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The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.
5,400 backers pledged €659,299 to help bring this project to life.

Pledges & Survey

Posted by Lance Glasses (Creator)

Dear Backers,

It’s almost a week since we’ve ended our Kickstarter campaign !! 5400 amazing backers is our final result !

Actually, almost the final result because today we’re counting 373 pending backers.

We would like to ask you to verify your payment method or contact your bank as sometimes a Kickstarter payment might be refused for “fraud detection” and you might have to validate it with your card issuer.

We sincerely thank you all and would be truly grateful if you’d manage to solve this small issue before tomorrow, 5PM GMT+1 (11am NYC time or 12pm Hong Kong Time)

Your support helped us become the most funded eyewear in crowdfunding so we’ve decided to continue this awesome journey on Indiegogo!

The Lance 2.0 is now available on InDemand :

Finally, as a reminder :

The survey will be sent within next week once Kickstarter has validated all backers and transferred the funds! Also, the Smart Mirror web module will be available at the same time through a link you’ll receive in the survey!

Thanks a lot for your trust and support!

Lance Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Malý on

      When and where I can costumize my Glasses?

    2. Missing avatar

      Belal Abuzahra on

      Where's the survey already? Been more than a week now as you said

    3. Missing avatar

      gs on

      Verified and post date on my credit card statement was on 4 Feb.

    4. Missing avatar

      Genevieve Richard on

      Hello, I can see my payment has gone through on my statement, is there anything else I need to do to validate for your side? Also is there an update on the survey please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Marvin De Mattos on

      Hello, I am waiting for notice that the survey is ready. Any status not that?

    6. Missing avatar

      Lars Eric Reistad on

      Are the surveys ready to go yet?

    7. Lance Glasses 2-time creator on

      The Funds have been transferred form you to Kickstarter. We are waiting for them to transfer it to us as they pickup their about 9% commission!
      Also, if you are able to comment on the feed, it means that your payment has been done ( in the opposite case , you would not be a backer then not able to comment)
      Thanks for your patience!
      Lance Team

    8. Reese Morash on

      Can someone please verify if my payment was processed and the status on my order please

    9. Missing avatar

      Luis Fonseca on

      Same here. It appears that funds were transferred, so the message is confusing. Can you confirm the order?

    10. Erin McMichael on

      I’m also confused about the bank account email. Am I good to go?

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg Young on

      Yep, funds already paid, confused about the email asking me to contact my bank....

    12. Missing avatar

      David Petherick on

      my bank account was debited €117 on 2 Feb.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thanakorn Karnjananut on

      Checked with my bank re pending payment as per your message. Turned out that the bank already released the fund to you since Feb 4th. Not sure this message were sent across everyone or just the backers who face payment issue.

    14. Missing avatar

      Pedro D'arezzo Maestrelli on

      Hey guys. I have a simple question. Is it possible to change my order at this point? I would like to “upgrade” my backing by purchasing the high end version of the glasses instead of the basic one that I backed. Some feedback would be fantastic. All the best.

    15. Rani K. Falconer on

      Your message about verifying payment is confusing (at least to me). Are sending this to every backer, or just to the 373 whose payment is in question?

    16. Missing avatar

      Henri van den Idsert on

      Good to know there is some progress! It would be useful if Lance would only reach out to those who have pending payments, rather than send a blanket message about this...seems like the more efficient way to go about it. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Soufi on

      Absolutely ! I had a problem with Apple Pay kickstarter (everything was fine with other websites) for unknown reason it didn’t worked and Kickstarter has never sent a notification app or an email about it.

      I just went by chance to the website. Logging in (which I rarely do, because I use the app) and it turns out... my Apple Pay payment didn’t worked. So I ends up putting my credit card. I really hate that. I use Apple Pay / PayPal and these Oompa Loompas form Kickstarter has issues with them !

      Hopefully with your message you will get payment soon