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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick 16 minutes ago

      *Looming* was a typo, but probably more accurate for what's going on here!

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick 17 minutes ago


      They are actively looming for a new "senior firmware algorithm engineer", so my guess is that it's probably about 1 year away from production as it's still in engineering!

      This is the worst run company/Kickstart I've ever seen. Especially due to the fact they don't update us HONESTLY.

    3. Bryce Gillett about 7 hours ago

      Are we on track for a June launch?

    4. Diego Gerbaudo 1 day ago

      Last update March 9th.

      How can Kickstarter remain so silent about this whole “project”/fraud?

    5. Nick Jones 2 days ago

      Maybe not ignorant more naive

    6. Pascal Martin-Daguet 2 days ago

      An other failed project or scam. Just like 1/3 of the projects I have financed on this platform....

    7. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      As im so ignorant, enlighten me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick 4 days ago


      A few questions:

      ->Please Adress the elephant in the room.
      ->We would like to know how far along you are with the engineering of the software algorithm used to calculate hydration.
      ->What happened to the last engineer, if you even had one.
      ->Moving forward how far along are you on "engineering" this band.

    9. Missing avatar

      Patrick 5 days ago

      @Miranda great way of summing up how most of us feel about this ridiculous Kickstart.

      @Tzfardaya just shut up! Your so ignorant. Go away!

    10. Missing avatar

      Rob 5 days ago

      People who say "kickstarter is not a store" after we were lied to about the stage in development that BSX were at are just as big a bunch of cunts as BSX themselves.

    11. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Given the inherent risks of kickstarter, you should never be pledging monies you can not afford to lose.

      I'm sure you've seen the phrase "kickstarter is not a store" before, and had a good look at the relevant terms of use/kickstarter 101/faq pages. Kickstarter is upfront about the fact that there are no guarantees that any project will be successfully completed, and that many (approximately 10% of all projects) fail entirely.

    12. Nick Jones 6 days ago

      Top comment Miranda hit the nail on the head so to speak

    13. Gerald
      7 days ago

      Should have gone with the iWatch... Guess this is another lost case. I'm done backing technology projects. May even be done backing anything in the future, getting to the point that I'd rather wait for them to hit the market (and end up being cheaper - anyone remember Fidget Cube,). Too bad, I know a lot of people were looking for solutions for medical problems that a hydration monitor would have really helped with (me included). A d the lack of details / updates doesn't help!

    14. Paul herman
      7 days ago

      Well said Miranda

    15. Missing avatar

      Miranda Biggs 7 days ago

      @tzfardaya - with regards to your comments regarding this idea that we were all backing development from the beginning and were not guaranteed a physical product...scroll up a little and take a look at the picture that is STILL being used on this campaign. That photo alone is proof that backers were misled. Nowhere does it state that the band shown is an artist rendering, nor does it state that it’s a prototype. That same band appeared in videos, on people, in many other pictures - including on athletes they claimed were testing it in real life situations. They never once told people that what we were looking at, in actuality, did not exist, and we were essentially donating money to their ‘cause’. This whole thing should have been on GoFundMe, not Kickstarter, because it seriously feels as though we, the backers, will never see the product we believed we were buying. And their lack of communication with the group of us is adding a lot of weight to the bad feeling a good lot of us have.
      I can appreciate that you must have a lot of money and can afford to throw it behind various projects that may end up being unsuccessful, but you don’t seem to appreciate the fact that not everyone is in that boat. People thought they were purchasing a physical product that was going to aide their health. I’m 100% positive if people were made fully aware that there was no real band being tested, this Kickstarter campaign would never have reached its goal. I, myself, would have kept the Fitbit I had just bought two days before I saw this advertised, and saved myself the money and the grief.

    16. Nick Jones on April 13

      Goes from bad to worse this project

    17. Missing avatar

      on April 13


    18. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 13

      Everyone should go to their bank with this new information and demand a charge back! Here's the proof everyone needed!

