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A puppet theatre adaptation of the classic 1933 film King Kong by local actor and puppeteer Ladd Wendelin.

For the full details on King Kong, please watch the short video above.

My goal for this Kickstarter project is $100. The campaign ends on Thursday, July 5th at Midnight CST. There's still tons of work to be done on King Kong, including set pieces, backdrops, and most importantly the (stick) puppets themselves, which will be fashioned in the same style as those in "Palace of Mirrors". I’ll be using your donations to help with the purchase of these items:
Acrylic paints
Colored pencils
Rubber cement
Foam board
Permanent markers
Costume pieces.
Additional art supplies and materials for props and set pieces.
Promotional items (Posters, Postcards)
Also, to recoup expenses already incurred.

The premiere of King Kong is tentatively set for later this summer – end of July-August at the TADA Theatre in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket, followed by a tour of local venues and the release of the complete performance on YouTube. More details will follow soon!

Joining me in performance is local actor Michael Booton, who aside from playing the Norwegian also serves as a puppeteer behind-the-scenes, and Conner Goertzen (Foam Form), who will be providing some trippy beats inspired by "King Kong".

Palace of Mirrors - Spring 2012

I first read about the sordid love affairs of Evelyn Nesbit while looking for a good story to adapt for the puppet theatre. It was, in a manner of speaking, love at first sight. Here was a pitch-perfect story ripped from the headlines, almost too good to be true, with very distinct high society characters clashing against the propriety of the Gilded Age. When all your creative faculties and resources go into telling a story, if not attendant to every detail, threads begin to show and everything starts to unravel in the mind of the audience. So telling Evelyn's story in a compelling and efficient way became essential to the success of Palace of Mirrors. Little did I know it was blueprint for something much, much bigger...

Kong Costume Construction - April - June 2012

Perhaps we have all visited Skull Island at one point or another. It's the threshold, a "distant, difficult, and dangerous" place, as King Kong's creator Mirian C. Cooper liked to put it, that we inevitably cross that separates our comfort zone from the wonders and terrors of the Unknown, things beyond our wildest imagination. It was for this reason amongst others that the prospect of adapting King Kong for the puppet theatre was such an alluring and irresistible challenge. As I read more about Cooper and the classic 1933 film, the more the story of Kong grew closer to my heart. For me, Kong is a modern-day fairy tale for dangerous dreamers who only have to use their imaginations to visit the uncharted and untamed places of the earth.

Original King Kong Promotional Artwork -


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