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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.

Update #21: Divinity: Original Sin 2 Music and Vote for the Second Skill Tier!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

Hello everyone!

You may have been wondering what we’ve been up to since our last update, but wonder no more! We’re back with a very exciting announcement for you today, so let’s get right to it. 


Music to your Ears 

Last year we lost Kirill Pokrovsky, a brilliant composer and dear friend. While Kirill will be a part of every game we make, the time has come to pass the mantle to another musical genius. Since our ambitions for the music in Divinity:Original Sin 2 are very high, it took a while but today we're happy to report that we found the perfect fit for the job. 

Today, we would proudly like to introduce you to Borislav “Bobby” Slavov! 

Bobby is an award-winning video game composer and music director, having played and composed for Knights of Honor, Two Worlds II, WorldShift, Gothic 3, and most recently, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Apart from his credentials as a music director, Bobby’s work on adaptive music in video games was a thing that really caught our attention. He's developed novel techniques to ensure that music evolves in real time according to players’ actions and decisions in the game. In Divinity: Original Sin 2 his plan is to take this to the next level and we can honestly say that our jaws dropped when he told us what he wants to do. Very cool stuff! 

Bobby also has a lot of experience with live recordings of his music and has made it his hobby to collect music instruments wherever he goes. 

If you would like to learn more about Bobby please check out his Facebook fan page and his official Twitter account! He just joined twitter and gave us some incentive to help get him some followers:

We're thrilled to work with Bobby, and we think you're going to love his music -- we already do! 

Lullaby and The Aria of The Frying Pan 

You may squeak and squawk in real life, but in Divinity: Original Sin 2 you’ll be able to sing like an angel -- if you pick the Bard Skill Tree, of course. We are back with another poll to Choose a Skill Tree. After the last poll, we (and by ‘we’ we mean ‘only David’) were shocked to find that you picked the Polymorph skill tree over Bard. 

But we still need you to pick a second skill tree, so get ready to vote again!. Log in to your Larian Vault account and let us know which from the list below you would like to see in the game: 

  • Trap Master 
  • Bard 
  • Unarmed Combatant 
  • Summoning Master 
  • Juggernaut 
  • Guardian 
  • Alchemist 

More about Rewards! 

While you’re in the Larian Vault, we’ll need a little information in order to get you your rewards. 

If it's your first time there, create a Larian Vault account and in the menu, click on the "Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter" shortcut to link your Kickstarter or Paypal pledge to your Larian Vault account. Complete the information we need by clicking on "Your Choices & Input". 

- If you have a physical tier, i.e. a tier with rewards that need to be sent to you, or if you have a physical add-on, don't forget to fill in (or update!) your home address. In the menu, this is under "Your Account".

- If you pledged to have your name in the credits: Fill in the name you want to see in the credits. (This will only be delivered when the game comes out.)

- If you’re waiting for a Kickstarter Badge on the Forums: Fill in the email address you use to log in to the Larian forums. (The badge will not automatically appear in the forum. The badges are still being made and the process to assign the badges is a manual one, but the more email addresses we have, the faster we can start doing this!)

- If you ordered a Bellegar Handwritten Poem: Fill in the topic you want Bellegar to rhyme about. Keep it rated T for Teen, please. 

- If you got a Divine Order Hoodie: Choose the size of your hoodie! 


- High Ranking NPC 

- Portrait in the Game 

- Portrait in the Game (framed and signed) 

- Wall of Heroes 

If you have not done so already, go to the Larian Vault where we organize and gather all the data we need to fulfill your pledge. 

Travel, Panels, and RPGs 

In the next 2 months, you’ll be able to meet us in the UK. Swen will be talking about Larian and RPGs at PC Gamer Weekender on the 5th and 6th of March. He’ll appear on a panel each day at 14:00 and will talk about development on Divinity: Original Sin 2, said to be one of the most promising RPG’s coming in 2016 ;)

We’ll also be attending EGX Rezzed in London from 7th to 9th of April - this will be live-streamed and we’ll let everybody know where to watch it when the time draws nearer. 

