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An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.
42,713 backers pledged $2,032,434 to help bring this project to life.

Update 2: Stretch Goals! New tiers! Behind the scenes of a PR tour!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)

It is that glorious time of the year -or in this case: day!- when our project is fully funded and we can start sharing some exciting new stretch goals with you all. We've been giving these a lot of thought, so check out what we have in store for you if these stretch goals are met! The best part? The first one was met before this update was even sent out. And it looks like the second one is close by! That is how hard you all rock! Seriously. ROCK!

Now without further ado, read 'em and... start discussing how you'll vote for the...polymorph skills! 

$700,000 Stretch Goal: Strategist Mode

Akin to Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition's Tactician Mode, Original Sin 2 will feature a brand new difficulty called Strategist Mode. Rest assured this difficulty tier will consist of much more than a simple numbers game. Yes, your enemies will hit harder, but that is far from all! Each and every fight in the game will be redesigned for Strategist Mode so that enemies are smarter, often come in greater numbers and use a host of skills and tactics they won't use in lower difficulty modes. If we reach this stretch goal, the fights in Original Sin 2 will receive this epic treatment from the get-go. 

$850,000 Stretch Goal: Pick a Skill Tree, I

Divinity: Original Sin is rife with spectacular skills, and besides the many new ones we've already planned for Original Sin 2, we want to add even more unique skills to the repertoire. We have quite a list and will let our the backers pick a brand new skill tree, featuring at least 16 skills each, from among a host of new proposals when the campaign ends. New proposals, you say! Such as?

Well, here are a few to tickle your imagination:

Polymorpher - As a polymorpher, your body is your oyster. Grow sharp-as-swords horns, poisonous tentacles (with the bonus of further reach) or even wings that allow you to dash and dive across the battlefield. You can even change completely into - what? Something monstrous, that's for sure... 

Trap Master - Craft mines, place them in strategic positions and lure the unwitting enemy (or "ally") into your traps! At higher levels you'll be able to toss your deathtraps into groups of foes; taunt them so that they run blindly into your snares, and even craft bombs that you can sneak into an enemy's pocket. Tick. Tock. BOOM!

Bard - Inspire your allies to perform even greater feats of magic and carnage, then pacify, confuse or lull to sleep your enemies with songs and music. Of course, you don't have to be the party's unwavering champion. You can also weave lies into your tales, which can influence the attitude of NPCs in various ways. Sing your own praises and see them cheers you; paint your friends as cowards and see them be hailed with contempt!

Unarmed Combatant - This is for the hands-on fighters that don't want to dance around their targets, but get down and dirty by going for chokeholds and body throws. Wrestle your foes with bare fists, or go for some extra piercing power with vicious knuckles and claws.

Summoning Master - To be able to summon allies is a very powerful skill, but as a master you'll be able to summon more than one extra ally. Other skills will include redirecting incoming damage to your summons; sacrificing them to heal you, or blowing them up to wreak havoc among massed enemies.

Juggernaut - If you want to role play a bloodthirsty maniac that thrives on gore and pain, this is the one to get. Get stronger as your health drops; swing mighty great-swords or dual-wield axes; drown your enemies in spilled blood. You can even sacrifice your own hitpoints in return for massive, area-shattering blows. Beware of friendly fire though - if you even care, that is.

Guardian - A born protector, this sword 'n' board wielding warrior prioritizes a strong defense over offense. Your shield will become a wall behind which you -and your allies- can close in on the enemy unharmed. Your provocations will also turn your foes' attention toward you, but that's ok because other skills include becoming nigh invulnerable for brief amounts of time.

Alchemist - The powers of alchemy become as weapons in your hands! Throw potions like grenades; coat your weapons with poisons and curses; control clouds of steam, lightning, miasma and more; bask in the vastly superior effects of every potion you can get your hands on!

$1,000,000 Stretch Goal: Racial Skills

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, your unique origins will radically change the way you experience the world around you. Of course, since combat is one of the central ways in which you’ll engage with this world, it’s only sensible that your origins and your skillset should intertwine.

