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Each year an elite group of female artists from around the world are selected to exhibit work, teach, and perform.
Each year an elite group of female artists from around the world are selected to exhibit work, teach, and perform.
182 backers pledged $6,146 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (Creator)

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Posted by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (Creator)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

I was so excited last night when I found out we reached our goal. I actually didn't know and Neeks our Dancehall instructor for the festival posted on my Facebook page "We Did It"...I just clicked "LIKE" because that's an auto response to comments & posts on Facebook...then it registered!... I was like..wait..WHAT!!...WE DID IT!!!!

I honestly thought we would be going to the very last minute. I am so grateful to all of you who backed us. This year I won't be using rent money to pay for the festival...WOO HOO!

Seriously, we are in the process of building LofHHF beyond one or two events a year. We are building a new advisory board, working on creating programming with our surrounding community, and overall organizational growth. This funding is also part of that growth. You are part of our growth! Thank you again and let's keep going, 4 days left!!!

the best,


Sunday Morning Thanks, Welcome & Preview!

Posted by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (Creator)

Backer Family Welcome:

I have to hold myself back to just weekly updates because I get so excited about the progress every day. But, it's Sunday! and time for coffee, toast & thanks! Today we welcome our new backers from all over, some friends, some family and all supporters. Thank you very much and welcome to LofHHF Backer Family.   

New backers woohoo! Robin Johnson, Shana Louallen, Kevin Stea/That Rogue Romeo, Erica Augden , The Color Awesome, Stella Dennig, Miss Al Boogie, James Lau, Laurika Harris-Kaye, jrho, Serena Spears, Robyn Baltzer, Victor Mallory, Zoia, Charles Amuzie, Georgina Salls, Brian Mengini, Tamar Eylon, Jillian Steinhauer, PresidentialPick, Edward Rueda, Deidra "Dayntee" Braz , Nickie P., Danni Jerr, Ruben R. Lozano, Karas Lam, T.Y., Ryan Jassil, Tina Heuges, Todd Sherman, Renata Phillippi, and Alison Greenwood.

Girls! Run The World...

How excited am I to share with you the first promotional video being released tomorrow for the LofHHF 2012 RUN THE WORLD SERIES. This is a series of promotional videos being done by crew members, performers and instructors from around the globe. All the videos will feature some version of Beyonce's song "Run the World". The dancers record a short combination or freestyle to their version and send it to me for editing. It's dope (amazing) to see how each group interprets their version of the song. We started with LofHHF two crew members from New York. Here is a a look at Soraya & Martina (Android) popping to a dubstep version of the  song. Enjoy!

The Finish Line!

We have 153 BACKERS$4,447 PLEDGED OF the $5,000 GOAL  and ONLY 7 DAYS TO GO! and We are only  $553 away from our goal!!! I have been fervently posting in hope that we reach our goal. However, we actually need to raise above and beyond the goal. 5% of raised funding goes to Kickstarter and another 5% goes to Amazon for a processing fee. Our annual budget is now about $15,000. We generate some funding via tickets sales, merchandise sales, and workshop registration but we have to secure this Kickstarter funding.

Kickstarter is all or nothing for the funding.  If we do not reach the goal, we do not receive a dime. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP. You all have already generously donated your hard earned money to support our project and for that we are very thankful. Will you PLEASE join us and take a moment and send our kickstarter link to your friends and family asking them for their support and telling them why you donated. I believe this will help us tremendously. Below are two examples that you can cut and paste if you desire!

Example 1-  Dear ___________, Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival is an event that features the work of female Hip-Hop artists. The annual event takes place in July and includes visual artistry, dance performances, workshops and a battle. I've been to the event and the artist’s works are thought provoking, sophisticated, inspring and.... just amazing! Lets get a group of friends together to go the show but first, go to the link to help them raise money for their show.  Insert LofHHF kickstarter link: 

For more information about the event go to and contact

Example 2- Heeey__________, Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival is about to drop another year of their DOPE event celebrating women in Hip-Hop but, they need to raise funds to produce the event. You know I already pledged my support, even on my student/artist budget and I hoped you would be able to support too! LofHHF kickstarter link: 

For more information about the event go to and contact

Use whichever example best fits your preference. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! See you at the finish line!

All the best,


Sunday Thanks!

Posted by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (Creator)

Backing Us!

Thank you to all the new backers this week!!! Oscar Fuentes, Katrinna, Axelle Ebony Munezero, Ali Elabbady, The Trioliths of Ballona Creek, Bonita, Bhana Grover, Heather, Ann Friedmann, Krisztianna, Sylvia Berry, Rachel Goldstein, Michael Kaplan, Salon Staff, Kate Harvie, Raghav Tandon, Robin Harding, Oscar Fuentes,  Fatima Wilson, Donnisha Hebert, Lindsey Wise, Jonathan Carroll, ReSourceArts, hayet moutfi, amanda peyton, Melani Weber, Yaba Blay, Lawson Fam , Karine Jean-Pierre , Maddie, Michael Dott, & Michelle DuQuesnay. I appreciate your pledge!  

Getting Ready!

In May we will launch our online store. Here is a mock up of one of our first items. Hope you like!

New video in the next update! See you next week.

Memory Lane!

Posted by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (Creator)

Last Year!

I don't normally do a mid-week update but I am working on the digital photo book and came across images of the audience from last year. We were about 50 people over capacity and still had to turn away folks at the door. The performances were amazing. Just wanted to share with you. This is what your pledge is helping to continue.

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