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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.

Update 7: Stretch goal unlocked... and new stretch goals announced!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

A pledge from a mysterious Divine Noble backer has pushed us up to the line for the $1,350,000 stretch goal, so as of today we've unlocked the Pick A Skill Tree II stretch goal! That means we're approaching our last stretch goal, The Hall of Echoes! And that also means we're running out of stretch goals, so we've added a few new things that would make Divinity: Original Sin 2 that much better!

Your new home in the Great Beyond...

When a being dies, depending on the life they've led, the Source within them will go to one of two destinations; the Architect's Forge (where they'll be reincarnated) or the Void (where they'll cease to exist). Before reaching these two final destinations however, the soul will arrive at the Hall of Echoes, the domain of the dead. And if the next stretch goal is unlocked, then you will be able to visit the Hall of Echoes at will, for it will become your homestead!

We have many ambitions for the Hall of Echoes and have been discussing ideas of what players might be able to find there. Nothing is set in stone and we'd love to hear your ideas so please do let us know what you think would be cool additions. 

Here's a few of the ideas we came up with:  

  • An arena in which you can test your mettle against your companions (or a variety of creatures) 
  • A campfire for waiting companions
  • Powerful figures - attracted by your presence, who make you all kinds of offers
  • Characters you killed in the world may appear here, haunting you or begging you for deliverance - those who follow the path of the Void will even be able to coerce these poor souls into doing their bidding
  • A spectral anvil on which you can craft unique equipment
  • A magical artefact that allows you to craft special skills 
  • A bridge to the Void - an eerie, surreal and VERY dangerous place where special loot/spells/dark Source secrets can be found
  • A bridge to the Gods, where you can visit avatars of the Seven
  • The doorway to the Forge- what could happen if you step through the door?
  • Spirits with special requests, and special rewards...
  • Black mirrors that show you visions of other planes
  • Undead creatures that can be convinced to do dark deeds for you
There are many interesting characters to be met in the hall of echoes...
There are many interesting characters to be met in the hall of echoes...

Now tell us yours!

New stretch goals!

We know you've been waiting for them, so here they are! '

$1,650,000 – Dedicated mod tool support!

We'll hire a team that will be dedicated to making the editor as intuitive as possible, and who will help the community build all kinds of new awesomeness.  

$1,750,000 – Love/Hate!

We’ll dedicate more scripters and writers to expand on the dynamic relationship system we’re building. Intense rivalry! Friendship and enmity! And... as so many of you have been asking for it… romance! 

$1,850,000 – Metamorphosis... Mask of the Shapeshifter!

Imagine you get a mask that lets you change your shape. One moment you're a lizard, the next an ordinary human, with completely different dialog options (and visuals of course). By expanding on our tag system, we’ll let you  assume different roles in the game with the same character. This will open completely different play styles. Don't want any competition? Don't want companions? Become a lone wolf with a very special mask...  

$2,000,000 – Game Master Mode!

Building on the work of the mod team, we'll make an in-game version of the editor that allows game masters to unleash their fantasies on budding adventurers, adjusting and controlling the dungeon while the other players are playing!

That's a lot of stretch goals but we still have many days to go so here's us crossing our fingers that you'll push us to new heights!

Devline Summary

Last night, Swen and Sarah broadcast a new episode of our Larian Devline Q&A Twitch stream, playing the prototype in cooperative mode and answering questions. Click the link to watch the vids, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s the summary, courtesy of our friend, the very brilliant Stabbey.