When we reach the $1M mark, we’ll develop a set of race-specific skills, abilities, and talents reflective of each race’s background and strengths.

Imagine: a Wood Elf able to summon an army of shambling trees; a Lizard recalling the devastating powers of his draconic ancestors; a Dwarf with the authority of the Empress; a human so good at pickpocketing, he can even catch his own party mates unawares...

$1,200,000 Stretch Goal: Undead Origins

In Original Sin 2, no longer will you have to be human all too human alone. You can be a dwarf too, an elf, yes even a proud lizard! But if we reach this stretchgoal, you'll be able to tell the tales of the dead with undead origins! That's right: at this point we will add the undead as a playable race, complete with origin stories. Let us give you an example! Imagine, if you will, a story that goes something like this:

Adelard has been a warrior since his early teens, first in the armies of the Divine; later as a sword for hire. There wasn't a force in the world that could best him, or so he thought! Because one day an orc with a temper did a number on him and his crew, and he ended up dead in the grass, speared through the heart.

That is how he was found by a necromancer, who, impressed by the muscle on Adelard's dead body, decided to resurrect him and use him as a puppet-warrior to do his bidding. But there is something different about undead Adelard. Unlike any other victim of necromancy, he remembers who is and he knows what he has become. 

Horrified, disoriented, he flees from his vile enslaver and sets out on a journey home, a journey which he realises will be fraught with danger. He may be more or less welcome among the scattered bands of Black Ring, but his travels will take him through Divine Order territory where he'll be forced to mask himself or be challenged by every Magister he meets.

All he longs for now is the comfort of home, a place where he will be welcome; where he can learn to live, perhaps, with this waking nightmare. But with each step closer to his goal, doubt and fear assail him more and more. What will they say? His wife; his mother; his brother... For who is Adelard now?

If Adelard still... 

$1,350,000 Stretch Goal: Pick a Skill Tree, II

With all the fantastic skills we've dreamt up, we'll need plenty of manpower to implement them. At this mark, we'll again open up a vote to let the backers decide which other of the skill trees listed at the $700,000 tier you would like to see in the game. Voting will be done by backers after the campaign ends.

$1,500,000 Stretch Goal; The Hall of Echoes

Some Rivellonians live in fear of it; some write songs of it; others still are sent there far before their time. When we reach $1,500,000, we'll send you to the Hall of Echoes, land of the dead.

You, unique among the living, will be able to travel to and from this spirit world, where you'll uncover mysteries never before discovered by mortal eyes. You'll gain access to occult wonders, and you'll come face to face with those you've lost-- and those you've dispatched.

The best part - you'll be able to make this your home base!

And wait: we've got more good news!

Due to the high demand for some of the tiers, we've introduced a few more to give more folks a shot at the rewards they're after!

Because of this, every backer who already pledged $125 or more (i.e. the "Kickstarter Collectors Edition" tier, or any higher tier) will ALSO receive downloads of our Digital Developer's Diary materials, including design documents, notes on story and world-building, and an art pack. 

And that's not all! Every backer who pledges more than $200 (i.e. the “Signed Kickstarter Collector's Edition” tier, or any higher tier) will ALSO receive a signed piece of concept art delivered to their door!

In closing...

It's been a whirlwind of a press tour in the US so far, full of fun PvP gameplay, long days, and... a whole world of technical problems. Of course, everything is funnier in retrospect, so check out the good, the bad, and the funny below:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nils Erlandsson on

      For skill I'd go for polymorpher without a second thought.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brown

      @Joshua I think if we're talking about things like clairvoyance, precognition, extrasensory perception/scrying/astral viewing, whether it's called divination or a psychic ability depends mostly on what the origin of the ability is attributed to: magic, or some other kind of poorly understood mental power. I think that finding out hidden information about other people, and the weaknesses of enemies, can go along with the idea just fine. Regardless of what its called.

      As for the 8... well, they asked for ideas in update 6, and I accidentally double posted one over here in update 2.

