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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
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Kickstarter Update #42 - Let there be voice!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

You stroll into the marketplace, a basket on your arm, ready to indulge in the day’s finest. Your mind roars and your mouth waters, but an odd silence surrounds you. Where you once expected cries of ‘halibut!’ and ‘sheep's’ cheese!’ you now hear… nothing.  
The silence intensifies. You want a wheel of the good stuff, but you can’t tell where to turn. You know full well you have an eye for fine potatoes, but how can you find the vendor without her characteristic cry? 

Silence. It closes in around you. 

Silence. Its weight bears down upon you. 

S I L E N C E . 

Scary, isn’t it? 

Welcome to Kickstarter Update #42! 

Okay, so remember an age ago when we said we couldn’t do voiceovers for Divinity: Original Sin 2? Well, we changed our mind! We changed our mind and we aren’t sorry! Muahaha! 


Sort of. 

About halfway through production, we realized just how big this game was getting. We thought there would be no way, either time or budget-wise, to voice it all. So we started small, hoping to improve the soundscape by voicing some one-liners and voice barks. But it just didn’t feel right. We wanted to hear our beloved characters talk. Really talk. So we crunched some numbers, poured some coffee and decided:

Oh heck, why not. Let's fully voice Divinity: Original Sin 2!

Here’s Swen hanging out in the sound dungeon for the full scoop. 

Listen Up!

With over a thousand NPCs and a million words to deal with a full voiceover for DOS2 was no easy task! It involved 4 studios working non-stop butt we were up for the challenge. (Fun fact: This challenge involved spending a lot of tender evenings getting our repeat-frequency juuust right. Whenever an NPC is spamming one line too often, they were said to be ‘cheese vendoring’.)

Anybody who's played a Divinity game before knows how important Music to us and we are really proud of what Bobby and his team achieved.  Our composer Bobby has been hard at work recording an orchestral musical score in Budapest, Hungary and the results are fantastic. He also had the orchestra record one of Kirill's most memorable pieces, the "Power of Innocence".

Thursday of the Living Dead

Next week we will have more information about the Undead, including what they have to do with Swen’s sweet shirt! Why the delay? 

Well, we we’re showing off the undead to the journalists at Gamescom and they now need some time to write about it! As soon as the embargo lifts next week, you’ll know all about the playable race you’ve been dying (heh heh) to hear about! Yes, we know you don't like to wait but it'll be worth it.

That’s Not All!

Next week we’ll also share information about the Collector’s Edition and the hoodies, and we'll host a new devline livestream next Thursday the 31st of August! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. So stay tuned and be sure to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for more goodies in the meantime.

Your Beautiful Face

For those that backed at the Portrait level in our Kickstarter: your faces are in our places! Here’s a little sneak peek at the in-game portraits created in your likeness.

And in case you missed it…!

We recently released a spotlight showcasing the magical world of multiplayer. Check it out to find out why two of our developers are no longer on speaking terms and get some inspiration for some of the wholesome/wicked fun you can have with your friends.


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    1. Fade_to_Black on

      It is a good sign for me when I cry because the soundtrack is so beautiful, especially the song from Kyrill. Rest in piece!

    2. Gray Geist on

      THANK YOU Larian Studios team! You guys are spearheading the isometric RPG gaming genres' future and you're doing damn good work =)

    3. ALLIOT Kristell on

      You know you've spent too much time in the market place when you get all the references x).
      The music sound fantastic! I can't wait to hear it in the game (didn't play the beta to keep the surprise).
      How do Kirill did the music before? And every composer who don't have access to an orchestra? They record every instrument separatly and put everything together after?

    4. Saber-Scorpion on

      Sure would have preferred Full Custom Party Creation (create all 4 characters ourselves, from scratch, for a single player run, like in many classic RPG's) over full voice acting, but that's cool too. I still hold out hope that this feature will be added! ;P

    5. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      The music is truly breathtaking, this might be the first time I buy a soundtrack.

    6. Uriel718 - Archweresheep on

      Getting full voice acting is really awesome, especially since the decision to add voice acting came later in development. As one of the biggest reasons people have against full voice acting in games like these, is that full voice acting usually means less dialog choices, but that's not the case here, right?

      I'm also wondering something. If Swen's estimate of them having "a million words to deal with" is accurate. Does this mean that Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going have the most voice acted dialog in any RPG? Witcher 3 for example is a huge game, but it has only 450,000 words of voiced dialog. Dragon Age: Origins had over 740,000 words of dialog, but main character was unvoiced. Dragon age Inquisition "totals nearly a million words." In any event voicing a game this huge is an incredible achievement.

      Planescape: Torment had 950 000 words of dialogue and Baldur's Gate II had 1 060 000 words. These are some of the giants that RPGs are still being compared to. Divinity: Original Sin 2 not only matches their word count, but also fully voices everything.

      I suppose this proves that isometric, Kickstarer, dialog heavy, choices and consequences games can be fully voiced after all. Take that Torment: Tides of Numenera and Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2 (which are great games, no disrespect intended.)

