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Happy 2014! Physical rewards are coming!


We’re thrilled to let you know that the physical rewards will begin shipping at the end of this month. We delivered most of the rewards to Fangamer’s shipping center as 2013 ended, and we’re mailing everything else to them this week.

Fangamer informed us that US-destined packages should start arriving in early February, and international packages should start arriving early March.

There were several factors involved in the delay, but, most of all, we wanted to make sure that the rewards are as amazing as we’d intended: high-quality shirts and inks, double-sided posters, and hand-printed Print Packs. It’s been a learning lesson and, once again, we apologize again for the inaccurate estimate. Thank you for your understanding!

In the coming days, you’ll receive an email from where you can confirm your shipping address. (If you sent us an update after the survey, you’ll see the new address reflected.)

Physical rewards arriving at FanGamer HQ in Tucson, Arizona
Physical rewards arriving at FanGamer HQ in Tucson, Arizona

More soon! Thank you for being a part of LA Game Space!