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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
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Lab2014 - Part 2 - The App, 2v2 Rules, and a Contest

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

There are two campaign promises to all the backers that we need to complete. We want to make good on those: the rules app and the 2v2 rules. So check it out...

The App

The app has the full set of rules with a sweet coin flipper and spirit tracker.

But we wanted to make the app more than we were planning. Since the game is played with a single card, it was pointed out to us that you could play it with just your smart phone. So we're going to add the ability to buy cards in the app. When you download the app you get a free card, so if you wanted to play Shift with an uninitiated friend, they could easily download the game and play with you. No commitment.

It's really almost done. For realsies. We're looking to have the iOS version submitted to the app store by the end of February. As soon as we can really, around the other stuff we're working on (more on that next week).

When we said Android, we didn't know enough about the ecosystem. It's very hard to support well. The number of devices out there is staggering, and they're very different. We have a plan to obtain at least one Android device and get a version on the Google Play store as soon as we can, but it will take longer. We apologize for this, our development framework makes compatibility seem easier than it actually is. We were misinformed.

2v2 Rules and Contest

This is the thing people ask about the most. We've been waiting for a time when we've had a block to sit down to refine these, and it hasn't come. But we do have players, so here's what we're going to do:

We've posted a beta version of the 2v2 rules here. 

We need some help testing them, and we want to make this more interesting; so we'd like to have a little contest. Here's how it will work:

  • Try out the new rules and record a video. Post it on your video site of choice. That will get you three entries!

But that's not all you can do to enter! We also need help promoting the game. NEED. So these thing would be baller too:

These are simple things. And they count even if you've already done them! Each is worth a single entry:

These are more work and are also worth two entries:

The limit is ten entries per person with lots of options for effort. Once you've done all the stuff you want to do, let us know what you did and include the links (where applicable!) by sending us a message on KS or sending an email to Clayton.

A new paragraph for emphasis on the last part. You need to contact us to let us know you want to enter!!!

We'd like more feedback, and we would like to see some of your games! We'll be doing more this year to promote the game, and your help is critical.

But what do you get out of it? Where's the contest part? What are the PRIZES?


Many of you already have everything that we've made for Shift. If you've been following us on Twitter you may have seen that we've been teasing a new Promo Card. Meet Sharfton The Dog:

Sharfton is actually the last card we designed while working on Season 1. The card is super-duper weird and has a totally unique play-style: Notice how Sharfton has only one gear. That's because Sharfton is just a dog. But it has a few tricks to hold it's own.

  • There will only be a few of these specific cards. They will each be signed. 
  • We'll also be giving away away other Shift stuff. 
  • The amount of prizes will depend on the number of entries. Probably a prize for every 60 entries, which is 10 people doing the 4 easy things and one of the two point things. Sounds reasonable, but subject to change!

To be clear, we have no idea how many of you will help us with this stuff, but we want to give you stuff! So get busy!

Next week we'll be posting one more update where we answer a number of questions. If there's a question you'd particularly like an answer to, post it in the comments. : ) Until next week, there are Sharftons to be won!

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    1. Thomas Woolsey on

      As of tomorrow, it's been a week! About time to hear back?

    2. Missing avatar

      Aljo Martinez on

      I actually think the contest thing is a good idea to motivate people to help promote a pretty good game. I've always thought about making a game play video of the game (not necessarily a review), so maybe I'll actually do it. I'd love to see what Sharfton can do! Anyways, just a quick question: Whatever happened to the Duel Dials? Maybe the two of you could put together a super cheesy promo video of you guys fighting each other via Shift and Duel Dials a la Yugioh, complete with super cheesy special effects? It'd probably take a lot of work though, and from what it sounds like you guys probably don't have the time, but it's something to think about? (This may or may not be how I'm thinking about making this game play video, if I have the time to do it)

    3. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      The idea was to provide multiple options. The assumption was that most people would not be able to do all of them, thats why there are so many!

      You CAN message me more than once.

      No big deal, I just want to keep the amount of time going to keeping track of people constrained. I just don't want a message for each one. ;) So if you want to let me know about some of the easy ones, and say you posted a video of a 2v2 game later, it's totally cool to let me know about that. You're not going to miss out. We're not a corporate tower of bureaucracy. I'm a dude with a spreadsheet. ;)

      Aaron: If we make more Shift, we'll be doing an entire season not an expansion. We talked about doing a series of promo cards periodically, but it's not financially viable with the number of players we have right now. Maybe down the road!

