Lance Glasses

Paris, France

Our passion is to innovate. With the Lance Glasses team, we combined our love for design and technology to create the best of the eyewear with smart lenses. Lance designs and develops products that simplify people’s lives. It all started in Jura, France, considered the Silicon Valley of glasses. Lance later moved to Lille, France – and was part of the startup incubator Euratechnologies.

After the first crowdfunding campaign, the team now takes things to the next level by perfecting their...

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Collaborators on this project

Marketing Agency
Alexandru Liviu
Product Developer
Petit Gonzague
Production Manager
Andra Simina
Concept Manager
Marketing Agency
Marketing Collaborator
Marketing Agency

Previous collaborators

Braag, Luc Leroy, Inbetween Hub

Karim Slimane Bousbaine
Previous collaborators

Braag, Luc Leroy, Inbetween Hub

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