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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Martin Sendic on

      This people are amazing, they put so much love to the game.

      Keep it going guys!

    2. Raze_Larian on

      @Jason Griffith; Not yet, but there will be new about that soon.

    3. Jason Griffith on

      Any word on when we backers can expect to get Alpha/Beta access? Unless its been pushed back, I was under the impression the tentative release date would be the end of this year, so I figured we'd have alpha access months ago.

    4. Stabbey on

      @Lucas - Balancing the benefits of Attributes has to take into consideration players who want to single-class vs. those who want to use hybrids.

      For instance someone who wants to put 20 points into STR versus someone who wants to put 10 points into STR and 10 points into CON versus someone who wants to put 7 points into STR and 7 points into INT and 6 points into CON.

      If all those 20 points into STR are doing something (hasn't reached a cap yet), then you can't expect the 20-STR warrior and the 7-STR Hybrid warrior to be equally as good at melee combat.

      The only system I can recall offhand which has every attribute useful for every class was Fallout's SPECIAL system, but in that game you essentially set all your attributes at the start and that was all you had to work with, you didn't constantly get more attributes every level.

      If I remember right, D:OS 1 in the pre-alpha days used to have the idea that INT gave you additional ability points on level-up. It was not very popular and so it wastaken out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Seth PB on

      At the risk of sounding weird. Any chance we could get a 'demo' of the character creator? I'd love a chance to play around and start planning out characters for me and my friends.

    6. Lucas Lebrun on

      ...(error on the publication) of Time of each skills.

    7. Lucas Lebrun on

      @Stabbey - I am not saying that we shouldn't prioritize things, i am saying that at least make the abilities all usefull in a way for any kind of class.
      If I want to have a smart warrior that is possible and viable as a strong warrior.
      A real good exemple of this is in the game "pillars of eternity" where intelligence is raising the amount

    8. Stabbey on

      @Lucas - I don't agree with the premise that all attributes should be useful for all characters. Jack of all trades, master of none is rule to remember when building RPG characters. You always have to prioritize, there's never enough to spread around evenly and still make a good character.

      Whether or not MEM and INT are merged, Fighters probably won't be able to afford much Memory anyway because they also have to put points into STR and CON as well.

    9. Seelenernter on

      Larian at gamescom... I'm extremely disappointed. :(

      Are there at least some informations about the press tours?

      Right now this update feels like a sledge breaking both legs my confidence for this project stands on...

    10. Lucas Lebrun on

      Memory is not a so bad idea but peraps you should merge it with intelligence, so intelligence could be usefull for someone like a warrior.
      It's better if each stat can be usefull for each class.

    11. Helena on

      LOL, definitely a Type 2 player here. Anyway, it all sounds fantastic, apart from the 'memory' thing which I have concerns about - I'm not generally a fan of artificial limitations on skill usage in combat. Still, I'll wait and see how it plays out.

    12. Raze_Larian on

      No. From a tweet "I’d love to but it’s not on the list this year. One day!".

    13. Anestis Kozakis

      You're not coming to PAX Aus? :-(

    14. DagonW on

      What an ADORABLE video! I believe the game will be epic! Thanks everyone for all the hard work!! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

    15. June

      Much as I enjoy the writing, I'd like to say the visuals are superb as well. I linked the update to my sibling and they noted:

      - Cool that it can be competitive or cooperative
      - Swen is very bouncy and excited "It's swerve" (autocorrect)
      - Really likes the art, like the character selection screens
      - "Each race feels like it has a lot of backstory and so much detail"

      "Memory. I knew all the answers to this yesterday but now I can't remember them. :P"
      Hehe. Best wishes to you and all the other Devins/not-Devins!

    16. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Dark_Ansem: Raze will probably get back to you on that specific question about the lore book,
      @Fire-Dragon-DoL: Thanks to you. They'll rock it for sure.

    17. Hesychia on

      @Stephen-not-Devin, you´re my hero, dude, very funny intro xD

      @Nedda Ren: Hi, Nedda. Totally true your message relating to languages. In my situation, not with chinese in particular but I remember that before the launch of DOS EE and the official translation to spanish of Larian, the spanish community Clan DLAN share with all his own translation and many players with lack of motivation due to their limited level of english finally bought the game.

