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$1,439 pledged of $8,000 goal
$1,439 pledged of $8,000 goal


A modern man done with his day’s work steps out of his office tower’s lobby into the busy bustle of a city sidewalk. Just as he is getting his bearings set toward home, he collides with someone smaller, softer. He apologizes profusely. She politely excuses herself. He tries to ask if she’s alright but she is already disappearing into the crowd. Who was that lovely lady and why was she in such a hurry?

Hot Pursuit is a deceptively difficult, amusingly social, and wonderfully portable card game. It only uses 3 cards per player and takes 10 - 20 minutes to play. It is simple, but not at all easy.

The reason Hot Pursuit can cover such a wide player count is because it actually has 4 different stories. Each story uses a slightly different setup and end goal to accommodate the different number of players. The one constant, however, is deduction and memory. Every game is complicated by revolving levels of hidden information. While you are passing and trading, the cards are flipping backwards in hand - changing the amount of information available. Players must plan ahead, remember what they have seen, and read each other's tells in order to win.

Let's take a closer look:

Cut Out the Corruption (for 1 puzzle hungry player) 
Crime is on the rise and it’s time for YOU, the new District Attorney, to do something. Your sources indicate the mob is getting big help from two main culprits within the police department. It’s up to you alone to tie together the Dirty Detective and Corrupt Commissioner with the documented evidence proving their crimes.

To Catch a Thief (for 2 competitive players)
There’s a diamond thief running through the city. A bounty is posted and thanks to the help of Otto and Aidah, streetwise informants, a detective and a private-eye are hot on her trail - vying to be the first to catch her.

Big City Matchmakers (for 3 - 8 cooperative players)
The Modern Man HAS to find that mysterious beauty he ran into outside the office. He’s enlisting the help of his friends to comb the streets and find her. Unfortunately, there’s a Jealous Ex lurking in the shadows trying to ruin the Modern Man’s plans for happiness.

Spy Hunters (for 4 - 10 players on patriotic teams)
1942. The Second Great War is in full swing. Germany is sneaking agents into the United States for clandestine missions of espionage. Meanwhile, the FBI has mounted its largest manhunt in history. Seek out the identities of the enemy spies and eliminate them, first!

Make Your Own! Write your own story, setup, and win conditions. Then, come back and share with the rest of us!

This means you'll receive a surprisingly difficult and deep game that fits in your pocket. It's great for lunch or travel. The 4 different games are perfect for fluctuating game groups and to kill time and burn brain cells while waiting for game night to begin. You can follow the game on Board Game Geek here and follow the designer's blog here.

All you have to do is write up your own story, setup, and rules and share them HERE. At the end of the campaign, my favorite custom game will be added to the rulebook with your name. Then, I'll sign one of my personal demo copies and mail it to you!

For a wonderful, in-depth review from the Father Geek himself, click HERE!

For more information about me and the story behind Hot Pursuit, check out this interview with The Inquisitive Meeple.

Don't take my word for it, try the game for yourself! 
- Download the rules here:
Cut out the Corruption | To Catch a Thief  
Big City Matchmakers | Spy Hunters
- Download the full color Print and Play here. Although the game will be manufactured with 2" x 3.5" cards, the Print and Play is formated to poker sized cards (2.5" x 3.5") for easy cutting and sleeving. 

  • Discount: By supporting now, you get a discount off the projected MSRP ($18). Because you're taking a risk with me, I want to give you the best deal I can.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Within 1 month of receiving Hot Pursuit, if you are unsatisfied you can return the game and receive a refund for the full pledge amount, including shipping. Please, try the game at least two separate times to give the fun a chance. If it's still not for you, send it back.
  • Get it First: Kickstarter backers will receive Hot Pursuit before anyone else. Period. 
  • You're helping me get my start: I want to be a publisher who shares great, family-friendly games with the world. To that end, I am starting with a very small, simple project to prove I can manage the tremendous work load involved in taking a project from concept, through design and testing, to printing, and, finally, fulfilment.  

$14,000: PLASTIC CARDS! I don't want your copy of Hot Pursuit to live in that big ol' box. I want you to take it everywhere with you. By upgrading the game to plastic cards, you actually can. 

(More to come)

You can click the following link to watch our funding progression:

Unfortunately, shipping is expensive. Really expensive. And it takes time. Currently, shipping is calculated based on your region: $5 shipping for the USA is already included in the price of the game, $10 for shipping to Canada, and $15 for shipping to the Rest of the World. In order to speed the process along, fulfillment will be done directly from China. 

EU/Canadian Friendly? To help international backers and minimize tax/customs issues, I will state the value of the game at my manufacturing cost. Therefore, the game itself will have a stated value below $5. Although, this isn't directly "EU/Canadian Friendly", no one backing this project should have any issues with Customs/VAT/Import Taxes. 

Risks and challenges

While this is my first Kickstarter project and the first of my games to be printed in bulk quantities, I have spent the last 3 years designing games and studying what it takes to be a publisher. Thanks to lessons learned from other publishers, I have planned a financial buffer and budgeted a time buffer to allow for unexpected delays, like Chinese New Year (which shuts down production in February) and last year's dock strikes (which prevented MANY products from being properly imported through California's docks).

Hot Pursuit will be manufactured in China. So, we'll need to wait for shipping and customs, but I am confident it will allow me to deliver a quality, affordable game. To reduce delays, the artwork is all already completed and, during the campaign, I will be working with a copy editor and graphic designer to pretty-up the box and rulebook. The stretch goals I have planned won't delay production, either, because they only improve the quality of the final product without changing the content.

If any unforeseen challenges or delays do arise, I promise to be as transparent and open as possible. I believe that honesty in communication are critical for any successful relationship. If I make a mistake, I'll do my best to notify you and correct it as quickly as possible. I want this to be a great experience for every backer.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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