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Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
600 backers pledged $52,837 to help bring this project to life.

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Ride softly but carry a big horn

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Hi everyone,

Very excited to announce a new T-Shirt theme: “Ride softly but carry a big horn”

The quip is inspired by former President Theodore Roosevelt who said “speak softly but carry a big stick.” This is nicely analogous to Loud Bicycle; we don’t want to use the horn, but we can ride confidently knowing the horn is there to keep us safe when we need it. Also, Teddy Roosevelt was a really awesome guy. He created the first New York City bicycle police squad, commuted by bicycle and directed the United States on a path of nature conservation.

Ellen Marcus put together this sketch which Allison Johnston will be making T-Shirtable soon.

Ride softly!


Path Forwards

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The second batch of bike horns has arrived! You won’t believe it but the people waiting for them now are just as excited now as you guys were six months ago.

I wanted to take this update to thank everyone who happened to receive a faulty unit in the Kickstarter delivery and alerted us about problem. We were able to mitigate each of the issues and we hope to have much fewer faulty units this time around. For example in the photo below you can see us testing each charge circuit for an extended period before boxing the horn up. As always though stay diligent and don’t hesitate to contact me in case anything goes wrong with the horn

Another thing you may notice here is is the fantastic jig for muffling the sound of the horns during testing. This is a huge improvement from the methods we used the first time around, and it is all thanks to James Nee from Olin College of engineering, he did a great job and everyone’s ears were thankful.

Stay in touch!


Loud Bicycle March Update

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Hi everyone,

It has only been a couple of months since we shipped and the feedback has been overwhelming. Take a look at this message sent by Roger from Houston.

"The LoudBicycle horn already saved my neck once, by making a car clear where I was riding. As it turned out, that person was drunk, and they came perilously close to hitting me. I scared them off with the horn. I might not be here but for the horn."

You made this happen! From myself, Roger and all the future Loud Bicyclers riding with improved safety, THANK YOU. 

Feedback survey 

Now that some of you have gotten a chance to see and test the horns, specific feedback will be really helpful. Even if you haven’t installed the horn yet, it would be great if you would fill out this short survey. We want to know what online forums you use to discuss bicycle things; and what you thought about the bolts for installing the horn. Thanks so much!

Missing horns, battery chargers and delayed replacement horns

To those of you who are waiting for a horn or wall charger, whether you recently gave us your address or are waiting on a replacement of a faulty unit - I am so so sorry for the extra delay.
We have horns still in stock and we have wall chargers too. The reason for the delay is because sadly the relationship with our shipping partner has broken down. I have been trying to make amends or find a new fulfillment center. In the end, I'll be mailing out the chargers myself this coming week, and the horns in a few weeks once I regain access to our inventory. Thanks so much for your patience, I hope we can soon step firmly out of the rut of delays and into smooth running operations.

More Loud Bicycle horns in production

I’m super happy to announce that we have started production on a new batch of horns! In case any of you would like to order additional units you can get them at:

January 2015 Loud Bicycle Update

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Hi everyone,

We really appreciate all the photos and videos posted and special thanks for vigilant quality feedback. Please remember to test your horn soon or you may need to wait for the second batch for a replacement in case you have a faulty unit.

If you haven’t received your horn yet, please send your address to and we’ll find out what went wrong.

Loud Bicycle chargers

We finally have the chargers coming in, if you need one then create an order in this super-secret backer store page Use the coupon BESAFEBELOUD to get one charger for free (domestic shipping/handling is $5). We will have lots in stock, so you can get as many as you like. They are for US outlets.

Epic backer videos

Now for a quick run-down of some wonderful backer videos

Jeffrey Daley made this super well done video; he’s basically a director.

 Another amazingly well done video from Spain (almost like a documentary) from Gordon Dionne 

 Cyclegaz already reviewed it (amazing accent). Check out his other videos too, he’s something of a celebrity in England. 

Short and sweet videos from:
Telmo Fernandes
A nice article accompanied by a sweet vine (do not try this at home)
An unboxing video, we’re all in suspense for the followup where he tests the horn.

Stay in touch

If we missed yours in this list, or you made a new video/photo please you can post yours over at, or

Post-ship update


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