We would love to see you there - be sure to come by and say hi!

Larian in Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Are you missing any Larian titles from your collection? Right now in the Lunar New Year Sale on Steam you can get 40% off Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition and up to 85% off our other titles, including Divinity: Dragon Commander! 

Polls Results

For those who want a detailed breakdown of our polls, here's all of that delicious data in pie form:

 Gender - This big, blue pac man is something that continues to surprise and concern us. There's been quite a lot of discussion about this on Swen's blog (which he needs to update!) and the numbers here are in line with the ones discussed there. 

 Fav Games - It's great to see that you have a wide range of tastes in RPGS! It's just a shame to see that 97% of you are wrong - Ultima VII is clearly the best RPG ever!

 Purchases per year - It's reassuring to know that we're amongst our own kind, with most of you buying quite a few games. (And if your Steam library is looking a little thin, most of our games are up to 85% off right now!)

 Combat Type - There seems to be a pretty close split between turn-based and real-time with pause. Either way, we're glad to see you take time to consider your strategies!

 Decisive Factor - This one annoyed us. It's great that word of mouth is the biggest named decisive factor, but we really want to know what "Something Else" is. Let us know what you think in the comments below?

 Most Important in an RPG - Our writers are thrilled to know that 75% of you think Story and Character Development are most important in an RPG. We gave them 30 seconds to enjoy that feeling, and then told them to get back to writing dialog. 

Pick a Skill Tree - Oh hey, you picked Polymorph as our first skill tree! What a shock. But what's next? Will this be the Bard's swansong? Will the Alchemists be able to cook up a surprise for us all? All bets are on Summoning Master which proved to be the most popular one last time.


Torment: Tides of Numenera

Our friends at inXile released their highly anticipated new title on Early Access. We cant recommend it enough - if you have played the cult classic Planescape: Torment, you’ll love its successor. And if you’re a fan of any sort of RPGs, this is sure to interest you.

Consortium: The Tower

We backed Interdimensional Games’ first project, CONSORTIUM, and now they are back on Kickstarter to build the budget for a direct sequel. They are describing it as "the original Deus Ex meets Die Hard, and the ultimate single player first-person immersive sim." 

Shadowrun: Hong Kong 

The latest RPG from Harebrained Schemes has recently been enhanced with an Extended Edition featuring turn-based combat, new story, and developer audio commentary, all for 50% off on Steam during the Lunar New Year Sale!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lars Damsholt on

      Realtime games like Diablo is great and all, but there has to be room for turn based games as well, i ended up refunding "Sword Coast Legends", it just didn't fit realtime genre and pausing didn't make it better...

    2. Missing avatar

      Anders Sighaug on

      I would like to see in the options of when starting a game, the option of turn based combat(my favourite) and action with pause.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jester814 on

      I'm actually very surprised and happy to see that you did a poll on turn based vs real time with pause. I am a huge RTwP advocate and would 100% absolutely love to see it in D:OS2. Nothing would make me happier if you guys added that. I'm also really happy to see that the votes were split almost 50/50 on it too.

    4. Missing avatar

      valas34 on

      Please not summon master.

    5. Raze_Larian on

      Yes, there will be size charts given, when available.

    6. ALLIOT Kristell on

      Personnaly, Something Else in the decisive factors means: A bit of all the other choises :) It really depends of the games. Some times it's advice from friends, or the metascore + critics, or, in Larian case, because I have faith in the studio! Keep doign great work! :3

      PS : Can we have a size chart for the hoodie and t-shirt? :)

    7. June

      As much as I like my summons/pet-types, "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." Musicians - ahem, Bards are pretty awesome!

      Decisive Factor... it comes down to how fun it looks to play. I usually check Youtube first for any decent Let's Plays and gameplay clips. Sometimes it's an experienced LPer reviewing it for the first time, in which case their honest (blind) reactions are valuable. If they’ve already played the game, clearly they liked it enough to try it again on camera, or are masochistic enough to record their suffering for the entertainment of others. ;) So, “something else” for me would consist of LPs/youtubers, supported by various reviews on the store page(s).

