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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Ong just now

      May we demand for an updates on BSX LVL band progress? Maybe its tough in the progress, do inform us and keep us update, for us to continue believe on you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny about 1 hour ago

      I died of thirst already

    3. gregalodon about 2 hours ago

      I think I've been patient long enough. If you cannot even be bothered to keep your backers updated about anything going on, you should probably be investigated. If you can't even be bothered to keep us informed, I would like my money back.

    4. Missing avatar

      Francis N. about 3 hours ago

      In August 11, 2017 update, they said that external validation would be finished by end of December. It looks like they are only now getting some data not necessarily "validated" data which means they are at least 6 months behind their new schedule which they provided because they were going to be more "transparent", which means you are looking at winter as the soonest it will ship. Why no updates about the new delays since you were all about being more transparent and honest with your backers?

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee about 3 hours ago

      Go fuck yourself bsx!

    6. Gerald
      about 11 hours ago

      Time for an update or to start processing refunds. Not living up to your own comments in the update from March!

    7. Sandy Stith 3 days ago

      Of your 7,501 backers, I wonder if you can find even one who believes you didn't just run off with the money at this point. Some projects fail. Some projects fail big. Your biggest failure is your lack of transparency and ongoing blatant dishonesty. Your post from 9 days ago is just an insult.

    8. Jillian Norman 3 days ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge amount.

    9. Missing avatar

      Don McKinney 4 days ago

      This has gone on way too long. What does it take to get an update? More importantly, you took everyone's money and are delivering nothing. I want a refund ASAP

    10. Myles Blackwood 5 days ago

      Still waiting.... 3 months since last update... Not looking good. Guess I'll start considering reversing the charge on my card and contacting the BBB about the company.

    11. Missing avatar

      Megan 5 days ago

      At this point if they had something remotely near ready for production that would say so. The fact that they haven’t really addressed all the concern and negative comments from Backers tells me that they have nothing.

    12. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      They’re still showing this on their website for shipping this summer. Anyone really buy into that???

    13. Eric Viera 5 days ago

      This was from the August 2, 2017 update: "When our team started the Kickstarter campaign, we pledged transparency and regular updates. Something you each deserve. Something we have failed to deliver on. Why you may ask? Honestly, it's because you deserved regular updates of substance, not salesmanship; full details, not fluff. "

      Well, once again, they're not holding up to their pledge of transparency. It's not too much to ask for even monthly updates letting the backers know if it's on track or there are delays. By not giving any updates, you're basically giving the appearance that the project is delayed again and the company is too cowardly to come clean to the backers. It's not too much too ask to keep the backers current with updates, after all, it doesn't take much time to write a paragraph or two. By not updating us, you're sucking the confidence right out of the project.


    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea Saccoccio 5 days ago

      Hey Wayne--how's the weather in Bermuda or wherever you ran off to with our cash? I don't mind waiting for something... in fact, at times projects have been more than a year late in completion which is part of learning... but to LIE and have nothing NOTHING to show for delays is a travesty and betrayal of trust. C'mon! Either put up or refund us.

    15. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Come on guys give us a damn update. It’s summer 2018 and supposedly y’all are gonna be shipping this. Right???

    16. Missing avatar

      Kathy Sanders on June 10

      Where’s my money???
      Forget the BS and give us back our money!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick on June 9

      @Wayne and the bullshit team,

      I forgot to mention,


    18. Nick Jones on June 9

      Agree Patrick

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick on June 9

      @wayne and the bullshit team

      In January 2017 you said:

      We're happy to report that we've completed a manufacturing reference design and begun ordering components for its assembly.

      In March 2017 you said:

      makes LVL the first and only independently validated hydration monitoring technology in the world!

      June 2017

      We’ve taken these insights to continuously refine and improve our algorithms and user experience so that beyond simply measuring the “ins and outs”

      August 2017

      The validation studies prior to our campaign were done on science-grade prototypes. The past months of engineering development and concurrent work with our partners has shown that the previous designs were not capable of both delivering the experience and value we demonstrated in our campaign and also being manufactured at scale;

      August 2017

      The past months of engineering development and concurrent work with our partners has shown that the previous designs were not capable of both delivering the experience and value we demonstrated in our campaign and also being manufactured at scale; the combination of designs, components and sampling techniques (while functional) were simply too complex.

