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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jaroslav Burda on

      @CMR: Yeah, it's a wonderful feeling! Waiting is finally over :)))

    2. CMR on

      Congrats Jaroslav, feels good doesn't it ;)

    3. Jaroslav Burda on

      Hello Jaroslav Burda,

      Your shipment number ******** has been shipped and you should receive it within the next few days.

      HEEEEELL YEEEAAAHHH! Finally!!! :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Six on

      I do feel a bit robbed for not getting a proper stein, how am I now supposed to get properly drunk and achieve true dwarven immersion!? Still I love everything in the new CE so no hard feelings.

      Got a new gpu today so I can play the game properly and just after everything is installed I get an email stating that my CE have been shipped. So hyped!

    5. CMR on

      Happy to say got my email and tracking number today, says its shipping. Tracking number not working yet so not sure when it will arrive but atleast they appear to be shipping some now.

    6. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Bit bummed about the lack of a dwarven mug, was kinda hoping for a kick-ass (and fairly unique) metal stein or tankard which would definitely see some use. The figurine looks great and I'll display it proudly but it it's also just gonna be sitting there collecting dust rather than being something I'll actually use. Still it's understandable that you weren't able to get one made to a high enough standard and a statuette is a reasonable replacement. The map I was hoping would be more "parchmenty" eg. (paper map that came with skyrim) but this one seems to have more useful game details on it so that's cool too. Art book, lore book - look fantastic, I'm a total sucker for stuff like that so that's already 100% worth. Regardless I'm hyped to receive my CE (hopefully soon)!

    7. ALLIOT Kristell on

      @Raze_Larian. Thanks. Too bad you can't do the girlie t shirt and hoodie :(. I've seen your answer too, i can't change anymore the size, as the shipping has start (OMG IT'S HAPPENING!!!). Anyway i don't fit in any size so... we'll wait and see if it fits!
      Have a nice day!

    8. Jaroslav Burda on

      @Nelson: Yeah, it is! Kickstarter collector's edition contain amazing Fane Shapeshifter statue. Much better than a mug. My opinion. A lot of people are not happy, but I'm totally excited!

    9. Freddy

      @Nelson Yes, it is!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nelson on


      OMG! Is this CE the CE for backers at the 125$? Please confirm me, I can't believe it. After having various Backers CE's inferior to Retail CE's this is like a dream. Please confirm me it's real.

      Nelson Oliveira

    11. Freddy

      It has been asked before. They said those books will NOT be available separately.

    12. Wompdevil on

      Sorry if this has been asked, but will the books that come in the CE ever be sold separately? Thanks!

    13. Raze_Larian on

      There will be tracking numbers provided for the physical rewards.

    14. Raze_Larian on

      @Jaroslav Burda
      It is the pre-order CE boxes on the D:OS 2 site which contain a standard version Steam key (stay tuned for an update on that, though). Any of the Kickstarter tiers with a physical CE also include CE game keys.


      @ALLIOT Kristell
      Yes; that is the only size chart there is.

      BTW, the size list in the Vault has been updated, so there are no longer 'girlie' sizes included.

    15. J. Morris on

      I've been reading and glancing at comments since this was posted, but a lot going on in the comments that I missed that part about the stickers then. Honestly, they need to just make a post with all this stuff in an FAQ that everyone's been asking since they posted this. A lot of the answers are in the comments BUT they should have been addressed straightforward by Larian in a post. Especially since this update alone has 3 pages of comments to wade through, then there are other updates and the main comments section. They've been really disorganized on the info front in some ways. Yeah, in some ways they've given us lots of info, but in just as many ways, they've not answered the questions everyone has been asking and wondering about until recently, and even then, it was all mixed into the comments instead of properly addressed in a proper update or in a properly updated FAQ (because the FAQ for the kickstarter is 2 years old).

    16. Jaroslav Burda on

      @J.Morris: Freddy is right. Sticker pack will be replacement metalic plate steam code (and statue replace mug + spiritual table). But track & tray system about shipping is very good idea! I would appreciate that!

    17. Freddy

      @J.Morris A few days ago, Raze posted "I guess the metal plate could be considered a replacement for the sticker pack, depending on whether you'd actually use them."

      That sounds like a confirmation that there will be no sticker pack either.

