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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life.

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      Patrick 31 minutes ago

      It's been 2 weeks since this petition has started and we have 50 signatures from around the world!

      If you want answers, we need to support each other!

      Sign this Petition :

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      Patrick 34 minutes ago

      They have received $1, 136,983 over the initial asking amount to fund, manufacture and deliver this project.....

      Want some answers..... Sign this petition :

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      Patrick 37 minutes ago

      It's been at least 115 days since we were supposed to receive our LVL!

      Want a refund.... Sign this petition

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      Patrick 41 minutes ago

      It's been 113 days since the last seemingly HONEST update.....

      Want some answers........ Sign this petition!

    5. Missing avatar

      Patrick about 1 hour ago

      It's been at least 12 days that we all have been getting ignored by the creator......

      Sign and share this petition

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick about 1 hour ago

      Want a refund.... Sign and share this petition!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee about 2 hours ago

      This thing had better scratch my ass!

    8. Missing avatar

      megan about 6 hours ago

      I am a 20 year student. No Credit Card only debit so no refund in sigh t:(

    9. Missing avatar

      Joost van Haaren about 8 hours ago

      Anyone experiences in refund from the Nethetlands?

    10. Tisha Titus 2 days ago

      Still awaiting my refund for failure to deliver a product and false advertising. Don’t forget my interest for all this time wasted....

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick 2 days ago

      The petition will serve as awareness to media and everyone interested in BSX LVL. If we get at least 25% of the backers wanting a petition, it will definitely make a mark... We will be noticed and will make an impact. If we get that refund is a different story but the media will love this!

    12. Ibrahim Siregar 2 days ago

      I agree with @Imran Khan.

      All backers, i'm calling on the ideas to let us have a date together to do a mass chargeback to the credit card company.

      27 November 2017, as a starting date. How do you guys think? Let us make them suffer.

      I know some of you had already did the chargeback, but this will be effective if everyone starts doing the same. I can't see the prospect of pledging petitions to this, they'll just ignore it. But money retaken by backers? They won't.

    13. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      "BECAUSE LIFE IS MORE THAN TRAINING AND TRAINING IS MORE THAN WORKOUTS." @ Team BSX, can we get more timely updates for once??? I mean honestly if y'all are really working on this can we hear back from some testers?? It'd be great to get something like this in the next update. Then again I'm not holding my breath...

    14. Missing avatar

      Imran Khan 3 days ago

      We seems to getting bunch of BS from creators. They have had our money for over a year, delivery was in June and we are in Nov which is total bullshit.

      I encourage each backer to contact your credit company and do a chargeback. As cardholder you have lots of leverage and chargeback can be done 120 days or later. Take screenshots of your pledge that shows delivery of June 2017 and use that as ammo for chargeback.

      They received over a million dollar for this project, let's take every single penny back!

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcello Quattri 3 days ago

      @Stuart,thank you very much. As I did access the project directly I failed to see the badge. Thanks a lot

    16. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lamble 3 days ago

      @Marcello, it's still there.… - choose "Technology", "Wearables" as the category (if the category comes up as "All") and it's right there. Seventh on the list, at least for me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick 3 days ago

      Yeah cause Kickstarter wants to distance themselves from this shit show cause they know it's going down!

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcello Quattri 4 days ago

      @backers does anyone have a screenshot of kickstarter badge "project we love" for lvl? The badge magically disappeared

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob 4 days ago

      @cuntmuffins I don't want your piece of trash bracelet. Please refund the international shipping

    20. Missing avatar

      John Walker 5 days ago

      Has anyone tried the avenue of filing a negative complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If this is a possibility then maybe if enough complaints are received, our voice can be heard. There’s no doubt that BSX has been less than truthful with their videos and lack of comments. It’s seems they take all the backers in here as a joke!

    21. Alexander Babanov 5 days ago

      So, no Friday news dump this week?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sara 5 days ago

      Thanks Tara. Hey did that phone number pan out? I think Brian or someone else said that “team” of people set up to take calls were actually the folks at the BSX headquarters.

