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Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
600 backers pledged $52,837 to help bring this project to life.

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Loud Mini Kickstarter is Live

Hi everyone,

The new Loud Mini Kickstarter project is live!!!

Please help spread the good word right away about Loud Bicycle on Facebook and through your favorite social channels. If you have a Loud Bicycle horn please mention it, and if you just backed the project for a Loud Mini, please mention that too!

I’ll be online answering questions on this reddit post, through the Kickstarter page and as always by email.

You are all the absolute best and I really hope you will join me on this next Kickstarter adventure for Loud Mini!


PS: I'll be transitioning further updates to come from mailchimp

Get ready for Loud Mini


There have been rumors going around about a new lightweight bicycle horn that is only half the weight of the Loud Bicycle horn – but also sounds just like a car. You better believe it is coming sooner than ever.

Tomorrow evening the new Loud Mini Kickstarter will go live!

Launch time: 5:30pm EST, Saturday Nov 7th

Get ready because the first 75 people to order their horn will get a free Loud Bicycle T-Shirt!  

We managed to fit the full car horn sound into an elegant shell that's almost half the weight as the original Loud Classic horn.

We’ve measured the mini on our decibel meters and it is just as loud as the original horn. The mini sound is higher pitched so it does sound like a different car (the video coming soon will have recordings). We’ve doubled the battery life which is totally amazing; the mini will last 4 months. The easy release mounting is compatible with GoPro, so it is solid and well tested. 

Most people preferred the the Loud Mini in black; it will cost 149 dollars. The Loud Mini with the orange front will be 199.

As our earliest backers you helped make this happen and I’m so excited to have you along,

See you tomorrow!


New tee shirts available

Hey everyone,

Tee shirt time! Allison and Ellen did an amazing job again polishing off the art and I really like the way it came out. The back will say “Ride softly and carry a big horn” and that is why we feel as cool as Teddy Roosevelt looks in this graphic. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions. You can order the shirts over at our shopify page here:

If you add a horn to your oder then shipping for the T-Shirt is free.

And now, announcing, our first ever contest! Do you have footage of the Loud horn in action? Share your video with us on social media in the next 3 weeks (Facebook, Twitter ...) and the best 3 will win T-Shirts! You absolutely must be cycling safely at the time of the incident to qualify. Here is a the first video entry from Washington DC.

Happy biking!


Ride softly but carry a big horn

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Hi everyone,

Very excited to announce a new T-Shirt theme: “Ride softly but carry a big horn”

The quip is inspired by former President Theodore Roosevelt who said “speak softly but carry a big stick.” This is nicely analogous to Loud Bicycle; we don’t want to use the horn, but we can ride confidently knowing the horn is there to keep us safe when we need it. Also, Teddy Roosevelt was a really awesome guy. He created the first New York City bicycle police squad, commuted by bicycle and directed the United States on a path of nature conservation.

Ellen Marcus put together this sketch which Allison Johnston will be making T-Shirtable soon.

Ride softly!


Path Forwards

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The second batch of bike horns has arrived! You won’t believe it but the people waiting for them now are just as excited now as you guys were six months ago.

I wanted to take this update to thank everyone who happened to receive a faulty unit in the Kickstarter delivery and alerted us about problem. We were able to mitigate each of the issues and we hope to have much fewer faulty units this time around. For example in the photo below you can see us testing each charge circuit for an extended period before boxing the horn up. As always though stay diligent and don’t hesitate to contact me in case anything goes wrong with the horn

Another thing you may notice here is is the fantastic jig for muffling the sound of the horns during testing. This is a huge improvement from the methods we used the first time around, and it is all thanks to James Nee from Olin College of engineering, he did a great job and everyone’s ears were thankful.

Stay in touch!