  • Will there be whips in the game? Swen likes them as a weapon choice, so maybe.
  • The editor will be the same as that for D:OS, but expanded and improved.
  • They will focus on release for PC first, they're making some changes to the engine and don't want to promise other platforms until they're sure it will work there.
  • No release for mobile platforms. 
  • There was some production issue preventing you from using dual-shields, it wasn't just a silliness thing. 
  • There will be a Spanish translation for D:OS 1 EE, it's still TBD for DOS2. 
  • Will the game have pets? It doesn't right now, still TBD. 
  • Will there be romances? There is some desire to do things on that front, they're prototyping things, but nothing is decided. [See above.]
  • Will the EE come with all the bonus content? Yes. 
  • There is no 4-player split-screen, only 2-players, the other two players will need a separate box/TV. 
  • The Trait system will be improved, that's how some of the dialogue tags work in DOS2. 
  • Will Bellegar come back? Dunno, Jan has to write a lot of poems for the postcards. (and no you can't get the post-cards as an add-on, they were deliberately tied to a limited tier for a reason.) 
  • The Paypal payment option is almost ready. 
  • They do have a system which will allow you to ambush-attack your partners, but it's not ready yet. 
  • They don't have a render or sample of the hoodie to show yet. 
  • You can probably change skin tone for other races. I *think* they said you can't change body types because that's tied in with animations and such. 
  • They are still undecided about who the new composer should be. 
  • Will there be some version of the Lone Wolf Talent in DOS2? Swen thinks so. 
  • In 4-player co-op will each player design their own characters or pick them from pre-sets (companions)? They're still working on that. 
  • No fish weapon yet. Maybe, though. 
  • The player housing is the Hall of Echoes stretch goal. 
  • Will there be mixed races? The Undead will have you select your sub-race. 
  • What are the penalties for dying? They're still working on that. 
  • Will there be a UI button to make using the teleporter pyramids easier? Yes, probably. 
  • Can you meet young Damian? No, this is just before Beyond Divinity, he's still stuck in Nemesis. 
  • Will there be multiple ways to the next area? Yes, there will be ways to go separately or together. 
  • Will you be able to return to previous zones? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on the zone. 
  • Chris Avellone won't be a stretch goal, the man is too stretched already 
  • No Drow, they are copyrighted. 
  • The crafting menu is improved, you can discover effects and use that to create recipes. 
  • The action-point system is still in development 
  • No bonus for transferring saves. The games are over 1,200 years apart anyway. 
  • The plan is for more towns to travel to than in D:OS (4), but you know what they say about plans... 
  • Aleroth is planned to be one of the towns. 
  • D:OS 1 EE is about at the Gold Master stage. 
  • Can we genocide all the cheese vendors? Yes. 
  • What are the consequences of breaking pacts with your party members? He has a big design document, but he wants to hear from us for suggestions about that. 
  • Will there be any way to speed up combat? Maybe. They're trying things, but it may not work out. 
  • Will there be funny descriptions for your current stats, like what Divine Divinity had? Swen hopes to bring that back. 
  • Will there be a Junk tag for items? Ways to send multiple items at once? It's on the list, but it won't be in the EE, maybe DOS2. 
  • Can any two spells be combined? They're trying. There will also be "metamagic" spellbooks which can't be learned, only used for spellcrafting. You will be able to craft warrior/ranger/rogue skills, not just magic skills.


The guys at Rockfish Games are making EVERSPACE, and we think it looks amazing. They only have a couple of hours left in what has been a very successful campaign, so get on over there right now and join the ride.

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    1. Seth Barbour on

      I'll have to disagree with some of the comments here and say that the DM mode is a huge draw for me. It seems like a great next step after dedicated Mod support (which uses a new team).

      Likewise, the racial shapeshifting mask sounds like great fun. Concerns about it being out of place can be easily alleviated by clever writing - it's a world of fiction, it can be given a place and made to fit easily enough for those who are interested in incorporating such a powerful magical item into their own personal character narrative.

      So, I like the new stretch goals. I'm sad to see that some others don't have the same appreciation for these nifty ideas, but there will always be mixed feelings about features added since the original list was put forward.

      Either way, I'm sure you guys will do great!

    2. BrecMadak on

      Hello Lorian,

      I'd like to mention this earlier, like many many MANY others stretch goals until (including)'Love & Hate' sounds great but I can not help myself but agree with the majority of players in here that last two goals would break the flow and nature of the game unless very well thought-out, even then its still way too risky and not so good sounding in my opinion.

      So please reconsiderate them, as at least %80 of people here think that way.

