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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
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    1. Andrew Fallows on

      I skimmed recent comments and scanned the rulebook and I couldn't find a clarifying piece of information that I think is pretty critical:

      How long does a mod last? Is it just for my turn? My turn and the opponent's next turn? Until I shift?

      I ask because Raptor's right-hand alpha mod has a -200 to guard, but if I understand the rules correctly I'll downshift him to 1 after I attack, and I can only activate the mod during an attack phase. What's missing here?

    2. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      David Levesque: Glad they're made it! We hope you enjoy it! :)

    3. David Levesque

      My 2 packs made it to Montreal this morning! Happy to see all the cards for the first time, can't wait to play it :) Thanks for a well run Kickstarter!

    4. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      David: Whenever you activate a mod or autocrit, you use all of the critical badges during the critical resolution phase.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Krehbiel on

      Played last night for the first time, and we really enjoyed it! I couldn't find rules for two crits on a mod, like Leo's omega which lists both a Damage Crit and a Shift Crit. Do you use both, or one or the other?

    6. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Marc: When you have autocrit, you would still need to flip to determine whether the modifier activates successfully. However, any critical badges on the that modifier would come in to effect during the critical resolution phase regardless of success.

    7. Marc Taylor on

      Requesting more rule clarirification: On autocrit, do you still flip the coins to activate? and if you do, does the mod need to successfully activate to get the autocrit?

    8. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Thomas: No worries, I've sent you a message.

    9. Thomas Woolsey on

      I know this might sound a little presumptuous or childish or something but everyone else seems to be receiving theirs, and I haven't got mine.

      Did I mess up the survey, or do the add-ons take extra time, or what?

    10. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Mathew: The app will allow you to keep track of damage/spirit for two players, and will have a "coin" to flip for H/T.

    11. Matthew Sutorius on

      Will the app have flippable spirit/damage tokens? That would be awesome.

    12. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Matthew: Glad your enjoying it!

      To answer your question: Yes. Technically, you are just unable to activate the modifier. Otherwise the attack proceeds as normal using the natural power of whatever gear you're in. Hope that makes sense!

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Penner on

      I've played a few games, and I really enjoy it. One question, though. What happens if a character is in third gear but doesn't have enough spirit to activate their omega modifier? Can they make an unmodified attack?

    14. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Robert: We looked into that during the campaign. Costs were too high, so we won't be producing anything anytime soon. They'll fit in most standard card cases, as they are the same size as Magic Cards.

    15. Robert Dean on

      I got my pack, I didn't realize there wasn't a box or case for them. Is there something on the horizon or third party you would recommend?

    16. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Deanna: You decide which mod to use after Mod Activation rather than declaring it when Attack Declaration would normally occur. So you flip and then decide.

      The idea is that his ability simulates accurate predictions, so he is able to choose the optimal move after flipping. Reginald is similar in that his ability simulates precognition, so he gets to decide whether he will block after Mod Activation.

      Does that make more sense now?

      Angel: Have fun!

    17. Missing avatar

      Deanna Roberds on

      Got the game today and LOVE it. Quick question about Data Expert Akira, his wording on his "passive" type ability is weird, does it mean that he gets to mod then shift, or just mod and not attack and not shift? Or are we missing it altogether?

      Thanks :3

    18. Angel Baker on

      Got my 2 packs today with the 2 KS cards... opening now and figuring out how to play.

    19. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Nicholas: Check your messages.

      Christian: Hope you enjoy!

    20. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      @ Nicholas - I got my print and play. That comment was about getting the physical items delivered.

    21. Nicholas Greene on

      In the same boat as Quella and Michael Pierno; I have not received my Print and Play email (in neither the Kickstarter inbox, nor my email inbox/spam)

    22. CDGuano on

      So I get home from GenCon all stoked about my haul and what do I see? My copy of Shift. It was a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

      Thank you.

    23. Guerric Samples on

      @Laboratory Makes sense, I just didn't see it mentioned anywhere so I wanted to make sure. Thanks

    24. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Brandon: Yeah, that's come up. It's the only mistake we've spotted so far. We're intending to add it to the rulebook with any other clarifications that come up as necessary.

      kenshivalion: That's correct. The idea is that as you take damage, you earn spirit.

    25. Brandon Wilhelm on

      Just wanted to bring up a possible graphic error to help out and clarify something that confused me for a second. On Leo's ability, I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be "Burn Spirit", but the colors for the "Burn Spirit" icon are reversed, making it possible to mistake it for a "Refresh Spirit" icon. I thought I'd let you guys know so you can clarify it and fix the graphic for future prints.

