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Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
Help create a global resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.
10,354 backers pledged $335,657 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator NickCUF on January 27

      I still wear the shirt. Which seems to have lasted longer than the gamespace itself...bummer.

    2. Creator chrissy torgerson on December 1

      Just remembered i never got my stuff from this :/ welp thats 15 dollars ill never get back

    3. Creator Sentrovasi on September 23

      Not gonna lie, pretty disappointed.

    4. Creator Fei on May 27, 2015

      OMG Is this serious ?
      No place project anymore ?


    5. Creator cyxceven on May 5, 2015

      What a joke.

    6. Creator PersonalMatthew on May 5, 2015

      Just to finish up here, it looks like they finally have updated their site and taken out any mention of a space:

      I feel better now knowing that there is no more illusion of this ever happening. It is still a huge bummer though as the money was essentially used to print the posters and the rest was pocketed.

      I was looking forward to collaborating with them and having a gaming HQ downtown but I guess that is the way it goes. Good lesson about kickstarter.

    7. Creator Terry Gallagher on April 16, 2015

      Nice to see them finally getting called out on it. I can forgive the delays, confusion - I'm sure projects like this can be difficult and overwhelming - even if done for the best intentions.

      Unfortunately they chose to deal with this by being evasive, rude and treating their backers with contempt.

    8. Creator PersonalMatthew on March 9, 2015

      Just FYI. This kickstarter has been included in a list of kickstarter vaporware here:

      This is the comment they left: The launch of our permanent space has been delayed. Institution-building is a lot of work and can take a long time, and the reasons are usually boring to the public. Still, we are proud of everything that LA Game Space has already delivered, enthusiastic about our upcoming events, and still working towards the launch of a permanent physical space."

    9. Creator Jonathan Bilski on February 27, 2015

      Guys, there hasn't been any information in a long time, could you please tell us what's happening and what's going on.

    10. Creator Terry Gallagher on February 13, 2015

      No rewards, no gamespace, no comms, not a lot to show for all that money raised.

      Can only hope that anyone researching LAGS checks this page out.

    11. Creator David McGreavy on January 13, 2015

      So guys and gals of LA Game Space, what's happening with the physical GAME SPACE?

      Seems like you've fallen off the planet since September, just wondering what's going on, when it's opening etc.

      As for something that was funded 2 years ago, there should be some expectation of this being open.

    12. Creator LaValle Thomas on December 19, 2014

      Darn. Missed that update about emailing by October 25th if you didn't receive the physical rewards. But I guess I wasn't the only one.

    13. Creator Ruth Forman on December 9, 2014

      Lol never got anything it is December 2014

    14. Creator cyxceven on October 12, 2014

      "Indie Classics Bundle 01" is still missing most of the games. is there an ETA?

    15. Creator Mark Villalovos on October 1, 2014

      A lot of the games have not yet been delivered. any updates ?

    16. Creator Nickolas D. Anderson on September 10, 2014

      Are there updates about progress on the space? I'm still, after all this time, very excited as an Angeleno. I'd love to contribute. :)

    17. Creator Aikalen on July 17, 2014

      Hey guys, are you still sending the physical rewards? I haven't received anything yet, what's happening?

    18. Creator Heitor De Paola Nogueira da Silva on July 10, 2014

      Hi everyone. I'm curious, did most people receive the physical rewards? I was supposed to receive a t-shirt, but that never came.

    19. Creator Nejc on June 23, 2014

      Sooo.... what's happening?

    20. Creator Dani Jones on June 8, 2014

      Soooo just wondering, are we ever going to get the rest of the games we were promised? I got an email the other day about you guys hosting some sort of event, and yet you've shorted your backers rewards and been really awful at communication. The space could have been such an amazing thing but you've gotten off to such a terrible start. What's going on?

    21. Creator PersonalMatthew on June 4, 2014

      Can we get an update about the space?

    22. Creator Terry Gallagher on June 2, 2014

      I pledged $150 . .... received nothing. Lesson learned.

    23. Creator Paul Segal on May 18, 2014

      Are the other Indie Classics games going to ever go up? Three of them still say "Coming Soon", including Edmund McMillen's "Basement Collection", which I was curious about...