    3. Joshua on

      @John who said, "Polymorpher, bard or Summoning votes." I agree. Those along with Alchemist feel like skill trees that would fit best in the world of Divinity and be fun. I've been convinced by all the videos (good job guys) and Polymorpher will be my first vote. I think the second skill tree goal will be met as well. For which, I will vote for one of the other three.

      @Joshua Brown - I think that having Necromancy as separate from Witchcraft is not a bad idea, perhaps you could use this to heal yourself (as Undead) or Undead companions\summons. On the other hand they may work this into racial abilities for the Undead.

      Also with a Seer tree it would be cool if could be combined with "psionics" of some sort. In other words being able to use spells\abilities that let you know when someone is lying during dialog or what they want to hear via color coding dialog response options by most advantageous (purple, green, etc...) to most angering (red). The mind reading spell to figure out if someone is lying could work something like this: You talk to someone and get what they would regularly say as well as a short blurb of what's going through their mind in Parentheses ala a shopkeeper saying, "I have the best prices in town! (As long as you don't go to Rafe's Shop.)" or the mayor says, "I have no idea what happened to that girl. (I hope this source hunter doesn't know that girl is Tom's illegitimate daughter.) Which might help you know to go shakedown Tom, who is the mayor's business partner, etc... Like you said though, kind of non-combat related mostly.
      - For combat maybe you could use it on an enemy to find out information about it's special abilities or spells or something. Like maybe a certain boss casts some huge spell when they drop below half-health and you could use your ability to find that out ahead of time by reading the opponent's mind. Idk. Good idea, though I think they'll stick with the 8 they've got this time around... but it's no problem dropping ideas on them. They'll probably make a D:OS 3 at this rate! ^_^

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brown

      Well, if you want suggestions on skill trees...

      First off, with all the new undead content coming in, Necromancy seems like an obvious choice. Gain the ability to raise undead minions and incorporeal spirits, destroy or take command of undead enemies, cast various unpleasant spells of death and corruption, all that goodness.

      Another idea might be to create a Seer/Divination skill tree. You could build it around more of a tactical emphasis, creating abilities to detect enemies, see terrain features ahead of the FoW, and utilize powers of precognition to bolster the defenses and accuracy of yourself and your party. Not a lot of direct-combat stuff, but some nice self/party buffs and better intel gathering.

    5. Robert Jones on

      Either under the polymorpher tree or as a separate tree:

      Werewolf skill tree

    6. Missing avatar

      John on

      Polymorpher, bard or Summoning votes

    7. David Lee on

      Unarmed Combat Please

    8. zemocasu on

      "And that's not all! Every backer who pledges more than $200 (i.e. the “Signed Kickstarter Collector's Edition” tier, or any higher tier) will ALSO receive a signed piece of concept art delivered to their door!" - does that mean the Divine Hoodie Redux tier will also receive concept art?

    9. Missing avatar

      holy on

      What about the the skill "You are what you eat" like in the manga/light novel Re:Monster. "The more you eat the stronger you become"

    10. Murray MacPherson on

      For class/tree I vote a Summoner. Where all their skills specialise in summons and have many unique ones not available elsewhere.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Cockburn on

      Ooooh. Unarmed combat please!

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Vander Meulen on

      Necromancy Necromancy Necromancy! Something similar to the Necromancer style in Diablo 2 - manipulating bones, poisons, and summons/raised dead. That would be the best class.
      Or something like a Blackguard... Raise Dead, Heavy Armor, Huge Sword, Necromantic magic... PLEASE!

    13. John Lucian Vanek on

      I want Unarmed Combat!!!!

    14. Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sin on

      How, I heard a "nonono, misclicked" .... No, don't let the misclick possible in this game ... Pretty please with a cherry on the top ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Wonjin Lee on

      I'm Korean and I bought original sin 1 and pledged 2 now!!!
      PLZ!!! Release korean language version!!!

    16. Raze_Larian on

      The vote will happen at the end of the Kickstarter, when you'll hopefully have 2 choices to make (or conceivably 3, if/when more stretch goals need to be added).

