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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
855 backers pledged $21,802 to help bring this project to life.

The Last Day

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

Well gosh! What a crazeh day! You made it to $18k! Seeing as this is a special occasion, Sam has prepared a music video for his final song of the campaign (check out the other gift updates if you've missed the previous ones, they're... just check 'em out). 

You can get that song and more free wallpapers/icons/etc here!

Before moving on, this is just a final reminder to make sure you have your pledges where you want them so you get all of the stuff you want! Check the last add-on's update if you're not sure.

As promised, everyone will now receive a NEW card. We've also added the extra Design-a-Card. So if you'd like that new card to be your card - opportunity raps at your chamber door! We'll work with you to make it happen! This has already lead to a neat new card idea, and we're stoked to do another with you.

So that leaves $20k. The top of this tower. You know the score: The Golden Die of Destiny, a final playmat design option, and the app will support downloadable cards. For the playmat design, we've discussed doing something more playful that features all of the characters. It really didn't seem like we'd get here, so it's not ready yet! Once we work it out, we'll share it in an update here before the post-campaign surveys go out so you can pick which ones you want.

There are no last minute stretch goals. There are ideas left unrealized, but such is the way with creative endeavors. You've taken this little project much farther than we expected it  could go! It's not a monster success worthy of the ever-transient Kickstarter recordbook, but it's a record in our little book.

Thanks for making our first tabletop game a success. Like some sort of Lovcraftian curio, this campaign has been exhausting yet invigorating at the same time. We're glad it's coming to a close. Now it's time to do the work to get the finished game into your hands.

The campaign ends tomorrow evening for us - 6pm PST and 9pm EST, and we're excited to see where this majestic beast settles down to roost. And you'll probably have to listen to us tell you how awesome you all are more extensively later, because it's hard to stop. So for now we leave you with today's episode of Boomer-Ranger Dingo, "Marsupial Machinations":

“...and then I’ll capture all of the kangaroos and wallabies for integration in my cyber marsupial army! Not even the that troublesome Boomer-Ranger Dingo will be able to stop me!”

“Yes, Lord Bahr’Bee-Kyu, but somehow Dingo always comes back!”

“Yes... like a boomerang.”

A large shadow is cast over the bushlands. A lone kangaroo looks up to see the evil Lord Bahr’s flying fortress! Though kangaroos can’t talk, this one reaches out to the presence that protects all of the bush!

“Stop right there, evil doer!”

“Curses! It’s the Boomer-Ranger! How did you know I’d be here?”

Boomer-Ranger Dingo strikes a pose!

“I heard the cries of my friends, the creatures of the bush! On behalf of Australia, I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil! And if I ever miss, I’ll always come back!”

Lord Bahr frowns.

“This is but a small hiccup. Cyber marsupials, go!”

Dingo is immediately surrounded by cyberformed kangaroos and wallabies, but he isn’t phased one bit! When he lands his first attack, he immediately gets in gear, too! Then, after dealing some critical damage to the red circle on the back of a cyberformed wallaby, instead of calming down, he immediately gets back in gear, too!

The red circle cracks and the cyberform armor falls from the wallabee!

“Noooo!!!! That cursed Boomer-ranger is freeing my marsupials! I need to make him lose his rhythm!”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible Bahr, because once I attack, I always come back!”

Next time, on Boomer-Ranger Dingo: Will Dingo’s boomerang survive his battle with a psychic space dog?!


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