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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
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Emergency Stretch Goals, ACTIVATE!

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

So you went and did it. You made us update early by passing all of our posted Stretch Goals. I hope you're happy!

because we sure are! We spent the whole day (and night!) trying to sort this out, and here's where we're all headed:

So the mobile application is happening now! Sweet.

You also now have the option to add playmats to your physical goods pledge for $20 (which includes the additional shipping within the US)! Sam spent most of the day working on the art. Since many of you have gotten to know Gemini and Berry a little better, our first playmat design features the pair locked in battle. Who will win? Only you can find out (by playing, on this mat)!

So... where to, mac?

At $10k, we'll unlock The Inverted Die of Destiny. This handsome die will feature a black slug with white inlay for $5 for each.

At $12k, we will unlock Duel Dial Kits. We've gotten a number of messages from people asking if there is any way to make the Duel Dials more affordable. We love the idea, and we want to make them more accessible to you. So we're going to begin offering a the Duel Dial as a build-it-yourself kit. It will contain all of the components and instructions necessary to build a working unit (molded plastic pieces and electronic components). This won't be a snap together Gundam kit. It's more akin to a movie-prop kit and will require power tools. It will, however, make it very easy for you to customize! The kits will be priced at $175 for a single kit or $300 for two kits. We'll be going over the Duel Dial in graphic detail and showing our prototype-in-progress in "The Duel Dial Update" next Monday, the 18th.

People want to play with more than one person. That much is crystal clear. At $14k, we'll draft official rules for multiple players and make them available to everyone in the PDF rules and the mobile application.

At $16k, we'll unlock an additional playmat design, and we're investigating another add-on that we'd like to offer as well. More later!

At $18k, we will unlock a NEW and FREE promo card. That's a new free character for everyone. We're working on the details now, and will update once we've sorted through it.

At $20k, the bomb goes off: We unlock a yellow die with black inlay, we unlock a third playmat design, and… AND we upgrade the mobile app to have downloadable cards so you can play with just your smartphone.

Rumor has it there is also the distinct possibility of an additional free promo card. That's what we hear anyways, but we don't put much stock in rumors.

Finally we're considering additional options to offer you to get us there:

Some people have expressed wanting to have Season 1 and the Print & Play. Add $3, and you'll get the P&P with any tier that includes the Season 1 cards.

You know what's been missing from you life? Two words: Love. Pillow. We were going make this a tier, but since tiers are exclusive, we wanted to make sure you can get the tier of your choice as well as this swank love pillow. For an additional $125, you can add this body pillow case featuring the sumptuous Mark II on one side and The Impenetrable Fighter Kuma showing his vulnerable side on the other. Art forth-coming!

In addition we're considering offering prints of the card art, maybe even some oversized cards? We're working on it!


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    1. Don Riddle

      nice update. i hope you commit to the oversized cards. and soon, as i think that will attract pledges.
      i think the play mat should have those translucent "play areas" to be useful with the game. and i'd be non-traditional and place them at either end so that mat could accomodate 2 players fighting head-to-head.