    17. Barbro Westlund-Storm

      How do we vote?

    18. Sebastian Mich on

      Awesome guys!!! Please add ADD-ONS!!!!!
      I WANT THAT JUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
      Also - Any chance of adding a stretch goal for FULL VOICE-OVER for the game???? :)

    19. Jonathan Bereza on

      Thanks Raze. Looking forward to it.

    20. Fimbul on

      I guess the press tour helped Larian to spread the word of DoSII, but the most reason for the big starting success is that they made a great game with DoS!
      Now that the main comunicator and decision maker is absorbed at pax prime the campaing feels a little bit a abandoned. that's sad.
      i guess it's the reason why, imho, such unfortunate decision like a 100 dollar digital collectors edition happen. it's so over the top for some pdf, especially when the physical is only 25 bucks more. but of the 125 will just last about the half after all the extra work, production and shipping for the game.

      so please consider fair add-ons. because you have already over 13'000 that only want or can afford one game, but there is a huge potential for add-ons. i would gladly pay around 25 bucks for a set of pdf Artbook, Lorebook and map.

      yours sincerely

    21. Missing avatar

      Javier on

      Thank you Larian Studios! Wish there were more developers like you all.

    22. Raze_Larian on

      Release of the EE should be about the end of October.

    23. Jonathan Bereza on

      Will there be any word on the Divinity: Original Sin enhanced edition in these updates? Because all this Kickstarter hype is giving me hankering to return to Original Sin.

    24. Kentauroi on

      Must have the Bard tree! My goal in life has always been to become a spoony bard!

    25. Missing avatar

      Draek. on

      @Restless you would be surprised. Even if a company has a base of operations in the country you are in, quite a few times they will refuse to do the repairs in another country. Either claiming its limited warranty and only will be accepted at the country of origin, or that the laptop has parts exclusive to that territory which they don't keep stock of.

      But one of the main issues with the policy is if the laptop takes time to get repaired by the time new parts are ordered - the person may have left the country.

    26. Missing avatar

      Restless on

      You poor it that difficult to get a new laptop/repair your old one in the US? :P

    27. David De Ost on

      Does the Undead origin also mean I can play as a saucy Vampiress? ^_^

    28. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I've already backed @ $50 but I'm only doing it on the assumption that there will be a linux version in the future (and I'm still waiting for #1 but I have faith in you guys!)

    29. Kindulas on

      Unarmed combat has always been a favorite of mine, but i think I'll vote for Polymorph first - I feel like it would add more significant gameplay diversity.

    30. Alex Matias on

      You guys better vote for unarmed combatant as one of the 2 skill trees. Need John Cena to stop the foul sorcery.

    31. Raze_Larian on

      @Ernest Scribner
      The strategist mode will be available from the start. There will be more than enough replayability without having to unlock difficulty modes.

      @others, on Mac/console and day/night cycle
      Quoting earlier replies:

      At the moment, we're only working on the PC version of the game. That's not because we're not interested in producing a version for Mac, Linux, or consoles, it's just that we want to get the gameplay and world fleshed out in all the detail that it needs first. Once we have the game fleshed out a bit more, we'll start looking at porting it other platforms. That’s not something that’ll happen during the Kickstarter or indeed this year. But, and it’s an important but - we do have most things in place to support several other platforms, since we are starting work from the Divinity:Original Sin - Enhanced Edition engine. We just don’t want to make any promises now.

      we're not planning on having Night/Day cycles yet. It would be an awesome feature, but given the number of other awesome features that we want, it's very difficult. Right now we're focusing on things like improving combat, 4 player co-op, and a systemic, reactive world that we hope will blow your chainmail socks off!

    32. AingealWroth

      Guardian! Tank it up!

    33. Ryan on

      The video showing the troubles you had are great! I hope this will be a part of the behind the scenes video! thank you for the update!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Hmm, I'd probably want to play on Normal difficulty, but I also want the AI to use Strategist mode tactics against me. In other words, without the stat boost that might normally come with it, if it would make sense that way.