    18. J. Morris on

      Oh, out of curiosity, will there be tracking numbers sent to those of us receiving physical goods so that we can keep an eye on its progress and have a general idea of delivery time? Some folks have work or school and even just errands, and knowing when a large (semi delicate CE) box will be is VERY helpful, especially since more often than not, NONE of the mail services ever knock or ring the doorbell anymore unless they require a signature (and sometimes even then, I have had stuff just put in full view of the street). Some folks live in areas where leaving packages out is not safe or smart because they get lifted. So tracking would be very appreciated by most folks, I am sure, if you guys can do it.

      Also, seems a bit silly, I know, considering all the awesome stuff coming in the CE, but a handful of others have also brought it up: stickers? Those aren't expensive to make decent ones and I loooooooooooove stickers almost as much as artbooks. I like using them on my laptop if they're nice enough and then tuck the rest away with other collection stuff. Are the stickers still a thing or no?

    19. ALLIOT Kristell on

      @Raze_Larian Is the size chart that you posted the same for women?

    20. Jaroslav Burda on

      @ Bahasa Inggeris: Exactly! My very first choice - Undead mage Corvus Von Corax! :-) Muhehehehe!!! I can't wait. Totally!!! But only 11 days left!

      @Andy Linea of Sin: Thx! :-)

    21. Bahasa Inggeris

      I am SO excited about playing an undead rogue!

    22. ALLIOT Kristell on

      I forget, also the design of the shirt is AWESOME!

    23. ALLIOT Kristell on

      I already comment before, but I think i was harsh. I hope this comment will be more positive!
      Like many i wanted the mug, because it's cool and usefull (bye proud walk in the office with the mug in the hand...), BUT the statue look really great. But it take more place too! I hope i'll manage to find a decent place to expose it, because it deserve to be seen!
      Again i'm a dissapointed about the hoodie. But it stiil a hoodie and i'd still walk proudly with it in the street!
      In short, not everything is perfect. But that's what can happen in a crowdfunding campaign. Things may change due to some impredictable event / constraint. But be sure i'll be as happy as a child on a christmas day when i'll receive the box!! Especyally because it falls near my birthday! (i'm so glad you change the date of release! 8D)
      Good luck for the final weeks! Love to everyone!

    24. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      @Jaroslav, I think all Steam keys are the same standard edition, but you will have access to all premium digital staff on Larian Vault.
      @Raze, pls corrrect me if wrong. And thanks a lot for your answer! :-)

    25. Jaroslav Burda on

      Hello Raze_Larian,
      i would ask: I'm backer. In my Steam library is steam key DOS 2. I pledge 125 $ kickstarter edition. THIS game key (in my library on steam) is collector's edition key, or different (standard edition)? Somehow I missed that the keys would be different... Thank you very much for your respond.

    26. Raze_Larian on

      @Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD
      Yes, you can still change your shipping address and the hoodie/t-shirt sizes, though the size lists in the Vault still need to be updated. There should be another Kickstarter update about that, featuring the size charts and a warning that the hoodie is using US sizes, and the t-shirts international. Just before the final shipping information needs to be processed, input in the Vault will be disabled.


      @black imperator
      The extra CE boxes on the D:OS 2 site come with a Steam key for the standard version of the game. The Kickstarter physical CE does not contain a game key; all the tiers with the physical CE included keys for the digital CE version.
      There will be upgrade DLC to convert from a standard to digital CE version of the game.

    27. Texoru on

      @black imperator

      I was thinking the same thing because I already got the game through KS and I want to give the key away to my brother and hopefully, we can receive the Digital Collectors edition upgrade through the Larian Vault or via email.

      Thanks, hope it is possible!

      Also, Swen and the Larian team I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck and have fun with the last two weeks of development of polishing and bug fixing, can't wait to see the changes on release!

    28. Freddy

      @abaddon1 yes, the map is still cloth.... it's satin

    29. Missing avatar

      Wyrmlingbait on

      Are the conjurer and the metamorph the only presets to have summoning and shapeshifting skills by default, or have others been added?

    30. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      @black imperator: I didn't hear about it but if you pledged for the CE I think you should have access to digital goods on the Larian Vault later. ^^

    31. Missing avatar

      black imperator on

      I've seen something in Sven's twitter feed about the physical Collector's Edition key unlocking the standard edition of the game. Any word on what will be done about it ? (and yeah, i totally get that you cannot change the keys by now ^^)

    32. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      @Raze, do you know if we can still modify the size of the hoodie at Larian Vault? And the shipping address? We just moved..
      I asked for a size chart earlier but missed or never got it. Thanks!