    3. Missing avatar

      Walter Rudolph on

      Hall of Echoes - I like everything on the list. But I don't picture this as a fortress or grandiose mansion or palace. It's a small, winding cave/building/room/secluded outdoor area which the player discovers while on an epic, but optional, quest. After the quest, if the player can find his/her way back to the hidden location (should be challenging but not impossible), a base can be established. This can be upgraded through quests, and serves as a safe haven, but not an invulnerable one. As one of the upgrades, an artifact could be obtained that will teleport the player back if the home is invaded. Random or scripted events bring NPCs to the player's home. If the player is away when this happens, the artifact activates and the player has to choose to continue current activity or return home immediately. Player will be giving up one opportunity in favor of another, such permanently failing a quest in exchange for a one-time chance to get special training, purchase a unique item, learn lore, meet a potential companion or nemesis, or any of the encounters listed in the OP. In the event of a monster, turning down the home event could also result in loss of loot or damage to the home (hope you're insured!). Of course, the player wouldn't know what the encounter would be until arriving at home.

      Mod support - Loves me the mods!

      Love & Hate - Would be nice to have multiple options on both the romance and rivalry sides, but that's a lot of writing.

      Shapeshifting Mask - Not sure about this one. Would have to be obtained through a hefty quest, like Siegfried getting the Tarnhelm from Fafnir. It would have to be well balanced if it's more than cosmetic. With a cosmetic device, you could create some interesting infiltration quests, a Romeo & Juliet with another race that will turn out badly if player's identity is discovered, or take the side of a race/group that is oppressed by your own race. Changing stats would be a play style change, and might not be very popular since you can just reroll another race. Unless the mask let's you change to unplayable races. That would be cool. What if the mask simply hid your identity, and had different effects on different people. You wouldn't know what they were seeing and would have to deduce the proper dialog responses to be consistent with your appearance.

      Game Master - Mixed feelings on this one, too. I would love to set up GM mode and play a campaign with my buddies. But I don't do much multiplayer, and don't have time to develop a campaign, so I'm about 95% sure I'd never use this. Based on other posts, I think this is a common feeling.

    4. Alexander Travassos

      I think all of the ideas for the Hall of Echos look fun! Particularly, Interacting with characters you killed in the world, getting undead to do tasks, and viewing extra-ordinary worlds/planes interest me the most!

    5. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      The Hall of Echoes does make me hopeful that there might be a Post Game or a "Ultimate Dungeon" of sorts. Still there are so many endless possibilities for the Hall of Echoes especially when you realize that any villain you face, any hero who dies, and person from past games could be right there in that place to be your friend or foe. That sounds like an amazing final dungeon!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tahir Raines on

      The Hall of Echoes sound awesome altho I do agree that it needs to feel earned. Maybe it becomes viable as a homestead only after a particularly difficult quest or series of quest?
      Maybe an undead themed questline involving powerful necromancers who are trying to bridge the world of life with the Hall of Echoes so as to gather more minions/power over the dead? If we had to stop them, but was only partially successful that would explain why we had access to the Hall of Echoes and why we would stay there - i.e. to guard it and prevent other necromancers from taking it over/setting up shop there. That way, we could also have necromancers visit us there either to attack or bargain with us.
      I also think that there should be special dialogue options and possible even character appearances of side quests for undead PCs since it would make sense that the undead would feel specially affected by and/or be specially sought out by the Hall of Echoes and the creatures who gather there respectively.

    7. Stabbey on

      @Larian - I'm going to pass along some complaints I've heard about how the Homestead worked in D:OS 1.


      The guy complained about having to go through a loading screen each time you had to enter and leave. After it was pointed out that the engine in D:OS doesn't have infinite space and so it had to be accessible from all maps, the nitwit asked "why can't they just make a copy on all the maps and duplicate all the stuff?" That's ridiculous, of course, but I'll pass that feedback along anyway.


      The other complaint was that the Homestead was excessively large with too much useless space and travel time, making visits there take longer with all the walking back and forth, which is more reasonable. I think I can agree with that one.


      I'll thrown in some thoughts of my own, I guess. I'm not a huge fan of "Congratulations, Level 1 Player, here is your God-Tier Residence because you are such a Special Snowflake". It has to feel EARNED to feel special. It's like leaving the sewers in TES IV: Oblivion and immediately a bunch of pop-ups appear. "Congratulations, [insert name here], A bunch of rich relatives have just died and left you a crap-ton of amazing fortresses all over Cyrodill." In Divinity 2, the Dragon Tower did feel earned because you had to go through a bunch of stuff on the island, and then fight your way up the tower itself, culminating in an epic battle. In D:OS 2, you see a shiny stone and suddenly there's a lady going "oh wow, what a special snowflake you are! This is your new fortress."


