with this decision. I wish the project anything well.

    27. Ben Pottinger on

      Amazing news! All I ask is that when Epic inevitably offers you a pile of cash to go "exclusive" on the Epic store that you tell them where they can stick it. Please don't be another developer falling into their exclusivity nonsense.

    28. Nikolay Donets on

      Steam or Epic Store?

    29. Jeremy de Brauwer on

      Just one word, need !

    30. Renato Fornaroli on

      Wow just wow, the game I never expected to desire and now I’m just wondering how did I live until now without thinking about it???

    31. Missing avatar

      Agiletalent on

      <3 u all! *throws wallet at screen* ;)

    32. Derrick Hayden on

      Never been more happy buying a game then with DOS 1 & 2. I don't know whether to be glad or sad that this one doesn't have a kickstarter, on the one hand it's good you guy have made it so far to be able to develop this game, on the other hand I would gladly buy another one of those amazing collector's editions. I wish you the best Larian. I for one am definitely on board (just please don't follow the trend and make it an Epic store exclusive).

    33. Taylor Wilkinson

      Very cool! I look forward to learning more about it

    34. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      Larian as excellent as always! Can't wait to get it? Spent hundreds of hours in both D:OS's. Maybe it's too early to ask, but I'd like to see some collector's edition :-)

    35. Christopher Sievers on

      Love the idea and very excited for it!

    36. Rick on

      That's what I need! Can't wait for it!

    37. Missing avatar

      Master Kosa on

      New game from Larian? I'm sold.
      Just please, please do not make it Epic exclusivity.... they screwed up enough thing already.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jared Lewis on

      Backing this for sure.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bargeral on

      Dear Larian, you are awesome - never change.

    40. Missing avatar

      Septarius on

      Excited to hear more about the game especially the coop options.

    41. DagonW on

      Oh and please tell Logic Artists to make another expedition game. They are FANTASTIC! Love them.
      Ive already begged them for another game, but maybe they'll listen to you. lol
      (of course this is just a rhetorical wish. just wishing for my own amusement)

    42. Alberto on

      Looking forward to see some more about it

    43. François de Gersigny on

      Like the Avenger in Xcom I mean...

    44. François de Gersigny on

      Can't wait to try it! Hope we can improve the Lady Vengence Xcom style.

    45. DagonW on

      I didnt like the trailer so much. :(
      1) new game? New characters please
      2) love your games, but DOS:2's big eye roll for me was the massive element reactions. It was too much for me. Every frigging battle was a whole screen of fire and smoke. It was too grand and big for me. I thought DOS:1 was perfect with the element reactions.
      That's just me. Just my opinions. It was still a great and epic game, but I liked the slower and more toned down feel of the first DOS.

    46. Vryl

      Turn based tactical games can be pretty fun. I'll keep an eye on this, thanks for the heads up.