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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
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Laboratory 2014 - Part 1 - Backwards and Forwards

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

So I wanted to share some stuff with you all. In fact, if I shared everything at once, this update would be way too long to read. So expect a few updates!

I also want to get more concrete on our remaining promises from this campaign.

Looking Back

So we've reflect on our first year, and we're happy with how much we've learned.

  • We developed a crazy new game concept with TELEVISION and won the Most Surprising game in OUYA and KillScreen's CREATE contest.
  • We successfully Kickstarted Shift thanks to all of you marvelous backers. Not only that, but your support helped push us to make it better.
  • We launched our first mobile game The Strongest, which is a game we're super proud of. Simple mechanics and lots of fun!

But, we had our share of trouble as well.

  • Our success with Shift did not prepare us for our second Kickstarter campaign, EJiPT. It mislead us as to the challenges of making success when success doesn't find you. It's a game we love that deserves to be printed, but it's hard to "sell". It will come back down the road.
  • Most importantly, we ran out of money! We started this venture with a small budget and big ambitions. That was boosted by winning a prize in CREATE, and Shift helped a little bit too, but we ran out of funds in fall. We took on a non-games project to generate some additional revenue. That's why we've been so quite, and why this campaign hasn't hit 100% complete.

All in all, we learned so much this year. But learning something doesn't mean much if that knowledge doesn't lead to change!

Looking Ahead

So here's what's up. We've done a lot of talking. Too much really, but we've made some changes. We're doing 2014 differently.

Make more.

The way people need to make games is changing. We're going to follow the interest. We're going to Kickstart more smaller projects, and see what grows. We're bursting with new games! More on that later.

Be more open.

We want to keep people better informed about what we're doing. It's not a nicety. It's part of being an independent developer and publisher.

Get the word out.

Getting people to know your games exist is hard. So hard! Oof. We're going to do a better job getting the word out. Time to think creatively!

Make new and unexpected things.

We could hammer on a franchise and hope to build it up enough to ride our own coat tails, or we can be the company we want to be and bring you new, exciting, and unexpected games. that's all great, but you all probably want to know where that leaves Shift.

Expect another update later this week with answers to most of your questions.

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    1. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Spencer: Sorry about that. The issue is that most people wouldn't trade, because they'd be trading for a duplicate - as they'd have every card already as cards aren't available individually under normal circumstances. You actually have more trading options with Flex, because not everyone has him.

      Quella / Aaron: Thanks for the support! : D

    2. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Was kinda bummed out we didn't get a random card at $5. Yeah better for collectors, but not for playing and trading the game with more people. /2 cents

    3. Quella on

      I agree with the others. If it were easy everyone would do it. Stick to what you do best and attempt to branch out little by little. Do not attempt to grow too quickly. Looking forward to what comes next. I think you built a bunch of backers excited to see what comes next!

    4. Aaron White on

      Stick with it! You guys are very talented, so I will be keen to see what you do next. :)