      So it´s like you said. Bye :)

    18. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      Well personally I think topdowngames could benefit a lot from VR, specially since you dont have to look 1st person. And you do give point & click commands. Pointing with a controllow towards a enemy, a place to walk towards or an object interact with.
      Specially when going into tactics it would be great to just move your head around to get an overview of the battle field.

    19. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      Good luck with all those conference people, the character creation screen looks exactly the right amount of depth and simplicity at the same time (subjective, but for me it's perfect): I don't need to spend 100 years making my character but I can customize all the details I'm interested in.

      I'm really looking forward the "generic story with tags" feature, that looked super cool

    20. Dark_Ansem on

      Devin why don't you answer me as well :'(

    21. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      So many questions, so little time. I have literally five minutes then I'm back to writing the game. :P Let's see...

      - Chinese loca: No plans, as yet. But of course we'd love to. We'll see.
      - VR in D:OS2: We're still wondering how VR would work in a top-down RPG, so... probably not this time.
      - @lgal. Hi back from me and the other Devins!
      - Release dates are still up in the air. But we hope to have news on that soon. Very soon.
      - Memory. I knew all the answers to this yesterday but now I can't remember them. :P
      - Credit to Stephen-not-Devin for the magnificent update intro. He's a legend.

      Right, I'm getting back to the game. See you all back here on the next update!


    22. Dark_Ansem on

      I also know of at least a couple people that won't download a non-localised RPG.

    23. Nedda Ren on

      thanks @Raze.

      I need to point out that: In steam summer sales, I write an article to recommend divinity original sin enhanced edition on steam and upload an un official chinese translation package.
      MORE THAN 270 Chinese players bought DOS from steam on that month and downloaded the language package!

      There are many people in China loving this game! Language is the only gap...

    24. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      HTC VIVE Lighthouses!!!!
      Please tell me you are looking for a way to implement VR in D:OS2

    25. Dark_Ansem on

      Aw, my comment still unanswered...

      How do I give money to get the Lore Book?

    26. Raze_Larian on

      Currently the only confirmed platform is Windows; other platforms may be announced later in development, or after the Windows release.

    27. Nedda Ren on

      After I post this topic to NGA game forum, I received 3 comments in 5 minutes saying: Chinese language support please!
      So... again... Chinese version plz... or plz support the community to translate the DOS2!
      And... will console edition come out at DAY-1?

    28. Melvin Co on

      My jaw with the texture detail.
      Drools all over the desk with those "Tags" ...
      eyes sparkled with that "WarriorChef"!!!!
      manly tears with the character specific BGM.

      I love these!!!
      I'm already excited.
      I'll change my ISP right away to be able to get this when released.

      Larian ... badassomenessest

    29. Hesychia on

      Thank you, Larian!

    30. Missing avatar

      Igal on

      @Larian - Amazing update as always! The character creation design seems brilliant and so well thought out, especially the tags system. It's the kind of thing that screams "how come no one has thought of doing this before?" (obviously because it's very difficult to implement). You guys continue to impress us more and more each update, and I can already tell this is shaping up to be one of the best RPGs in modern times. Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping us updated!
      P.S. Please say hello to all the Devins for me!

    31. Andrea on

      This update left me speechless - in a very positive way of course! I have a couple of questions, much love to anyone who can clarify these things to me!

      - Since I am a solo player only, will I be able to craft my other 3 teammates in the same way as I crafted my main character? I mean choosing their stories (with tags), appearance, class etc.?

      - I am a bit worried about the release date, because late 2016 doesn't seem reasonable anymore. Could we please get an update on this - not secondary - matter?

      Thanks and keep up the great job! <3

    32. Stabbey on

      To clarify, Larian: I'm not opposed in principle to having a limited amount of skills you can equip, and having to pick and choose which ones you equip.

      But I do not like the idea of having to spend attribute points in Memory, when all Memory does is increase that amount. That could be especially problematic depending on how many attribute points you get per level.