      I am not at all sure how the story premise of "You are an escaped prisoner on the run and must reach enemy territory to win" and the Kickstarter promise of "here have a free awesome home you can teleport to at will and be safe there" work together. Those ideas seem to completely clash.


      In Divinity 2, two things were combined: you had to immediately defend your tower from an attack as soon as you got it, making it feel less safe, and the big bad wiped out an entire valley full of life, telling you what the stakes were - sure you might be able to be safe in your tower, but the rest of the world would not be. In D:OS 2, The premise is that you are trying to reach a place of safety, and if you get a free awesome house you can teleport to at will...

    8. Sterben on

      Love the hall of echoes idea. Just hope that there are options to upgrade the homestead, cosmetically like hiring guards and making the homestead grander to look at. Always love games that gives the protagonist a sense of power and importance via minions and player home improvements. More power to you guys.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ghenkhan on

      Perhaps I just have a different viewpoint but I really hope that we get the romance/enmity and mask stretch goals. I particularly like the idea of having to worry about irritating your companions. Sure that beefy human fighter can carry a lot of equipment - but he doesn't like to. If you make him do it and then ignore his complaints then maybe he starts looking for friends that actually appreciate him and don't just want a packmule. - maybe a rival or enemy of yours can win him over.

      The mask could be done poorly - ie. just give to your starting character. But it also could be awesome. You might have to earn it through some grueling questline - or perhaps steal it from someone that has used to amass far more power than you and will hunt you down to recover it. If it is earned or has drawbacks (lowers key stats, or can't be removed for x days or ...) then I don't see any problem with it - and it would allow me to see more of the game without having to replay the entirety of it many times over.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      Nope that isn't how the Shapeshifting mask works. It only changes your race to one of the four available races.

    11. Nakano

      Relationship stretchgoal sounds good. Wonder if romances are for party members only or also for NPCs?

      I was actually hoping a druid class who can transform into other people so I find shape shifting mask interesting. Wonder what happens if you shape shift into a guardian and go talk her in twin form ;) Or transform into his pal and switch shifts to be able to get into the town. Of course you first need to find out who the guardian's friend is.

      One possible strechgoal would be some nice mini game. A drafting / tcg card game for example.

    12. Althor on

      First thing first :
      Hello to all of you backer and larian team.

      Now, the main topic :
      I'm a proud member of the silent majority. It's not that I don't like to talk, but I love the work you guy make and I don't have anything to say.
      And as usual with the silent majority, if I speak, it's to make a critic. I can only hope that it's a constructive one.

      It as already been said, but I think that the Mask stretch goal is a huge mistake and don't add anything to the game. On the contrary, I think that it can render the whole origin system useless as you can easily bypass it...

      I must also say that I love the dungeon master idea, but I fear that, as for the day/night goal, it cannot be implemented because it would be to much work in the long run.

    13. Ernest Scribner Weresheep of Sin on

      As a follow-on to my comment below --> I want my dwarf to brew ale! (I can't remember, did D:OS have this? I know there were some crafting skills.)

    14. Ernest Scribner Weresheep of Sin on

      Reading the comments, I have to say that the reasoning against the Shape-shifting Mask and the Dungeon Masters mode make sense.

      I would be interested in an Old School mode that had game mechanics like hunger and thirst levels (with additional cooking and brewing skills, of course!) and encumbrance. I'm sure there are other mechanics on the simulation/realism side that can be interesting/fun and not necessarily a pain for modern players. Think of an overlooked game like Unreal World, a survival roguelike, and all the survival games that have come after.

    15. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      I would much rather you didn't do the DM mode.

