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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Herbert Hoover about 2 hours ago

      Look who got a new fluff piece two days ago! Be sure to leave a comment. I just did.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott bishop about 6 hours ago

      Can't help but agree with the comments below. Kick starter needs to closely look at this. The amount of delay is. Little crazy. This reminds me of sports car mock ups. Things that never see the final production.

    3. Missing avatar

      Diametral1980 about 6 hours ago

      Kickstarter must step in for breaking the rules. No running prototype just to be industrialized. Otherwise they will lose all creditability.
      In case this is a scam plattform probably best we can do is to warn all friends not to use Kickstarter.
      Full refund asap.

    4. Missing avatar

      LI HAN, JYUN about 8 hours ago

      I want full refund.

    5. India about 9 hours ago

      I would like a full refund.

    6. Carl about 9 hours ago

      Oh no, this video is a PR disaster.. From the cheesy music to the fake laughs of the employees, it's the last thing any backer wanted to see. Every shot silently featured a massive Samsung-branded elephant in the room. Keep going like this and BSX will have zero credibility.

    7. Alison Melrose about 10 hours ago

      Or better yet, just refund all the people who have contacted you either on the comments, updates or directly asking for a refund.

    8. Alison Melrose about 11 hours ago

      Make this really simple for you - I no longer trust you're company
      You're STILL not listening. I requested a REFUND and you have done NOTHING to address people that have asked for one.

      Make the next video about how you will provide these for people who have asked.

    9. Ibrahim Siregar about 12 hours ago

      The very real question, with that amount of time you spent in hiatus... why you're back to the very first place by elaborating that the alpha prototype needs to be changed and you need longer time for a tested prototype. This is intriguing for me, as i'm now more convinced that this isn't just you're not being transparent. I believe i won't be the only backer that think of it this way.

    10. Ibrahim Siregar about 12 hours ago

      Sarcastic response from the creator. This isn't science that i understand. Science provides everyone with a room for improvement and feedback. As i stated previously, i backed your project as i believe it will enable an improvement of sports science in applied practice. BSX only think of themselves as business entity with the new funding from Samsung. Meanwhile, all these backers are actually in the same position as your scientific project's sponsor, yet you neglect them. It is unethical. It is wrong. You should feel guilty. If not, i don't know how i can call you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fredric Tai about 14 hours ago

      The video just showed us how they spent (more like wasted) USD1.86M of our cash on pile of craps that they need to scrap and restart everything again, and with no apology. BSX, do you have any idea how much of our time are you wasting? 7502 backer for a year... that like 2,738,230 days! I want my refund!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Steinberg about 14 hours ago

      If we are being honest with ourselves do we hold some of the responsibility for our lost money as well?

      I suggest you go back and look at the videos and copy in the original list Kickstarter request. It is full of typical yet very professionally created narratives and copy. This isn't the wording of a passionate innovator or technologist who has the ability to create something as technical as this. It's simply the idea of a promoter who unfortunately may have also fooled many of the people (or person) convinced to work on this project.

      When I was 16 I went to 42nd street and gave a professional con artist $20 for a fake ID. When I found him later on a side street he explained to me that I was neither getting the ID or my $20 back. This as it turned out was by far the best $20 I ever spent.

      Perhaps we should look at this in the same way and be wiser next time.

    13. Missing avatar

      Emin about 16 hours ago

      Damn I want my money back. Answer to me. Kickstarter is full of shit

    14. Missing avatar

      Oscar about 16 hours ago

      I want full refund. What a shame for Kickwstarter!!!


    15. Jerkamie about 17 hours ago


    16. Gerard Thomas about 18 hours ago

      I, like others, have been in contact with KS about this project. I like others have received a very poor response. I was asked to give feedback on the 'support' in a short survey today. This needs to be put in KS's court now. If BSX did break the rules, and it was some how approved in the process, KS has something to answer for. If this whole sordid affair does go south, as it increasingly looks like it might, then I imagine there's going to be quite the storm; considering that the project haze 7.5 backers and funding busted through the i mil mark, this will look very bad for KS.

      This is the response I sent to KS:

      I wrote concerning this project:

      With 7500 backers and 1.86 million in backer’s funding, the project now appears, almost 1 year later, to have broken several of KS key guidelines in its original pitch, making it appear fraudulent. What’s more, it also seems based on the ‘updates’ from the CEO, that BSX used the KS funding it raised to pitch and/or sell their technology to the likes of Samsung, yet not deliver anything to their backers, letting them know only that they would have to wait at least another year.