    8. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      I hope alchemist gets chosen, although I fear it won't.

      On a sidenote, listen to the Ishtar song from gothic 3, apt. our Bobby played a big role in creating that track (after kai ofc)

      It stems me very hopeful

    9. Quickboots on

      Lets see, the way I get most of my gaming news is via steam. Either because a friend of mine has the game/ wants the game or because of that little pop up when steam is first launched.

      The deciding factor when I buy a game: that's harder to answer in a multiple choice kind of way. I wait for reviews to come out but I'm not picky about where they are from so I cant really pick just one, but I also base a large part of the decision to spend my money on trailers and other videos depicting gameplay. If I see a game that looks like it has great graphics and cut scenes but all they really show me is a bunch of three second shots of "look how pretty this is!!!" I lose all interest. If a company/creator isn't willing to show me a solid piece of what I can expect to be playing then it appears they don't have faith in their product.

    10. BIG bad Bull on

      Hey thanks for the update

      and for next polls pleees keep non of the above, or make them not mandatory.
      Coz if you ask me what is your favourite class A : Alchemist or B : Bard? I'll have to answer c: non of the above ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      The something else portion will shrink if you put up lets play as an option.

      Stardock has conducted a similar survey in their 2014 customer report so you can check that…

      As for the male female ratio, well there are a lot of people pushing an agenda and obfuscate the numbers, so it will be hard to make a good judgment based on numbers alone. Best is to check how they get such numbers to make a more informed judgment where the most of your customers are.

    12. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      I've forwarded the info to the team for the hoodie chart. Hopping they'll get that soon :)


    13. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      2nd that, size chart for hoodie please

    14. fallintosanity on

      Any chance we can get a size chart in inches/cm for the hoodies? S/M/L is so variable across brands and cuts as to be entirely useless. If I'm getting an awesome Divinity hoodie, I want to be able to wear it and look good! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      sco on

      I voted trap master again (because I'm an idiot :( ) and *then* read / watched the update. If only I could change my vote to Bard so we can see what Bobby's idea you're so tight lipped about turns out to be!

    16. Luke Gustafson on

      @Theodore I completely agree about summoner.

    17. Theodore Stone on

      I like the idea of much of the other classes because they are unique in a fashion.. Summoners are way too easy mode :(.

      Bard, buffing and debuffing, likely to not deal much damage themselves, but hopefully boost the other characters / weaken the enemy. Great concept (Can do this with other classes, but a unique role is nice)

      Juggernaut - More damage on lower HP, blood thirsty, skills that cost HP to perform with possible life steal? Sounds pretty nifty, unique. Nothing in the game is like it.

      Guardian - Can tank, pull the damage in. I personally love being able to taunt and reflect damage in games, fun stuff to do. Also good as a non-magic skill tree. (Though I know some people hate it, because it feels too "damage/healer/tank" styled - and can often lead to requiring this setup)

      Trap Master - Very unique. Setup best practice for perfect encounter play-outs. Can have the enemies funneled into certain area's and auto-trigger effects. Protect your rear from surprise attacks. Lots of fun mechanics that can be used here.

      I'm not sure how well the alchemist could do, but could be nice.. still a unique idea.

      I don't care much for unarmed combat, because I just don't vibe well with it. Plus, its not really any different from hitting with a weapon. The main reason I would want this, though, is because it could add new skills that are NON-magic.

      But really, its just that the Summoner class makes me sad. Summoning is ALWAYS the easiest, no brain option in any game its ever put in. Unless the AI is programmed to 100% ignore summons and focus the player, its essentially adding TONS of extra health. (Swings to summons mean they aren't killing players). And no real threat to the player unless the summons themselves are super weak. Also, do we really need ANOTHER spell-casting tree? Bring some power back to STR/Dex. INT dominates this game enough already.