      For the mug I personally don't really care, I got one already from The Dwarves KS. The statue is just amazing!! A dice tray and the GM screen fits genially to the GM mode! WOW!! And the hoodie itself looks also amazing! I mean from the design I expected something what you cannot wear during work, but the actual one looks cooool!! And the T design too!

    33. Raze_Larian on

      You can log in to your Vault account now to request game keys, if you have not already done so (if you want to try the current alpha build, note that saves will not carry over into the release version, due to the number and nature of the changes).
      The physical rewards will be send out with the release of the game.


      During the Kickstarter there was an update about the removal of the Ouija board (trademark issues), and this is the announcement about the mug. I guess the metal plate could be considered a replacement for the sticker pack, depending on whether you'd actually use them.
      See the explanation by 'Larian Studios LLC' below.

    34. abaddon1 on

      Well I'll echo some of the other people in the comments here.

      The ale mug largely is what pulled me from a digital-only tier into a physical rewards tier, since it seemed fun, different and highly usable.

      When the hoodie redux tier came, the concept art for the hoodie pulled me up into the hoodie tier.

      Now we are two weeks out from release and the mug has been cut with no communication about this fact at all (it wasn't even IN the update, just in the comments for the update). Its removal only announced by its absence. The hoodie revealed is... fine? Certainly a pretty big step down from the concept art that sold it, but it's a hoodie. Weird lack of communication around it though. Not even getting a reveal or even a mention in the update text beyond "they will ship together".

      The statue to me is just a waste of resources and shipping space (the presence of a figurine in a collectors edition actually makes me considerably less likely to purchase one, no reason to pay money for something of no value to me), so certainly not an equivalent swap out for me personally.

      That said, it is Kickstarter not a store, plans change and fundamentally backing is about supporting you guys making the game, so I won't request a refund. That said, I do know that if the project was sold with what the final project would be instead of as advertised I wouldn't have moved up to a physical reward tier, and doubt I will back a future Larian project at a physical reward level in the future.

      Though to close on a positive note, that dice tray is much better than the Ouija board idea you guys originally had and couldn't do!

    35. Missing avatar

      Steven Dirschel on

      Any word on when we will be able to choose which Signed Concept Art HQ Print we want and when it will be delivered? I chose it as an add-on and still haven't been given a choice as to which one I want. The description says: Signed Concept Art HQ Print: Get a little piece of Rivellon for your study or office! A high-quality, limited edition piece of concept art (choose one from several possible prints), signed by an artist and delivered to your door. Thanks!

    36. Ro9 on

      Will I really receive the CE for the 14th September? That would be great, as I would love to play the game a bit before flying for 2 a week holiday :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Prange on

      The hoodie looks very dissapointing. I expected something more... bulky or layered, like in the concept art. I was kinda looking forward to it.

      As for the mug, a bit sad it got changed to a figure, but I'd rather take a high-quality figure than a low-quality mug (wouldn't be very dwarven then!)

    38. Jaroslav Burda on

      The mug was a good idea, but the statue is much better. I love statues in the CE. I DO NOT use content from Collector's Edition. NEVER. I would never drink a mug. The mug is just... a mug. Statue is much more impressive, more detailed. It's really beautiful! Thank you very much! My opinion. I'm very glad for a beautiful statuette.

    39. Gomisan on

      This looks quite amazing and totally over the top, but did I miss something along the way? The Kickstarter Collectors Edition was going to include: "a Dwarven Empire Ale Mug, a custom Ouija board (for channeling Rivellon's lost spirits!), and a sticker pack featuring unique art. "

      While the statue is incredible its not the sort of thing I have space to display, whereas an Ale mug would certainly get used!

      So was this announced as a change and I missed it? Or is that something you're somehow sneaking into the box? and stickers?

    40. Matthew Bond on

      The mug was the whole reason I went with the collector's edition instead of settling on a lower tier. I'm kind of bummed and agree with others who would have used it frequently as opposed to a figure collecting dust, possibly in the closet.

      I don't know if I'm disappointed enough to ask for any money back because we're still pretty hyped about how D:OS2 has been shaping up. But I'll be mourning the ghost of that mug for sure. #MuggyMcMugface #NeverForget

    41. Joel Fox on

      Good God, Larian.

      Do you have any idea how hard you're going to have to work on your next game now that you've raised expectations this colossally high?

