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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
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    1. Missing avatar


      Love the video, looks like GM mode is going to be a lot of fun. You only mention Steam workshop for the GM stuff. Any info on how it will be supported on GOG?

    2. Todd Ferrullo on

      I just watched the replay of the video and have to say that I found it to be nearly a complete waste of time. This should have been a video that focused strongly on the content and capabilities of the Game Master Mode tools. Instead, we have some extremely annoying folks using ridiculous voices and behaving like a pack of unruly 10 year old kids just mucking about. The video just serves to make Larian Studios look extremely unprofessional without doing a very good job actually serving the purpose that it was intended to.

    3. The Evolutionary on

      PS: Also a Mercer Fan! :D

    4. The Evolutionary on

      I love the feature. But..would like to know how it would work with our GoG editions because I don't install Steam or any DRM/monitorware on my systems.

    5. Rick on

      Woah, truly amazing!

    6. Markus Rajala on

      Ooooh. Now this is great news. Although I doubt I'll be generating any content myself anytime soon, the option is always great to have. Wonder how this'll work for GOG editions of the game, will the stuff only be available on Steam Workshop?

    7. BlackGauntlet

      What is this? Mox Machina?

    8. Darth Trethon - Exile in Torment on

      I'm trying to watch the replay of the stream but it's really bloody annoying.....they're just wasting so much time on bull**** and not playing the damn game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      You guys keep exceeding expectations.

    10. Dan Spezzano on

      That was an enjoyable stream, pretty funny the Scottish Dwarf guy and it was cool to see how Matt used the tools. However the person playing the elf... I didn't know elves sounded like stereotypical Jewish grandmothers from New York. Good lord not only was it grating to listen to the player continually ran off from the group. Which I guess was a good thing because you could see how easily the GM handled it.

      Love to see more sessions.

    11. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      For people that are searching for a vod of that stream: Search for the twitch channel of one of the participants besides Matt. They've got it up on their channel.


    12. Nobody on

      @Michael Schmutzer
      Yes you missed it. It was at 1 AM (ante meridiem = before noon) CET.

      When will you put up the stream on Youtube?

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Schmutzer

      Any possibility watching the already missed twitch Matt Mercer show?
      Was it archived somewhere?

    14. Chris Patterson on

      So, to reiterate the question asked a few times below, How does this apply to GoG backers?

    15. Crafty Games on

      Fantastic! Great work everyone!

    16. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      Boooo! It's not archived on twitch ;( Why do you do dis to me?

    17. Anestis Kozakis

      @Joel Fox: The GM sets up Vignettes as part fo the scenario for exposition.
      The GM can take over NPC's and then just RP as the NPC.

    18. Jason Zapasnik

      OMG I have been waiting for a game master system for some time!! So excite!!!!

    19. Joel Fox on

      I haven't watched the video update yet, so maybe this is clarified there, but I don't quite understand how the Vignette System works.

      Like... do we write up dialog trees prior to starting the game? Do we write them up once the game is finished, maybe forcing the other players to wait until we're finished?

      Or is there like a chat window where DMs can roleplay as the NPC, and respond (in-character) to the party in real-time?

    20. Nedda Ren on

      Shared to A9VG: chinese local gaming forum. Game master mode looks amazing!! Can't believe the game will launch in 2017...So much work to do.
      Good job, Larian Studios!…

    21. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      That looks amazing. If you guys syndicate this, a lot of rp fans from all kind of systems could get wet dreams about tons of campaigns for all kind of game worlds. I would absolutely love to see some Warhammer fantasy campaigns with this engine. :)

    22. Anestis Kozakis

      As has been asked by others, will different rulesets/mehcanics be available?
      I'm a big fan of Monte Cook Games' Cypher System (Numenera, The Strange, etc).

    23. Gray Geist on

      @Larian - Important question. Will there be mods? If so you could literally expand the life time of this game out so many years (Skyrim levels).

      Sorry for spam - I couldn't type this question in my earlier comments as I had fallen on the floor from excitement.