    24. Creator Diji on April 30, 2014

      So did everyone get their rewards? I backed at $55 + a bunch of extra shirts and haven't received anything yet. :(

    25. Creator Jory Griffis on April 19, 2014

      The black squares on the poster (one of them, at least) is a screenshot from Real Sound by Kenji Eno.

    26. Creator Kevin on April 6, 2014

      i got the email from fangamer confirming my address a full month ago, but no shirts. what gives guys?

    27. Creator Jonathan Barrett on April 3, 2014

      It seems the only decent physical reward were the T-Shirts, glad I didn't go for a print. But I wish we could get some word from them about the zine, as I'd really like to find out how it ended up being that… thing printed on coloured paper.
      Of course hearing about the LA Space itself would also be nice. I can't imagine they would be doing a runner After having distributed the rewards, though maybe that's why they seem to be so cheaply produced. I can see them turning around and saying that they badly underestimated the costs, and have run out of funds… or maybe this is what has happened, and they just can't bear to admit it.
      BTW, I think the black squares on the poster are intentional… I think they're "screens" from a game that was entirely sound based, so had No visuals…

    28. Creator Drew Maw on March 26, 2014

      Middle schoolers could have produced higher quality rewards than what I received. They went right into the trash. Heart-breaking.

    29. Creator Wyll on March 19, 2014

      I just received the print pack. I was waiting for these to arrive for so many months I had stopped counting. Even though the paper quality and ink colors look good to me, the feed marks are a real disappointment. I had bought frames for these, but they are not even suited to being put on the wall with tape. Sure, you are bound to get some displacement with a risograph process, and it is part of its charm. But these height-long track marks ruin the prints. These should have been better printed. I mean, if I was picking them up from the printer knowing these were art prints, I would know something was wrong with the printer choice or the printer itself. I was expecting a reasonable quality risograph art print, and instead I got disposable newspaper. The need for a reprint should be evident. Even though I must say I was pleased with the bonus sticker, what is up with the zine? Is it that folded orange paper thingy, as others have speculated?

      As for the space itself, I can only wonder what has or has not happened with the place. The project had so much potential, being a physical space for game research, while still being connected to the rest of the world via the internet. This was a project that could have had an impact, with its goals and immense pool of participating artists and available talent. Sadly, the updates were scarce for a project that was made for people to better exchange information together.

      Now that the rewards were shipped, looking back on the entire project, I am awaiting the next update to see the current state of things and what we should expect with the space's future.

    30. Creator Stay Mee on March 13, 2014

      The quality of the prints is atrocious. Have the artists seen these? I would be mortified at how butchered my work appears, if I were them. There appears to be track marks on every single print of mine, where perhaps the prints were fed into the machine...or something. Who knows. Regardless, they look horrible. Oh, and my t-shirt is grey now when it was supposed to be black. But hey, par for the course.

      After a year of waiting with vague-to-no-responses from Adam, Daniel & co., the rewards print quality debacle and seemingly no physical game space to speak of, I can safely say this is my first Kickstarter "horror story."

      The thing that confuses me the most out of all of this, is why you spent so much time and money initially building your very own software delivery platform for the games, when other services such as Humble Bundle already exist? The fact that building that platform was never part of the original Kickstarter pledge irks me. At least you ultimately partnered with Fangamer rather than spend backer money on making your own fulfillment service. Although I'm sure it was likely discussed.

      Yea, disapointed. To LA Game Space I say: You should have been more transparent. Not a whole lot of tweets on your Twitter page with updates, nor here on Kickstarter. Obviously your choice of printer was misinformed. Mine are so mangled, I'd actually like a reprint. Not numbering them also feels like a missed opportunity. Much like this whole campaign, really. I applaud you for trying to do this, but ultimately it feels like the backers were let down. And that's just a shame when we're talking about Kickstarer.

    31. Creator Colm Doherty on March 12, 2014

      I second the disappointment with the physical rewards. You get what you pay for with a risograph but these prints look worse than a mimeographed math test i would have taken in second grade.

    32. Creator Drew Maw on March 11, 2014

      Also, for anyone curious about the actual "LA Game Space," I think they've decided to take the money and run...

    33. Creator Drew Maw on March 11, 2014

      Received the rewards...

      Why does it look like the prints were printed from a home consumer printer on draft quality settings? Colors are washed out. The print color is splotchy and generally just cheap. I'm absolutely disappointed. I'm requesting a reprint please.

