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LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee about 15 hours ago

      Yes!!!! I agree take your f$#@ing time !!! It's going to be so worth the wait ! We don't want another Fitbit.....

    2. Missing avatar

      Connie Dinning on April 17

      Thank you for the update. No worries, we know you are working hard. I'd rather have a delightful product than have you rush to market with bugs.

    3. Joshua Freckleton on April 15

      You guys seem uniquely committed to the end quality, and after I've enjoyed owning mine for a while, that'll be all I remember, so thanks for keeping us informed!

    4. Xander C. on April 15

      Thanks for keeping us posted on progress and problems

    5. Joshua Freckleton on April 13

      Status updates? :)

    6. Amanda Moriarty on April 13

      I think most people are eagerly awaiting an update^_^ I know I am!

    7. Roos on April 13

      I see that a lot of people already asked, but is the arrival of July still on?
      Together with my family we will start a cycling trip of 2500km for 5 weeks on the 15th of July and it would be great to take the LVL on this ride!

    8. Adam Leszko on April 13

      sorry if already asked: I see info in device dimensions says 17mmx45mm. But what about the depth? How thick is it? From one of Your updates (looking at proportions) it looks like 12-15mm range, is my assumption correct? In all wearables, this is the most important dimension for me, as it's defining the comfort of wearing the device the most in my opinion

    9. Brian S on April 11

      Any update on this?

      Thanks and regards.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jawaad Bokhari on April 10

      Any updates please? Its close approaching July...

    11. Missing avatar

      Chuah Si Chiat on April 9

      what is the battery life as far as testing to date ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Supasit Sriarkarin on April 8

      1. Can use LVL while swimming or wet situation from pouring rain?
      2. How about the changing battery in case of battery deterioration? or throw it away?

    13. Missing avatar

      Johnny on April 6

      Just wanna know?
      On track date wise?

    14. Missing avatar

      on April 3

      We haven't gotten a survey yet to set the address in the first place...

    15. KN FG on April 3

      I wanna change the shipping address because my company's office will be changed in June.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kaitlyn Woolnough on April 1

      @kyley thats such a cool idea and like Vibrate once if its dropped vibrate twice if its risen so you can tell the diffrence - i havent seen this in a tracker before and think it would be amazing if they somehow included this!

    17. Missing avatar

      Hardik Patel on March 31

      I literally cannot wait for this device to arrive. I've been obsessed with hydration since I was a first year medical student. As long as hydration is optimal for my patients then I'm happy. Can't say the same about my own hydration as I often forget to drink and end up chugging 3 litres in the evening. Doesn't help my gym performance. I'd love to see a hydration reminder buzz. Also a lot of wrist heart rate monitors don't really match up to chest bands and actual heart rate monitors. I'm intrigued to see the accuracy of this device both at rest and during intense exercise.

      I really can't wait.

    18. Missing avatar

      on March 31

      How do you figure, it's still late March for the western hemisphere, and they said in their last comment, 13 days ago, that the next update would be early April (I'm going to assume that means first week to first 10 days of April)

    19. Jeramie Barrette on March 31

      Late for the update again

    20. Missing avatar

      on March 30

      Read an article this morning about the San Francisco Giants awarding the Golden Urinal trophy to players. Thought folks might be interested in checking it our.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on March 27

      Hey guys I just want to say how excited I am to see the finished product!

    22. Missing avatar

      Josh Bullard on March 27

      Are you still on schedule for delivery in July 2017?

    23. Missing avatar

      Kyley on March 24

      I think you guys should add a way for the device to help maintain a certain great rate. I.E. if I need to keep my heart rate between 125 and 135, have the device vibrate or something if my heart rate goes above or below that.

    24. Missing avatar

      Frankie M Rivera on March 18

      I use an AliveCor Mobile ECG and now I'm wondering if the LVL will have to be removed to take a reading. I won't mind removing it, just need to know so I don't screw up my readings. Thanks all, keep up the good work. Not too worried about time line here. We want your best and the best takes time.

    25. Missing avatar

      13vrod on March 18

      Is it here yet is it here yet
      I'd love to be a tester and give feedback

    26. BSX Athletics Creator on March 17

      Regarding timeline, we don't have any additional updates to report besides what we discussed in the update last week. There's a lot of moving parts; while we've encountered challenges in some areas, we're ahead of schedule in others. We'll pass on anything affirmative in our next update in early April.

    27. BSX Athletics Creator on March 17

      We have not authored any studies internally regarding selection of optimal fluids for rehydration but we've learned an immense amount from the work of Dr. Stacy Sims.

      Stacy is an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist who specializes in cooling and heat adaptation strategies and hydration practices.

