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LaQuisha's Odyssey: a retro styled RPG starring bearded drag queen LaQuisha in a hilariously camp search for her alien-abducted mother

With Sochi and marriage-equality dominating the headlines, this game is poised to be a breath of hilarious fresh air.

And now we need your help to finish the game so you can play...

A game so gay, it’s beyond the rainbow!

Hello my dearest darling, I’m LaQuisha Redfern. I’m a bearded lady drag queen who lives in a space station that crash-landed in New Zealand, and now: it’s time to go global.

We're making a very special game for your entertainment, filled with innuendo, gayness, comedy, and of course: my lovely pussy.

Runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

All rewards over $5 include beta access to the game.

Dan, founder of, and featuring in all new rewards.
Dan, founder of, and featuring in all new rewards.

Find out why this game is being called revolutionary here.


For fans of eighties video games like Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest or Space Quest here’s a chance to relive your youth and create another legendary role playing, computer adventure game. You’ll be playing the bearded lady (me) as we sashay through six levels of escapades and innuendo to rescue mother from the aliens, find love and spoil an alien plot to destroy the world as we know it!

All this overlaid on a vast, and terrible, international conspiracy that could have dire consequences for humanity (imagine my eyebrows waggling suggestively, botox is a hell of a drug y'all).

The game is divided into six levels. At the outset LaQuisha hires private investigators, as LaQuisha progresses these two provide insight into the back-story.

Which is that aliens have decided that humanity is too casual with it’s [SPOILER] and want to encourage humanity to build many, many [SPOILER], so that the aliens can [SPOILER] valuable source of [SPOILER]. Having this happen on Earth keeps the [SPOILER] aliens home-world.

This plan is known to a few, and LaQuisha’s mother is [SPOILER]. She was kidnapped by the aliens, but why? And what does this have to do with the missing telemetry tapes from the first manned mood landing? Why is there a recording from a Cold War numbers station transmission mentioning LaQuisha by name? Listen here:

This back story is revealed as LaQuisha discovers she’s more that a pretty hirsute face, she’s the key to stopping the madness.

Along the way she must negotiate surly night club bounces, a smug psychotherapist, and the hipsters at her local cafe. Will LaQuisha’s dancing at the night club be cool enough to win the dance-off? Will her pussy win the blue-ribbon at the cat show? Can a queen get an espresso!?

At the end of each level more of the back story is revealed as LaQuisha solves puzzles, plays mini-games and fights the bad guys (and girls).

Finally, after defeating the end of game boss, the penultimate truth is revealed with a plot twist that will leave you astounded (and we’re keeping the twist a closer guarded secret that Lucas did the true identity of Darth Vader).

We’re saving the ultimate truth for the sequel. I mean, is it really plausible that LaQuisha’s father fell overboard during a heated game of quoits en-route to their new life in the colonies?

All about LaQuisha

LaQuisha Redfern was born on the ballroom floor of an ocean liner somewhere in the South Pacific, while her mother was in the middle of the Gay Gordons (that’s a type of dance).

When LaQuisha was but a girl, her mother was abducted by aliens! In this game you are on a quest to find LaQuisha's mother. You're sure to have a gay old time with our game.

Despite losing her mother, LaQuisha has become a figure that people adore. Today she's a queen with a heart, a mind, a clarinet, and sometimes a certain amount of sassiness. Says LaQuisha, "Those alien bastards snatched up my mother! And if there's any snatching to be done, I'm going to be the one doing it. Come play my game and help me snatch my mother back."

Behind the Wig

Let me introduce myself, LaQuisha Redfern. I think I'm the world's favorite bearded lady drag queen. Maybe I am, there aren't a lot of us around. I started the road into transvestism and technology when I was but a little boy (who wanted to look like a girl). The 1980s was a heady time of Ataris and blue eyeshadow. And I was lucky enough to have both feature in my childhood.

Between playing Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, I would sit transfixed in front of Dynasty wondering how Alexis Colby did her eyeliner. And then I would wait until Mum was out, and steal hers. Luckily my parents were very liberal, and the telling off I got was more to do with the price of Estee Lauder, and less to do with my nascent transvestism.

Over the years my drag persona has taken on a life of its own. At some point along the way I picked up LaQuisha as a christian name. And Redfern is an homage to a 1980s New Zealand drama series called Gloss.

I also started to realize that my childhood in, frankly, a rough neighbourhood had left some marks on my psyche. Trust me when I say that I grew up feeling very much like an outsider. And one of the places I could hide from these feelings of isolation was in front of the monitor of my Atari 520STe as I abused the goto statement horribly, while I programmed little games.

Let’s fast forward the last 36 years of my life though. Now I am a fully realised bearded lady drag queen, and I have taken the feelings of sadness I felt as a child and moulded them into the magical world of imagination that I live in. In this world this feeling of sadness is caused by the alien abduction of my mother.

Taking all of this together screams out for a game. A game about overcoming loneliness as I search for my mother. Discovering a vast and terrible international conspiracy, and maybe a cat show or two along the way. And realizing that as bad is it all may seem, it's actually hilarious. And the best way though, is out! Like coming out, get it?

And in this time of gay persecution in Russia, the battle for marriage equality the world over, this game will be like a warm blanket of campy comedy, celebrating the hilarious best of queer culture and poking fun at the world at large.

So I’m here asking you, with my good friend Dan, to help us raise money to celebrate queerness. A game: LaQuisha’s Odyssey. A game so gay, it’s beyond the rainbow.