    35. Quinn Durlston-Powell on

      @Saber-Scorpion the previous game allowed for you to create 2 main characters, and then meet and add others to your party on the way. I think I heard somewhere they are trying to personalise the characters even more-so this game, by reducing it to creating 1 character (your character) which will have its history (and own back-story effecting the future) based off how you design the character (i.e. mage vs fighter, Dwarf vs Lizard) and then meeting multiple others that you decide to add/drop to make your 4-man party.

      You'd need to look into this though, I'm not completely certain this is true (I may have just read it as a rumour in a comment section somewhere else). Also anything decided right now could be changed later (there's 15+ months between now and game release).

    36. Quinn Durlston-Powell on

      The Polymorpher a cool idea, but I think the guardian could be a really fun (and powerful) skill tree to add, as well as the Summoning Master having fun creating his own little army!

    37. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Why haven't all the stretch goals been reached yet?…

    38. Logan on

      Since I am interested in playing this one on the Evil side (previously I was probably on the Good side of Neutral) and since I play mage I'd go with Summoning Master and/or the Polymorpher.

    39. Saber-Scorpion on

      Also, will we be able to create our entire party - all 4 characters - from scratch if we so desire? I'd love to see full party creation as an option, as in Icewind Dale or Wasteland 2. Or like the custom-made hirelings in Pillars of Eternity.

    40. Saber-Scorpion on

      Take back your anti-dwarf comment, Swen, or I'm lowering my pledge! :P
      Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

    41. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      Unarmed will waste all the weapons I horded over the games so I can tick them off.

      Looks like I need summoning to survive in Strategist Mode, Guardian will help even further.

      Polymorpher sounds like loads of fun, as recommended by Swen. And may help in mitigating some weakness min / max characters always have.

      Barb is usually very weak in all the RPG games I remembered so should not help much in Strategist mode.

      Trapmaster looks fun, and should give an edge in the battlefield, but choices choices, hope we can get funded to implement them all.

    42. Bryy Miller on

      Finally, I'll be able to play a Zombie Cthulhu.

    43. Tiffany Toms on

      Great list of stretch goals! I was really hoping that the console version would have made the list since I'm already planning to buy a second copy of D:OSEE for my PS4 and would love to also have D:OS2 on both PC and PS4. Hope to hear an announcement soon on the console version!

    44. André Marshall on

      @Kevinik i thought the same mate.

    45. Zombra on

      I'm disappointed to see so many great ideas for gameplay and then be told that most of them will NOT be implemented. No bards, no trapmakers, no alchemy, no skills to defend your allies, because we're going to promote a weird skill tree where you can be the hideous transforming spawn of Satan and have a bunch of crazy powers that have no thematic commonality other than "But what if you can grow a tentacle? How about rabbit ears? Giraffe neck?" Oh well.

    46. Aric Buroker on

      Reading about the Undead as a playable race makes me wonder why Orcs are not playable.

    47. tarasis on

      I love D:OS and what is being proposed for the sequel but I would be very surprised if the KS makes $3-4 million. I think it would need to be further along than it currently is to hit that. (Note I would _love_ to be proven wrong!)

      A little surprised the Digital Collectors Edition is $100. For me I don't want/need a second copy of the game as those I know who would play it will have already backed it. I will probably move from $25 to $100 but not sure at the moment.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ryder Blue on

      My vote for Polymorpher, Bard, and Alchemist. Can we has three skill trees? :P

      I think we'll pass $1.5 in a week or two, unless pledges seriously slow down. Seriously excited for the undead origin, which is quite the surprise. I hope the Hall of Echoes has a few quests and some combat and isn't just a boring player home with nothing to do. Could be a neat way for you to fight the spirits of bosses you've already defeated, just to rub it in their face.

    49. Kevinik on

      Best part was seeing AngryJoe excited playing this game. Very disappointing about the Gamespot people, they look so uninterested. IGN and Kotaku don't ever give a fuck because they just want money like is expected from them.