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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      about 17 hours ago

      They haven't sent the survey asking for your address yet... So why would you need to change it yet?

    2. Nyle about 18 hours ago

      Keep up the hard work, I can't wait to get my monitor. I have a few friends that don't believe this product will work, I'm excited to show them what you have accomplished.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sam about 21 hours ago

      Hey I need to update my shipping address, how would I go about that

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee 1 day ago

      That is a cop out. We together funded over a million dollars to these people. They owe us an actual update .

    5. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Whether we should or shouldn't have to read between the lines is beside the point..

      The point is that you have to read between the lines in every aspect of life.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee 1 day ago

      We Shouldn't have to read between the lines. I will say again a million times.

    7. Bo Boland 2 days ago

      Most people need to remember that when you back a Kickstarter, you are not buying a product... you are investing in the development of a product that will eventually come out. While the updates might not have all of the information that you want to hear, they're still fairly informative if you read between the lines.

      I'm happy to hear any information that they offer during the updates. This is my favorite currently-backed campaign.

    8. Tara Eizerman 2 days ago

      Really hoping we see that more thorough update this week... come on guys.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tubechong 2 days ago

      Please update ur Backers !
      And when can I receive the product?

    10. Missing avatar

      Shinji JB Sugita 3 days ago

      Hi, when can I get it??

    11. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee 3 days ago

      It still feels like a moving Target. You would think a million dollar campaign would at least be enough to warrant a quick update .

    12. Missing avatar

      Corey Heerschap 3 days ago

      Just noticed on the LVL BSX website that pre orders for the LVL are shipping in August. Says it on the top of the page. Didn't see this posted in any updates so just wondering if this can be confirmed as a set date or is that still just a moving target?

    13. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      3 weeks is "since long"?

    14. Missing avatar

      Manoj Daulatani
      5 days ago

      No updated since long, whats going on???

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy Hartrumpf 5 days ago

      Please update ur Backers !

    16. Missing avatar

      Liam Pearson 6 days ago

      Still waiting, hoping for an update....

    17. Letter13 on June 16

      BeeUmi, there have been delays in the LVL's production. They're going to have the first (alpha) LVL units for testing in July, so actual production units probably won't be getting produced (or shipped out) until as early as August (though I suspect the reality is that units will start shipping to us backers around the September/October timeframe).

    18. BeeUmi Pimsita
      on June 15

      Hey plz check & Update why I didnt get ur product?

    19. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on June 14

      It's almost like they know there is really nothing none of us can do at this point . Too late to dispute the charges . This was the one project that I expected to be a solid project with a staff that understands that it is "our" hard earned money that got them here .

    20. Missing avatar

      on June 14

      Can't check how their updates went on their first project, but that one looks like it was about 3 months delayed.. Supposed to ship in December of 2014, they posted an update in February 2015 that they were shipping. Comments in that project show shipments were received in April.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on June 14

      Yea I don't know if I'm going to back another project from bsx. I have given them the benefit of the doubt , primarily because with my sezure disorder. I was excited to be able to check hydration levels in real time because this might give me an extra 5 or 10 min warning before I have one but this is not right . Over a million dollars raised and you can't give us more than a bullshit update ???

    22. Sj Brown on June 14

      How about posting some pics of what you guys have?? I understand I didn't "buy" this but really, you need to step up here and I can think of a million reasons why.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tabea on June 14

      I am with Herbert in this regard. Really hope this project is still alive and we will not get an even more disappointing update soon.

    24. Herbert Hoover on June 14

      Believe me, I was excited about this kickstarter too, but the last update, and the lack of response in the comments sections, fits a pattern of failed kickstarters. When you're late, address that. Then re-commit to an updated time table. " a few weeks..." is a delay tactic, not a concrete time table. You wouldn't tell your credit card company "I'll update you in a few weeks" if you can't fulfill the terms of your contract. We're their bankers. " a few weeks..." is sketchy commitment to us.

    25. Neal Storey on June 13

      I'm really looking forward to this device and hope it works as expected. That's what I'm most concerned about. My current device is losing all it's LED lighting (battery is fine) so this is why I'm hoping for no more delays, but certain pledges estimated June delivery. The one I pledged, for whatever reason was estimated for July. This most recent update to say they were testing alpha units indicates a delivery in August or later.

      Sure, it's frustrating, but take your time, get it right, and no one will care how delayed it was when it's awesome!

    26. Stuart Hibbert on June 13

      Don't know about other backers but I'm still excited for this product, would like more updates from different people stating there progression even vid blogs would be more encouraging

    27. Parish Turner on June 12

      I was always under the impression that it wasn't going be ready until augs/September. So what is everyone so made about?

    28. Missing avatar

      erik spitter on June 11

      Herbert it is kickstarter!

      And yes they have to update more!

    29. Herbert Hoover on June 9

      "...we’re going to accelerate this process and start to provide that information in the next few weeks." As a backer who was burned by a kickstarter campaign that delayed updates to attempt to limit credit card charge backs by running out the refund window, the above statement is not comforting. If you were late with your thesis, you wouldn't tell the prof "O.k. I'll get it to you in the next few weeks." If you were late on a bank loan: ditto. We are your bankers who gave you a loan. You need to give us an update with new clear adjusted goals, since you are late on delivery -- and not " a few weeks." It's in these times when you miss deadlines that you become more, not less, transparent.

    30. Missing avatar

      on June 8

      You do realize that the original estimated shipping date was June, right? So even if everything went 100% according to their plan, it would only be shipping now.

