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$120,725 pledged of $210,000 goal
By Crosse Studios
$120,725 pledged of $210,000 goal

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Summer Update 2015


Hey Backers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

First off, please make sure you are Subscribed to us on YouTube for the most recent information on the game!

Also, please understand we are focusing on quality and not in rushing the game to market. It’s our goal to create a franchise of lacrosse video games.

Below is a recap of the past few months:

* We released Lacrosse Academy on Steam exclusively for the Indiegogo Backers. (

 - If you don’t have access to the Academy, please search your email for “Lacrosse Academy code” and check your spam.

 - If you still can’t find the email, email me:

* Discussion of the Release Date and focusing on qualty: (

* Short E3 Gaming Conference recap: What do you think? Franchise Digital or Risky Retail? (

In the upcoming months we will start releasing more regular development blogs and playable demos for the backers. Your passion and feedback will be instrumental in growing the game of lacrosse!

Thanks again for your patience and support!

Carlo Sunseri

Founder of Crosse Studios

Last Day

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Hey Kickstarters,

Today is your last chance to preorder Lacrosse 15! Head over to and preorder your copy before it's too late! You can be a beta tester, be featured in the game, and have inside access to the development team! Visit now and support the best Lacrosse Video Game ever created for PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/One, and the PC!

We have raised 199% of our goal thanks to over 1,700 people! How awesome is that?! Thank you for all your support! You're the best :)

Talk to you soon,




CAMPAIGN EXTENDED: Although we crushed the campaign goal, Indiegogo accidentally ended our fundraiser prematurely by 10 hours! To make up for the mistake, they've added extra time to the campaign! Preorder today at and secure your custom player in the game before it's too late! Please forward this to help spread the word!

6 hours left


Hey Kickstarters!

Can you believe it?! We crushed the $115k next gen stretch goal thanks to 1,300+ backers! 

This is the last call.... there are only 5 hours left to preorder your copy of Lacrosse 15 and secure your custom player in the game! Click here to preorder before it's too late! Thanks for your continued support! Once the campaign is over, I'll send out an update on the plans moving forward!


Last Day


Today is your last chance to preorder Lacrosse 15 and be featured in the game as one of the players! Join the 1000+ backers who have pledged a preorder to help make the best Lacrosse Video Game ever! Only 17 hours left! Preorder now at

Thanks for your continued support!