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The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
5,400 backers pledged €659,299 to help bring this project to life.

News of the field 4 : Survey & Lance production

Posted by Lance Glasses (Creator)

Dear backers,

As promised, we’ve started sending the survey!

Our Super Early Bird Backers - Lance Classic, had the chance to discover it first! If you have any remarks, please let us know and we’ll take care of whatever problem you may encounter!!

The Survey is super simple to handle and consists of 5 easy steps as described in our last update :

Step 1 : Your Contact Info

Step 2: Your Frame & Lenses choice

Step 3 : Your prescription ( is to repeat if you have more than 1 pair! )

Step 4 : Add-ons if you want some extra products( Lance Clip-ons, Premium Cases, Lance Pockets )

Step 5 : Validation ( and the payment if you purchased any add-ons)

If you will answer the survey within 15 days after receiving it, you will get your reward/s  in May/June.

If you answer it after that period of 15 days, you will receive your reward/s in August/September.

Very important :

If you have purchased add-ons, make sure you use a valid payment method and make sure you have validated your purchase on the Paypal page.

If everything went well and smooth you will receive the following message : ‘’Your Survey was successfully registered! You will soon receive a confirmation email.‘’

However, if your purchase did not go through, you will receive a message to validate your purchase or your submission will be erased in 24h and you will have to submit it again.

The Lance production has already started and our team is onsite at the lenses factory to coordinate the process and verify all the details, making sure that the lenses we produce meet all your expectations!

For any questions please consult the FAQs section and if you need some extra support, open a ticket on the support platform we have created through the survey.

And, of course, let us know how you feel on the feed!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more cool pics!

Thanks a lot for your support and collaboration!

Lance Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Standish on

      I have not recieved survey link
      I m backerumber 770

    2. Missing avatar

      Shanyz Abdulla on

      I still haven’t received the survey. I’m backer #2970

    3. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Evgenii we sent you now a private message.
      Thank you !

    4. Missing avatar

      Evgenii Cheremnykh on

      Hi! I'm backer #5,401 and didn't receive survey as well. Please send the survey

    5. Bert Maes on

      @Randy Setiawan Djoe @Octavian Cazacu @Craig Morrison, and others
      If not done yet, for any issues regarding the survey, only one channel of communication:
      First register, than write Lance on that webpage.

    6. Bert Maes on

      @Davide Di
      The Fade lenses only turn from transparent to dark grey, and back.
      If you want lenses in other colors, you'll have to choose sun lenses (see colors in survey), but that is a different application of course.

    7. Davide Di on

      Fade Lenses with blu light filter protection for the Steve Smart Metal will come in different colors or all the lenses became dark grey when you're outdoor? I'd like Mate Gold but only if the lenses match the color of the frame

    8. Missing avatar

      Octavian Cazacu on

      Hi, I didn't receive the survey yet. My friends who pledged a week after me already received it a couple of days ago. Can you please send me the survey also. Thanks

    9. Norbert Bartels on

      Survey received yesterday and completed. I'm looking forward to get the glasses :D

    10. Craig Morrison on

      I recently had an issue with my Gmail where it wasn't allowing any incoming emails, Kickstarter alerted me that they had some emails get kicked back. Is it possible for you to resend my survey please?

    11. Missing avatar

      Lyn zirbel on

      I am backer 230 who also backed your Indiegogo campaign. Hard to understand why I have not yet received my survey. Most of the people complaining have a number in the thousands. I would be devastated to miss the first delivery as I talked my husband into a pair, he has delayed replacing them and the damage to the coatings on his current lenses have made them virtually opaque. I have been checkng my junk folder all week. I am continually promoting your product and thought that with my early attention to purchasing as soon as the campaign opened, I would be one of the earlier survey recipients.

    12. Bert Maes on

      @Jerick Evans, @Ked, @Jane Carey
      Lance mentioned many times that you will get your survey by *tomorrow evening* Friday 29 March, with the subject "Complete The Survey - Get Your Lance Glasses Reward".
      If (AND ONLY IF) you have not received your survey in your email inbox on Saturday morning, go to, scroll down to the bottom, and "submit a ticket".

    13. Missing avatar

      Jane Carey on

      Backer# 2621 again - I did not receive any survey at all yet. Bert Maes, below, says we got them last week? NO - I did not. Please send it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jane Carey on

      Backer# 2621 It's been two weeks since you sent the above email update to us backers and where is the survey?? I've ordered two pairs of glasses and would like to buy some add-ons, as well. Please let us know when you will send the REAL survey!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ked on

      Hello, Backer #4301 No survey as well

    16. Jerick Evans

      Backer #5718 still no survey email. Who do I need to contact to receive the survey?

    17. Missing avatar

      Vice Pichitphan on

      Backer #4681 No survey as well

    18. Bert Maes on

      "To find the backer number go to your Backed Projects, click on the Lance Glasses project and then click on the “View Pledge” button found on the right of your screen. You’ll then need to scroll down in the pop up window and find your backer number at the bottom." Source:

    19. Bert Maes on

      Did you receive an email with the subject "Complete The Survey - Get Your Lance Glasses Reward" last week or this week?
      * If not, no worries - you'll get it before Friday evening.
      * If so, in the email, click the "Click Here to Respond"-button.

    20. Anna Simonse on

      Hello! Where do we find our backer #? I only have a long Kickstarter confirmation # which is many more digits than the 5 # field you request.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathan Ruhl on

      There is no survey that I can discern attached to the email sent. Reading comments below and if I understand correctly the survey is not necessarily meant to be a part of this email? It’s a bit confusing.

