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Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
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February Loud Bicycle Update


Hey everyone,

According to the manufacturer we’ll have samples for the custom plastic housing by the end of February, and samples for the custom button early March. Toolings for these custom parts have been in the process of being built for almost a month now, but carving solid steel is not easy so we don’t want to rush. We also have a special ‘knife tooling’ to cut the pads that are going to keep the clamp from scratching your bike. These pads will also give it a nice tight fit to different tube diameters.

You may have noticed an update slowdown - but that does not mean that the pace of progress is slowing, it just means that more of the work is being done on the manufacturers side so I have fewer pictures to share. We still have a lot of variables to work with so I can’t peg any particular date down for shipping yet but you will be the first to know when I have more updates.

Happy biking and feel free to leave questions and comments as always!

– Jonathan


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    1. Jonathan Lansey 2-time creator on

      Still haven't been able to nail down a date.

    2. Missing avatar

      George Head on

      When is this expected to ship?

    3. Jonathan Lansey 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments everyone. The plastic molds are definitely the hardest part, it might not come out exactly like the CAD model, and the material will have different properties than the 3D printed horns (much much stronger! but it could have implications for assembly). Once we get those samples we check that everything fits right (the battery and circuit board are the tricky parts). If it all works then we push forwards and could be done a month after - but if we need to modify the battery or circuit board to get a better fit then things will take longer.

      Definitely tragic if we don't get it out for the full northern hemisphere "biking season" but I feel for our friends in the south/middle of the globe *and* people like Alan and I who bike all year round.

      The wheels on the Masi are just amazing, the teeth on the side cut right in the moment I turn into a slip.

    4. Missing avatar


      I would like to see this horn on my bike by mid May 2014 so I could use it this coming season. The June 2013 projection was UNREALISTIC but to not have a full 2014 bike season use would be tragic. I love the idea still but I have not backed anymore Kickstarter projects based on the flux of this one.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Wright` on

      Hey Jonathon, thanks for the update. I could have used it today as I biked on my Masi (same model) to the local pool in the Boston snow storm to warn off those damn cars that were stuck in the snow. But I can wait so that you get it done right. BTW, a neighbor bought an ELF trike - the Loud Bike Horn would be a perfect addition to it. Uncle Robot

    6. Missing avatar

      David Russo on

      Grateful for the update. I'm with glochse on expected delivery date. Will the sample quantity be enough to satisfy qualifying donors?

    7. glochse on

      Appreciate the update. Are you brave enough to offer a likely delivery date? June 2013 seems like a long time ago already...

    8. blueumbrella

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting this great bike horn.