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 13

      Yeah, looks like they need the lord himself to come down and make this project work... So they are throwing up to $150,000 for their problems to be fixed. But it doesn't work like that.... And this also goes to prove even more the fact that THEY NEVER HAD A WORKING PROTOTYPE.

      Why hasn't Kickstarter stepped in by now... This was a scam from day one!

    20. Diego Gerbaudo on April 13

      Yep, just what I thought would happen at this point...they are looking for Gandalf Lord of coding with “preternatural abilities”

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 13

      Anyone read DC rainmaker? Someone just posted something interesting there. Judge for yourself.......

      Sr Firmware Algorithm Engineer

      LVL Technologies


      Austin, TX 78722

      $80,000 - $150,000 a year

      The Company:

      LVL Technologies is a biosensor company that specializes in proprietary sensor platforms and deep machine learning to comprehensively measure the most important vital signs at the wrist (and elsewhere). We are venture backed by several of the largest strategic and financial investors in the industry.

      At LVL, we are revolutionizing the mobile and wearables industry by solving hard problems that bring new insights into health and wellness – starting with the first ever hydration monitor. We seek energetic, innovative thinkers to work with our growing team of passionate, driven, and forward-thinking revolutionaries. If you’re looking for real world experience owning an entire firmware project, converting prototype python/matlab algorithms into executable firmware code that will be shipping soon, then we have a spot for you!

      The engineering group at LVL is composed of friendly, practical, team-oriented people with broad backgrounds and diverse skill sets. At LVL Technologies, you’ll not only make a difference quickly, having a direct effect on our success, you will also be able to grow and manage your career path. We provide access to development resources including e-learning courses, training programs, and support from our team of helpful industry experts.

      We also realize that very few people do their best work alone in a cubicle with a stiff chair using a 10 year old desktop with a tiny monochrome crt monitor, so we work with recruits to find the best environment in which to develop our next amazing product.

      The Position:

      We are looking for a senior firmware algorithm engineer to join our passionate engineering team and help oversee the development of an optically based wearable health sensor. This person will be responsible for architecting, defining, and developing embedded firmware and working with other large embedded groups of our external partners.

      Required Education and Experience:

      Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics (or similar relevant field) with 5+ years of relevant industry experience OR Ph.D. with 3+ years of relevant industry experience

      Extreme familiarity with embedded systems

      An almost preternatural ability to convert Python/Matlab into C, embedded C, or embedded C++

      Demonstrated ability, near obsession, over minimizing CPU time and power

      Ability to look at whole algorithms and make intelligent cross-functional-block optimizations

      Ability to analyze the phases of a fixed-point algorithm and be able to calculate bit width requirements

      Demonstrated experience writing a compiled C library (ideally embedded) with an external API you supported

      Languages: Embedded C/C++, Matlab, Python/Pandas, various build tools


      Experience with wearable bio sensors and the various problems that arise from using sensors on freely moving subjects

      Some BLE experience

      Experience writing FFTs a plus

      Startup experience

      Strong self-direction and communication and planning skills - we’re a small team so you need to drive yourself

      Favors getting things done because of time constraints vs always doing it the right way

      Experience with supporting a production product that is tied to revenue

      Expertise in low power techniques for battery optimization

      Experience developing firmware for ARM or similar processors

      Job Type: Full-time

      Salary: $80,000.00 to $150,000.00 /year

      Required experience:

      python/matlab algorithm - to - firmware conversion: 3 years

      Required education:


      6 days ago - report job

      Apply Now

      Save this job

    22. Nick Jones on April 13

      Tzfardaya do you work for bad?

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian J Bonislawsky
      on April 12

      Looks like this Aura band might be something delivered before this campaign comes to fruition.

    24. Missing avatar

      on April 12


      You didn't pay for a product.

      You funded the development and attempt to manufacture the product in hopes of receiving one if they were successful.