    34. Creator Andrew Hsieh on March 6, 2014

      How's the progress of the physical space going? Can't wait to check it out in person!

    35. Creator Sam J on March 4, 2014

      Received my package yesterday.
      The tshirt is nice. really happy with it
      The big poster is fine, the fold doesn't bothers me. The shipping would have costs way more if it were in a tube.
      My big disapointment is the ""limited edition LA/GS ZINE"". Is the orange 8x11 folded paper actually the zine in question? You had such a wide range of nice artists and you came with this?

    36. Creator Emily on February 28, 2014

      Two of the squares on the poster are just black and there was no zine in my package either. Can't say I am too impressed about receiving a foldout poster rather than one that was shipped in a tube either.

    37. Creator Jonathan Barrett on February 28, 2014

      Received my Physical Rewards today... Finally. But...

      The Poster is a slight disappointment, since as Ashley points out, it's just a bunch of screenshots. Considering the talent you enlisted for the T-Shirts(Which were among my rewards, and looks awesome), I'm surprised you couldn't find someone to spice it up a little, maybe a pixel artist to make it a isometric landscape of coolness? But that's just a little nitpicking really. The other thing is somewhat more... disappointing.

      The Other things is... What happened to the Zine? Just like Bennett below, I have no Zine, just a... "Digitally Printed Poster", that makes the flyers I designed for the local Anime Club look professional. If this weird green thing is the digitally printed poster. Did anyone get a "Zine"? Does the Zine actually exist? Did I miss the update where they mutated the Zine into this thing?

      Anyone know any answers?

    38. Creator Bennett Billard on February 24, 2014

      Just got my physical rewards today, but the package did not include the Zine. How do I go about getting the zine shipped?

      Glad to have both shirts, ready to be worn this week. Also, the large poster ties together my bedroom nicely.

    39. Creator Jonathan on February 24, 2014

      Hi, I just received my rewards and am missing one of the t-shirts (O'Malley Girl) that I ordered. The confirmation email from Fangamer said it was all together in one shipment but that shirt was not with the others.

    40. Creator Ashley Wilt on February 18, 2014

      Received my rewards... Was anyone else really disappointed with the poster? The fact it was mailed folded up and not in a tube... and it's just.. a bunch of little pictures.

    41. Creator Steven Lindquist on February 11, 2014

      Did Pen Ward ever finish his game? I think I remember seeing a screen shot but it was never included with the digital downloads, or was it a physical perk only?

    42. Creator PersonalMatthew on January 23, 2014

      Now that the physical rewards are being taken of would be possible to get an update on the games that are still being worked on as well as, more importantly, the space itself?

    43. Creator LA Game Space on January 9, 2014

      If you have any issues accessing your Game Pack, please send us a message directly and we'll work it out. Thank you! (Adam, we're sending you a new code now.)

    44. Creator LA Game Space on January 9, 2014

      Hello all! By now you should have seen our update that the physical rewards you've been asking about are shipping. We understand your frustration with the inaccurate estimate and we apologize for the lack of communication. Also, we've received many messages of support and we appreciate the understanding!

    45. Creator Adam Corrin on January 9, 2014

      I still haven't received any of my digital codes and I asked about it several times a while ago... some sort of response would be appreciated.

    46. Creator Jonathan Barrett on January 6, 2014

      @Danielle: I'll believe it when my 1 T-SHIRT (choices include designs by world-famous pixel artists eBoy and Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim!) + a limited edition LA/GS ZINE + a massive GAME HISTORY POSTER (27"×40") are safely in my hands...

    47. Creator Danielle Lavoie on January 5, 2014

      Just gave them a tweet/FB post today, said they'll be shipping physical rewards this week:

    48. Creator PersonalMatthew on December 27, 2013

      My advice would be to file a report with kickstarter here:


    49. Creator Ósk Bat on December 25, 2013

      Welp. I've now moved twice since I gave them my address.

      I ain't neva getting that t-shirt.

    50. Creator Drew Maw on December 23, 2013

      @Jonathan, I'm in LA, what is the address of the "Game Space"? I'm willing to bet the money is gone. Project is dead. I put in $150. Maybe we could all kickstart a mob hit. Lol

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