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Update #19

What keeps me going?


Every year I get overwhelmed, under-motivated (not a word I know) and wonder how I will manage to pull this event off another year. Then...I look at the images from the past 8-years, I look at video and I read the saved comments from participants, teachers, and supporters.... 

Looking back to go forward...2012 Comments

Ms. Vee (NYC) Instructor/Participants/Crew/Performer
THANK YOU DANCE!!.....for just a wonderful night full for beautiful souls sharing themselves. from the showcase Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival with all sorts of disgusting talent (shout outs to Michele Byrd McPhee, Tweet Boogie Charlene Chi-Chi Smith), to the afterparty at gonzalez (thanks for a dope party Bravo Brahms Lafortune)......nights like THIS remind me how powerful dance is. my ♥ is warmed and i am humbled to be amongst such talent.

Shanika Boston of PhresHer (Philadelphia) Participant/Crew/Performer
Had an absolute amazing time in NY, thank you againMichele Byrd McPhee and ALL the LOHH O.D.'s(original divas) great classes, performances, and the battle was official, got my "Dora" on and explored NY, laugh with my girls, and then there was makeup..lots of makeup( I was in rare form)...Ended my weekend by meeting him home(he to was away) pillow talk,checkers fries and a milk shake:) EVERYTHING!!!!!

Valerie Chartier of BUCKSWANS & IHOW (Montreal) Instructor/Performer
Back from NYC, Ladies of Hip Hop Festival edition 2012. Again, it was an honour to be part of it, share my passion for krump on stage and with the workshop, what a great and refreshing experience. THANK YOU Michele Byrd McPhee and all of your crew, for organizing all of this. Your dedication is admirable. My BuckSwans ladies,thank already know. Shout out to my IHOW ladies and Forêt Noire and all the ladies who were part of it. Keep it real!!  -Taminator

Deidra Braz (NYC) Instructor/Performer
This past wknd was amazing! 2 amazing shows, dope workshops n battles!! Shout out Michele Byrd McPhee n staff of Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival for all your hard work. I was honored to be apart of 2012 edition!

Jackie Lopez (California) Participant/Performer 
Had a blast at the LADIES OF HIPHOP FESTIVAL in NYC! The ladies of Versa-Style represented hard all weekend & it was a blessing for us all. Grateful for these opportunities!!! Blessed blessed yes yes!!! Now ready to come home to LA!!!

Martine Cherry Bruneau (Montreal) Instructor/Performer
NYC was crazyyy! Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival rocked my world! So much fun giving the waacking workshops withForêt Noire! Thank you Michele Byrd McPhee for organizing all this jamed packed weekend!

Marie Cortes-David (New Jersey) Kids are Participants/Performers/Supporters
The Girls of HipHop gave a wonderful performance tonight with their opening number at the Ladies of HipHop Festival showcase! Well done!

Thank you for this your support and feedback. It helps keep this train moving forward! Happy Sunday!



Update #18 - For backers only

2013 Game Time Already!

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Update #17

2013 Advisory Board?


Hello Again,

I just wanted to let you know we are taking submissions for our 2013 Advisory board. We want to get started planning the 2013 festival next month. It takes us about a full year to put it all together. We still need you to continue making this happen. Lots of plans to make before the 2013 Kickstarter launches!

If you would like to hear more information about serving on our board. Just email me for the submission details:

The best!


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Update #16

The Aftermath!


Hi All,

It's been a while...way to long in fact. I wanted to reach out and share with you just how special you all made the 2012 Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival!  Here are some pictures taken by Amanda Adams Louis of Lafotographeuse. I picked a few favorites. For all the pics click here.

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Update #15

Rewards are on the way!


Hi Backers!

Just a quick check in about the digital book and the tees... Sorry everything is taking so long to fulfill.  I serve as graphic designer (tees & marketing), web maintenance person, choreographer and director. I have been working tirelessly to get everything out to you. Thank you for your patience. 

The digital photo book is finished!!!! The file is too big for regular email so, it is being uploaded to our server and you will be sent a link and password to logon to download the file. Please keep an eye out for another email tomorrow!

Tee shirts are being printed and shipped to me to ship to you! Look for them in the middle of next month. Here is the mock up from the printer. 

Just hang in there! It's coming.

all the best,


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