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The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
5,400 backers pledged €659,299 to help bring this project to life.

News of the field II : What do you think?

Posted by Lance Glasses (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are in need of your valuable feedback!

As we told you on our last update as well as in the comments feed :

The funds have been transferred and everything is ok. We have signed the orders for material procurement (Acetate, Stainless Steel 316, hinges, screws, armatures..)

To anticipate the future needs we’ve used the data collected through the pre-survey and also balanced the quantities based on the Premium or Classics pledges.( 65% of them are Premium)

And now, more about the survey :

The survey is 100% ready, and, in order to collect the money from add-ons or extra pairs of glasses purchases we have created a Stripe Atlas account to be able to offer the best user experience. To do so we have to wait for an ITN ( Identification Tax Number) delivered by the IRS , all of our US backers will know what we are talking about.

Due to the recent shut down of the US administration , all procedures have been delayed. Stripe told us it would take 15 days max but we already passed that term.

That is why we need you to tell us what you prefer : 

1 . We can wait a little bit more and then have the Stripe payment in place

2. We can implement PayPal which is definitely less user friendly

It is up to you to decide and here is the link where you can vote:

Thank you again and wish you the most pleasant day,

UPDATE : Due to the misunderstandings and lack of information about Stripe, we’d like to make some clarifications : we decided to use this method as it is much simple than Paypal . With Stripe it only takes about 10 seconds to make a payment whereas Paypal directs you to another website, sometimes needing to log on the paypal website too.

Lance Team

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    1. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      We are publishing the update with the results of the vote.
      A little more patience, thank you all!
      All the answers to your questions in it!
      Lance Team

    2. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Peter. Can you please develop? We are struggling to understand your point.
      What is very poor in our customer service ?
      What would you have preferred us to do?
      What did we ignore?

      Thanks for your support!
      Lance Team

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      To offer a choice in a survey then ignore it is very poor customer service
      Come on guys get your act together

    4. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Edward. The amount is final!!
      We just propose the community to purchase a Lance clip-on or cases ( additional to the one included) and option such as progressive lenses, blue light filter for the FADE lenses.

      We are transparent in the campaign, all is described there.
      Please have a look and tell us if something is unclear to you.
      Thanks for your support!
      Lance team

    5. Missing avatar

      Edward Lee on

      Like most of them, I am confused. I thought the amount was final when I sign up for this. If I knew, I would have just gone to a optical shop in my country

    6. Missing avatar

      Muslim Sharafutdinov on

      Im very confused now!
      I have backed to this project and the payment was done a while ago from my bank account.
      The link for survey never worked and therefore never been accomplished.
      And now, why do i need to provide my PayPal account? What are the extra charges??
      Super confused!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dave Patten on

      The consensus seems to be PayPal which is fine by me. Like many people I have PayPal already and don't want to sign up to another service.

    8. Zsolt Sándor on

      Honestly I have paypal, and I don;t want to register yet another payment service.
      I think the payment issue should have worked out before the kickstarter project. So this is a major mistake from you guys. I hope I got my glasses. Before this update I was willing to pay for some extras, but not now.

    9. André van Spaandonck on

      Ps. Why do I not read any replies from the creators answering all our Q’s.

    10. André van Spaandonck on

      I do not need extras.
      Just come with the survey.
      I want my glasses i paid for.

      I feel like i am fooled like with 5 of my 17 backed projects.
      Cross my fingers.

      Tell me/us we are wrong.

    11. César Augusto do Nascimento on

      I never heard of Stripe and I'm not willing to share my bank or credit information with a platform I've never heard of just to buy extra stuff. I've already paid for the glasses and I'm willing to buy the clip-on shades if paying for them does not become a hassle.

    12. Kion

      Stripe is better than Paypal in many ways, but for this specific case, it doesn't really matter much and if using Paypal will let you process the funds sooner, so be it. I don't think anyone would care about wasting another minute on the payment process if it saved you weeks on waiting for product to arrive.

    13. Erin McMichael on

      Exactly what Jane Jeffrey said.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sacha on

      PayPal 💯!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Colby Arakaki on

      Never used or heard of stripe. Paypal has been around for 10+ years and is getting more user friendly. Stripe probably has a “better” app/website, but still, Paypal we just put your email and done. Money sent. People just need to set up their bank or credit card.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jane Jeffrey on

      I vote PayPal. If the difference between the two apps boils down to a possible few extra seconds of time with using PayPal, I'd rather spend my time and get the glasses earlier than wait an indefinite period for you to set up a new payment app that helps me save a few clicks. I appreciate Lance's efforts for customer service, but the payoff doesn't see justifiable for the delays.

      Is there an option of setting up both forms so people can choose what they want, realizing that anyone using Stripe might have an extra delay on their delivery?

    17. elkfitter2 on

      You wont get tax id numbers from users if your talking about SS# from US backers. Please accept both forms as stated below. This makes sense for the buyer.
      Thanks much for all your hard work.

    18. Missing avatar

      Markus Grusch on

      PayPal is fine. So many people use it.
      Just skip that discussion and go on please.

    19. Bert Maes on

      Lance, you probably need to accept payments from both Stripe and PayPal, and credit cards. The best user experience is the platform each individual user prefers, not what is easiest for the seller. So offer the choice for backers upon purchasing their extras. Then very little people need to set up new payment platform accounts and go through all that hassle. Kind regards, a strong Lance supporter

    20. Missing avatar

      Oudart on

      1 I don’t like PayPal

    21. Gary Sutherland on

      PayPal is one click for most people and it's universal. It's available now, 'Stripe' is not, why it this being debated?

    22. Jeffrey Serette on

      PayPal without a doubt. I will often not make a purchase online if PayPal is not offered as a form of payment. I find it very easy to use.

    23. Missing avatar


      Hey guys, did you checked out Braintree? It’s a product own by PayPal, it’s as simple as stripe ;)

    24. Missing avatar

      Stefan Dorn on

      Let's get done with it already and use PayPal, that takes like 5 seconds extra... come on!

    25. Chris

      My PayPal account requires one click to approve payments and no other party gets access to the numbers👍

    26. Missing avatar

      Simone Deluigi on

      So the choice is wait 15 days due Stripe’s something, or wait n days for letting you set up a paypal account (which btw everyone in the world have).
      Meanwhile, we wait for this survey result.
      If you wanted to buy some time.. well just say it.
      That’s a dirty move IMHO.
      I’ll wait. But for sure this is the last time i will buy something from you.

    27. dare2smile

      I voted Stripe but honestly, either platform works for me. I feel like a better customer service experience aligns with Lance's branding, but I don't know how long it could last, so I don't want to drag out the project to noticeable delays.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeroenjvr on

      If the majority of backers is from the US, I could agree with the Stripe payment. However, we do not have any information about the geographic coverage (backers). Currently, I do feel that wanting to 'implement' this Stripe payment method is just an excuse for a delay. Is it worth it to delay the 80% when a solution is solely available to the 20%?

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthias on

      I‘ve no clue whatsoever what ‚Stripe‘ is. I feel that this ‚update‘ won’t make sense to a big part of your backers. At least it doesn’t make sense for me ...

    30. Missing avatar

      Phillippe Van Gorp on

      Paypal! Let’s speed up this process

    31. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Robbins on

      We can’t use stripe in Europe so how will you deal with that ?