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The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
5,400 backers pledged €659,299 to help bring this project to life.

News of the field III : The survey & the addons

Posted by Lance Glasses (Creator)

Dear Backers,

You were about 2000 to answer the vote! That is absolutely awesome!

The majority of you guys have chosen Paypal. We would have preferred Stripe but as we previously said, it is up to you!

Thank you all for your participation!

What now ?

We’ll send the first survey batch on Monday to all the Super Early Bird backers. This will be also a final stress test for our server and make sure that everything is OK for the rest of the community.

Then, the Survey will be sent in waves for 8 working days (please do not send messages such as ” I did not receive the survey. ” before Friday 29th. We will publish an update when survey is sent at all people.
We’d be so thankful for your cooperation on this matter.

How will it work?

We created the simplest survey to make your user experience easy and efficient, in just 5 steps :

Step 1 : Your Contact Info
Step 2: Your Frame & Lenses choice
Step 3 : Your prescription ( is to repeat if you have more than 1 pair!)
Step 4 : Add ons if you want some extra products( Lance Clip-ons, Premium Cases, Lance Pocket )
Step 5 : Validation ( and payment if you purchased add ons)

If you will answer the survey within 15 days after receiving it, you will get your reward/s  in May/June.

If you answer it after that period of 15 days, you will receive your reward/s in August/September.

Those are ETAs ! Estimated Times of Arrival. Our production depends on many parameters such as suppliers respecting their contracts, especially for standard components delivery (such as Hinges from OBE)

We’ll keep you all informed all along the journey and with total transparency!

What are the add ons ?

The add ons are a few accessories we propose to purchase at the end of your survey and they will be delivered with your Kickstarter reward!

About the Lance clip-ons:

They are definitely the ultimate accessories.

They complete the style of your frame and give it a fresh, new look, enabling you to  have two pairs of glasses in one.

Lightweight and available in many colours , all the lenses are UVA-UVB 42, providing full protection.

They are compatible with Fade lenses, our fast change photochromic lenses. You can attach the Lance clip on to your FADE especially on very bright days and also while in a car, as the photochromic feature is limited due to the windshield blocking a large spectre of UV (UV being the element making the FADE change its colour).

Perfectly matching your Sharp, plain lenses, with or without prescription, they are your daily allies as you won’t need to buy a second pair of expensive, prescription sunglasses!

The Lance clip-ons are easy to handle, lightweight and robust.

Easily complete your Lance glasses look with a matching Lance clip on for just $49,90 (USD) !

The Premium Case :

The premium case is made of a very high quality PU-leather and has two compartments for your Frames and your Lance Clip-ons.

You can have it for just $24,90 (USD) !

The Lance Pocket :

Stylish, thin and lightweight, you can carry the Lance pocket anywhere to protect your pair of Lance Glasses and also your Lance clip-ons!

Get it for only $12,90 (USD) !!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you,

Lance Team

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    1. Bert Maes on

      @Marios Domoxoudis
      There is a web module at
      Overall it works best with chrome or safari.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marios Domoxoudis on

      Where can I get the Lance Virtual Try application?

    3. Bert Maes on

      @Jane Carey,

      First pick you first frame, enter the type of lenses, your prescription and add-ons.

      At step number 6 "Add-ons", you have the question:
      "Do you want to add an extra pair to your order?"

      Then you can enter new answers to the same questions again for your second frame.

      You can find this answer in the general "comments" feed.

      If you really have an important issue that isn't answered with the Lance updates, FAQs or somewhere in the comments (use CTRL+F), you can open a ticket at after you have created a new Lance account (if you don't have it).

    4. Missing avatar

      Jane Carey on

      And also tell me how to reach you quickly for questions on the survey?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jane Carey on


    6. Missing avatar

      Jane Carey on


    7. Missing avatar

      Roy Dopaishi on

      Hey guys,

      I don't mind waiting for months on end before receiving the glasses, I get it. But your emails are seriously confusing people. I got the 17th one yesterday... 17 emails about the survey which we still don't know when we will ACTUALLY receive... is it too soon to ask when we can expect to actually RECEIVE the glasses? Just want to calrify, Im a big fan of the product but not of vague timelines and confusing communication...i'd actually prefer just one email with the survey whenever its ready and one email with my shipping confirmation.. please do not send me anything else. Thanks.

    8. Bert Maes on

      Wayne Case: Try the Lance FADE lenses. You will then only need clip ons on the very brightest days or in the car when your front window blocks UV.

    9. Wayne Case on

      did you consider having lenses that darkened automatically when exposed to sunlight and therefore turning your glasses into sunglasses without a clip on? Just curious as most of my glasses have this feature and I don't have to worry when going from inside to outside ...wayne

    10. Missing avatar

      Genevieve Richard on

      Hi, what happens if I don't use Paypal and I want an add on?

    11. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Teri. Thanks for backing us again here! Yes you will have to provide your info again. Because of the GDPR, any personal data have been wiped out form our data base from the last campaign.
      Thanks for your trust!
      Lance Team

    12. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      Yes it is available.
      Thanks for your support!
      Lance team

    13. Missing avatar

      Derek Hawkins

      Will the “fade” feature be available on the blue light blocking lenses as well? Or has to be separate?

    14. Missing avatar

      teri on

      Hi - I bought two pairs during your first round, and they were so great I pledged for another two pairs again! Question: if I provided my prescription for the first order, do I have to provide again? Thanks, Teri

    15. Missing avatar

      Babs Mitchell on

      Oh! I just noticed the case add-on has a separate compartment for the clip-ons. How cool is that!

    16. Missing avatar

      Babs Mitchell on

      Very excited about the clip-on sunglasses option! I have been looking for quality clip-ons for years and these are the first that have really grabbed me. Merci beaucoup!

    17. Missing avatar

      Lore Spiessens on

      Is it possible to order an extra pair of glasses in the survey? My nephew wants a pair too, but I backed only one pair.

    18. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @ronan yes! you can choose separate prescriptions !
      @julien yes! people from first campaign can choose the gift !

    19. ronan Morgan on

      I ordered 2 pairs one for me and one for my wife, will it be possible to get seperate prescriptions

    20. Missing avatar

      julien on

      Thanks for the update !

      Is it still good for the clip on reward for first’s campaign backers ?
      Will it be appears in the survey ?
      Thanks !

    21. Missing avatar

      Adolfo Kuri Sarur on

      Hi, guys, how can I get the virtual mirror app? Will the instructions to get it come with the survey?