      Sept 2017

      Most recently our engineering team has made significant progress 'bringing up' the new hardware - including at both an application and system level.

      ALL LIES!!!!

      ....... Why am I even wasting my time writing this post when you guys hardly take the time to give us accurate or persistent updates! This is such a waste of my time and I will NO LONGER be giving you my valuable time!

      Karma will get you!

    20. Brad Bailey
      on June 9

      So, if I read your post correctly Creator, you are conducting a study. After the study you will compile and report back some part of that study. after that you will start looking at production, maybe. Folks this is crazy. Give me back my money. This was for my mom, whose health has since deteriorated to the point this device will no longer help. Sorry, but it is too late now to be useful.

    21. Alexander Babanov on June 8

      So it's summer again. A progress update would surely be nice to see.

    22. Missing avatar

      Levin on June 7

      Hi Wayne
      I'm looking forward to the update and am also very curious what lvl looks like right now. But a few more frequent updates in the future on your progress would be desirable.
      keep on working, it's going to be amazing!

    23. Theo van Lingen on June 7

      Ok, i have been a POSITIVE supporter through this until now. I have ignored all the negative comments about refunding thier money, all the nasty insults etc. But the least you can do guys is get an update to us its been since MARCH!!! cmon now, either produce, or say we just gave up. Be fair here, it only right

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob on June 7

      wouldn't it be weird if it turned out bsx aren't full of shit and are actually building something?

    25. Nick Jones on June 6

      Was that a joke Wayne? What BS..

    26. Missing avatar

      michael dransfield on June 6

      Where is my monitor?

    27. BSX Athletics Creator on June 6

      Hey Backers!

      After 3 months of very intensive around the clock testing, we’re now coming back up for air. We have just completed an unprecedented study, code named ‘MEGA’, with an external academic research team that specializes in hydration and thermoregulation studies.

      We are now compiling the data and look forward to soon sharing with you the results as we find out together how we did. Then subsequently, production plans.


    28. Missing avatar

      Dutchumb on June 6

      Clicked the Preorder now button. Shipping summer 2018. LOL

      Contact Us
      Please email

      also has this phone number: 512-263-7070
      All prices are in USD

    29. Nick Jones on June 5

      Always someone who has to stoke the fire when they don’t get the point.

    30. Missing avatar

      Marshal0224 on June 5

      @SJ-Brown it is always nice to keep being mindful, but sj, I think most of the people here understood KS is not a shop for two years already. It is not common for creator to not communicate with the backers for three months—I have backed 20+ successful project and this is the first one, especially when the project has a lot of money raised from a lot of people. In addition, if you have traced through the posts earlier, you will find evidence other people shared about what this company is doing right now: finding a new algorithm engineer right now, and in their original campaign I believe they claimed the algorithm being made. If this issue exists, which it seems to because there is no other. justification, this company has been lying to its backers from the really beginning. Therefore, with the time period we have been waiting and hearing nothing, I believe we need to take extra measures aside from KS guidelines. I do not want to be a demagogue, and I would be more than happy to apologize to the company if they ended up having a product, but I do want to protect my rights as it seems to be violated for now.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rob on June 5

      That's really funny Sj Brown. Well done you for making such a big funny.

    32. Sj Brown on June 4

      For all backers: You are surprised because of unreasonable expectations and probably an incomplete understanding of what Kickstarter is and what it is not.

      Up until now, I thought, that so many people readily sharing their two-bit KS-wisdom telling us exactly why what you think on KS is wrong, is rather rude and uncalled for, but then I found a little-known section in the KS Guidelines where you can take your official instant KS expert exam. I will tell all of you the right exam-answers on the quiet, because we are among backers here, but don't reveal them to the public!

      Graduation Questions to become a KS expert:

      1) Is Kickstarter a shop?
      [_] Yes
      [X] No

      2) Should you manage your expectations prior to backing a project? (REMARK: This means: only back stuff you do not rely on and you don't care when it will be shipped, if ever, or in other words: stuff you do not need nor care for)
      [X] Yes
      [_] No

      2 a) (For extra credit) If even the managed expectations have to be lowered during a long overdue campaign, should you:
      [_] Complain, because the creator did not live up to his own promises
      [X] Manage your expectations again (repeat if necessary)

      INSTANT RESULT: Gratulations! You are now an official KS expert!

