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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
855 backers pledged $21,802 to help bring this project to life.

Multiplayer, Spirit Tokens, Mega Cards, and a Luchador Bear?

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

Great googly-moogly! We blew past $14k and we're fast approaching $15k!

Time to unlock MULTIPLAYER! We'll work out one or more options for playing with additional friends and foes to be included in the rules PDF and the mobile application.

So how about $16k? What's going to happen when we get there? We mentioned the new playmat with a two player layout, which is cool, but we also mentioned we were investigating some other options. So we did some snooping, and we assure you that Kuma's love of horseback riding hasn't resulted in any injuries to ponies. Ever. But enough about that, how about some more add-ons?

There are some obvious omissions as far as things we could offer: spirit tokens are one of them. We investigated doing punch-out chit-board tokens, but they ended up being very expensive. Literally as much as all of the cards. Crazy. We looked for ready made Othello pieces. No luck. Custom plastic is very expensive, and we've got serious production concerns about where things are made and how. So this was looking like it wasn't going to happen, when Dave Howell of PennyGems contacted us and suggested his swell creation for the job!

It's a solution that supports another local gaming business, and a project born here on Kickstarter, and ethical production standards all at the same time while using the coins we we're already using! Turbo awesome!

Sam met up with Dave today to get samples to make sure they're what we expect, and we're happy to report that they're perfect for Shift!

So once we hit $16k, for an additional $5 we will send you a set of five black and five white PennyGems to use on the front and back of your spirit tokens! Neat!

Want more? Can do!

That's right kids, we'll be offering oversized cards! Mega cards! We got a proof from the printer today, and it looks totally awesome. These cards measure approximately 4" x 6", and we'll make sure they fit in available sleeves. In fact, we'll include a sleeve with each of the cards so you don't need to buy a whole set of them! These special cards will also feature backs that display the character art without the game elements on top.

We will be offering 4 characters in the Mega format: Neon Blade Gemini, Vampire Knight Berry, Impenetrable Fighter Kuma, and Dark Emcee Melpome

It's just $8 for a single card of your choice, or as a Kickstarter exclusive, you can get all four of them for the price of three at $28. We want to offer 4 characters so if you cray-cray and you want to play a multiplayer game with the jumbo cards, you can! These will only be printed for this campaign. So when they're gone, they're gone.

Phew… wait, there was a character reveal today too!? Tell them the legendary story of Impenetrable Fighter Kuma? Are they truly ready?

“Hey, hermano, who the hell is Impenetrable Fighter Kuma? He’s the headliner?”

“Estúpido, you haven’t heard? He’s that fighting bear!

“Qué dice? Like, he’s huge and hairy?”

“Like, he’s huge, hairy, and a bear. For real. He’s a completo, a heavyweight.”

“Don’t go calling me estúpido, no bear can be a luchador! Not to mention his center of gravity...”

“That’s where you’re wrong hermano, he’s a part of the Shift! You’ve heard, right?”

“Sure, like that pale girl with the mask. But how is a bear supposed to fight fair. Don’t they have claws?”

“Yeah, but Kuma fights fair; he’s a técnicos, a good guy. Kuma’s mostly on the defensive, doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But because of this he doesn’t land too many attacks, though when he does... man! Such power!”

“If he’s mostly on the defensive, does he have time to heal up?”

“No, amigo. The damage he takes is for real, but it gives him the spirit to use his signature move!”

“Signature move? Is this bear for real?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy! The attack’s more powerful if his opponent hasn’t taken much damage. You should see it!”

Just then, the stadium lights shut off, and the audience falls silent.


The lights turn on revealing the supposedly extinct Mexican Grizzly in the blue máscara - and the crowd goes wild!


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    1. Hurt Wallace

      I would love to see a Print & Play option for the mega cards! Any chance that we'll be able to up our pledge a few bucks to get higher resolution (or scalable) images for that purpose?

    2. Devlin Bentley on

      Ah I want the play mat, so bad, soon as it gets released I'm upping my pledge to include one. :)

    3. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Ken Fisher: $24 will get you all of the cards.

      Travis Bryant: If we get *really* close before the start of the last day without getting there, we'll probably unlock early to make sure everyone has some time make their final decisions. We'll see what happens! It's certainly exciting to watch!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ken Fisher on

      Still confused...
      If I want all FOUR mega cards, is it $24 for 3 cards plus $8 for one single for a total of $32? OR is it $24 for the set of four?
      I'd like to up my pledge to cover this but can't afford just to throw money down and hope that its enough.

    5. Travis Bryant

      Very happy to see the PennyGems in the mix now.

      If stretch goals are unlocked right at the end, and we hadn't upped our pledges, will there be post-campaign ways to add on to an existing pledge?

    6. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Ross: You can play with 4 people with a *single pack*! If you have three friends who would want to have their own sets, that's obviously fine too! ;) But you only need a single pack. Right now there are 10x Season 1 cards, 1x Kickstarter card, and the 2x Design-a-Cards. If we get to $18k, we'll unlock another free card as well. You just need 4 cards to play with 4 people.

      Nevermore Games: We can't offer all of the cards that way at the moment even if we want to, the costs are too high. They're also are not intended to replace the standard cards. They're collectables for people that want them.

      Ken Fisher/Brian Leahy: Hahaha.... Ermahgersh! We posted this VERY late, and clearly made a mistake. You are indeed correct. The total for the 3 cards *should* be $24! If they become available, we'll correct that. We can't edit updates after 30 minutes. :P

      Brian Leahy: We'll include pennies for you if the order is going overseas!

    7. Missing avatar

      The Rosskonian on

      So with Multiplayer unlocked, how many sets would I need to fully support 4 players? Right now I'm backing it for two full sets. I'm confused on how much I need to fully support my players.

    8. Nevermore Games on

      I love the big cards, but I really think it would behoove you guys to offer the big cards for every card in the first season. Make a level just for that, I'd back it. Discount it from $8 though, that's steep. $8 for a single card is rough, regardless of how big it is.

    9. Brian Leahy

      Ken, I reckon that means someone's math is off.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ken Fisher on

      This all looks really cool! Super excited about the playmat, the penny gems, and the mega cards. A question about the mega cards though, what do you mean "you can get all four of them for the price of three at $28"?

    11. Brian Leahy

      Question on the penny jems we need to provide the coins or are they assembled? Being that the internationals amongst us may have problems getting coins to fit properly.

    12. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Yessoan: Hahaha... It's at $16k for a reason! That's the "stretch" in stretch goal. Putting stuff there that people won't want isn't very effective! XD

      It *seems* like it's going to happen based on the last few days. You can help make that happen by helping us get the word out. Everybody says that, but that's because it's *actually* important.

      And thanks for the support! We're trying to do fewer more substantial updates and providing more feedback via comments.

      -Clayton @ Laboratory

    13. Yessoan on

      Great update guys! I'm super excited. Just a question, I REALLY want those spirit tokens. REALLY want them. If you guys could lower them to a 15K limit I would be ecstatic.