    42. Chris Liptau

      I didn't back the CE but I'd be very disappointed too if I would get a statue instead of a mug. Someone who can make such a nice looking statue should be able to make a good looking mug. For me a mug has more usability and it can help to get you hydrated / drunk. A statue just stands around and collects dust.

      Apart from that, I look forward to the game already. Nice ideas for gameplay.

    43. Raze_Larian on

      @Kcnik, et al
      Here are size charts:

      The hoodies are in US sizes, and the t-shirts international (the Vault still needs to be updated for the t-shirt sizes)


      @Otaku Hanzo
      There is no physical release of the game. You can request a GOG key if you do not want Steam.


      @tarasis, Joao Gabriel Garcia de Gouvea
      There is no way to upgrade tiers.


      Yes, Fane will be recruitable in the game if not picked as a player character.


      @Tadas Rimkus, GAMEHORDER
      There is no way to add add-ons, upgrade tiers, or get the hoodie separately.


      The map is still cloth.


      This is the Kickstarter Collector's Edition (there is a metal plate with D:OS 2 written on it in the Kickstarter version, and a Steam key with the version available on the D:OS 2 website).

    44. Turk

      I expected more from the Hoodie. I guess that teaches me to pledge blindly without seeing what the prototype etc.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Watson on

      Firstly, as to my previous comments about the hoodie, as I mentioned I was at work and couldn't see the video, for all those who told me to just watch it. Now I have, so while I wish we had more of a spotlight on the hoodie like photos or them showing it off, at least I'm happy I've seen it!

      Now, as to the mug, I'm not going to be that guy that asks for a refund, but it's very disappointing and not at all what I expected from Larian to have something like that sprung on us at the last minute. Yes, you guys said something about the Ouija board not working out way back (which didn't bother me in the slightest; I always thought that was a weird thing to be in there in the first place and would have had no use for it), but you never said a word about the mug not happening. That was always the first thing I brought out to help explain when I told people I paid more than $200 for a video game and they looked at me funny, and everyone I told about it thought it was so cool and unique. That was one of the main reasons I paid the most I ever have for any Kickstarter and bought my first Collector's Edition of anything, because while they're sort of cool to glance through or look at once, I've never had much interest in having an art or lore book, and I especially couldn't care less about figures. But Larian was, as always, doing something different and exciting! So even though I wasn't too interested in the other stuff, I thought I'd support them even more to get the awesome mug and some other random stuff thrown in (in other words, support + mug + hoodie = $200 for me, but I don't think I'd spend quite that much for just support + hoodie). And now it's the exact same things you see in every other CE. And some people may really enjoy that. And it's not like anything looks bad; everything in there looks amazing -- if you enjoy that stuff. But things you merely stick on a shelf somewhere and look at hold no interest for me.

      So that money is long gone and I won't ask for it back, and I don't regret it, per se, because I definitely love the work you guys do and your attitude and joy toward making games and I want to support you. But this coming in at the last minute to make such a big change with no warning seems very unlike you guys. So in the end, I'm not furious or anything that the CE changed (sometimes things don't work out), but I'm sort of put out that you didn't tell us after you originally spelled out very clearly exactly what was going to be in there, and now instead of being really excited and waiting by the door for my CE to come in the mail, I'm just sort of, "Meh, I guess I'll have to get up from my computer and stop playing D:OS2 to bring the package inside."

    46. Kevinik on

      Although the statue looks great, I am disappointed that the Ale Mug and the Ouija board was replaced for it.

      Also the design of the hoodie is not even half of what I was expecting it to be. It's like a very cheap version of the concept design provided in the campaign. It certainly doesn't look like $75 hoodie.

      We're missing a lot more bonuses for the physical collector's What's up with that?

    47. Turk

      HI team

      i have the Hoodie pledge, is the Kickstarter collectors edition included in this Collectors edition? Also can we have an update on the Hoodie?

    48. Jaroslav Burda on

      @Freddy: Thank you VERY VERY VERY much. My english is really bad, i now. I read this page, but slowly... Once again, tahank you very much!

    49. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hmm, I think I would have prefered the mug as it's a more unique item you don't usually get (as opposed to figures), but I don't think that would have changed whether or not I'd get the CE. I presume that even though it's not mentioned, we'll still be getting the digital goods (soundtrack, manual, art, design docs, notes etc) with the CE?

    50. Freddy

      @Jaroslav Burda
      See the comment from Larian Studios earlier in this comments section... YES, the Kickstarter Collector's Edition is the same as the one announced in this update.