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Children of Liberty is a stealth based platformer based on the hours leading up to the start of the American Revolutionary War.

The Regulars Are Marching!

In development for a year and a half with a sudden switch in artistic style, Children of Liberty is a stealth-based, historical platformer that has captured the hearts of the Boston game development community and Historical Society. We developed our prototype in Multimedia Fusion, to the point of breaking it through our creation of a 2D lighting engine to shade every scene differently, multiplayer functions, and in-depth yet easy to learn inventory system.

Now, with the prototype done/broken and the team twice as big, we're moving into Unity, using a combination of the recently released PlayMaker to get the game back up and running in no time, and SpriteManager to handle all of our in-game animations.

So, What's It All About?

Children of Liberty follows four kids who have been stealing food and supplies from the British for years. Upon discovering the identities of the children, Governor Gage orders their families arrested and will not release them until the goods they stole are returned. The kids join The Sons of Liberty looking for help, and the adventure takes off from there.

Our goal is to make this a kid's game but still make it as dark and awesome as possible. After all, this is a game about war. We want to delve into what it was like for kids living in occupied Boston during the end of the Colonial era. The Revolution was not a happy time, nor is any war, and we want to bring that feeling across to the player, while making it accessible to all ages 10 and above (E10+ is the ESRB rating we'd be shooting for). It's a tricky balance but we adore a challenge.


  • Four playable characters, each with unique jump moves, special abilities, playstyles, and storylines.
  • Innovative stealth-based gameplay that blends seamlessly with classic platforming action.
  • Huge cast of supporting, historical characters, including Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Thomas Gage, John Hancock, and more.
  • Beautifully rendered hand-drawn animation and environments.
  • A truly faithful recreation of 18th century Boston and surrounding areas.

The Plan

Our goal is to launch by mid September. The more help we get, the more likely that will be. In the meantime we want to do a "Smash Bros. Dojo" kind of thing. Remember how they'd reveal a new character a week? We want to do that kind of thing on our website, only what we reveal will depend on how many new followers and backers we got during the previous week.

  • <10 Followers/Backers: Project update.
  • 10-50 Followers/Backers: Screenshot batch
  • 50-100 Followers/Backers: A new character bio
  • >100 Followers: Video

We want to work hard to keep you in the loop and get your honest feedback on what we're up to.

So why do we need your help? Well, first and foremost, our in-office computers are pretty busted. They need some serious help. Secondly, there's plenty of software we need. For instance, we want to upgrade to Unity Pro so we can get Children of Liberty onto even more platforms, and we need individual Adobe Creative Suite 5 licenses for each computer. Finally, your generous contributions will allow us to bring the game to conventions around the US, like the Game Developer's Conference, IndieCade, Independent Games Festival, and Penny-Arcade Expo in Seattle.

What Should I Pledge?

Well, that all depends on how patriotic you are. It also depends on your budget, your love of stuff, and whether you like to party. The suggested donation for anyone on a budget is $20. This will get you access to our beta of the game, a digital copy of the game at launch, your name in the credits, and a goody bag filled with stuff. Why $20 instead of $10 for just the game and your name in the credits? Because we really like giving away stuff.

If, however, you love to party, are feeling patriotic, have some cash sitting around, and you'll be free late this summer, a $500 donation gets you a VIP pass to our exclusive launch party in Boston, and this will be a most EXCELLENT party! Ages 21+ only, please, as this well be held at a bar, though we don't know which one yet. There are a lot of bars here, after all. Please note we can't pay for plane tickets or hotel fees.

I Want to Learn More Before I Donate

Good! We want you to be responsible with your money! You can learn more about us and the project at our website. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any questions, leave a comment or drop us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

Closing Notes

Thank you for reading this giant wall of text and we hope you'll support our efforts to make an awesome game! We'll be back soon with info about shipping costs. Finally, Paul Revere is the new Han Solo.


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    For $5, you will get your name in the credits under the "Project Donors" section.

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    We are planning on launching the game for $10, so if you pay this amount now you have bought not only the game upon release day but also access to the beta and your name in the credits as a "Preemptive Donors."

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    $20 gets you a swag bag full of goodies. Pretty much whatever we can think of and can afford to print. Buttons, stickers, cards, possibly even some baked goods! You'll also receive beta access and the game at launch, plus your name under the "Donors Who Like Stuff" section.

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    $50 gets you an official Children of Liberty t-shirt, a swag bag, beta access + game at launch, and your name under the "Well Dressed Donors" section.

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    For $100 you will receive the limited edition 2-Disc DVD/CD set of Children of Liberty! This includes the game and featurettes on the first disc, the official soundtrack on the second, a book filled with concept art and reference photos, and special limited edition packaging, signed by everyone on the team! And yes, you'll also receive the t-shirt, swag bag, beta access, final game, and your name in the credits under the "Seriously Classy Donors" section.

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    A generous contribution of $250 means we get right to work making a sprite of you to put into Children of Liberty. That's right! We put you in our game as an NPC, and if you want we can even make you say stuff. All we ask is that you send us a very clear photo of yourself (keep it in your pants, please) so that we can draw and animate your sprite. If you want some in-game quips, send us some high quality recordings as well. Remember, this is a kid's game, so we politely request you don't use any bad language. You will also receive the 2-Disc Limited Edition of COL, the t-shirt, the swag bag, beta access, and your name in the credits under the "Donors Worthy of a Cameo Appearance" section.

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    One thing you may not know about Lantana Games is we can throw one hell of a party, and we intend to when this game is launched. For $500, you'll get VIP access to our super exclusive launch party in Boston, MA. Drinks and food will be on us, you'll get to hang out with the Lantana Games team, and we'll give you even MORE stuff at the party! Please keep in mind that we cannot fly you out to Boston or put you up in a hotel. You are on your own for travel expenses. Should you, by some miracle, not have to worry about travel expenses (like if you already live in Boston or if you know you can afford the trip) then you really should not pass this up! You will also receive the in-game sprite, the 2-Disc Limited Edition of COL, the t-shirt, the swag bag, beta access, and your name in the credits under the "Donors of Liberty" section.

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    THIS IS A SECONDARY FUNDING GOAL! If we hit $7000, we will bring Children of Liberty to iPhone and iPad.

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    THIS IS A SECONDARY FUNDING GOAL! If we hit $8000, we will bring Children of Liberty to Android platforms, including phones and tablets.

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