      There are some VERY quite rightly upset people and there are moves to bring this whole affair to the media, which has already begun.

      While there are mounting demands for refunds from backers, many accept there is every chance their money is gone.

      I am sure I am not the only one that has brought this to the attention of Kickstarter. What I find truly appalling is finding out others have received the same pro forma email from you that I have, one which effectively shuns ANY KS responsibility in this whole process. At not point has Kickstarter either come to and address backers to reassure them directly, or come forth publicly and raise these issues with BSX idirectly on behalf of the 7.5k backers.

      I understand that Kickstarter wants to protect its brand, but considering the possible scope of this, if the worst does eventuate, one would think instead of pissing off the backers, the ones that make Kickstarter possible in the first place, you would make efforts beyond a set of poor pro forma emails.

      As of right this very minute, all it looks like you are doing is *possibly* aiding and abetting a fraudulent project, if this is what in fact transpires.


      Gerard Thomas

    17. Missing avatar

      shai about 18 hours ago

      Full refund please.
      Im an engineer and a project manager, and if i were you , I would fire half of your staff.
      Horrible risk analysis and mitigation plan, the circuit level seems months away and maybe good for a CnF stage but not more than that.
      Kickstarter is a platform for innovation and delivery, it's not "shark tank".
      I suggest you'll do a full refund to all backers and re open a kick starter when you'll be much closer to beta stage.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcus bulley about 20 hours ago

      Full refund please. Shame on your kickstarter..

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Saporito about 20 hours ago

      Refund time. I'm not rich, I don't have money to burn - I'm just someone who doesn't drink enough water and was hoping for something which would remind me to remedy that, and let me know just how badly I need it. I don't have cash to burn on things that may or may not exist in another year.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ty Christian Hartman about 20 hours ago

      Requesting a full refund of my pledge.
      Thank you.

    21. Jerkamie about 20 hours ago

      Yeah we know we didn't back a pedometer, why did you think you could have this delivered as rendered on target? The cuts in that video were hard to miss.

    22. Missing avatar

      Josef about 23 hours ago

      This video response did not make me feel reassured at all. Your prototype is years away from being even close to completion. More so it looks as if you are still working the science behind it. We bought into an idea that was far more advanced that it really was. The photoshopped photos of your product and your description of where you were in your product development were all misleading. Please do right by your backers and give us the option of a refund. Otherwise, all you are doing is pretty much lying, stealing for profit, and just smearing the ideal of Kickstarter. First Remix IO+ and now this, sad Kickstarter, are letting the ideal die with each minute of silence in this matter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Robbins 1 day ago

      Asked for a refund 8 days ago, no one has replied.

      After seeing the latest patronizing video, I am now convinced that the final goal was not to ship a product, but to sell the company/technology.

      They never had a working prototype, let alone any ability to ship in bulk. We've been lied to, and we'll never see this device.

      Absolute disgrace. Kickstarter should also have stepped in for breach of TOS, but clearly have no interest.

      It's an appalling show all round.

    24. Jerkamie 1 day ago

      Btw I just got a kickstarter in the mail delivered on time as promised with a ton of free goodies with it (goduo by kunz) shame projects like lvl & sngl ruin this awesome experience for everyone.

    25. Jerkamie 1 day ago

      jeff ask Tzfardaya hes in love with the creators for absolutely no reason.

    26. Missing avatar

      Iljeff13 1 day ago

      For those of you who still think BSX is reputable let me ask you this. BSX offered a pre-sale of the LVL. This pre-sale was running at least from August 2 to the 11th promising the August 2017 delivery. How is it possible that BSX did not know that their product would not be ready till summer 2018 until the 11th of August when they posted their update and changed the pre-sale delivery date to summer 2018. So BSX lied to the pre-sale customers about their product and their ability to deliver. This is completely inexcusable, to flat out lie to new customers to make money, this pre-sale was not a kickstarter that has inherent risk, this was a pre-sale on thier web site with delivery promised in 3-4 weeks, Can any of the BSX supporters explain this to me and if you cant how can you keep supporting them? Just my feelings and the reason i want a refund and do not trust BSX at all it seems like fraud to me, I would add that this information is something else to add to the template emails anyone might be sending.