    26. kenshivalion on

      Quick rule clarification. Can you only burn spirit that is in your damage track? That is how I read it but wanted to make sure.

    27. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hi Guerric,
      So if you don't Active/Spirit guard, you still compare your Guard stat to their Power. Check out the damage resolution phase. So if your natural guard stat is high enough, you shouldn't have to active/spirit guard. Does that make sense?


    28. Guerric Samples on

      Also, rules question, do we have to Active or Spirit Guard? Is there no vanilla guard that doesn't make you downshift? Because Leo references a vanilla guard but it's not in the rulebook

    29. Guerric Samples on

      @Lab Thanks, I just hadn't read her omega ability, in my excitement to see the card I was just shuffling through and reading the passive abilities. Now that I understand it I actually really like it!

    30. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Guerric: So thematically she's "charging up a lazer". You have the option to spend spirit so that you can do your Omega more easily, but spending spirit in that way puts you at a slight disadvantage.

      Joshua: We have the rules, but we haven't had a chance to get people together to playtest them yet. They're coming though!

      Kyle: Dude, that sucks! :( We'll take care of you!

    31. Guerric Samples on

      Oh, i got it. That'll teach me to read the whole card before flouting my stupidity

    32. Guerric Samples on

      I'm probably just being an idiot, but i don't understand the point of Mark II's passive ability. Why would you burn 1 spirit to lose 100 attack and defense?

    33. Josh Stark on

      I have two questions/comments that may have been answered/discussed elsewhere but I was hoping someone could answer:
      1. When will the multiplayer rules come out?
      2. What gender is Dark Emcee Melpome? The card seems to say that it is a he-she, because both signs and colors are present on the card.

    34. Kyle McKanna on

      I just received my package today August 16th. The package seemed to be torn and the only thing left inside was my inverted die of destiny. Any help resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. On the back of the envelope was written 2x cards 2x ks cards 1x inv die. Thanks

    35. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Matthew: That will be covered in another forthcoming update: Yes sir, there is! The store will be online SUPER soon. Tonight or tomorrow.

    36. Matthew Sutorius on

      Is there any way to still get the penny gems or large cards?

    37. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Michael, those were the only oversized cards. You can check that out in the update where we announced them. And yeah, for the penny-gems, stick the white on one side of a penny, and the black on the other side.

      John, it's referring to his mod activation phase, I apologize for the ambiguity on the card. So his attack subphase order goes like this: Defense Declaration, Mod Activation, Attack Declaration, Mod Resolution, Damage Resolution, Downshift, Critical Resolution. All of his flip activations are the same amount of coins for each mod on each gear, so you just flip that many times. I hope that clarifies it.

    38. John-Ariel Davila on

      clarification on Data Expert Akira: I don't understand how his passive ability works. It says his attack declaration is after his activation phase but the term "activation phase" is not listed under the turn order list. Do you mean after his mod activation phase?

    39. Michael McConnell on

      ok...just got mine in the mail today...I only got 4 oversized cards. I thought you would receive all the cards as oversized...and also do you stick the penny gems together as like sides or opposite? Thanks in advance

    40. Alfredo Barraza on

      Got mine today Thu Aug 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA USA! Thanks!

    41. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Marc Taylor: No, you MUST take an action.

    42. Marc Taylor on

      Requesting Rule Clarification:
      Can you skip your turn if you desire?

    43. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      @Quella - Same for me here in N.Y.

    44. Quella on

      Guess what just arrived in my mailbox here in New England after only one day. Thanks for the package and I have to thank the US Postal Service for the quick turnaround. I wish I had time to stop work and play....

    45. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Not that I can find. Please change that!

    46. Matthew Scott Shanklin on

      Has anyone done a "Un-packing" & play video yet?

    47. Matthew Sutorius on

      Just got my copy! Pays to live in Seattle.

    48. Marc Taylor on

      Regarding a random request: Can we have that gibberish font?

    49. Quella on

      Just a note on regarding the Print and Play (PnP), I received the Kickstarter email telling me a link was sent out, but I have not yet received it and have confirmed it was not on my registered emails junk or SMAP filter folders either. Hoping you can confirm when you have had some sleep as others have also reported the same issue.

    50. Thomas Woolsey on

      Cool! I hope New England isn't too far, I'm psyched for this!

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