    25. Missing avatar

      michael dransfield on April 12

      Where is my product?

    26. Missing avatar

      michael dransfield on April 11

      Where is my product I paid for?

    27. Missing avatar

      Valerie on April 11

      We still on for our Summer 2018 deadline?

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 10

      And by the way.... Where's our damn April update.... At least give us something for the amount of money we spent!

      You bunch of crooks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 10

      The following are the names of the 349 people who want a refund for their orders! You have defrauded all of us out of our hard earned money against Kickstarter rules stipulating that you cannot use "photo realistic renderings". You have tricked us into believing that you had a finished product that only needed funds for manufacturing.



      Sean Cardall United Kingdom
      David Radovini Canada
      Per Birkhaug Norway
      Christian Barras United States
      Justin Tripp United States
      Ruby Rosenberg 
      Antonio Magana United States
      Erick Armentrout United States
      Nicholas Preztak United States
      Nicholas Davidson United Kingdom
      Tommy Durrant United States
      Dawn Warburton United States
      Maria Kann United States
      Kevin Lau Australia
      Colin Kramer United States
      Jorge Cabrera United States
      Tajs Køngerskov Denmark
      William Canada
      oovedi Israel
      Michael Foster United States
      thomas walrath United States
      Paul Kim United States
      Tony United States
      Sasha Qualkenbush United States
      Cam United States
      Jacky Hong Kong
      Martin Kent United States
      Taylor Frank United States
      Todd Coble United States
      Jenny Lowe United States
      Aram Kadish United States
      Martin Smith United Kingdom
      Mark Netherlands
      Michael Dransfield United Kingdom
      Charlie Haskayne United Kingdom
      Tomas Blaha Australia
      Brian United Kingdom
      andy zootie Australia
      aurumjd United States
      Eric Netherlands
      Helen Biggerstaff United Kingdom
      Ben Wilkinson United Kingdom
      Jonathan Haidle United States
      Janeen Brown United States
      Craig Brown United States
      Allen United States
      Karen Lee Singapore
      Ben Hagen United States
      Skye United States
      Jeffrey Netherlands
      matthew madia United States
      Chris Owen-Smith United Kingdom
      Nicola Switzerland
      Egor Luxembourg
      Tara Canada
      Debbie Flynn Canada
      Travis Topperwien Australia
      James Walker Australia
      Betsy Chow Singapore
      Claudio Venturini United States
      Timothy Epp Canada
      Andrew Todd United States
      Eric Bain United States
      Choong Kah Meng Malaysia
      Jenny Lacey United Kingdom
      Zoltan Szabo Canada
      Meg United States
      Kristoffer Linder Sweden
      MC van Egmond Netherlands
      Andreas Hjelm Sweden
      Linh Trinh Vietnam
      Jung Germany
      Shanker Menon India
      Travis Israel
      Aidan Thurbon Australia
      SF United States
      Tyler Dec United States
      LARS BLACKMORE United States
      Nola Stowe United States
      Leon Van Hees United States
      Jan Willem Australia
      mary Canada
      Zachary Woods United States
      Robert Cauthorn United States
      Deepak Agarwal India
      Mac Bennett United States
      Terry Zimmermann United States
      Thomas Livingston United States
      Lyan Ki Hong Kong
      andrew deblase United States
      Robert Heckel United States
      Paul United Kingdom
      Steven Lee United States
      Megan Makinson United Kingdom
      Elijah Yeo Australia
      Mike Shore United States
      Tammy Crowley United States
      Christian Hartman United States
      Justin Tan Singapore
      Francis Canada
      Jeff United States
      Sheryl Yeo Singapore
      Jack United States
      Ann M Hatch United States
      Chungyuk Takahashi United States
      Tracy Seif Australia
      Jonathan Antignani United States
      rayz Singapore
