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Backers, the pledge manager will open soon! Missed the campaign? Dark Domains will be available for pre-order, sign up below to be notified when that happens.
Backers, the pledge manager will open soon! Missed the campaign? Dark Domains will be available for pre-order, sign up below to be notified when that happens.
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You've read the forbidden texts and ancient scrolls in the Library of the Shadin Council, and you know a glorious eternal undeath awaits the noble who corrupts the shining city of Harrows.Read the full story of the Necromancer here.

Missed out on the early bird? Not to worry, the Kickstarter exclusive Elemental Arcana Fortune cards are still available for just $5!

Dark Domains is a competitive worker placement game for 2-5 players that is the perfect melding of classic euro-mechanics and strong dark fantasy theme.

Each player takes on the role of a secretly evil city leader who is expanding the frontier of Harrows into the hinterland, but ultimately will attempt to corrupt their domain and turn it against the city. Players must use minions, henchmen, monsters, and magic to stamp out the good and cover their domain in darkness.

However, Harrows will not go down without a fight. Once the word reaches Harrows that darkness is afoot in the domains, it is only a matter of time before the famous Torin Company and its never-ending supply of heroes and adventurers begin to seek out the dens of horror to stop your nefarious plans.

  • Kickstarter Exclusive: Elemental Arcana Fortune Cards Add-On
  • Kickstarter Edition: Masters of the Domain stretch goal 
  • Kickstarter Exclusive: Squires stretch goal when unlocked 
  • No guarantee of release to retail 
  • In the true spirit of Kickstarter, you'll be helping to get a game publishing company off the ground. A company started and staffed by gamers just like you who want nothing more than to put great games out in the world for the enjoyment of all.

See the pre-production rules on BGG.

So this happened...

The amazing team at Tabletopia put Dark Domains on their platform, and it's already set up for a first play! You don't have shuffle cards or set up the board, everything is ready. We're so geeked about this! Check it out and check out all the other awesome games they have. Thanks Tabletopia!

Dark Domains reminds me of Champions of Midgard or Lords of Waterdeep but, deeper…much deeper. - Beth Klaser, Hacked Tabletop

BGG TEN! "...this game is going to be a really big thing." - Buckeye89

BGG TEN! "This is one of my favorite games I have ever played." - willrazorbacks

This is a deliciously evil, wonderful medium-heavy weight worker placement game. - Lance Myxter, The Undead Viking

There are different strategies to win. The game heavily rewards pre-planning. You never know what cards are going to come out. It's a great, fun game! - Brody Sheard, Everything Board Games

The game was designed with these stretch goals in mind, so we know they all work. As we meet stretch goals we will unlock more and more of these items that will either be added into the base game or become available as add-on extras. Each of them bring a new twist to the game and allow players access to new strategy choices and opportunities.

As the campaign progresses we will unlock various add-ons. To purchase these add-ons simply increase your pledge amount by the amount stated. After the Kickstarter campaign ends you will then be able to select your options via our pledge management system.

For Physical Retail Stores Only - We're new and don't know whether this game will go into distribution or not. Simply pledge at the Acolyte level and then email us during the campaign to make all necessary arrangements and verifications. A Tax ID and verifiable physical store location is required. We can only ship to the store.

Shipping will be collected after the campaign via our Pledge Manager. 


This is not only allowed, but encouraged! Why should you and your friends all pay separate shipping, when you can combine forces and split an only slightly more expensive shipping cost? Add up to two more copies of the game at the normal price by increasing your pledge by that amount (2 for $130, 3 for $195). All copies must be shipped to the same address.

We expect the cost to be around $12-$16 in the USA and $20-$28 in the EU/UK, Canada is looking around $20-$28 and worldwide prices varying from $30 - $70 depending on your location (most of those fall in the $35 - $45 range but some destinations are outside our control).

Why the ranges? Shipping rates will almost certainly increase after the first of the year, and how much it costs to ship to your country varies slightly depending upon how many people in your country order the game. But know this, we will do everything in our power to get the game to you as safely and inexpensively as possible.

Countries Excluded: We are no longer able to ship to Brazil, Russia, Mexico, or the Middle East due to high postage prices, and lost parcels. If you live in one of these areas, we recommend you use a USA address and have the game forwarded to you via a relative/friend or postage forwarding company. 

