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A sandbox action RPG that simulates a dynamic world filled with dangerous foes, big dungeons, perilous encounters and a dynamic story!
A sandbox action RPG that simulates a dynamic world filled with dangerous foes, big dungeons, perilous encounters and a dynamic story!
3,227 backers pledged €102,418 to help bring this project to life.

Update #18 : We Are Funded!

Posted by Lanze Games (Creator)

Thank You, Everyone!

Thanks to your incredible support, PIXEL PRINCESS BLITZ is finally funded, exceeding its initial goal by 31%! Whether you've pledged, tweeted or just shared the news with one of your friends, we are immensely grateful.

Because you just have enabled our small party to continue on our quest without stopping at the nearby town to do repetitive side jobs or selling our soul for golden coins! And at the end of that journey, we will have finished Pixel Princess Blitz as we've dreamed it would be.

It is truly gratifying to know that there are this many people who want to play the game in which I've invested my life and soul together with an amazing team.
Please know that Pixel Princess Blitz is the first of a long series of games to come from Lanze Games, and that you have just laid its foundation by supporting this campaign.

On behalf of the team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Post-Campaign Procedure

You might be wondering what is our next step. You might be worried that we might fall into the traps of a successful Kickstarter and do things that could prevent us from finishing the game... 

But don't be worried!

I value diligence and honesty over everything, and I fully intend to maintain that attitude for the remainder of my life. So, please rest assured that we will stay in touch and that we will never keep you in the dark about something you must know.
And finally, we will do our best to make a great game worthy of your generosity, without mistaking this for our final success and spoiling ourselves with foolish euphoria.

Our special thanks go to all those who have supported this game throughout its development since its infancy. Their love and encouragement have played a huge role in believing in ourselves and staying the course.

Sincerely, Hepari (Lanze Games)



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    1. Pashta on

      Honesty is the only way to go, man! I never lie, even though it doesn't make me any friends and causes some problems, I never have to remember a lie! Saves brain space! :)

    2. Lance Trahan, Duck Block Games CEO on

      I'm so ready to play this game! Congratulations!

      P.S. Kuruna is best girl! >w<

    3. Erlend Rogue on

      i cant wait for the game to be released :) this is awesome :)

      Yours truly Rogue

    4. Lanze Games Creator on

      @Thunder Lotus Games : Thank you very much! I wish you the best of luck with Sundered. :D

    5. Lanze Games Creator on

      @Brian : It's gonna be included as a part of the HD poster package that I promised you :D Thank you for your interest!

    6. Lanze Games Creator on

      @ Vince Vasquez : I'll pay extra attention not to abandon this great community! Everytime I post a meaningful update, I will announce it on Kickstarter, too, so that you don't miss out on anything new or important.
      Even a post every 3 months feels really inappropriate. You can definitely expect me to post a lot more frequently than that :)

    7. Lanze Games Creator on

      Thank you so much, everyone!! :D
      We've done it all together.

    8. Wisp on

      In chorus, I say: Congratulations!
      Lanze Games will skyrocket from here. Years of meaningful game design crown the oncoming horizon!

      It was, and remains, a privilege to take part in this.

    9. Thunder Lotus Games on

      Congrats, guys!! Nicely done campaign!

    10. Missing avatar

      Doctor Happy Pills on

      Congrats. I believe in you and this game. XD I really hope you'll visit this years Gamescom in Germany. :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      That first picture would be great as a poster. Any chance of getting a version that will retain quality if enlarged to wall poster size? It be a nice addition to my home office.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mahefa Rakotondratsima on

      Congrats ! I am very impatient now. I'm sure it will be a fantastic game ! :-)

    13. Mr.Monttu

      Yay, congrats! :)

    14. Vince Vazquez

      Yay! Congratulations! I have such a good feeling about this developer and I'm super happy to know you'll get the chance to work on this unfettered with some security to allow for things like occasionally sleeping :)

      Can't wait to see this come to fruition. And I'm gonna enjoy following along with updates, just make sure you get those done, please. I've seen a lot of KS abandon the actual Kickstarter, bizarrely, shifting all updates to social media platforms whenever they get done anyway. I get that game development is the work-intensive, and fun, part, but at least make sure to keep an update popped out every 3 months or so, if not more frequently. I'm happy to hear that's your plan at the moment; just pointing out I'm definitely a supporter of your attitude towards honesty, diligence and transparency, so keep it up! :D

    15. Zackary Rhodes on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing about the progress.

    16. Lanze Games Creator on

      Thank you very much, everyone!!

      @Steven Sanders : Yes, the micro goals are closed now. But hey, all backers are getting a nice digital comic booklet, at least! :)

    17. Steven Sanders on

      Congratulations and best of luck to your team.Does this mean any further micro goals are closed or can we still achieve those?

    18. Darren Gartshore on

      Congratulations! Very excited to join this journey with you. Can't wait to play! :)

    19. NeptuneZC on

      Congrats! Looking forward to the future of this game!

    20. Thirteen on

      I love you! T_T

    21. Jackson Kobe on

      Congratulations guys! I'm super excited for whats to come! :D

    22. Jeffin Andria Prabowo on

      Finally! I know you all will be able to make it. Congrats and wish you all luck in the development step! ��