    18. Hector Drake on

      Boy, your votes are tough. When backing DOS 2 I got DOS EE as a bonus and played it over the Christmas holidays. Some things I liked the most and want to see again in DOS 2are not even on the list at all.
      1. Gameplay: I want lots more fights, maybe let some of the enemies respawn, more different enemies
      2. I really liked the voice acting, some of the pets made me laugh my ass of (e.g. the dog at the graveyard)
      3. The music and sound

    19. tarasis on

      To answer the poll question "Where do you get all your gaming news from?" I want to select multiple values. (Twitter, Gaming news sites like Eurogamer, RPG sites, YouTube)

    20. tarasis on

      I hope people here will consider backing Consortium, the first is a fascinating game with a massive lore base.

    21. Christoph Zürcher on

      Exciting stuff! I will visit both the PC Gamer weekender and EGX Rezzed, so I hope to see you there.

    22. Missing avatar

      Florestan Trément on

      Hi, Bobby!
      Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe you don't care, but you might want to know this, about the blackened skin around your eyes (if you don't already). It's usually caused by the regular consumption of aspartame, also often found in sugarless chewing gums, sweets, and light sodas. And people often pin it on the insomnia it also might cause.
      It is the most visible and unique of the symptoms it causes, and also the most harmless, among the 90+ known effects and illnesses its consumers might develop, most of them painful, and many lethal, and one of them a frequent cause of the habit : it can cause or strengthen diabetes, despite often being advised as a replacement for sugar by doctors.

    23. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      decisive factor = gameplay

      Problem is it isn't something I can define very well.Just how well the controls and gui are balanced.A game can be kickass but if that isn't good it's no go from me.
      Ego Draconis VS DKS -> No Idea what exactly you did but the gameplay/controls/.. were SO much better in DKS, Ego Draconis I didn't even continue playing despite waiting for it since I heard it was being created.

    24. Michael Bower on

      I think, I side with the general thing that most other people have said on this, when it comes to the decisive factor of whether or not to get a game it's simply the game in raw form, whether it's watching another person playing, playing a demo, or simply watching how the game plays ,mostly trying to ignore hype commentary from Games Media and Devs (Sorry guys, but of course you love your games and think they're amazing, they're your baby). It's a sadly rare thing not to have flashy CGI or movie-like trailers for games, either featuring such short flashes of gameplay or even none at all. (Blizzard in particular is great at managing to make things look amazing without actually telling your anything about their game at all).

      Obviously it includes a combination of all the other factors, but other people's opinions can only be so valuable, they're not the one that needs to decide whether I think it's something I'm going to like or not. :P

    25. Otoshigami No. 40723

      YES!!! summoning master is winning in 2nd place!!! gotta make sure I vote. :)

    26. John Merle Holes on

      Decisive Factor: Something Else
      For me, the primary "something else" for decisive factor is the theme, concepts, and feel of the game world. Is it a creepy setting with horrifying encounters (e.g. Shadowman)? Is it a game of over-the-top action where "good" is evil (e.g. Bayonetta)? For some who play tabletop RPGs, they pick favorites based on the feel of the world: some of my favorites are AD&D: Planescape (encountering embodied philosophy) and Oathbound (a fantasy world with exotic player races and locations). A secondary "something else" for decisive factor is gameplay mechanics and elements: turn-based and/or tactical play; deep and broad character skill trees; vast, exotic worlds to explore (e.g. Dragon Age: Inquisition).

    27. Nerdy Suit on

      @Marianne - Actually, as someone who's job revolves around statistical analysis in social science, forcing participants to choose one option is the best solution. This is because people tend to want to choose so many options that it renders your analysis fairly useless. By forcing people to choose one, it forces them to really figure out what is the MOST important.

    28. Missing avatar

      mbpopolano24 on

      Bard is no good. I never understood a person who starts to sing when enemies approach. Master Summoner is the right choice

    29. Kal on

      >Ultima VII is clearly the best RPG ever!
      What?! Blasphemy, Ultima IV was the best Ultima... but VII is a close second :)

      I know I put down word of mouth. I very seldom get a game the first day it's out anymore. Too often I have to wait for a patch to have a "stable" game. So I let my friends tell me what's great. It works out for me as I have a large backlog of games I've not played or not finished yet :) If you ever get a good consensus on what "Something else" is, I would dearly like to know to add that to my criteria :)

      I can't wait to see what music Bobby will produce for us. The Crysis 2 sample was nice.