    16. Mendi Negro on

      The shapeshifting mask in my opinion hurts the experience more than it helps. When you choose your race, class and origins people react to them and interact different to you depending of what you chose, and all the good reactions and bad reactions make the experience much more personal and intense because is consistent during all the playthrough.
      Without the mask I've seen in some previews than a dwarf has to sneak alone into a town because the guards are racist bastards... but with the mask he just have to go around a corner convert into a human and pass them. No dilemma and no challenge at all. One of the biggest perks this game offers is the many different ways your origins and race will affect you in your journey but with the mask you remove all the challenge that this could give. Do you have discounts for elves? Ok I'm an elf then. Do you have a solution but is only for lizards? I'm a lizard now. We don't want undead here! No problem I will transform into a human... You lost the whole experience of living as a determinate race.
      And of course you can tell me "you can choose NOT to use the mask" but if when you are roleplaying you put yourself in the situation of your character. A religious order wants to KILL YOU, they are in your tale, and you feel the terrible pressure of being hunted, then some idiot is giving you a hard time because of your race and you have in your pocket a free pass from any trouble... in that situation you will use the mask for sure. So in the game you will have to force yourself EVERYTIME to make your life harder in purpose, so the experience is lost because the challenge now seems forced too.
      The only way I think this would be fun is that when you shapeshift you change your appearance but NOT your personality or origins. You are a poor male darwen thief that shapeshifts in a rich elven female mage, people will react at you as that but you character doesn't know nothing about magic, elves, or being rich (and everything he knows about women is wrong). Then you will react as male dwarf poorly imitating an elven woman. That would be hilarious. And if you force your character too much people can discover your disguise, and remove your mask discovering your true identity or having anoy other different consecuences if you really were an elf with that origin. Then it will add very interesting twist to the story making the use of the mask a very fun experience… at least think I will like it much more than just a Free-from-any-racial-problem mod…

    17. Helena on

      The undead concept art is awesome. I like the first two stretch goals, and the 'shapeshifter mask' sounds interesting, but it seems like it would make things rather too easy for anyone who isn't playing 'lone wolf' style. And as other people have pointed out, the 'Dungeon Master' mode is only useful in multiplayer. I'd rather see goals that improve things for all players, such as the day-and-night cycle that was cut out of D:OS.

    18. Missing avatar

      Draek. on

      If they could dumb down the editor to the level of the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor - that would be awesome. The second I opened the editor I got lost.

    19. Elisus on

      I really like the arena idea for the Hall of Echoes.

    20. Missing avatar

      FelixSylvaris on

      Another skill tree... that would be nice,
      Polymorph is great. But Bard... also seems to have a lot storytelling options (no pun here).
      But then... everyone have own fetish. For some it is summoning (undead summoner, good cliche), there is a monk lovers order, and every skill has someone who love this archetype. Tank, Berzerker, Alchemist, Mentalist... everything could be cool.
      I am not even starting of how cool it would be if some combinations of skill will open some extra options. (like Unarmed + Polymorph).

    21. madGamer on

      im a little disapointed with some strech goals.

      1- Dedicated mod tool support! - if we see good mods because of this, i dont mind of this strech, but its something that will never be certain until the release.

      2- Love/Hate! - its a nice strech, its just not romance but relationships :)

      3- Shapeshifting mask - its uninteresting and waste of resources that larian can use in other things. i prefer for example a pick a skill 3 or a minigame that 2 or people can play together.

      4- Dungeon Master Mode! - its good only for people that play multiplayer, i play single player. Larian please make strech goals that is good for both sigle player and multiplayer. - i would like to see instead a mount for each race like sacred 2. a mount/pet that could grow .

      anyway the game will be good this are only my thoughts :)

    22. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      :D Larian is the best if it's about a great campaign!!! :D

    23. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      @amarok I personally do not use the editor patience :)
      BUT I fully support this because I've seen tremendous ideas floating arount for mods which were almost solely not made due to complexity of the editor ERGO better editor support -> better mods->more RPG for me :)

      Atleast thats how I look at it, which I reckon is entirely subjective.

      On a second note -> DM is properly implemented W00T, I would even very much like to be one although I have no P&P experience (hard to find groups here :( ) but lots of RPG exp and creativity, should be enough no?

    24. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      The Mask just changes your race to one of the four available races.
      The Polymorph skill transforms your limbs and body into monsterous forms in order to attack your enemy.

    25. tarasis on

      The Mask thing actually appeals to me, though I'm puzzled about the difference between it and the Polymorph skill that Swen keeps pushing.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I like a lot of the Hall of Echoes ideas, especially the arena, and dead characters showing up there.

