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The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
5,400 backers pledged €659,299 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dick Powers on

      I got my survey. I have a prescription from my Ophthalmologist but does not have the info to answer your survey. I am unable to have them give me the answers. Can I get a refund on the project?

    2. Fritz Lekschas on

      @Lance Glasses

      Thanks for sharing the beta version of the smart mirror. Not sure if this is expected but in the latest version of Chrome I am seeing `Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.` in the web dev console.

    3. Missing avatar

      Manuel Ritter on


      1. Read the comment below yours by Lance.
      2. Check the regular comment section.
      3. visit FAQ.
      4. Patience.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jim Heller on

      I have not been sent a survey yet either. Did I see a note today about tracking numbers being assigned? If so, how does that work since we have been able to order the glasses yet? Jim

    5. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      @Everyone. The survey has not been dispatched yet! We ll publish an update to give you detailed info about it. Nothing to worry about !!
      Also the Smart Mirror module is here :
      Make sure to use chrome or `Firefox from a computer to enjoy the 3D motion tracking . Works also on mobile devices in 3D!
      Thanks for your trust and support!
      Lance Team

    6. Missing avatar

      Maryanne Cavanaugh on

      I haven’t received my survey yet ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Badr on

      Have the Mirror app and the survey been sent out to everyone? I haven't received anything and I'm not sure if it's just me..

    8. Missing avatar

      Colby Arakaki on

      I'm bummed how the virtual mirror came out. It's sitting too high on my face, its above the bridge of my nose. Also, looks like a cartoon.

      Idk which one will match me :(
      I don't match most glasses like majority of people.

      Hopefully I'll match the one I chose.

    9. Missing avatar

      Trastiana on

      what is the status of the project? when will I receive the survey?

    10. Derk Riesthuis on

      Any news? Can’t wait

    11. Missing avatar

      Monique Verhaar on

      love the smart mirror......just needs a wrinkle remover ( smooth face maker ) :-)
      I am getting more and more exited about the glasses and look forward to them ! Thanks so far !!
      leef, lach en heb lief

    12. Robin Kurtz on

      Thanks for your hard work!.
      How long will we have to will out the survey? I want to have an up to date exam but was only able to book one in 2 weeks.


    13. Missing avatar

      Roger Michel on

      Update about the virtual mirror under linux:
      Got it to work with the vivaldi browser (chromium),
      - the webcam starts and detects my face. Nothing after that, no glasse appears.
      - with a pic, the process stays at 50%.

      Already several comments saying that it works, will try again!

    14. Lance Johnson

      I don't use prescription lenses but I do use simple reading magnifiers. Can I still complete the survey?

    15. Missing avatar

      antoine MORFIN on

      Looking at the video, i don't have that much information on my prescription... Not finding it "so easy to fill" at the moment... Any idea why / how to fix ? For example i don't have total or half or w/e pupillary distance. Thanks

    16. Chris

      Smart mirror is very cool!

    17. Missing avatar

      Roger Michel on

      Did you test the virtual mirror under linux?
      Got a popup window with a frame in it, but sounds like the application does not (request the) access to the camera (FF/palemoon).

    18. Jakub Richtárech on

      Wow! The virtual mirror works perfectly! Also - what are the digital life lenses?

    19. Missing avatar

      Evan Kidd on

      You timed that perfectly, just got my prescription refreshed today!

    20. Missing avatar

      James Lawson on

      Thanks for the update, I can't wait to see...literally! Good luck we are almost there.

    21. Missing avatar


      Cool! Waiting for more good news!