    30. Welverin on

      "Fav Games - It's great to see that you have a wide range of tastes in RPGS! It's just a shame to see that 97% of you are wrong - Ultima VII is clearly the best RPG ever!"

      I agree, how can so many people be wrong?

    31. QuoteStar

      Hey @Larian! Good to see everything coming along so well. The music sounds lovely, and I can't wait to see what some of those secrets turn out to be!
      I think my choice in that poll was either 'word of mouth' or 'studio loyalty', but I definitely consider first impressions. I buy a lot of physical games, so art that jumps out or characters who look interesting are a big plus. On the other hand, random naked girls and a lot of "play this game because it's awesome" style reviews all over the box are major deal breakers for me, because I'll assume the game is either shallow or trying too hard.
      For digital games, I base a lot on videos, even if they aren't necessarily about game play. The Stanley Parable is a good example. The trailer didn't explain the game at all (because how could it possibly?), but I was so taken by the Narrator that I had to play it.
      I guess I'm all about the presentation.

    32. Hugana on

      (SOMETHING ELSE) something else for me is previous results if you have made 4 games that i like i trust the company more with what they say. but if i know that the company promise alot of things and then dont hold those promises that company lose my trust and will need to try to rebuild that trust. but let say you have kept your promise for the other 4 games and one game dont go as planned i wont have no problem looking over that just as long you dont make it a habit of breaking promises.

    33. Missing avatar

      Marianne Gagnon on

      I would agree with many people here that the larian vault polls are of limited use because they require you to choose only one option, when your real answer may be a combination of many choices - and oftentimes there isn't one really clear answer, oftentimes many choices can be the right answer or not depending on the case (For instance the question on whether one prefers realtime or turned-based combat, I didn't know what to answer there, there are realtime games I love and there are turned-base games I loved, it depends on how polished it is much more than on which model is selected)

    34. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      Can you add a size sheet for the hoodie? (cm)

      Kind of difficult to select a size, when there is no information about that.

    35. Missing avatar

      Romconstruct on

      Somtehing Else? Well Let's Plays or Streams of course. I trust gamers and this would be my friends or people who really seem to be gamers by heart, as are most Youtubers and Streamers.And I want to look at a game before I buy it. So I don't like polished press videos but real gaming videos. A long long time ago, when I started gaming, there was something called "Demos" (I bet you can remeber these times too) where you could try a game for yourself. No I wait till anyone else buys the game and shows me how much fun it is. And yes I know that I can buy a game on Steam and get a refund. And lasst but not least I don't trust the gaming press anymore at all.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dominik Rzepa

      Thanks Sven for framing PCPowerplay Magazine - they promote your great games here Down Under very well and the article about the plot in D:OS II is a very interesting one. Plus I am so far 3/4 in D:OS EE and I spent 118 hours - AWESOME game, I love all the secrets, treasure hunting and especially Fights with Lone Wolf trait on Tactician mode - in near future I will start the game again on next difficulty level....

    37. SKARDAVNELNATE - The Tormented on

      My "Something Else" is the genre of the game. It can be made by a developer I like, have great reviews, and people are talking about; it but if it's a racing game I'm never going to play it. So none of those other things matter.

      Like in the other poll, a game can have great story and character development. But because the gameplay is that of (in this example) a driving game I'll never put forth the effort to experience that.

    38. Matus Ladika on

      I'd like to add my "Something Else" pick in the decisive factor category. I'm sure a lot of people in the comments will mention it as well but a lot of independent YouTube and Twitch personalities like TotalBiscuit, AngryJoe or Yahtzee Croshaw (of Zero Punctuation) have much greater impact on me than written columns, mostly because I feel I can trust them more and that with them I have much clearer point of reference, so even if they personally don't like something about the game I know what kind of games and mechanics they do like so I can put that in context. Hope it helps and I seriously can't wait to play Original Sin 2.