      Dungeon Master Mode sounds great. Personally, I would've loved to have used the editor for D:OS, but I don't think it was ever available on Mac. I wonder how powerful this would be in comparison to a standalone version.

    27. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      Well the editor from what I could see was heck to use... and a lot of the time you kind of want to edit more then they gave you the ability to. So I never used it...

      But a DM mode might change my mind.

    28. Amarok on

      @Raze Im not disputing that but about 5% of people who played Original Sin finished the game and I'm wondering if the percent of players who used the editor is not similar. I dont know maybe you do and have some statistic but for the sake of conversation lets say that 10% of all players used the editor. If that is the case then this stretch goal is targeting a very small amout of players. Unless I am totaly mistaken and the editor was used by a wast majority.

    29. Raze_Larian on

      I think the majority of people who have tried the editor wouldn't mind it getting additional support, which should hopefully result in more and better mods being released.

    30. Amarok on

      I have to say that this is the first time that im a bit dissapointed it this campaign cause the new stretch goals are rather meh...
      Dedicated mod tool support - well we already have the editor so its not really needed.
      Love/Hate! - thats a hit and miss it ok but not something essential.
      Metamorphosis... Mask of the Shapeshifter - as much as I love Larian this is an awful idea! It makes origin stories useles.
      Dungeon Master Mode - again not feeling it and it wiil be used only by a few.

      If its possible it would be great if the team could change those stretch goals...
      Pick a Skill Tree III and IV would be great as more skills are always welcome:) Bard sounds awesome but I also want alchemist, guardian and juggernaut so basically the more skill the better.
      Another cookl stretch goal would be orc origins as one of the Seven was an orc or a vampire origin with blood magic as many poeple want to play as a vampire.
      Basically Im disapointed with the new stretch goal and at the moment the only one left that I care about is the Hall of Echoes...

    31. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      The last game to really have a good DM mode was Vampire the masquerade... and that is pretty much it.

    32. Space Monkey on

      Wow, the last stretch goal is my dream for D:OS. I'll be ready to upgrade my pledge significantly to see it happen!

    33. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      Can love/hate be used on NPC's? What about in conversations to seduce/charm or threaten/intimidate NPC characters? Would be cool to have some romances with NPC's or affairs to end up with all sorts of wacky situations. Like (evil path) seduce the noble wife to kill her husband, then marry her, either stay with her, or knock her out before she decides to get rid of you (she DID kill her previous husband!). Then there is the james bond situation where you are captured and you seduce the guard to let you go.

    34. James Sinclair (RedMasta)

      Personally, I think I'd prefer to see the Mask stretch goal be changed into a Skill Tree III option, and I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me.
      Devs, be sure to consider this, as it feels the mask is taking away a lot of the importance of our origins!

    35. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      Wow... That was... really bitter...

      Though to admit I don't quite know how to rewrite my feelings on the mask in a nicer way. Ultimately I feel that giving the players an out... Even at a cost... even at the chance of being caught (of which, really what consequence could there honestly be that would justify it narratively?)... Weakens the narrative. You can essentially pay your way out of the narrative.

      The whole "You could pretend to be someone else and solve your own crimes" doesn't give me a lot of intrigue. Especially since ultimately it seems like an out given that the game cannot accommodate the sort of system that would be required to make it interesting. It needs a game about someone who can shift into multiple people to solve crimes, then having it lumped on top of a game where you can play many people.

      It is fine for solo character runs... heck maybe even duo runs...

      I mean it isn't a dreadful idea... It is a ok idea. But If I had to put all the stretch goals from what I liked the most to what I liked the least... the mask would be dead last.

      >_< dang Ok... I'll stop complaining about the mask... but those are my thoughts best I could put them.

    36. Missing avatar

      Neonivek on

      No I am with you in the "Disappointed there is no pick a skill III" department. When they are all by begging the players to chose polymorph and when everyone else is gunning for Master Summoning... It feels like it is chosen already.

      And yeah I saw the "No the shapeshifting mask is totally awesome I swear" my immediately thoughts were "no... it really isn't" and frankly I still think it is a misstep. Since it takes what is unique about the characters, races, and situations and basically goes "Nope! here is a mask!"

      In otherwords the mask by its very existence makes the narrative less significant, less important, and the variety less significant.