      Matthew Mandrak United States
      andy zootie Australia
      Mark Shocklee United States
      Peter Baumann Sweden
      Nora Robinson United States
      Sebastiaan Netherlands
      Anna Ukraine
      Pascal Trebin Germany
      Katharine Keen United Kingdom
      El Rollito Australia
      Travis Topperwien Australia
      Thomas Pinto United States
      Viktor Sweden
      Marcus Mattsson Sweden
      Tajs Køngerskov Denmark
      Daniel Bingel United States
      Andy Pang United States
      Nikola Petkanski Bulgaria
      Jeff Lieu United States
      Roman Grey United States
      Ryan Charles United States
      Aaron Hatzenbuhler United States
      John barnhart United States
      frank andrews United States
      Kunal Patel United States
      Michelle Rivera United States
      Alan Spears United States
      Arman Fazeli United States
      Daniel Ramirez United States
      Arvid Cloet Belgium
      Ryan United States
      Ryan Mahoney United States
      Tammy Crowley United States
      Phil J Doyle United States
      kaitlyn woolnough United Kingdom
      Joel obodov Israel
      Bob Heckel United States
      Francis Daudelin Canada
      Andrea Saccoccio United States
      Joe Garcia United States
      Idan York Netherlands
      SANDRA C DIZON United States
      Steve Burke Belgium
      Sparkxster United States
      Patrick Wilkerson United States
      Anson Chiu Canada
      Alex Fuller United States
      JAMES POLLARD United States
      Frank Rhemrev Netherlands
      Tisha Titus United States
      Eric Grodsky United States
      Maria Romualdez United States
      Diego Argentina
      Tara Canada
      Tom Harman Canada
      Warren Carey Canada
      andy zootie Australia
      David Jones United Kingdom
      Selena Tan Singapore
      Magnus Wiström Sweden
      Klaus Müller Germany
      Jeremias Pappert Germany
      Clément Pradel France
      Monica Ledesma United States
      kaitlyn woolnough United Kingdom
      Johnathan Flores United States
      Wai Khay Cheong Malaysia
      Mark Christopher Australia
      Eric Shook United States
      Fredric Tai Malaysia
      Josh Lucas United States
      Fabian Schweizer Switzerland
      Mike Slagter Netherlands
      Weng Singapore
      Zander Pang Japan
      Klaas Jan van Egmond Netherlands
      Leon Van Hees United States
      Paul De Vos 
      Paul Kim 
      matthew madia 
      Aren Yazmaciyan 
      Erik Huang 
      A Melrose 
      Felix Kasper 
      Tan Kwang Eng 
      Zdeno Dubnicka 
      mary liu
      Darren yen 
      Daf Griffiths 
      Jeff Saporito 
      Adil Khan 
      Gregg Anderson 
      Arman Fazeli 
      Nicole Fan 
      Dimitrios Giannoulis 
      Shane Hudson 
      Francisco Ribeiro 
      Renato Galli 
      Khalid Bahakeem 
      Joel obodov 
      Miranda Biggs 
      Ryan Arthur 
      Eddie Bloom 
      K Sandhu 
      Kamil Klapka 
      Ezequiel Pena 
      Mustafa Ali Hasan 
      Amin Ben maamar 
      Hansol Kim 
      Torsten Maier 
      Heather Elliott 
      Eric Drouin Canada
      jia wong Malaysia
      Kris Chiam Malaysia
      Neal Walters United States
      Jenny L United States
      Mark Collins Canada
      Megan Makinson United Kingdom
      Leon Van Hees United States
      Andreas Hjelm Sweden
      Ryan Mullins United States
      Natalie United States
      Tisha Titus United States
      Scott Hopkins United States
      Oleg Russian Federation
      Heather Elliott United States
      Deborah Richard Canada
      Francesco Ferrari Italy
      John walker United States
      Henry Ng Thailand
      LI HAN JYUN Taiwan
      Tara Canada
      Nicola Switzerland
      Mike Shore United States
      Maik Germany
      Marcello Quattri Italy
      Lars Ellevang Denmark
      Taylor Dietrich United States
      Stefano Malta
      Joan Javier Singapore
      Andrew Tortoishell Hong Kong
      Yasmeen Saudi Arabia
      Damon Gisel Canada
      Ana Maria Weaver United States
      BorisHendrik Germany
      Nick Jones Australia
      Brian S United States
      Cindy Darley United States