We continue to work with different fulfillment centers all over the world to ensure better and more affordable delivery each campaign but none will guarantee delivery to these countries. We use 3rd party fulfillment houses and cannot control the speed of delivery to some areas but will always use the best options available. Damages may occur during transit - you should always try to work with your local carrier if possible and contact our customer service if you have any issues (service(atsymbol)

After the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will be using a pledge management system. We will send links and info in an update as well as to the emails you provide when backing this campaign. There are many advantages to using a Pledge Manager, such as late add-ons, the ability to change your address as much as you like until we lock them (usually a few weeks before delivery) and a more accurate cost for you, the backer, on delivery.  



Laboratory H has diligently planned through the entire project from design to budget to production to shipping. Dark Domains has spent seven years in design followed by a year in art planning and execution. The game has been tested, blind tested and edited again. 

While it is true that Laboratory H is just starting out, the people behind this project; Jeff & Carla Horger, Jonathan Anglin, and Mr. B Games have many years' experience in the industry. Jeff & Carla have been involved in Kickstarters ranging from Thunder Alley and Loaded Up & Truckin’ to Thunder Alley Crew Chiefs and Panic! with Nothing Now Games. Jonathan was also involved in Panic! Mr. B Games has been behind many successful Kickstarter projects.

We have learned lessons from both our previous success as well as our failures at the Kickstarter model. 

Finally we have joined forces with Mr. B Games as one of their studios. This brings us a wealth of industry information and experience as well as opening up avenues to distribution, fulfillment and shipping that are at best difficult for a new company to gain footholds into. 

By pledging on this Kickstarter you acknowledge that the final look and contents of the pledges may change and differ from what is presented at the start of the campaign. 

Finally, a shout-out to Dan Blacklock and the staff at Crowd Pop that helped us with our marketing.


We are fully aware of potential delays that may happen with products that are produced in China. There can be unforeseen issues that arise with printing and shipping products, especially with customs. We have worked out an average range schedule with our printer and distributor for the post Kickstarter run, and will communicate any changes in schedule for delivery. 

We have estimated the delivery for September 2019 but please understand this is only an estimate. Due to the global logistics involved in shipping, some regions may receive their pledges sooner than others. 

We have prepared as much as possible with our production for a successful Kickstarter, however we will refund pledges if for some unforeseen reason the game cannot be delivered at all. 


Refunds may be given within 60 days of the campaign ending including fees. After this time refunds may be given minus the Kickstarter and payment processing fees due to us not being able to claim them back after 60 days. 

If we have begun the packaging and shipment stages of the project (around 6-8 weeks before the actual shipping date) we are unable to refund at this stage. 

Refunds within 60 days are reversed via Stripe to your credit/debit card. Refunds after 60 days of the campaign ending are processed via PayPal only. 

Terms and Conditions 

If you do not confirm your shipping and pledge details within 10 weeks of our notification via email to confirm it will be treated as abandoned. We will however look at each case sympathetically and try our best to satisfy each customer. 

By pledging on this Kickstarter you agree that our responsibility to you is for shipping your order as entered into the pledge management system. You are responsible for import or other duties that may be payable to relevant tax authorities. You also accept that you are fully liable for incorrect shipping details and will risk your pledge being unable to be delivered or lost in transit. 

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. 

If you do not accept the proposed terms please do not pledge on this Kickstarter project. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Risks and challenges

See above.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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  1. Reward no longer available

    Pledge US$ 65 or more About US$ 65

    Blind Faith in the Necromancer

    First 72 hours only! Ends 2018-09-17 at 12:00pm EST. Add up to two more copies of the game for $65 each.

    DOES NOT INCLUDE Shipping & Handling
    (See Shipping section for more details)

    • Dark Domains base game
    • All unlocked stretch goals
    • Kickstarter Exclusive Add-On: Elemental Arcana Fortune Cards
    Estimated delivery
    Reward no longer available 637 backers
    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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    Pledge $65 or more About $65

    Acolyte of the Necromancer

    Add up to two more copies of the game for $65 each.

    DOES NOT INCLUDE Shipping & Handling
    (See Shipping section for more details)

    • Dark Domains base game
    • All unlocked stretch goals
    Estimated delivery
    697 backers
    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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