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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
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Surveys collected = rewards coming together!

Posted by LA Game Space (Creator)

Thank you for sending in your surveys. Several of you had special questions/concerns and we’ve nearly resolved all of those. (If we received your request and haven’t responded yet, don’t worry, we will!)

With the final order tallies in place, we’ve started production on all of the physical rewards! Everything will take a few more weeks, but we’ll send photos along the way. To start, here's Hellen Jo's print being created for the Print Pack:

A few more Game Pack sneak peeks!

Here are some in-development screenshots from the Game Pack—we'll share more as we receive them!

LA Death Disk (new build!) by Beau Blyth, Roger ‘Reckahdam’ Hicks, Robin Arnott

micomonocon by Raquel Meyers, Jens Nirme, Goto80

Sunshine by Ian Gouldstone, David Surman, Paul Callaghan

uu by TR—404

a (moth) in relay by Jake Elliott + jonCates

Our current ETA for your download code is mid-June while the physical rewards will start shipping towards the end of the month. We’ll keep updating you on any changes as everything comes together. We can’t wait for you to get this stuff! Thank you for supporting LA/GS!

—Daniel, Adam, and the LA/GS team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gann on

      So...It was May 2013, then mid-June 2013. Now it's early July 2013 and there has been no updates on the rewards since June 1st. C'mon guys, update the page.

    2. François - Fanchik - Vannier on

      Estimated delivery: May 2013
      Estimated date for today: July 2013...

    3. Missing avatar

      Grant Diaz on

      Please give us some kind of update on how the rewards are coming along.

    4. Jonathan Barrett on

      @Ryan: Are you saying that some people, like yourself, have the game downloads? You better be trolling, as I'm pretty sure that many, myself included, do not have our games, nor have we heard hide nor hair about our physical rewards…

    5. Missing avatar

      Ryan Rosado on

      Wait, have other people not gotten their download codes yet?

    6. Dani Jones on

      So excited about this... Any chance of an update on how things are going?

    7. Brett Notter on

      So, I understand these things take time, but it says that the download code is mid-June, and tomorrow is the 1st of July; so, could we get an update about how that's going?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Rosado on

      Hi LA Game Space, I'm curious on the state of my game pack, mainly considering the fact that I'm pretty sure I answered the survey on time and everything of that nature, but as time goes on, I'm getting a bit more unsure. Is there some kind of list that you have everyone's names on or something that could be checked possibly? I don't remember getting a response and I don't want my money to have gone along its path, while my gift is kinda... lost in cyberspace.

    9. Kenza Faten Statoua on

      Hello LA game space,

      we look very much forward to this becoming reality? it's been nearly a month though, any small updates or news? How's it going with you guys?

      Best of luck, we're rooting for you on making this project awesome!

    10. Raffy on

      Hi LA Game Space, great work on the project! :D Looking forward to playing Keita's new game, any word on when it will be available?

    11. LA Game Space Creator on

      Awesome @quiethiro—thank you! And we're looking forward to it—feel free to drop us a line anytime.

    12. quiethiro on

      Thank you guys, for having such a wonderful project to support. I hope to be out there one day soon to check out the space.

    13. LA Game Space Creator on

      Hey Gabe! Very welcome! Correct—the 24hr music mix will be included with the Game Pack.

    14. Gabe on

      Thanks for the update! And will the 24hr music mix reward not be available until the game pack is? Just wonderin'