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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
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Looking to the Back and to the Future

Posted by Laboratory (Creator)

So today marks an important day: We've funded! Feel free to doodle yourself in under the banner, because that was all you!

...and then un-funded? ...and then funded again? Hooray!

A big thanks to everyone who has backed this project so far!

But enough celebration. There are, no-doubt, questions burning your spirit!

The backs of the cards feature little nuggets of backstory and other information. For example, did you know that Impenetrable Fighter Kuma enjoys horseback riding? Or that Mark II is female? Shocking but true! Like the rest of the card art, expect slight changes.

We've plotted a course (towards adventure) for when we'll be posting the remaining updates. So here's the schedule and what you can expect to see leading up to the end of our campaign:

On the 8th we'll address the the 'collectable' question, and share some free wallpapers and icons.

On the 18th, we'll post an update about the Duel Dial prototype that Sam is working on, with more free wallpapers and icons.

Leading up the the end of the campaign (15th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th), we'll post some card reveals, where we share some larger card images along with a story and some info about how they play.

The 24th, which is the last day of our campaign, will feature more free goodies, and we're considering doing a live video stream where people could ask questions or watch us play some games of Shift, or what have you... We're still thinking about what would be interesting.

We may also do an additional Stretch Goal update, once we start to pass the existing goals.

After the campaign, we'll shut-up and get to work on The Kickstarter Card and the Create-a-Cards. We know getting tons of project updates is annoying, so you'll only receive brief updates about important production and fulfilment milestones.

Finally, we have updated the reward description to include the adjective and noun Kickstarter card contribution to clarify what you're getting, as it was (unintentionally) not really mentioned!


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    1. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Stephen: Cute idea! Sadly the way the cards are printed would make that complicated. But I like your thinking!

      Augustine: haha... Makes sense. We're sharing data from Google Drive and gdurl provides direct access without needing to go through their interface.

    2. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Hahahaha turns out the images are blocked by my companies websense filters:

      Content blocked by your organization

      This Websense category is filtered: Sex.

      I'll have to try to remember to look at home...

    3. Stephen Nieuwenhuysen on

      What if each card itself had different combinations of flavor text. So 1 person got a Impenetrable Fighter Kuma that likes horseback riding and another one that enjoys blowing bubbles for example. Then people could possible trade there's for 1 that appeals more to the player.

    4. Paul Howie on

      I like the flavoursome backs. Full of yummy factoids - delicious and nutritious!

      The card fronts seem like such an elegant arrangement that confusing things by keeping the backs loaded with gameplay info seems like it would be a bad call.

      A transforming card would be cool at some point though... starts weak but a 3rd gear attack allows you to transform into a powerful second form. You could have it drop back down if it uses a 2nd or 3rd gear attack in the super form.

    5. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Don: While that does sound cool in theory, you constantly need to be aware of the different values and modifiers available during play. Most players aren't capable of keeping all of that information in their head during play. It's also very helpful to keep that information available to your opponent. Managing orientation while flipping is another problem. That's not to say there won't ever be a card that does that sort of thing in the long-term, but it's not appropriate for the game right now. Having space for flavor text is something we think is important.

    6. Don Riddle

      sorry to be negative, but... these backs are disappointing.
      i would rather they have gameplay elements since you only use the one card in the game. even if you just put 3rd gear on the back of the card with alternate art, that would be so cool, and it would free up space on the front of the card.
      this "factoids" back... meh.

    7. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      They should be working, but I just made a change to permissions and they should definitely be working now!

    8. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Pics are broken...