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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
855 backers pledged $21,802 to help bring this project to life.

Progress, Previews, and Print & Play

During the time it took to prepare this update, we've gone from under 20% to well over 50%! That's crazy. You crazy. It's been really exciting to watch!

Originally, Shift cards were designed using a bridge sized card. The slightly taller and narrower card had a nice look and feel, but people have been asking to see more art! While we're still tweaking the layout, using a blackjack sized card leaves more room for the art to breath. 

Playtesting also yielded a desire to allow everyone to use standard card sleeves that many people already own rather than needing to seek out a niche, bridge-sized sleeve. Win-win.

Many of you have asked where they can find previews of the game. Tox of Crits Happen reached out to us as a backer, and offered to do one. We've hooked him up. Whether he likes it or not, we're looking forward to hearing his thoughts.

If there are any other reviewers out there that you think would be interested in doing a preview of Shift, let us know! We're happy to make sure they have everything they need!

It's important to note that it isn't currently possible to do a full review of Shift. Though creative endeavors can constantly be improved, we've reached a point where if we were to print the cards today, it'd be a great game. But we're not printing the game today, so we're working hard to make sure the characters are as tested and balanced as we can manage. We're also still working on the rules to ensure clarity. 

In fact, we just posted an updated set of rules yesterday with some minor tweaks. The posted ruleset is intended to get you up and running quickly; we would like to offer a longer, comprehensive tournament ruleset, team-based rules, as well as additional how-to videos at launch. We'll see how far the stretch-goals get us…

Previews are one thing, but some of you also expressed interest in trying the game out for yourselves. We've talked it over, and we've decided to make it an open playtest and to share the preview cards with anyone who's interested in trying the game out:

Click here to sign-up for access to the Shift Preview Cards!

You'll get two watermarked Print & Play cards, Vampire Knight Berry and Neon Blade Gemini, so that you can try the game out with a friend. All we ask is that you fill out our quick "fun survey" and tell us what you think!

We have had a bunch of discussions about Print & Play. On one hand, we're excited about producing high-quality, responsibly produced, physical games. We do a lot of digital game development, and we like the contrast. Though Print & Play takes some of the 'professionalism' out of a product, we're listening and willing to give it a try!

There are few enough cards that it seems inevitable that they'll end up scanned and online at some point. This fact also makes Shift an ideal game for Print & Play. So we figure, the best solution is to offer our own solution: We're adding a new $7 reward tier for an un-watermarked, 150dpi, Print & Play PDF containing all Season 1 cards.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the Kickstarter staff for selecting us as a Staff Pick

We hope all of this gets you excited! Please stay in touch, keep the comments coming, and help us get the word out! The better we do, the more likely we can make a Season 2!


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    1. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hi Joe,
      The Duel Dial is described in the main project description.
      Scroll on down to the heading titled "The Duel Dial" and read away!

    2. Joe Mauriello on

      what the heck are dual dials? You mention them in the update and on the calendar but I can't find info on them anywhere else...

    3. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hey Ronald, Glad to hear it!
      I've always imagined Shift as a great 'line' game. It seems my theory was correct!


    4. Ronald Smith on

      just tried this out while sitting in line for a preview of the oz movie. had a few questions from random kids but otherwise i went by quick n full o' fun!! Im happy with my pledge!

    5. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Looks really exciting. Hey I'm in Seattle can I be a playtester? Lake Union, Spence. (age 24)

    6. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Got the email, will try this out tomorrow. Looks very interesting. Thanks!

    7. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      I mention in multiple places now, but you should receive an email about where to get the files within the hour. Please message us if you run into any trouble! Unless that trouble is marauding bandits. We're not really equipped to deal with that right now.

    8. Missing avatar

      Charlie Manney on

      Can't wait for my preview cards. I got my coworker, who is a huge fan of TCGs and CCGs, interested in this game. Only thing is that he want to test it out before backing it up. Well now he can test it out and hopefully back it.

    9. Don Riddle

      when are the preview emails being sent out?

    10. Ken Nakai on

      Looks great. What about having Jerry Holkins preview the game? :)

    11. kc2dpt on

      All excellent news. I look forward to printing and testing and giving you feedback.