    30. Missing avatar

      Cam Kahng on April 10

      This is obviously a failed project at this point. That’s the risk you take with Kickstarter. I had expected that Kickstarter would act in the best interest of their brand and hold LVL accountable for at least honestly communicating with its backers. That obviously hasn’t happened and LVL is incompetent and can’t even admit that they’ve failed . Either way, I’m over this BS and not holding my breath anymore. Moving on.

    31. Missing avatar

      Emin on April 9

      I don’t believe in this project anymore. It’s almost 2 years since we backed up this project. You don’t offer a refund and you betrayed also all the backers, with completely wrong facts.

      You are Scammers!

    32. Missing avatar

      Tyler Dec on April 9


    33. Missing avatar

      Tyler Dec on April 9

      Who has their number? Someone posted it recently to call and complain for a refund but it seems to have been deleted... what a surprise

    34. Missing avatar

      Shawn damon on April 9

      Guys from BSG, perhaps you could provide some comments? officially, am reading some disturbing comments on this comments section.......

    35. Missing avatar

      Christian barras on April 8

      Signed petition. BSX karma always seems to have a way of giving you what you give others.

    36. Missing avatar

      on April 8

      @richard having talked to the guys at Aura Band their seeking money for manufacturing of the product. Something I thought the team @lvl needed initially. Regardless I’ve backed Aura and when I get it I’ll use it. Sadly I believe that when/if I ever get lvl it’s going into a drawer. Maybe eBay who knows?? I’ve lost faith in this product and the company.

    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Habbershaw on April 7

      @Erick aura is looking a far better prospect. LVL is looking a dead duck

    38. Nick Jones on April 7

      Come on Alison what you got to hide?

    39. Alison Melrose on April 6

      Diego - I want a refund but won’t sign petition as means Ipetition has access to my twitter (or Facebook) account.

    40. Missing avatar

      on April 5

      @tewm lvl, if been holding out for months to sign that petition as I believed in your statement and the product. Now I’ve decided to back Aura band, here’s a crew that according to what they’ve posted actually are seeking monetary backing to build their product. Based on the newest update (shocking I know!!) they’ve actually built the device and are ready to produce and ship.

      Having said all that as a backer a staunch advocate (until today) I demand an actual update revealing where y’all are in terms of development. This is by no means the longest I’ve had to wait for a Kickstarter. But it’s the worst run, least transparent, and most depressing campaign I’ve ever backed. I should’ve listened to my friend when he said “when you’re thirsty drink, or in a race drink before you think you need to.” Wiser words have rarely been spoken.

    41. Diego Gerbaudo on April 4

      Only 335 out of 7501 backers have signed the petition...something doesnt add up

    42. Missing avatar

      on April 3

      @Yu Soyama, I saw the Aura Band the first time around on Kickstarter and jumped on that campaign. Sadly they had to cancel and restart. If the band actually delivers on time, August, then @team lvl had better hurry up and get their act together.

    43. Yu Soyama on April 3

      Check AURA Band out!!!
      It’s very similar to something...

    44. Missing avatar

      on April 2

      Except that it sounds more like a physical mockup rather than a render was used in the campaign images... Remember ecen dcrainmaker says he received a chunk of plastic, a mockup unit, to write about.

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick on April 1

      @Tzfardaya....your an idiot. Kickstarter breached their own terms when they specified that creators CANNOT use photo realistic renderings. And that's exactly what LVL has done!

      @Miranda ...your completely right. Nobody here will ever see a product from these jokers!

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