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$18,214 pledged of $60,000 goal
By Louisiana LED Inc
$18,214 pledged of $60,000 goal

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And one more thing...

We just released a new video really showing the Lumenator in action.  Share it with all of your friends, networks, circles, pods, prides, gaggles, tribes, troops and herds.

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New Photos

Have a look at the Lumenator in action as well as some new photos available.

This last photo shows the HUE Bar in action.  You can easily use it as a background light to wash a color.

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Lumenator Explained

Hi Everybody,

There was some confusion out there as to what the Lumenator™ is and isn't.  So, we've posted a new video explaining that it isn't a light but a lighting system.  

Watch it here.

Be sure to share the link: and let everyone know what we're trying to make with the Lumenator™.

Thanks for the support,

Caleb B.


The Hits Keep Rolling

Thanks to all of you that have shared our project with your social media networks!

We've also been featured on a few photography websites:

PDMA,,  F-Stoppers,  Lighting Rumours

We're still posting new pictures to the main page, but we wanted to make sure all of you got the chance to see them.

We're at about 20% right now, which is a little behind pace to reach our goal.  So let's keep getting the word out and make this a reality.



Our LUMENATOR™ project is shaping up and gaining traction.  We're 17% funded so far. Thank you for all your support.

One thing we've been discussing around the office is what type of accessories are possible for our lighting system... and the possibilities are endless.

Our patent pending design allows for infinite expandability.  It's possible to add any kind of light to the controller.  What would you like to see?  A flashlight? An umbrella attachment?  Let us know some of your ideas.

We're doing pretty well, but we're not there just yet.  Be sure to share our project with all of your social networks and contacts!

Keep up with our facebook page for chances to win discounts and prizes.