    27. Nicholas Rowlett 1 day ago

      I would like a refund for the 2 units I backed so I can purchase another brand.
      If you recieved money from Samsung and its not tied to development specifically, you can start paying people back for what you took, and still have money left over to play with. Was the Samsung funding for development, or a payment to you for your technology. What does Kickstarter say about this type of funding after the champaign has closed. I think Kickstarter should intervene and remove this project or clarify why they are able to do this type of deal and leave us in the wind.


    28. Jerkamie 1 day ago

      They should refund everyone and start a new Kickstarter next May

    29. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Yes, lvl/bsx spent numerous years planning and preparing for this scam, creating multiple kickstarter accounts, backing numerous other projects with those accounts, posting in those other projects, all so that when this project launched, they would have existing fake users to push.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Arnow 1 day ago

      Im going to wait patiently for this product. I think it will help alot of people not only with making sure we drink enough water, but tracking activities. Im from FL and theres plenty of moisture there & not hard to remember to drink enough. Being in AZ where its dry, you can almost not drink much, but you need to drink even when youre not thirsty as youre not getting extra moisture from the air and then its too late to drink when youre thirsty. I do think this phase is taking too long still. Ive been in CAD/PCB design. I know it takes several runs to get things right. Placement of parts, heat from parts affecting other parts. Frequencies getting interrupted. Heat from one part affecting another part....shaking of arm can weaken solder so there needs to be enough solderability and parts that can hold up to movement etc... people dont realize that PCB design is an art & then there comes the actual Engineering of wht parts get plugged into eachother: voltages, brand, quality etc Then theres a chance a manufacturer might change their parts So please PATIENT backers!

    31. Missing avatar

      Joseph F Pistorio 1 day ago

      I will be using Emil's template. You never had a working prototype which is a Kickstarter requirement. You scammed Kickstarter and us. Now we will let all know. BTW-I don't believe the people who are posting that they are willing to go along with you. I think they are fake too like you.

    32. Emil Truszkowski 1 day ago

      Template for your e-mails to send to various media to tell them about this scam. Try e-mailing every technology site you know. Let's make our voices hear!


      Dear X,
      I believe your company has written an article about LVL hydration band on Kickstarter:
      I'm one of the backers. After one year and months of no contact at all from the BSC Athletics that is behind the band, we the backers finally got their statement about the product. Band was supposed to be delivered this summer. Company has stated that they are on their way to deliver it. After few months of silence they announced that they have sold the idea to Samsung and it will take one more year to launch the product. They received funding from Samsung to pursue the project. However, they already had over 1 million dollar from the backers. Their goal pledge was 50.000 so they got a lot more then they requested to finish the product. But now after one year it seems that the product was never close to finishing. New scheduled date is summer 2018. As you can imagine all the backers are seriously pissed off. The comments under their Kickstarter are furious. People demand refunds.
      I would really appreciate if you look into this matter and investigate this scam on Kickstarter. I believe it could be an interesting article. If you want I can send you their official statement.
      Thank you for your support.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tucker 1 day ago

      hello, I cannot in good faith support this project anymore. I am requesting a full refund immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Davies 1 day ago

      Refund please? Fraud

    35. Crispin
      1 day ago

      Respectfully, I do not believe you are listening as you claim in update #21's video.

      Hardly anyone is asking the questions you mentioned. The real concerns of your backers here are:
      - you misled backers with the readiness of your product at the outset of the campaign
      - as a result your Kickstarter funding was never going to be enough to complete the design and build the products for your backers that you promised us
      - so you approached a corporate for additional funding at a late stage and received $6.75m in exchange for something we don't know but can assume was some kind of rights or information about the technology you've been working on
      - by discontinuing your only working product, that the new investor will have no interest in, it now appears you are setting your company up for a smooth acquisition by the new investor who would have no obligation to fulfil your Kickstarter promises to us
      - and that is why a lot of your backers are asking for refunds because the above breaches Kickstarter's principles as well as inter-personal ethics.

      Do you really not understand why we are no angry? It is not about the delays, that is semi-expected here. It is about a story that is gradually being revealed as one of deception and manipulation, of exaggerated claims and unfillable promises, all of which have come directly from you.

      Any further updates from you that do not address these issues will only add patronising and uncaring to the story of this little drama.