      "Man, I am seeing a lot of prejudice as a dwarf... Well time to skip this well thought of narrative about racism and turn into a human. PHEW! I almost had to have an emotion. Thanks Mask!"

    37. Chris Liptau

      I would also like some more mini games and interesting NPC that live their lives. I play mostly in single player mode, so I hope that the game will still be as awesome as the multiplayer mode.

    38. Rafael Masoni on

      DM Mode would be incredibly amazing. Brings me great memories from Neverwinter Nights.

    39. Dave Mace on

      I'd like to see real NPCs, like in Skyrim where they have a schedule, jobs, sleep eat etc.

    40. Melvin Co on

      Hall of Echoes ... if this is an online multiplayer, one section can serve as hub where you can meet your friends or strangers.
      and your party can come to your private quarters.

      @Draek., it's a good idea.

    41. Missing avatar

      Draek. on

      For Hall of Echo's
      I think it would be awesome to have the ghost figures of important people you killed - having them say some witty dialog based on the actions you took in the game.
      For example you kill a Boss Necromancer, but later in the game you decide to spare a puppy murderer. The Necromancer could go, "Oh isn't that great? I was helping people come back from the dead, and you killed me. But the puppy murderer? You let him go?! Even I know killing puppies is wrong!!

      Also the Metamorphasis masks doesn't sound all that appealing to be honest.

    42. Stabbey on

      @Uriel - We have learned their names and what races they favor. That is literally all. All we know about the Seven is from the book "A Short History of the Seven Gods".

      I'm really disappointed with the absence of "Pick a Skill Tree III", ESPECIALLY with Larian practically insisting that one of the two new unlocked trees be Polymorph.

      The "Dedicated Mod Support" one is basically Larian correcting the problem from D:OS 1 of the much-proclaimed editor being far too limited and complicated for amateurs to use.

      I agree that Love and Hate is hit or miss and depends heavily on the writing, and I do not think that kind of thing can work well with freeform characters you pick the dialogue and characterization of yourself.

      I just don't seem to find the Shapeshifting mask that interesting as a concept. I agree that it seems to be intended only for Lone Wolf play, or the kind of person who likes to have their char do everything and join every faction in an Elder Scrolls game. I'm the kind of person who does one character per faction and makes a new one if I want to see a new experience.

      The build-a-dungeon-within-the-game one seems interesting, but I just do not believe Larian can actually do it. There are entire games specifically dedicated to building your own dungeon, and those tend to be very simplified, never mind something added on to an already-extremely-complicated game. I just think that will be way too difficult to get working and it'll wind up on the cutting room floor like day/night cycles.

    43. Alex Matias on

      I would love the dungeon master, but that seems far off. Hope we at least reach the dedicated mod tool support, though.

    44. tarasis on

      DM mode is a wonderful goal, I'm happy to pass on Love & Hate (not a huge fan of romance in CRPGs). The dev-line was a hoot, I hope Swen & Sarah play again soon.

    45. Uriel718 - Archweresheep on

      @Larian. How much do we know about The Seven from previous games? I can't really remember much of anything.

    46. Uriel718 - Archweresheep on

      Really would like to meet the avatars of The Seven at the Hall of Echoes. I feel they haven't really been fleshed out in any of the previous games. I have played all Divinity games (played, not completed) and I don't even remember their names. I can name all the Gods of the Gothic series (there's only 3 and they play A massive role), I can name several D&D and Dark Eye deities as well, but can't even remember if The Seven have all been named.

    47. Turtle on

      come on guys, dungeon mode ! that sounds kickass ! :3

    48. Joel Fox on

      Also: the Hall of Echoes would be a great place to run into characters from DOS or DC.

    49. Joel Fox on

      Given how many people care so much about romances, it seems weird that the "Love & Hate" stretch goal is so high up. Especially since DOS2 is supposed to have a stronger emphasis on narrative--TBH, this is the kind of thing I just assumed would be in the initial pitch. Oh well.

      Anyway, what does "dedicated mod support" mean? Will you re-tool the editor to make it more user-friendly?

    50. Lukas Emanuelsson on

      Not to hyped for the shapeshifter mask since it feels like it makes your origin meaningless if you can pose between all of the at will. I'd rather have another skill-tree.