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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
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48 hours to go + NEW Pendleton Ward T-shirt!

Posted by LA Game Space (Creator)

"Ahhh, man! Guys, I’m really into games!”

Is there anything better than Pendleton Ward’s cartoon self-portrait? This T-shirt marks our final addition to the incredibly priced $55 LA/GS Pack level that includes an action-packed zine, a massive poster charting the history of experimental games, PLUS all previous rewards (that huge collection of exclusive games, founder credit, and a 24-hour music mix)!

You only have 48 hours left to upgrade to the LA/GS pack if you haven’t already!

[And if you haven’t seen Pen’s video yet:]

As a reminder: the LA/GS Pack includes ONE shirt, but you can easily add more than one by adding $20 to your pledge for each additional shirt. If you are ordering 3 shirts or more, please add a little more to cover the increased shipping cost ($5 for USA, $10 for international).

Many of you have told us about friends who want to join us, but are unable to pledge using Amazon Payments for some reason or another. We recently added a Paypal option—please let them know!

And please get used to us saying THANK YOU, because we’re incredibly grateful that so many of you joined us—nearly 9,000 people who believe in the potential of video games, and who are helping to build a new space for game innovation, education, and exhibition—a new space for people all over the world!

Only 2 days left—the Kickstarter ends on Friday at 2PM PST!

—Daniel, Adam, and the LA/GS team

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    1. Jacob Breck on

      i want to upgrade my order for this shirt but i used a prepaid card for the exact amount i wanted to pay and i dont really wanna get another one. is there a way i could pay for just the shirt through paypal?

    2. LA Game Space Creator on

      Hi Jenny,

      You will be able to pick your design, size, and cut (men's/women's) on the backer survey that we send out once the Kickstarter has ended.

      You can get an extra shirt by donating $20 more to any pledge tier at the $55 LA/GS Pack level or above.

      For example, if you chose the $55 LA/GS Pack level and you would like an extra shirt, simply increase your pledge to $75. If you choose the $150 Print Pack level and you would like an extra shirt, increase your pledge to $170.

      Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks for being a part of this!

      - Adam

    3. Missing avatar

      Jenny Mortimore on

      I have a question: If we backed the project by donating the $55 but changed it to something more than $75 would we be allowed to have two shirts? And do we get to pick the design when payment is made?
      Thanks! So excited to rep LA Game Space! :)