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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
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Game downloads next week! Shirts being printed!

Posted by LA Game Space (Creator)

What a month! We have so much exciting progress happening with LA Game Space — and great news to share on your backer rewards. Here's the skinny:

Games will be available for download starting next week! Everything is in place, and we are currently squashing bugs to ensure that your games are always available online, fast and reliable to download, and easy to update if needed.

Shirts are being printed now! We have an insider look at the process and samples below — and soon they will head to our rewards distributor Fangamer, where they will be bundled up and sent out to backers along with other physical rewards.

NEW games! We've added four more to your rewards packs!

Read on for more details…

Shirts begin their epic voyage

First, check out the super-slick digital printing technique being used on the Bryan Lee O’Malley design during a printing session last week:

A huge thanks goes to Meat Bun who have been advising us and lending a hand throughout the entire t-shirt production process. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of all the samples.

The printing orders have all been placed — when they are complete in a few weeks, we’ll be packing them (along with the other physical rewards) into a van, and driving them to Fangamer in Tucson, AZ! Once there, the incredible Fangamer crew will package everything up and ship them to you!

Games are here: the Experimental Game Pack (with the Indie Classics Bundle) will be available for download starting next week!

We can’t begin to express how hard the creators have worked on their games (all while volunteering their time to create them). After a long summer of coding, most of the games are complete and our download site is poised for launch. There, you’ll be able to access these games (and updates) — or future game packs.

For Intro Pack donors ($5), you will be able to download Keita Takahashi and Adam Saltsman's A͈L͈P͈H͈A͈B͈E͈T͈ ("Use your whole keyboard to help your lovely alphabet guys as they run, jump, eat, sing, poop, and sleep through silly obstacle courses"). Depending on your backer rewards level, you will also be able to download the full Experimental Game Pack, the Classics Bundle… and the 24 Hour Non-Stop Music Clock Mix by dublab.

The launch (along with more details) is coming next week!

Bonus games added to the Game Pack and Indie Bundle!

This just in: we’ve added DEPTH by Vince Mckelvie to the Experimental Game Pack. An artist and game creator, Vince is also a supporter of LA/GS who wanted you to have his game before anyone else. DEPTH will be ready for download when the pack launches!

Not only can we offer a new Experimental Game, we are adding three Indie Game Classics to your Game Pack rewards. During our campaign, Flashbang offered to let us include their game Off-Road Velociraptor Safari in the Indie Classics Bundle. Since then, they've generously increased their offer to give you FOUR of their existing games: Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, Blush, Time Donkey, and Crane Wars!

Have a great weekend, thank you for being a part of LA/GS! We'll celebrate the Game Pack launch with you next week!



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    1. Sinfultictac on

      I live in the LA area, will you guys be open to public anytime soon?
      Or will you even be open to the public?

    2. LA Game Space Creator on

      Hey Everyone,

      The easiest way to change your address is to send us a message here on Kickstarter.


    3. Alexander Phillips on

      So excited! I also need to change the shipping address for the rewards. Can you help me? Thanks.

    4. Louis Curié on

      Hi guys !
      Is it possible for you to tell me the adress I gave you for my rewards ?
      Thank you very much !

    5. Adrian Diaz on

      I have also had a change of address, would you please help me?

    6. LA Game Space Creator on

      Hi Raven, we've sent you a message here on Kickstarter. (We'll be happy to assist you in changing your address!)

    7. Raven Walker on

      I've tried e-mailing a couple of times about this issue but what if you've changed addresses since pledging?

    8. ポール ウェッブ on

      Sweet! I can't wait to play some games. :3

    9. LA Game Space Creator on

      Thank you for the good vibes everyone, we're pumped too!

    10. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Zon: The pixel portraits are mostly complete/delivered now. We sent several emails to you since June to request details for your photo and received no response. But don't worry, we'll reach out here (on Kickstarter) to set it straight. :)
      @Father Time: Please check your Kickstarter messages, thank you!

    11. Zon Petilla on

      Sweet!!! What about the digital portriats?

    12. Father Time on

      I regret not pledging enough for the 24 hour remix is there any way to still get it?

    13. João Varandas on

      I played those Flashbang games so much over on Blurst... Keep up the good work!

    14. Missing avatar

      starkaat on

      Hey, LA/GS crew! I'm so glad to hear things are moving along with both the game space and the backer rewards. Thanks a bunch for updating us here! c:

    15. Ashley on

      Yaaaay! It's great to hear from you guys, and such good news too!

    16. Bill DiMarco on

      happy to see some progress

    17. Geof Aberhart on

      Holy time donkey balls! Baboo!