      To be clear, did you need to submit the rejection of the refund to your CC?

    23. Ibrahim Siregar 5 days ago

      i guess the most possible way is to get the chargeback. There's also a silence from the backer who claimed that he was trying to build up the case itself with law firm - i don't see him being serious at all to work that out. Even though i believe backers have the most possibility to win this case, but lack of initiative means an omission itself. Kickstarter's Integrity team doesn't help much either.

    24. Tara 5 days ago

      Hi guys. I can see in the comments in the petition link that some diligent users are getting chargebacks successfully from their credit card companies. It usually requires filing the chargeback, waiting, likely getting a initial denial from Kickstarter, and then filing an appeal with your documentation and perspective on why you believe your claim is valid. As people successfully get chargebacks, they will be removed from this comment section and the ability to weigh in further - as they will rightfully no longer be Backers of this campaign.

      Know that this seems to be happening with many of the louder commenters in this section that have been working the process. It also looks like Jerkamie has been removed from Kickstarter - not sure why, maybe some comment made was a violation of their policy.

      That being said - with the above, some of the more vocal people here may go silent - and if you want your own money back - read these threads carefully, follow advice of others before you - and work the Credit Card company system.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin Swantek 5 days ago

      @creator please take a moment to write, at the very least, a 1 paragraph response to the DC Rainmaker article. Acknowledge it exists, and how you think it's inaccurate, if you believe it is. It would go along way just to have acknowledge the article. Many thanks.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sara 5 days ago

      I signed the petition, but am unclear- so some people have gotten refunds from this campaign? Or from their CC? I asked the creator and they gave a the standard “all money has been allocated” response

    27. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lamble 6 days ago

      Looks like Brian S and a couple of others have been removed from the backers' list, after presumably successfully filing a chargeback, based on commentary on the petition.

      If you want to file one, remember that there's a limited window after the "expected delivery date" (July). Be prepared to fight Kickstarter on it, as they will (or so I have been told) dispute the chargeback.

      I doubt that the petition will come to anything - assuming a lack of good faith on the part of the creator, they'll just laugh and ignore it. (Given the lack of responses to those asking for detailed commentary on DC Rainmaker's article, I think that a lack of good faith on their part is a reasonable assumption to make. Five and a half weeks since it was published without response to the detailed criticisms made in that article is a very poor look.)

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick 7 days ago

      @creator you guys must be panicking knowing that there is no way you can produce the product that you have been advertising in your campaign. If ever you decide to answer my questions... Here's one for you: will the LVL be able to do EVERYTHING advertised in your campaign and fit inside that small frame as advertised?

    29. Jerkamie (deleted) on November 14

      Maz it's beyond the delay. Bsx can only measure hydration loss, for current hydration level measurements are unknown and hydration input is set for motion control when you raise your hand.

    30. Mazboy on November 14

      Lets show them the power of the people, sign the petition and spread the word what type of company they are.

    31. Mazboy on November 14

      How did BSX not know until August there would be at least a 12 month delay? Also what does 'earliest we could likely ship is next summer.' actually mean, sounds BSX are now using fluffy answers so as not to commit to anything.

    32. Nick Jones on November 14

      I’ve signed up

    33. Missing avatar

      Patrick on November 13

      I got the exact same message from kickstarter.

    34. Brian S on November 13

      Hi Brian,

      Kickstarter's Terms of Use outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises.

      We hope that backers will consider that option only in cases where they believe that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

      If you believe legal action is appropriate here, please talk to an attorney about how to proceed.


    35. Jerkamie (deleted) on November 12

      They are also waiting their own time as well, no one wants this any longer refund us and stop wasting everyone's time

    36. Dietrich Adam on November 11

      Please refund my money, you have wasted my time and investment

    37. Jerkamie (deleted) on November 10

      No one wants your crappy product anymore

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick on November 10

      @wayne will u ever respond to our concerns or will you keep ignoring us?

    39. BSX Athletics Creator on November 10

      @Brian S thanks for the share! I appreciate your repost. Have a great weekend Brian.

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