      Here's a few links to check out.

      Stacy Sims Discussing Strategies for Hydrating Athletes –

      The Science of Hydration, The Case for Sugar and Sodium in Fluids, and Individualizing Your Plan –

      Fluid intake behaviour in athletes during typical training bouts –

      The Science of Hydration with Dr. Stacy Sims –…

    28. BSX Athletics Creator on March 17

      We are keeping up with Garmin developments! The challenges we discussed with the two-processor LVL circuit board is unrelated to the decision to support ANT+ though.

    29. KB
      on March 17

      Hi creator if this gadget measures blood glucose levels.. Then many of my friends will need it.. Awesome project.. Thank u guys

    30. Brian S on March 16

      The last update was on March 10th, don't think we'd see one this soon.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cesar B. Estacio on March 16

      Update please...

    32. Missing avatar

      steven lee on March 15

      Any updates on the timeline? Seems like you guys are one month behind?

    33. Jeramie Barrette on March 15

      Last month was the alpha prototypes and this month is supposed to be the beta. Are we on track?

    34. Andrew HK on March 13

      Stay with ant+. I have no faith in garmin delivering on any promises and it is not just about garmin devices!

    35. Erwin Henriquez on March 13

      +1 on Adam's comment

    36. Missing avatar

      Robertson Crusoe
      on March 13

      I am curious/have you done any tests-studies on, when LVL is giving you a 'how hydrated are you' measurement back, what is the most efficient way to get your hydration back?

      For examples:
      -Drink water
      -Have food such as oranges/mangoes/watermelon
      -Drink water mixed with some kind of electrolyte powder
      -Drink coconut milk
      -Drink some kind of sports energy drinks, such as gatorade

      I am sure others will be interested in the results.

    37. Adam Leszko on March 13

      Just wondering about the duality of the chip (ANT+/BTLE) - which btw I voted for myself!! Now, it seems Garmin will open their devices to BTLE sensors starting with F5 so such duality is (well 'will be' to be precise) no longer needed. This, combined with limited chip selection due to requested duality mentioned by creators, is kind of a bummer. If it was today, I would definitely vote some other stretch goal :-/
      Anyway, still excited about this device...

    38. Missing avatar

      Kaitlyn Woolnough on March 11

      Super excited about the update i just read! -wont lie i was starting to worry a little when no update had been posted!- so glad i was just being a worry wart!- super excited about this project and cant wait to recieve the survey about picking lvl ect ect!! Hope everyone in the lvl team is well!

    39. Missing avatar

      Sam Henderson on March 11

      Just read your email update. Thank you for the info! It is nice to know how things are progressing! Can't wait to use the device! I have been using your Insight device for a year now and LOVE IT! LVL will be a game changer

    40. BSX Athletics Creator on March 10

      We are not in a position to fulfill any refund requests. As many of you understand, we've devoted backers' pledges directly towards production and delivery of rewards. The early commitment by backers to support LVL is the only reason we are able to offer such steep discounts. Please privately message us with any questions or concerns.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alan Spears on March 9

      Is it possible to get a refund? I don't think this project is going to happen.

    42. Alexander Babanov on March 8

      Update 16 preview:

      Hello LVL Backers! Can you believe it's almost April? Let's hear about other fun months you can't believe in!


    43. Jeramie Barrette on March 8

      Still no update not a very good sign. Are you offering refunds?

    44. Missing avatar

      on March 4

      Try sending a pm to the developers, refunds are at their discretion..

    45. Missing avatar

      Shawn damon on March 3

      @ Simon - i will gladly buy yours from you

    46. Missing avatar

      Simon on March 3

      Hi, anyone know if is possible to request for a refund as I no longer able to wear any object on wrist due to health issue...

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcus Wunderlich on March 3

      @creator -I would greatly appreciate being informed if you ever proceed with developing a optical sensors device to calculate blood glucose.

      As one battling with Type 2 diabetes words cannot be spoken of my appreciation.

    48. BSX Athletics Creator on March 2

      We're working on an update. To clarify the blood glucose topic…

      Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) as a technological architecture is capable of measuring blood glucose if specific wavelengths and corresponding photodiodes are employed as part of the optical sensor package. Choosing the correct wavelength for the desired biometric heightens the signal to noise ratio.

      LVL's optical sensor package utilizes wavelengths and photodiodes which are optimized for the metrics that we are focused on: hydration, heart rate, sleep and activity.

    49. Missing avatar

      Daneo van Overloop on March 2

      If it is capable of estimating blood glucose levels, can we get that data out of it?
      I'm currently using a FGM, but this would be a huge improvement in life quality.

    50. Duane Gran on March 2

      Also curious to get an update on this project.

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