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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
10,354 backers pledged $335,657 to help bring this project to life.

If you don’t have your rewards yet, read this—

Posted by LA Game Space (Creator)

Hello, everyone! We would like to follow up on any of the remaining unfulfilled physical rewards! We want to make sure that no one's order was lost in the mail or is not in your hands for some other reason.

If you filled out the multi-page Final Survey (on and you have not received your rewards, you need to email by October 25th. Please keep in mind that only backers who have filled out their survey before the May 7th 2013 deadline are eligible for physical rewards.

Once again, you must email by October 25th to let them know you didn't receive your rewards. This will be the final shipment of all physical rewards.

We’ll have several exciting announcements to share soon, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you want to keep receiving LA/GS updates!

Thank you for being a part of LA Game Space!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      This was one of the biggest con artist jobs in the history of KS.

      Shame on me for putting a pledge to this back in the day.

      I'm fairly sure the mentioned indie developers had nothing to do with this project.

    2. Frederick Wrigley on

      I'd plumb forgotten I'd backed this project, lo these 18 months ago. Anything happening? Did I miss the email? I pledged the minimum amount to get the package...

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher J Baker on

      I feel like this turned into something else other than what was pitched. They took so long on rewards that I had moved by the time they shipped them out and on top of that I am just now finding out about the survey that I had to fill out by May 2013.

      I'm significantly disappointed with the $60 contribution I made, and feel as if the "shout out to the founders" section is just insult to injury for those who paid and ultimately received nothing.

      There is no physical space that exists, there is no website with comprehensive tutorials (which was promised in the pitch I remember), and I feel like I got CONed out of $60.

    4. LA Game Space Creator on

      Hi Matthew! Thanks for checking in! All future updates—including those about the space—will be posted on our public mailing list.

    5. Missing avatar

      PersonalMatthew on

      Any updates on the space?

    6. LA Game Space Creator on

      And just in case you missed it, please sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about 2015 events and other announcements from LA/GS. Thank you! (Sign up link →

    7. LA Game Space Creator on

      An additional note regarding EXPERIMENTAL GAME PACK 01 — We’re planning to release as many of the remaining games as possible by the end of 2014. Please understand that all of the game creators volunteered their time to contribute to the pack—so it’s dependent on when they can find time to finish. Thank you for understanding!