      By the comment the dev staff made yesterday, it seems that timeline has slipped. (verifying alpha units in July)

    31. Missing avatar

      Ben Maamar on June 8

      Hi team lvl, 8 month later, still nothing on my postal box... i finish to believe that kickstarter is a full of amazing project that will never comes... we pay for nothing incredible....
      Cashback is possible ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on June 8

      And this is why you guys are going to be a success!

    33. BSX Athletics Creator on June 7

      We appreciate all the feedback and curiosity following our recent update. For those of you asking for a more detailed production timeline, it is coming! Our initial plan was to wait until we verified Alpha units in July, thereby giving us greater certainty before giving you an in-depth analysis and our updated delivery timeline.

      Though given the volume of feedback we’ve received we’re going to accelerate this process and start to provide that information in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

    34. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Melendez on June 7

      @Stuart Lamble +1 Ditto, I agree, well said.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lamble on June 6

      @Tzfardaya - of course not. Don't be silly.

      All I want - per my comment in their last update - is some sort of an indication of how they're tracking. What's the current expected timeframe for the various milestones? Which milestones have been reached and ticked off? Which milestones are remaining? What sort of issues might cause delays, and how are they being tracked?

      I'm not looking for detailed technical information. Just information that provides assurance that the project is progressing, that they are on top of things, that the wheels haven't fallen off.

      The original timeframe had units shipping out in June and July. It looks like they aren't going to hit that mark. Which is okay: slippage happens. But please, at least have the decency to keep us informed on that slippage, and what the new timeline is (or when we can expect to see updates on the new timeline - I can appreciate that sometimes, things happen that completely break the schedule and a new schedule can't be put together until the breakage has been dealt with.)

      Communication is key. It doesn't matter so much that the project is slipping, as it does that they aren't being up front about what's going on, even if only in general terms. Something like, "Putting together the frotz has proven to be a lot harder than we expected. It should have taken us only a week, but so far, it's taken three weeks, and there are still some issues. We're working through them, and hope to have them resolved within the next month. If we hit that deadline, all going well, the project as a whole should hit final testing prototypes by the end of July. There are still a couple of unknowns that we need to sort out, so that could slip a bit; we'll keep you posted as we progress." No technical information, but enough to give us a reasonable idea on what's going on, in other words.

      I don't think that that's too much to ask.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on June 4

      @michel I agree , The update sounded like more fluff than actual info . It's still allot better than "dashbot "s 2 months without an update

    37. Missing avatar

      Kris on June 4

      I think an update on THAT update is due!

    38. Missing avatar

      Michel on June 3

      Hi LVL team,

      I'm sorry for the tone of this comment, but I must voice my opinion on this one.
      Excitement and support by the backers has been on a high for some time already, but I must be honest; I'm starting to loose my interest in LVL. How can we like an update like this, that doesn't share any information worth while to backers? (optimazation of the algorithms was done long ago as I read in your campaign).

      Just four days ago you posted a comment: "We'll get an update out soon. We've been waiting for some solid info before sharing. Thanks for your patience!" Great marketing, but zero result. Hence dissatisfaction is around the corner.

      What is the actual status and what are the real problems you're facing in getting the LVL delivered? Like others I don't mind slippage, but at least keep us up to date on impact of the projectplan and expected delivery date..

      I strongly request you to up date us on the current status. In other words, provide us with some solid information.

    39. Missing avatar

      Patrick on June 3

      Good to know that I wasn't the only one thinking that update was very lacking.

    40. Missing avatar

      on June 3

      So... You folks want the technical specs and proprietary solutions they've developed that would help any competitors in the field to leapfrog them?

    41. Wondong Kim
      on June 2

      Your update is like novel or diary. We do not want novel or diary.
      You have to give us numerical, technical, and visual information.
      Please update proper contents.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Palmer on June 2

      That update was lacking on detail and I hope I am wrong, but see it as an attempt at papering over the cracks.

      Time for a full, detailed update please

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthew Palmer on June 2

      That update was lacking on detail and I hope I am wrong, but see it as an attempt at papering over the cracks.

      Time for a full, detailed update please

    44. Crispin
      on June 2

      Quotes from your commitments during your campaign:
      - "...we have fully validated LVL technology in functioning prototypes and are confident that we will deliver a high quality finished product on time and defect free"
      - "If an unforeseen issue poses a potential delay to our timing, then we will be transparent and timely in our communication to the people who are making our growth a reality"
      These were factors that your backers considered when entering into a relationship with you, and I do not believe you are honouring them.

      Given your original timeline had Feb for finalising Alpha prototypes and you are now saying that milestone is July, by my estimation you are 5 months behind, putting the earliest delivery at Dec. Given Christmas and Chinese New Year always seem to delay things, plus your previous over-optimistic timeline estimate, my guess is Mar/Apr is now a realistic date for us to receive these.

      Can you please confirm a new timeline?

    45. Herbert Hoover on June 2

      You need to clearly acknowledge that you are behind on your promised delivery date. This update sounds like so many tech projects that eventually fail. (See Tiko for an example of "We continue to improve [the device]" style updates.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tubechong on June 2

      May I know When do you sent out backer survey ? Or you already sent ? I still have not receive the survey TT
      Backer #2233
      Thank you

    47. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on May 31

      Dude did you not just read the last update???

    48. Missing avatar

      Joe Chan on May 31

      Hello , any news about the progress?

    49. BSX Athletics Creator on May 30

      We'll get an update out soon. We've been waiting for some solid info before sharing. Thanks for your patience!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Veldman on May 30

      So in 1 day it is June, the initial estimated shipping month. We know there will be some delay, no problem . But it would be great to get a update, last one is 6 weeks ago. We been waiting a long time and are eager to know we're we stand.

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