    39. Blahfargl on

      Something else for me is gameplay videos. I wont buy a game without knowing how it plays and looks in-game.

    40. Missing avatar

      pioshfd on

      For me, "Something Else" is a combination of sources. I'll glance at scores just to get a brief look at how people are receiving it but I'll mostly take a look at peoples' impressions of the game who don't actually work in the press, mainly YouTubers and podcasts that I trust.

    41. Kai Pardo on

      Chiming in for "Something Else" = Totalbiscuit reviews. Either an early look or a "WTF is...?". I trust him more than any other reviewer on the internet.

    42. BoTToX on

      Want to know exact size of hoodies in cm/inch.

    43. Dark_Ansem on

      The Something Else: the magic of the game itself. If it has it, it's good.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Nice, shout out to Ultima VII. No wonder I like Larian's RPGs so much.

    45. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      About the "Something else" issue, the I personally deeply value the gameplay: a good chunk of it comes from Youtube so: I check gameplay videos, possibly of situation where the game is already half done (like you are through half the game), so you have an idea of the real gameplay and not the beginning which is useless. Then I talk to my friends to hear their opinion, either on the game and on the video, then I check metacritic. The union of all these things provides the end result: buy/not buy

    46. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      Sorry I posted in the wrong section the comment:

      It's simple why we vote men: those with girlfriend/wife bought 2 copies of the game and got only one vote in the poll, so yes: I voted man, but the truth is that we were both 1 man and 1 woman.
      I guess this won't balance the charts, but sure will increase women amount

    47. Guerric Haché

      Regarding the decisive factor, I'll agree with what seems to be a common sentiment and say that it comes down to research. Word of mouth is nice, but ultimately, I need to get a sense of the game's art style, narrative, and gameplay before buying it, and that's what it boils down to - do I think I'll enjoy playing this?

      Reviews and word of mouth are mostly useful for separating games that look interesting but are actually really janky/rough around the edges from games that actually have polish, but polish isn't sufficient to get me to buy something.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nexa_r on

      For me, major deciding factors for getting a game are:

      Fun and varied combat that won't get too repetitive, and rewards experimentation and optimization (Contrary to most claims of story being most important, you are going to be doing combat for over 70% or more of the game)

      Character customization. The biggest of all for me is racial choice. I'll instantly turn my attention to a game that has more than the typical human, elf, dwarf selections. Diverse and not necessarily balanced skillsets, and decent amount of visual and armor/weapon customization follow. Not everyone likes it, but I have fun comparing, and optimizing gear across multiple characters.

      Visual style and performance. This one is also important for me, as I like pretty games that run well, and that don't bog down the system or crash after long and extended sessions.

      Replayability. I like being able to replay games with vastly different outcomes. As an addition to this though, I like it best when it is easy to do so, and the game doesn't bog you down with tons of unskippable sequences or dialog that move very slowly. The key to good replayability in my eyes is speed and ease of access to the areas you really want to get back to or see again.

    49. JS on

      I don't even remember what the poll was asking in regards to decisive factor. As in, deciding if I will buy a particular game?

      For me personally there is several picky details that boil down to this : does this game appeal to me?

      I like Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft. If its not a softer Scifi or High Fantasy I'm probably not going to be interested.

      After that I go straight for the features.

      -I like character customization and progression. You got that.

      -I like to choose my own paths and outcomes, sometimes dialogue (Bioware games), often gameplay/combat (Deus Ex). I'm pretty sure you got this.

      -I like alien/monster races, especially if they are companions (Garrus, Wrex, etc). You got Lizards.
      (Romance options with the above gets you bonus points.)

      -I like writing that doesn't sound like its written for a younger audience. The characters and the world have to be engaging. TellTale's "The Wolf Among Us" is not the greatest game I've ever played but when I bought that I went back everyday to play the next episode because I liked the characters.

      Usually that's enough to seal the deal, but sometimes I will pause and research if I see the steam/metacritic score is low (below 70), reddit/neogaf having a negative reaction, or youtubers such as TotalBiscuit or Jim Sterling say to stay clear of it (but I don't frequent these review channels).