LaQuisha Meets Dan and Dave

Dan Milward and Dave Thornycroft approached LaQuisha with the idea of creating a game to heal the wounds from being orphaned. You see, Dan & Dave are from Instinct Entertainment, makers of the the cloud-based game creation platform.

Developing a game in the style of the old Sierra classics like Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards that featured LaQuisha, was, to LaQuisha, a no-brainer.

Dave Thornycroft has made a start on the look of the game. The images in this Kickstarter is a taste of the style of the game.

We have the look. We have the star. We have the narrative. And now we need your help to finish the game so you can play it.

Keep in mind, there's no MMORPG here. You'll be playing LaQuisha as she tries to outwit herself.

Giving back to Open Source

The game will use an open source game engine called kiwi.js Even better, it will be built using the level editor so people will be able to see how it’s done.

kiwi.js is a fancy new game engine for web developers to make games that will run on pretty much anything - we’ll be packaging up the game mechanic behind the LAQ game so that all 8bit game fans can make their own games.

Our Kickstarter contributors will be able to use it as a blueprint to fashion their own Sierra-style games.

What $69K Buys

Some people in New Zealand are surprised by the amount we need to raise. Here's the thing, we've got developers, sound people, graphic designers and testers to pay. Although Conrad is the creative director on this project, there is an ensemble of talent behind the scenes bringing this game to life. We did a quick calculation the other day, and if we had had to pay for all the hours that we'd already spent on this game the bill would be $50K. And, LaQuisha's lovely pussy has expensive taste in cat-food.

Here's a breakdown of the costs to complete this project:

The Hard Sell

So, put your hands on the screen, receive the blessing, and get your credit card out. Give until it hurts. Basically you’ll know you’ve given enough when the debt collectors turn up. Think of your gift as a pledge of your love for LaQuisha, and your love of hilarious gay culture, fabulous lesbian culture, auspicious trans* culture, proud bisexual culture, divine intersex culture, and every other beautiful letter of our rainbow alphabet.

Bonus Dan
Bonus Dan

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

By luck LaQuisha's day job is a self employed web developer who works with several high profile advertising agencies. Dan and Dave are both seasoned veterans of the web and mobile gaming world. In saying all of that, any project can face the following hurdles:

> Scheduling conflicts, technology "surprises", ill health, finding out our estimates were wrong, availability of talent
This group of risks and challenges are part of any project. Any one of them would put stress on the team, the quality of the product and the deadline. Communication is the key with these kinds of challenges. Communication within the team, and with you, letting everyone know what's changed and how it will effect the outcome of the project. We, obviously, will do everything in our power to ensure the integrity of the game.

> The cat chewing on the power cord
We keep good backups, so even if kitty does break trough to the other side and the server shorts out, we'll have backups we can revert to.

> That horrible queen spends all the money on new frocks
Always a risk when involved with Drag Queens. To make sure everything is above board, we have registered a company called Updo Entertainment Ltd which has its own set of bank accounts so all the money will be accounted for clearly. As well as this, we've worked out the costs for this game before this Kickstarter was even launched. I took it as a sign from God that the amount worked out to $69,000, because 69 is the funniest number in all of creation. Finally, Dan & Conrad will be on standby, keeping LaQuisha honest.


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    For less than the cost of a fancy chocolate bar, $1, I will pray for you in my morning devotional. I founded the 'church of the beautiful machine', one afternoon after I got high on oven cleaner fumes.

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    For $5 - You get access to beta testing the game. It's like being a rabbit at the makeup factory but without the rash. You'll be helping to make the game perfect. And you get a copy of the game, at the lowest price, because you are helping Aunty LaQuisha.

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    For $15 you get LaQuisha themed wallpaper and MP3 ringtone for your smartphone or computer, and a copy of the game.

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    For $25, you going to get your very own flatpac paper craft project LaQuisha doll download. It’s a craft project, it’s a game! So much fun. And a copy of the game.

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    And for $50 you get not only the doll above but a paper pussy as well! Yes, my lovely pussy. It’s a craft project. As well as all that the wallpaper and MP3 ringtone. And a copy of the game.

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    All of the previous rewards AND a poster of Dan, with his shirt of. Oh yes, LaQuisha know's what you like.

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    For $100 you get: the doll download, the wallpapers and ringtones and a postcard from me, that I kiss with my lips. You will have my DNA, and lipstick. Don’t go stealing my identity! And a copy of the game.

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    Add $1 NZD to ship outside New Zealand
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    DINNER WITH DAN For $500 you get, the doll download, the wallpaper and ringtones and a postcard from LaQuisha. And if you can travel to New Zealand, you can totally go out for dinner with Dan. To have curly fries and southern fried chicken at Sweet Mothers Kitchen. And a copy of the game.

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    For $500 you get, the doll download, the wallpaper and ringtones and a postcard from LaQuisha. And if you can travel to New Zealand, you can totally go out for dinner with LaQuisha. To have curly fries and southern fried chicken at Sweet Mothers Kitchen. My home away from home. And a copy of the game.

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    For $1000 you get a sprite of you, in the game. Have you ever wanted to be in a game? You’ll get to make cameo in the purple pussy club, you’ll go down in gaming history forever by securing yourself a place in our game credits as one of our kickstarter contributors. Yeah babes! I’ll see you in the club. The purple pussy club. Only the hottest pixels are admitted. Totes exclusive.

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    $5000 you get every single reward mentioned earlier AND a half hour tarot card reading from me via video-link. I am an accredited pretend psychic. And, a credit in the game as a solid-gold-supporter.

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