    7. krayzkrok on

      As long as there's a volume control to mute voices, that's fine. It's not that I don't like the voice acting, it's really amazing, but everyone... talks... so... so...slooooowly... that I can't stand it! This is the problem with having dialog text and voices, I have to read the text so the voices... that... are.... talking.... so... slowly... and.... dramatically are just really distracting. So I turn them off. Much better! But I'm glad you're putting them in for people with more patience than I have.

    8. twinchenzo - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Halibut... sheep's cheese... tomatoes...

    9. Jonathan Robertson

      I love it - thanks for sharing! And that music… wow

    10. Missing avatar

      Gtian on

      Coool, I started playing again in the enhanced version and....the cheese vendor is gone?

    11. Martin Sendic on

      Larian you awesome bastards. I love you.

    12. Jakob Christensen on

      Wow wow wow. This is a huuuuuuuge plus for this game! Thanks so much, you guys rock!

    13. Nikos Papakonstantinou on

      I'm so glad that you changed your minds.The audio sounds great ;)

    14. BrecMadak on

      Forget about the portraits and whatnots, full voice acting is maybe the best news I ever could get from Larian, just great work guys \m/

    15. tarasis on

      Btw slightly shocked you didn’t hire Matthew Mercer! Or have you and your keeping stumm for now.

    16. Kevinik on

      Swen! I want that shirt you're wearing!

    17. Missing avatar

      Kai Sterker on

      Man, I miss the cheese vendor! Really set the mood for Cyseal and the voice acting was spot on!

      Though I'm equally impressed with the music and sound you showed today. Starting to look forward to the release ... and the collector's edition :-).

    18. LordW - DOoD on

      Beautiful work larian. I can not wait to hear the orchestra. I absolutely love your music pieces, keep up the great work!

    19. Kage Tempest on

      Hey, if you guys are looking to save on VO, you guys can look for talent on the internet. People such as Christopher Niosi and Blake Swift have both done VOs in Indie titles. Newgrounds is well known for producing work voiced by talent from artists on their website. Just look at Pit People. Contact youtubers known for animated content and you will find huge circles of VO talent not tied to major studios but are of good and reasonable quality.

    20. tarasis on

      Just watched it and I’m floored. I absolutely loved the orchestra music. Can not wait to hear it in game and on the soundtrack!

      Also the snippets of voice acting sounded strong! I admit being apprehensive about it being fully voiced but I know it will make many happy that it’s there. (also preferring slightly D:OS over D:OS EE for some voices)

    21. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on

      Glad you guys realized you have to follow what you did on Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
      Congrats on using live players for the music.
      so you having a motif play as part of the identity of the origin story for that player.
      that's sort of like Leitmotif but not quite.

      look forward to hearing all the various moods you guys have created.

    22. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      I already thought when I backed that this would be great ... now it looks like it's gonna be awesome.

    23. Scoey

      I feel very lucky to have my portrait (as an elf) in this game, a game that I know I'll be playing for a very long time to come! Thank you so much!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thorsten on

      This is fucking awesome!!!!!!!! �

    25. Daikonos on

      So.... my portrait is in the game and I'm SUPER HAPPY with the result! Is there any way that I could beg, borrow, or steal from you a large jpg or other picture format version of my own portrait? I'd LOVE to have it printed in real life and hang on my wall, use as my social media picture, etc.

    26. Nakano

      Great I was hoping full voice acting! That's what's missing from Shadowrun games for me.

    27. Sam Chan on

      You guys have been one upping yourselves with each new update. :)

    28. Faiq Hussain on

      And to add, the portraits are amazing especially the one in a cape!

    29. Faiq Hussain on

      GREAT update, loved the multiplayer skit.

    30. CMR on

      Great news, thank you very much. This is why I backed you guys, you care so much about the game and the fans.

    31. garkham

      OMG the soundtrack pieces sound so cool ! And choosing his own instrument in the beginning, if I can choose oboe, will drive me totally crazy. I was really sad by the lack of Kirill (still am) but I'm quite positive that I will appreciate the new score as much as the previous productions from Larian. \o/

    32. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      You've been cooking for us? I'm looking forward that !! =P

      Divinity original sin cheese.
      And I really want to try that pepper that woman has been looking for all time.

    33. Kylie

      Yes! :D
      Super excited to hear this.

    34. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      OH GOD

      Your updates are addicting.
      Looking for ANOTHER kickstarter campaign after this. I'll never get bored of it :P

    35. Hesychia on

      Wow, Larian (and Bobby with orchestra!) :O I love you, guys! Power of Innocence is so beautiful, powerful song. Beautiful tribute. See you! I must ...wait... to week... ...I....must... HURRY UP, NEXT WEEK!
      Hehe :)

    36. Pavel Kaspar on

      This is the best news so far! I have when there is no voice.
      Thank you.

    37. John Parkinson

      Shame. I prefer my RPGs without voice acting.

    38. My Tran on

      Keep it up, can't wait for the game!