      (P.S. Oh, and ending your videos by thanking us for "our continued support" is already insulting given the volume of comments here that expressly withdraw support to the extent they are asking for refunds; there is a difference between support and holding our funds hostage. By continually angering your backers, do you not see a possible future that includes a nightmare PR and social media storm that would make any potential future buyer reconsider inheriting it?)

    36. Jerkamie 1 day ago

      Well I look forward to watching this 2 minute video. If they are listening it's clear a lot of people would prefer to have this refunded. Hopefully they address this in the video.

    37. Missing avatar

      BartLGrunn 1 day ago

      Great engineering...uhhh like in staging this video. Especially the girl with the note pad scribbling notes next to a guy cycling. This image is reassuring. I somehow remain unconvinced by this new course of "being committed to more transparency". After scandalously pushing the deadline back a year, and so scamming 7000 people for this venture capital, the technology will go to Samsung. LVL and it's obligations dissolve. End of story.

    38. Missing avatar

      NVG 1 day ago

      Please refund me. I requested a refund in private, but never got an answer in 8 days already. Your lack of response makes this project even more suspicious than it already is with the "last minute 1 year delay" that you mentioned in an email last week.

    39. Mazboy 1 day ago

      They may have raised $6.5M but they would not have even had that opportunity without the hard earned $1,186,983 we all pledged to get them where they are!

    40. Mazboy 1 day ago

      So we now have to wait a whole year and the key benefit of signing up via Kickstarter has been massively diminished due to them now taking pre-orders on their website for a price of only $149.99!

      No offer of a refund for people not willing to wait another whole year or any offer of some sort of bonus/compensation for being a patient backer. NOTHING!

      On top of all this i am also disappointed in Kickstarter for not stepping in to offer some clarity here. Surely it's not fair for companies to take our money and then not deliver on their promise.

    41. Gold, J.D.
      1 day ago

      I've still not heard anything since I've asked for a full refund. What's the status?

    42. Missing avatar

      Sara 1 day ago

      If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck.... then it's a duck.

      The difference with this project is now it's a lame duck.

      We didn't see that one coming and they should've been upfront about their intentions. They still could be upfront about it.

      At the very least this is just poor business and poor leadership on Dustin's part mixed in with some poor decision making and a lack of integrity and strength of conviction.

      The people at BSX have to wake up everyday and look at themselves in the mirror knowing what a failure this all is. They've got to hold their kids and know that they've failed over 7,000 backers. And true or not, people feel as though they've been scammed- the creators have to live with that.

      It's sad that Samsung is willing to do business with them and didn't ask "what about your backers?" but crap companies like other crap companies, so they probably didn't ask.

      There's a reason Apple or UA didn't pick them up, that's for sure.

      When we see a LVL Technologies or BSX Products in the future at least we know the type of company and people behind it, and can choose not to purchase it or recommend it to friends or family.

    43. Missing avatar

      Geof Haswell 1 day ago

      I really have to strenuously object to BSX's current notice that the LVL delivery will now be delayed until next summer. Just a week or two ago you stated you would deliver the LVL this month. Now, you have attracted the attention of Samsung and suddenly delivery is delayed until next summer. Agree with Francis N. below. Anyone want to buy me out?

    44. Tara 1 day ago

      Hey guys - not sure if everyone saw the news yesterday about BSX (there were actually only 4 articles in the press that I could find). It looks like BSX's Series A funding was for $6.75 million.

      Here is some reading:

      The first article is the most interesting, as it references Kickstarter and what's been happening here and the reality of the situation.

      For anyone looking to reach out to Samsung with their feedback and thoughts on this situation, here's what you need:
      2440 Sand Hill Road, Suite 302
      Menlo Park, CA 94025

    45. Missing avatar

      Sara 1 day ago

      The BSX Athletics review in Glassdoor seems to explain a lot about how they've handled this communication and transparency thing.

    46. Thomas Ip
      2 days ago

      REFUND REFUND REFUND Scammers!!!!!!!

    47. Jerkamie 2 days ago

      Why else would it be some sneaky backroom deal between retailers to discontinue as opposed to a open kickstarter update on whats going on.

    48. Jerkamie 2 days ago

      Samsung is going to take their software and integrate into Samsung health, I have an s7 and yes there is a red laser on the flash, you hold your finger to it and it gives you heart rate & oxygen levels.

    49. Jerkamie 2 days ago

      Francis just nailed it

    50. Thomas Ip
      2 days ago


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