    24. Gray Geist on

      And you're partnered with Wizards. Of course, because GM mode alone was enough to make me fall out of my chair.

      Perfectly timed your media releases on this. Everyone scream this far & wide, make sure all of the major sites continue covering this amazingness!

    25. Gray Geist on

      THIS WILL REVOLUTIONIZE computer RPGs! Yet again, Larian sets the stage for others to follow in suit.

    26. Helena on

      Wow... the GM mode sounds really interesting, even though I'm not likely to use it myself. Certainly no one can accuse Larian of lacking ambition!

    27. frederic tarabout on

      Will it be possible to make NPC talk like regular NPCs in the game and not only through vignettes?

    28. frederic tarabout on

      Wait what ? You guys really blew my mind here. I missed the neverwinter nights train and its gm days, i really cannot wait to see how this work in your game. Amazing news, you guys really rock!

    29. ColdWolf on

      For persistence across multiple campaigns, would it be possible to save a location or characters to import into a new campaign?

      For example, if I created a 'home base' for a crew of players, that they could return there at the end of a campaign and stash their loot, then I could make that the starting point for a new campaign, allowing them to progress. The persistence and progression this could add between personal campaigns would be staggering!

    30. Todd Ferrullo on

      This does look good but how about a slightly better estimate on release date rather than later in 2017?

    31. Missing avatar

      seyEliveD on

      Can't wait to play this. Still no update on release date?

    32. Andrew Tuckett on

      This is so cool! I can imagine lots of custom campaigns and people are already asking about using different rulesets. The modding potential for this game is sky high. This is the real Neverwinter Nights, only this time with a kickass campaign.

    33. Anastriel on

      Please record this so those of us not in the US who are at work can watch it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Romconstruct on

      @Ian porter: haha yeah right thanks for the heads up. Still after so many years a get confused by this :)

      And again midnight, a time I can't watch it because...I have to workl and get up at 6. Which also might be true for many of us in Europe.

    35. Kevin Hogan on

      I had forgotten about this goal - it is a delightful surprise!

    36. Kai Pardo on

      I'll be at work. T_T

    37. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      This is just... AMAZING.
      It's better than I could think about.

      The vignette system is such a perfect idea. Thanks, really, you improved any idea I could have had about it!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ian porter on

      Unless you working nights of course

    39. Missing avatar

      Ian porter on

      @Ronconstruct you do realise we won't be working at 12am but sleeping as that's midnight ha ha.

    40. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      While I have no use or interest in a *live* DM system myself, just the basic ability to create and upload adventures like this to the steam workshop increases the value and excitement I had for this game tenfold.

      Can see this being a NWN all over again where the game lives on for years on end just on the worth of it's custom modules alone.

    41. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      @Marko Filipovic "importing rulesets" is akin to recoding the whole underlying logic system of the game. I doubt that is possible without a total conversion mod replacing the games calculations.

    42. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      WoW. You got Matt Mercer to promote this mode? That's awesome. He's probably one of the best (if not the best GM running an online campaign) GMs out there. Hopefully he also does some voice over for the actual game ;)

    43. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      Please record it and put it on the channel for later consumption. Normal time working Europeans will not be able to watch it otherwise.

    44. tarasis on

      The only bad thing here is that you didn't give us more of a heads up to this!

    45. D-Boy

      @Arnaud - That is exactly what I was going to ask! :)

    46. Arnaud Janssens on

      How will it work with GOG Version ? (no steam workshop)

    47. Sacha Fall on

      Awww no shoutout for phœnix point�
      Very Nice nontheless

    48. Marko Filipovic on

      Will it be possible to import custom rulesets for other systems, like World of Darkness or Call of Cthulhu? Will you maybe make a separate product that will be just the GM Mode that will in effect support full modding and function like a full-flegded virtual tabletop software?

    49. Missing avatar

      Vastroc on

      Is it possible to implement different game mechanics? I would love an SRD 20 based rule set to recreate the open source DnD 3.5 equivalent. A true successor to Neverwinter Nights!!