      Also, Sharfton cannot shift. He's just a dog. ;)

      Brendan: Sharfton *was* conceived as a reward card. So you're right in your thinking about our intentions. He may show up again down the road as a more general purpose reward card. We're not in a position to produce him in volume right now, so these signed cards will be special.

      HotMayoSandwich: If this doesn't work for you, don't worry about it! :) As I said, just message me and I'll give you a free entry if you want one. There's no intention of being exclusionary, but some people want to do more, so we're providing opportunities and for people who want to do more.

    4. Aaron White on

      I have to admit, I really like the idea of helping generate buzz for Shift. Because Clayton and Sam are excited to get Shift going, so am I!

      I have posted my first ever review on BoardGameGeek, hopefully it helps.

      I am also in the no Facebook/Twitter category, but I am big on BoardGameGeek so that gives me other avenues.

      Super early thinking, but if a new expansion for Shift was released, it should have some new Critical Modifiers. This would be in the spirit of other Japanese CCGs that introduce new mechanics as they expand the game.

      I am curious about Sharfton, how can you shift if you only have one gear? :)

    5. Brendan Harder

      @HotMayoSandwich: First, kudos for your Shift involvement thus far: I will openly admit that despite loving the crap out of it, I have yet to find someone willing (or badger somebody enough) to actually play a game with me. That automatically gives you more standing here than me, as you've enjoyed the game for its intended purpose.

      Also, you are correct - you shouldn't have to feel pressured into marketing Shift. BUT, if you want Sharfton that badly, isn't it perhaps worth the extra effort? If I've read this correctly, then this card (and maybe some other things in the works) are intended not to be "products to be sold", but more along the lines of "prizes to be earned". Think of it as a reward for going above and beyond the "reasonable expectation of involvement": a gold medal that's actually useful for something other than sitting on a shelf looking pretty.

      Now, all that being said...
      @Laboratory Games: I happen to be in the same boat with HotMayoSandwich in that I do not possess the ability at this time to fulfill very many of these requests. Am I correct in assuming that I am to contact you only ONCE for entry, after completing ALL requests that I intend to? If so, is there a deadline for entry that must be observed?

    6. HotMayoSandwich

      Well, at least you openly acknowledge what you're doing.

      Sorry, but I shouldn't feel pressured into helping you market your game. I enjoy it, I've played and taught it to others, but that's where the reasonable expectation of involvement ends.

      I would, however, be willing to compensate you for the promo card in other ways (like with money).

    7. HotMayoSandwich

      Well, at least you openly acknowledge what you're doing.

      Sorry, but I shouldn't feel pressured into helping you market your game. I enjoy it, I've played and taught it to others, but that's where the reasonable expectation of involvement ends.

      I would, however, be willing to compensate you for the promo card in other ways (like with money).

    8. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      HotMayoSandwich: We hear you. We've tried to make the intention pretty clear: we have little-to-no marketing power, and we need your help. So we can beg you to do those things, or we can have a little contest. One is more way likely to be helpful than the other. :)

      So please understand, we're doing what we can. We have 8 different options that you can choose from, most of which require little to no effort. The ones that do require real effort give more chances. We want to reward people who are willing to help us out. It's a limited edition item, so that's what makes it desirable in the first place.

      If you don't want to do any of those thing, feel free to contact us and we'll happily give you a free entry. :)

    9. HotMayoSandwich

      Let me get this straight, I don't have a Facebook account or Twitter account, so I'm automatically ineligible to get a promo card? Don't you think it's a little unfair to "sell" a promo for good reviews/thumbs up/followers? I've been a fan of your game since the start of your campaign, but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    10. Thomas Woolsey on

      Okay, figured it out.

    11. Thomas Woolsey on

      So I'm new to board game geek. How do I rate the game? I can't find what I need to be clicking. If I figure it out before I get an answer, I'll let you know, but I could use an answer.

    12. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      And of course. Who came first, egg or chicken ?

    13. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      Would prefer some cards (even non signed) for people doing this stuff. So everyones happy if they helped :p
      Of course you can sign thoses of the winners. But losers did have their card !

      So what are your plans with the game ?
      Did it sell well outside of the kickstarter ?
      Do you plan on launching Season 2 ?
      Do you plan some others games ?
      A remake of Ejipt ?
      How are you doing ?