      ADVICE: Now go share your wisdom now as often as possible with every backer on our forum who complains about something, or even if he or she does not! You do not have to be addressed to share your wisdom - your advice will always be welcome and seen as helpful and true, no matter what the complaint was. Feel free to point out any perceived imperfections of the OP and amply add how KS is properly used (the way you do, and only the way you do). People will love you for this and hold you in high esteem as a true expert backer. Repeat this as often as possible for a lasting reputation in our forums."

      This often overlooked exam in the guidelines really explained a lot to me. I thought all the time that the always congregating self-proclaimed expert entourage in projects flame other people with profane two-bit wisdom willy-nilly, but in reality, those people were officially certified KS experts who had to study hard for their degree! Now I see the "this is not a shop advice" and all its glorious variations in a whole new light... :-)
      excerpted without permission from another KS but really applicable here

    33. Nick Jones on June 4

      I’m happy to do what ever I can to make these
      Monkeys accountable even though I’m not in the USA

    34. Missing avatar

      on June 4

      There are 7,501 of us. If we all write the IRS today, something will eventually have to give.

    35. Missing avatar

      on June 4

      I say we all need to go to the IRS. Have these criminals reported their income? I'm guessing they haven't. If we all complain to the IRS and the FTC, I suspect something may happen. On two other Kickstarter fraudulent campaigns, as soon as the IRS has been brought into the mix, suddenly the creators sit up and take notice and start responding. If Kickstarter won't do anything about fraud, we need to look elsewhere for help.

    36. Missing avatar

      David Baty on June 4

      At this point, I would like a refund too. Has anyone received a refund? If so, how.

    37. Missing avatar

      Megan on June 4

      After getting BS from Kickstarter, I messaged BSX directly demanding an update. I think everyone needs to do this. I let them know that we all know they don’t have a product, have had tons of employee turnover and are currently looking for an engineer, so there’s no need to hide from us.

    38. Cyberrain on June 4

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    39. Ed TrueHealth on June 4

      Shoot this is gonna be another big scam from Kickstarter...

    40. Missing avatar

      Marshal0224 on June 2

      To get started, I have just issued a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, listing this project, BSX Athletics, and Kickstarter. I am not a citizen of the US, and I understand it is very likely that we will not get our money back. However, I do believe in justice and how well does this country execute justice, so I put my bids onto the US government. To correct a typo I made earlier, there are 7501 people spending A MILLION on this scam. This cannot be over like this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marshal0224 on June 2

      The reason I reached out to Kickstarter was I believing that Kickstarter would be responsible to enforce their users’ rights being respected and protected, ie they should ensure we either get our product or our money back. They permitted this campaign to happen, therefore should also be in charge to wrap this up.

    42. Missing avatar

      Marshal0224 on June 2

      I do believe we should be talking about lawsuits here now, based on the amount of money they took away.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joe Kielian on June 2

      The project creator is supposed to refund our money according to the agreement if fulfillment is not rendered.
      So then,can anyone tell me why there isn’t a class action lawsuit?

    44. Missing avatar

      Joe Kielian on June 2

      Over a million dollars made on a scam!

    45. Missing avatar

      Megan on June 2

      @Marshall0224 I emailed Kickstarter about 4 days ago about LVL being fraud and advising them to cut all pre-orderes from Kickstarters website. Crickets so far.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mathias Hjärtström on June 2

      I would like to be a believer and I've been holding out, hoping for a sign of life or some kind of miracle. I realize that will probably never happen.

      The initial project plan stated BSX had validated their algorithm in early 2016 and that full scale production would be up and running by the summer of 2017. They just recently had an advert to hire an algorithm engineer and they are nowhere near a working product. They initially asked for $50,000 and got almost $1.2 million in funding, but they ran out of money by spring 2017 and had to partner up with Samsung to get more funding. It's a scam.

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    47. Missing avatar

      Marshal0224 on June 1

      Ok for some reason Kickstarter blocked the email domain I usually use... I shot an email with a different email address via their support portal. Hopefully Kickstarter is going to reply. Their twitter account did not say anything back to me. I wonder if anyone would be able to take any legal action? They raised more than a million bucks. This cannot end like this.

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