    33. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Fnarist: Having duelist Banjo would be crazy, haha. I don't know about your question. I guess it's a personal affair but I'll ask bobby tomorrow.
      @Julius Ter Pelkwijk: I don't think you need any special code to come to our booth :)
      @ALLIOT Kristell: Thanks a lot.
      @Hesychia: I forwarded that to the right crew. Thanks :)
      @frederic tarabout: The writter who wrote that will be happy to read that. Thanks!

    34. frederic tarabout on

      That was the best KS update intro text.

    35. Hesychia on

      @ Larian Studios Like Gabriele Venturato, I would know about languages. But there is no response right now , ok I understand.


    36. Missing avatar

      Mirko Sainz on

      Now I have backed the plush dog.

    37. ALLIOT Kristell on

      That text intro was fabulous x).
      The new systeme to create the character look really awesome! So much possibility! How much can the background impact the game? Can we have a really different story and ending if we're a soldier or a noble or anything else?
      Like always, really cool video and new stuff! ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Starlight on

      Memory Slots reminds of the AD&D Wizard rules (and the current POE rules) where only a certain number of spells can be used.
      Those are frankly some of my least favorite kind of thing to do in a game. Would like to fifth (or whatever) the concern on not having a Memory Slot.

    39. Julius Ter Pelkwijk

      If I come to your booth on gamescom, is there a secret code I have to give?

    40. Fnarist on

      Musical themes! I have a question (or two), will other players in your game be able to hear your musical theme when it pops up - and you theirs?

      Would there be scenarios where both your tunes pop up, say you both picked banjos, and you'd get dueling banjos?

    41. Dianne on

      Wow, character creation is usually my favourite part of an RPG and I can already see I'll be spending hours there in D:OS 2. Tags sound ingenious. And… picking a musical theme? I can't believe no one thought about that before!

      Regarding "Blank Slate" characters: will we be able to enter free text into the biography/origin field for this sort of character, a là Neverwinter Nights? Combined with tags, it seems like the perfect compromise between player creativity and game design constraints.

    42. twinchenzo - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Я ем лошадей! xD I missed you, guys, great update!

    43. Aramintai on

      Yea, if you take AD&D for example, spells slots are determined by Intelligence (mages) or Wisdom (clerics). This memory stat on itself sounds pretty weak, it should either be something more than just a capacity expanding stat or be combined with intelligence.

    44. Stabbey on

      I'm going to third or fourth the concerns about the Memory stat. On the example screen, the tooltip says 3 points = 1 Memory slot. The character had 12 memory and 7 slots were unlocked.

      Now I don't know if all races and characters start out with 10 Memory, so I don't know if those 7 slots is the default and at 13 Memory you'd get an 8th... but I do have to wonder how many attribute points you'll be getting on level-up.

      In D:OS 1, you got 1 attribute point every 2 levels. Unless the amount of attribute points you get per level is up from 0.5 to 3 or more, then I can't see Memory being a very good investment - not with your other more survival-critical attributes you also need to raise.

    45. June

      Awesome update, as always. I really like the level of customization you guys are implementing - not too much or too little, IMHO, and the personalized music bit really sounds like a nice touch. Wits seems to be the equivalent of D:OS's Perception stat?

      I'm not sure how I feel about the use of the word "Memory"... well, I guess it makes sense, but investing in more Memory sounds like something one would do to improve their computer build, not a living/undead being.

      The concept sounds like at least you don't have to keep buying skillbooks to get back skills you replaced, which would be nice.

    46. Aramintai on

      With these new memory and wits stats I hope that characters will get more stat points to spend on level up, because all stats look important. Not sure what to think about about these two being moved from skill schools though.

      Btw, David said "I eat horses" in Russian. Are you sure you want to send him to Russia to present the game, Larian? :)

    47. mikogamer on

      Looks very promising. Kodus for the innovations.
      Suffering from avataritis, a thingy that bothered me in D:OS (EE) was the absence of custom portraits. In the end I took screenshots from my characters Sasha and Ordrin and replaced the default portraits (…). Something to address?

    48. Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin [DOoD] on

      I can't wait to get my paws on D:OS2! When will we get access to the alpha (and beta)?

    49. Maximillian Perez on

      Customizable them songs... Wow �.
      When can we look forward to this Q4, Q1, Q2?