    22. Bert Maes on

      @Minh, @Mike, @Ethan:

      in recent updates and in many comments Lance wrote: you will get your survey by Friday 29 March. That is still a few days to go.

      If (AND ONLY IF) you have not received your survey in your email inbox on Saturday morning, go to, scroll down to the bottom, and "submit a ticket".

    23. Ethan Harris on

      Backer 2881. No survey.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Goldstein on

      I am backer 4198.
      I have not yet received the survey.
      I have also had a new credit card issued, so I hope that the payment went through ok.
      Please let me know if, indeed, I should be receiving the survey soon.

    25. Missing avatar

      minh do on

      backer 4644 received email on 3/19 regarding another survey but its 3/26 I have not received any survey. If anyone knows how to contact please enlighten me.
      thank you

    26. Bert Maes on

      @Maximilien Nguyen: there is a high chance you didn't receive the survey yet. Lance is sending the survey in batches due to server limitations. You'll get your survey before coming Friday 29th. The email address will be and subject "Complete The Survey - Get Your Lance Glasses Reward".

    27. Missing avatar

      Maximilien Nguyen on

      I'm backer 3,926 and I'm under the impression that I didn't receive the link to the survey (checked my spam and so on), Was it sent by the usual no-reply@kickstarter email? Could you resent it?
      Thanks for your help!

    28. Bert Maes on

      @Rod Weir - my best guess:, scroll down to the bottom, and "submit a ticket".

    29. Bert Maes on

      @Jan Lew:
      (1) if you didn't receive your survey, don't worry - you can put in your correct delivery address in that survey.
      (2) If you did fill out your final survey already, I believe it is best to open a ticket:, scroll down to the bottom, and "submit a ticket". But before you do that check (1).

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrei Mocanu on

      Hello to all,

      I remember receiving my survey but may be very mistaken - could you please check and confirm/deny my assumption?

      If I have received it and have misplaced the mail - I would dearly love to fill in the info as soon as possible in order to receive the glasses in May.

      Thank you in advance,

    31. Missing avatar

      Jan Lew on

      Hi I'm wondering if you have a link for me to change my address? Kindly advise.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rod Weir on

      Hi, I'm backer 2648. I submitted my survey but would like to change my lenses from straight to prescription. Can you pls give me an email address and I'll email you my prescription? Sorry, didn't think I could easily get a copy of my prescription.

    33. Nafis Khan on

      Further to my earlier comment my Backer # 652 and 1390. Nafis

    34. Bert Maes on

      @Eduardo Hernandez: It's recommend you to have a minimum distance of 50 cm from your computer. Put the computer on a flat surface and keep your face at the same level with it, otherwise the glasses will look bigger than they really are. (see update #14

    35. Bert Maes on

      @Roberto Lo Giudice: Everyone will receive the survey before this week Friday. The (super) early birds received their surveys first.

    36. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Hernandez on

      When virtual mirror would be fixed? It shows oversized lenses, so is totally unusefull.

    37. Missing avatar

      Roberto Lo Giudice on

      Hi! Are only the early backer receiving the survey or everyone?

    38. Nafis Khan on

      I am having a problem, whenever I click the "view pledge" I only see only 1 backer no the 2nd backer no doesn't show up. I have paid for the two pledges. Please advise.

    39. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Kenny Robert
      Working on it!!
      Thanks for your patience.
      Lance Team

    40. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Nafis Khan
      If you have 2 different pledges , you will have to wait for the second survey.
      The survey have the name of your pledge.
      Thanks for asking this important question!
      Lance Team

    41. Nafis Khan on

      I have two pledges (one for me and other for my son obviously with different prescriptions), with two different numbers, I received the survey, should I fill it twice with the relevant backer no or wait for the 2nd survey message to fill in the info of the 2nd prescription. Thanks and Regards.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kenny Robert on

      Would you have some photo's of the Haussmann Ace&Steel Shiny Palladium & Havana Blond ? I didn't find anything here or on Instagram... Just to see how looks the "Shiny Havana Blond".

    43. Bert Maes on

      Kenny, there will be no updated virtual app before you have to fill out and finish your survey. Lance wrote in a comment that the time frame is too short to do the server upgrades needed for the completed virtual mirror.

    44. Bert Maes on

      Andrei, please read update #16: surveys are sent in waves due to server limitations. Everyone will receive his/her survey before 29 March.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrei Lăzărescu


      No survey here either - should a link have arrived by now?


    46. Missing avatar

      Kenny Robert on

      When will there be all models (I mean different colors) in the Lance Virtual App ? It's still in Beta...

    47. Reinis on

      I'm confused about the survey. I got a message and a link saying I can fill it out, but when I click the link it says this : "The requested URL /lance_thanks.html was not found on this server."
      Where do I go from there?

    48. Bert Maes on

      Hi Carolina,
      (1) you will get the survey before Friday 29/3.
      (2) Delivery still starts in May.
      (3) refund is not possible. Check the FAQ. Backing on Kickstarter isn’t like shopping on Amazon or a regular store. Backers who pledge money on crowdfunding platforms should do so with no expectation of a refund. It is a leap of faith to bring creative projects to life.

    49. Carolina Urra Schiaffino on

      I haven’t get the survey. Should I assume I won’t get the glasses on may? If not can I retire from this?