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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
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Surveys are on the way!

Posted by LA Game Space (Creator)

Hi, everyone! We’re sending everyone a survey from Kickstarter that will request your email address and name. Please fill this out as soon as possible.

Once we have everyone’s contact info, we’ll send the actual backer survey to the email address you provide. Our reason for going outside of Kickstarter is to accommodate those of you who bought extra game packs and/or extra shirts. It will also allow those of you who donated for a pixel portrait to easily indicate your artist preference.

And then we’ll…

…collect your responses, have everything completed/produced the way you ordered it, and send it out when it’s all ready to go!

A special shout-out to our contributors who are all volunteering serious time to create their exclusive games, designs, and pixel portraits for you. (Also to eBoy for the pixel-art above and in the survey!)

Thank you for being truly incredible supporters!

We were thrilled with your enthusiastic response to the previous update. Seriously, you’re the best supporters a project could ask for! Thanks again to those professionals who reached out with offers to help remodel as well.

As the the project continues, we’ll be asking for other tips and connections that any of you might have to help LA/GS. For now, please let us know if you can connect us with any organizations/vendors interested in providing furniture, displays, projectors, etc for free or at a significant discount. (Many of you have said to us, “don’t be afraid to ask for help”—so we’re doing just that! Thank you for listening!)

Have a great weekend!
—Daniel, Adam, and the LA/GS team

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    1. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunner on

      I hope that having several people blow off your initial survey doesn't cause you to delay sending Backer Surveys to those of us who care enough to respond promptly. Kind of like punishing the good for the deeds of the bad...

    2. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Damien + James: As soon as we get the responses back from all the KS contributors, we'll send out the actual backer survey. We're still waiting on about 1300 responses. //AR

    3. Sinfultictac on

      I put my survey in but I have no received an email back about it? How long is the wait?

    4. Damien Harrison-Maw on

      How long till we can see the second step! that was meant to sound sinister and dramatic, "actual backer survey"

    5. Urutsini

      Aahh sorry, I didn't read the bit about an actual survey being sent out after. Ignore my last comment.

    6. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Urutsini: The survey we sent today was just to collect your contact info. The actual backer survey will allow you to change how you would like to be credited. Thanks! //AR

    7. Urutsini

      There wasn't a question on the survey regarding the "Founder Credit". I don't want my real name in the founder credits. Incidentally my credit would be my Kickstarter name but people should have been given the opportunity to say what name they would like to be credited as.

    8. ポール ウェッブ on

      Whoop whoop! Looking forward to that ridiculous 30 game pack!

    9. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Jenny: Yep! This was just so that we could send you the actual survey. Thanks! //AR

    10. Missing avatar

      Jenny Mortimore on

      Just to be sure, the survey was just our address and email right? I wasn't asked anything about the shirts yet is why I'm making sure. Thanks! So excited! :)

    11. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Ryan: The survey was sent to the email address that is associated with your Kickstarter account. If you didn't receive it, drop us a line at and we will get it all sorted. Thanks! //AR

    12. Ryan Meghan Brewton on

      I'm slightly confused. Where can I find the survey to fill out my contact info?

    13. Saad Chaaban on

      aaand gotcha! :D

    14. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Matt: Please fill your survey out now. You will be able to update your address in the more thorough survey we will be sending later. Thanks! //AR

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Nixon on

      How long do I have to fill out the survey? I plan on moving soon, so resending things cross country isn't ideal.

    16. LA Game Space Creator on

      @Jamie: Yep, that is correct! We will be sending a more thorough survey outside of Kickstarter that will allow us to collect all the necessary info to send everyone their rewards. Thanks! //AR

    17. Jamie Vann

      Hi Daniel, Adam, and Team,

      Thanks for sending these out!

      Just to make sure, though: I should expect a second survey (about the rewards) beyond just this one for my contact info, right? I think so, since that's what step 2 of the pixel art infographic says. ;)

      I ask to make sure, though, since I didn't see anything about choices (i.e. which T-shirt do you want?) in the survey I just answered.